US Government Had Osama bin Laden Frozen for Years

US Government Had Osama bin Laden Frozen for Years

CNN and the corporate media report that purported CIA asset Osama bin Laden has been killed by the U.S. military in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad along with other family members.
In an address to the nation, Obama said he ordered the strike that allegedly killed Osama. The remainder of his speech followed the standard war on terror propaganda script.

A small team of Americans killed bin Laden in a firefight at a compound in Pakistan, the president said in a dramatic late-night statement at the White House, the Associated Press reported following Obama’s address.

Obama said the military took custody of his remains. It remains to be seen if the government will attempt to provide evidence that the remains are indeed those of Osama bin Laden.

“The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done,” said former president Bush. In 2006, Bush admitted that capturing Osama was not a top priority

In February, 2004, Iranian state radio claimed Osama bin Laden had been captured in Pakistan’s border region with Afghanistan “a long time ago.” Pentagon and Pakistani officials denied the report. “Osama bin Laden has been arrested a long time ago, but Bush is intending to use it for propaganda maneuvering in the presidential election,” the radio report said.

Osama bin Laden died of kidney failure soon after the September 11, 2001, attacks. In 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said bin Laden had kidney disease, and that he had required a dialysis machine when he lived in Afghanistan. That same year, the FBI’s top counterterrorism official, Dale Watson, said, “I personally think he is probably not with us anymore.”

A Taliban leader told the Pakistan Observer on December 21, 2002, that Bin Laden was suffering from a serious lung complication and died in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief, according to Fox News.

Alex Jones was told live on the radio in 2002 by high-level Council on Foreign Relations members that Osama Bin Laden had died of kidney failure in early 2002.

“I have it from high level [sources] from inside the Bush administration…that bin Laden died of natural causes and that his family has given the body to the CIA, that they’re gonna roll him out right before the election, that he’s on ice right now. They will claim they killed him right before the election,” Alex said at the time.

“Jones gave a caution that the intelligence could be disinformation but claimed that his base in Austin was extremely close to the Bush administration and similar information received in the past had been credible,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote in August of 2002.

During the 2004 election, CNN reported that Democratic insiders had been told that George W. Bush was going to use the Bin Laden body as an ace-in-the-hole if he thought he was in danger of losing the 2004 election. This confirmed the evidence that Jones had been given by the CFR and others.

In 2003, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told Fox News Channel analyst Morton Kondracke she suspected Bush knew the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and was waiting for the most politically expedient moment to announce his capture

Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in a suicide attack at the end of 2007, stated that Osama bin Laden had been killed by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a man convicted of kidnapping and killing journalist Daniel Pearl

The Bush and Bin Laden family are business partners in the Carlyle Group. Together they made the video with the fake Osama who took off the statement to be responsible for 9/11

Obama’s announcement follows the release of a highly suspicious birth certificate last week. Both events represent psychological operations that possibly portend more significant events in the days ahead as the U.S. dollar continues to lose its reserve status, the economy fails to recover as promised, and wars expand in Libya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Obama’s propaganda stunt arrives as the Democrats kick off their leader’s presidential reelection bid against a number of Republicans contenders who have been highly critical of not only his perceived handling of the economy, but also his management of the manufactured war on terror. SOURCE: Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones:…

Ex-ISI Chief Hamid Gul: CIA “Choreographing” Osama Assassination Hoax


The United States government says Osama Bin Laden has been eliminated, but is that the truth or a cunning diversion? Radio host Alex Jones is far too suspicious about the announcement of Bin Laden’s death, and at a moment crucial for the re-election of President Obama, Jones alleges that the grand standing and gear mongering purpotrated by the administration is but a “Swiss army knife of excuses” to sell the country on America’s other problems.

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7 responses to “US Government Had Osama bin Laden Frozen for Years

  1. Hmmm, Bhutto said he was murdered, others said he died of kidney failure, USA government says they shot him on May 2, 2011, and now some say the messages were tampered and a fake and it seems two Osamas with a beard show up depicting two different characters.

    Who do we believe????

    Ok, lets believe on one thing. The bastard is dead, and I could care less if he died in 2001 or died in 2011. It does not matter anymore right???

    Everybody knows the USA government lies and speaks with a fork tongue. All the rest is iffy at best.

    I am willing to bet Obama is trying so very hard to repair the damage to his rep due to the two fake birth certificates to steer the public away and get out of the heat building up in that area.

    The one thing is the timing of saying Osama was buried at SEA so quickly its unreal, and right there is your proof folks again the Government fucked up and lied to the people.

    Nothing seems to jive here or corroborate together.

    Unless hmm, he is still alive but working underground now.

    Even Bush said a few times that he had no cause for any major concern about Osama. Why is that???? Get the drift folks.


    Osama’s family was in USA when the Trade Towers were hit, and they were spirited out of the country privately by the Government of USA known as the CIA and sent out to JORDAN. go figure

    As always the USA Government has to find scapegoats to justify the ends and the means regarding their secret objective agendas.

    The joke is on us American Citizens, like it or not, and the citizens are going to suck it up like M&M candy.

    So they dump the bullshit on our laps, and we get up and shake it off, and get a shovel and shove it someplace else. A never ending deal regarding the USA Government Politics.

    Here is my firm prediction to all of you. America and its economy is going to be destroyed by a Nation that none of the citizens of USA will see it coming straight out from Left Field. It will happen in about 5 years from now.

    If any of you folks who are alive and either remember the Depression or the children of the parents who experienced the Depression of the 30’s, etc., this one coming from Left Field is going to be 100 times worse, especially when the USA dollar is DECLARED WORTHLESS!!!!

    WHY??? Think about it OK. First think about our DEBT, now in the multi Trillions and its still climbing. USA is slowly losing their economic power every year. 2 years from now, USA will be 50-50 economically with another Nation. 5 years from now, that Nation will be the dominating Nation and drives the economy of the entire world. All they got to do then is declare the USA currency worthless and bingo, watch what happens to the stock market. If the Cartel also demands to be paid in EURO and also declares USA currency worthless it will be the final nail in the coffin for USA. PERIOD.

    I have said it several times before > No Empire has lasted beyond 350 years on average. We are near the 3/4ths point. USA has existed 235 years. This means we the USA has only 115 years left. The way things are going now, it is going to be much shorter than 115 years and in fact its knocking on everybodys door now.

    Just remember about Ancient Rome and how it fell. This time it will not be a military excursion it will be a Economic Excursion.

    You don’t believe me yet, then look at the price of GOLD NOW. Comprende. There is only 1 nation on this planet that has more Gold than anybody has every dreamed of and they are quite smart.

    There is only 3 things that is considered the Almighty on Planet Earth to humans. GOLD, OIL AND HARD TO FIND PRECIOUS METALS.

    This 1 Nation has two of the top 3 items virtually secured.



  2. JerseyPhil

    Websites need new material, radio show hosts need something to blather on about. You have got to be really kidding with this “Frozen Bin Laden Story”.
    For almost 8 years nobody in the Gov. leaked anything to anybody that we had Osama in a freezer? Okay I’ll beleive that’s possible. Possible in a Fairytale which is exactly the same fairytale type of facts or ignorance of facts that almost always accompany wild conspiracy stories that are spun by the likes of Alex Jones.
    He can’t sell the facts just the distortions. Same old same old as far as I can tell. The fact is that I for one am very happy that a mass murderer has taken his last breath and that the departed victims, surviving victims and family have some sense of justice being done.
    I’m also proud of our President, his staff and the various service personel that have accomplished this on our country’s behalf. I see it as a black and white issue with no gray area for any prospective future terrorist, and there will sadly be more, to understand that this same fate will be theirs in the end. No Virgins just plain dead and once your dead your dead for a good long time.


  3. Considering all the lies throughout history…the farce of religion and money…continual entrapment/removal of our heroes and ‘truth-speakers’, it makes perfect sense that Osama has been on ice all this time. It was obvious that Obama (note the similarity!) is needing positive publicity and this style of hype is so highly emotive that people will go off on ‘happy highs’ about how how wonderful he is now, all the lies forgotten once again!! Enough is enough, WAKE UP PEOPLE….he’s not a president for the negro population, he’s a white man in a black man suit and he doesn’t care about anyone but HIS OWN FRIENDS/FAMILY, he will be safe and protected when the proverbial ‘crap’ hits the economic fan…he will be safe when the weather is going nuts and wiping people out…he will be fed when his own people starve – hang on, isn’t that already happening??! Time for everyone to refocus their energies on themselves and their families, completely ignore and turn our backs on the wealthy/popular/powerful, stop giving them more money by buying their products/theories/crap! FREE WILL APPLIES AT ALL TIMES, MAKE CONSCIOUS CHOICES, LIBERATE YOUR OWN SOULS🙂


  4. Comes as no surprise to me that the US govt. would pull a stint like this. Im convinced 9/11 was an inside job to provoke foreign invasion and the killing of Bin Laden is another false flag pertaining to something probably more sinister than just Obama trying to reboot his flagging Presidency.
    Why kill Osama? He was America’s bogey man. Perfect icon for America’s illegal wars. They must have a new enemy in sight. Maybe the ultimate unseen emeny, from space maybe. A fake war that will last for millenia and erode any remaining liberty people have left.


  5. SO, Bush administration killed bin Laden years ago (unless he was murdered like you pointed out), and through all the hits in approval ratings Bush took through the Iraq war, and all the hits Bush took on no WMDs being found, and all the hits Bush took on the “Mission Accomplished” BS, and all the hits Bush took on FEMA and the destruction of New Orleans… Bush allowed the Obama adminstration to take the credit? Wow. Just wow.
    Are you going to tell us next that the Palestinians were behind the UN vote to award the state of Israel to the Zionists just so the world could sympathize with them having no homeland for 60 years?


  6. I totally agree with joeyo. I bet my left nut that after obama is out of office he will leave the US and we will find out about all his dirty deeds. Its not a racial thing at all. Look at all the crap that no other prez dared try (illegal aunt, bogus b.c., threats by goons at the poles to vote for O.) and he got away with it because he is black. If he would get called on it all the blacks would have burned and looted like NO other race would dare do. So I guess it is about race…all about the people who earn their bad reps every single day. I am not a racist, i am a realist.


  7. Matt who is joeyo???? I don’t see his name here posted?? Care to explain?