Osama Bin Laden’s Neighbour: “None Of This Is True” – Path Cleared for ‘Aliens’!

Osama Bin Laden’s Neighbour: “None Of This Is True”. None of the people knew anything about osama living there.(Because he wasn’t) We were confused. We didn’t see him and we would have known if he was there.

Will Osama’s (fake) death lead to new contrived Global threat –  ALIENS?

The U.S. is now free to concentrate on new emerging challenges in the international arena.

Does the announcement of bin Laden’s death clear the path for the USA to embark on a new contrived global threat? This time, it will be against a more technologically advanced enemy – extraterrestrials? Read full article Will Osama’s death lead to new contrived Global threat –  ALIENS?

During the press conference of the Disclosure Project on May 9, 2001 Carol Rosin explains what Wernher von Braun told her about weapons in space that we should protect against different enemies, including most recently an alien threat (see videobelow). And all based on big lies.

It is only waiting for the announcement of a new contrived global threat ? Or is there really a shift and they work towards an announcement of extraterrestrial contact and that extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth only have good intentions?

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6 responses to “Osama Bin Laden’s Neighbour: “None Of This Is True” – Path Cleared for ‘Aliens’!

  1. Come on man really why can’t something normal happen the guy was never outdoors people thought it was wierd they never even threw out trash they burned it it’s some old dude who was cut off hiding in plain sight not alien invasion man give me a break this site is great but goes way off track and this just pushed me off some random fukin paki saying it’s a lie really ???


  2. I agree Taco, but lets dig a little deeper, too many variations pertaining to Osama right now, makes me wonder WTF is going on. All of us know of what he looked like in 2001, and the photo of 2007 or 2008 shows he has dark hair??? He was already graying back in 2001.

    We all know there is a imposter of the same look a like created by the people underground.

    Lets wait and see what develops the next 14 days.



  3. There are too many moving parts to draw any solid conclusions. The media reveals the info as they receive it, so its layered, in bits and pieces. The people of Pakistan will say whatever they feel like saying after all these years of hearing about OBL, the internet truthers will jump at a chance for disclosure about aliens and Dutch has an entourage of debunkers. Even if he said the sky is blue, 10 people would dispute it in some way with quotes from color blind people.

    We need something solid, thats the scary thing. What solid evidence would have to drop in our laps before we would believe it? Thats where it is at. Seems like a fine situation to play “the last card.”

    Awesome website, thank you.


  4. Look I like this site I really do but sometimes I feel like there’s no event that can be normal nowadays It’s just too much stuff getting Cramed into the conspiracy boat that’s why people think were crazy I believe they don’t want to release footage because he was unarmed and I personally don’t care he was shot unarmed but many people will


  5. It was predicted decades ago that the threat of terror cells would be replaced by a possible ultimate threat from ET.
    Maybe this is the first step towards such a plan?
    An incident out of the bluebut in front of a global stage, the Olympics 2012 maybe? Disclosure, a new war on terror and the acceptance from the world populace for the World Govt. to invoke extreme measures and restrictions on its people all in the name of security in one swoop.
    Sounds far fetched but so did the idea that one bomb could destroy a whole city and after that, the world changed forever.


  6. Lets face it. He does look as if he never got older ! Perhaps on ice? Or perhaps just a dummy ?
    It was all for the cause of War and nothing more ! Super Rich and that bunch !
    There is something busy happening, and we might all still be alive , and when the New World Order gets up and running we better start running!
    The Aliens have been around and will be for thousands of years !
    Aliens/our for fathers, realize they cannot interfere due to time and motion regarding the changing of the future !They are hoping, that we see the light and change in our own accord ! Their subtle hints are being noticed, but not splashed in the New Media! Guess why ? The media belongs to the NWO !
    That was not Bin Laden, but a dummy with no blood in its mouth ! Weird is it not?
    I wonder if Carol is not Alien ? Sure looks like a Grey !