Apocalypse Equation – Aliens On Their Way

A Kremlin report detailing the meeting held between Prime Minister Putin and US Vice President Biden this past week shockingly reveals an American plea for Russian help in establishing an “Earth Wide” missile defense plan to protect our planet from an “alien invasion” expected in late 2012 after NASA satellites revealed an “incoming” fleet of“miles-wide” UFO’s that have entered our Solar System.

According to this report, the “communication signals” being passed between the giant asteroids 2010 SO16 and 2005 YU55 currently headed towards Earth, and which we reported on in our April 21st report “Awakening” Moon Shocks Scientists As Massive Asteroids Near Earth”, are “identical” to the deep-space transmissions previously described by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) as confirming an intelligent extraterrestrial race of beings other than human.

To why these alien races may be coming to our Earth was revealed this past week when British Royal Astronomer, Lord Martin Rees, and Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Professor John Brown issued a joint statement warning that our human civilization has only a 50% chance of surviving to 2100 without suffering a man-made catastrophe.

This report further states that Biden told Putin that the US has stripped nearly all funding to their NASA space agency and has redirected billions-of-dollars to private space plane builders, such as the highly secretive Blue Origin rocket builder company, for the building of a massive US-fleet of laser firing manned and unmanned vehicles to patrol the outer spaces of our Earth’s atmosphere, but whose work will remain unknown to the American public because private company’s, even if government funded, are not bound under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law. [Note: This past week the US Navy announced their first successful test of laser weapon.]

Important to note about these shocking events are that they were possibly pre-warned about during the early 1980’s, when during the administration of then President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), the Washington Post Newspaper carried a story on their December 30,1983, front page titled “Possibly as Large as Jupiter; Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered” and which, in part, said:

“A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth  that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite.” 

To how prevalent UFO’s have been reported over the skies of Earth the World learned when the giant US data firm Infochimps launched a dataset revealing over 60,000 sightings of these crafts have been recorded so far. Read full article


‘human civilization has only a 50% chance of surviving to 2100 without suffering a man-made catastrophe’

A chilling report on the phone call held between President’s Medvedev and Obama prior to the public announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed says that also discussed by the American President with the Kremlin was that the much feared time for the dreaded “Apocalypse Equation” may be now, not later.

Image:Audrey Thomason

The “Apocalypse Equation” refers to report authored by one of the most secretive women in US intelligence circles named Audrey Tomason  who is Obama’s Director for Counterterrorism and while attending Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government wrote a master thesis [now classified by the US as “top-secret”] suggesting that it would be more humane for our world to undergo a “planned and controlled genocide” rather than to see it descend into the abyss of chaos it is now entering.

According to Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” the “sustainable population” of our world can only be 1.5 billion human beings, as compared to the United Nations estimate of 7 billion we will reach on October 31st of this year, and the even worse figure of 10 billion estimated by 2100.

Ms Tomason argues in her thesis that our world’s population has been “artificially inflated” for the past nearly 100 years by a “non-sustainable” petrochemical and fossil fuel based global economy that if left “unchecked” could very well destroy all life on Earth, not just human beings.

Most people believe that the major use petroleum is for the fueling of vehicles, boats and aircraft through its distillation into various fuels such as gasoline (petrol), diesel, jet fuel, and the like, but they couldn’t be more mistaken as the major use of oil is in agriculture as nearly all pesticides, and many fertilizers, are made from it.

In fact, it was in 1956 that the great Royal Dutch Shell geoscientist Marion King Hubbert (1903-1989) warned in his presentation to the American Petroleum Institute that our world was running out of oil and that the “peak” production of oil in the United States would be reached in 1970 and for the rest of the world in the first decade of the 21st century.

To visually illustrate his warning he created the now famous “Hubbert Curve” that since its 1956 release has proved 100% accurate with the peak of global oil discoveries occurring in 1963 and the US, indeed, reaching the peak of its production in 1970.

Ms Tomason continues in her dire thesis that along with the energy and food “shocks” the global monetary systems will face collapse too as it has, likewise, been“artificially inflated” beyond “all sustainable measures” due to its link with oil production.

Making matters worse, Ms Tomason explains, is that since the United States reached its peak oil production in 1970, it failed to “counter-balance” its economy to reflect it, opting, instead, to keep its economy “artificially inflated” by decoupling the US Dollar from the gold standard in 1972 (called the “Nixon Shock”) and allowing their currency to become, in essence, “worthless pieces of paper.”

During the 20th century alone the US Dollar lost nearly 80% of its purchasing power leaving tens-of-millions of Americans jobless as their once mighty manufacturing base was shifted to lower priced overseas markets, a situation termed “catastrophic” by Ms Tomason, because the American currency is, also, our world’s only reserve currency whose deflation has ensured the destruction of “everything.”

To understand how enormous, and dangerous, this complex economic situation has become one has to realize that the Gross National Product (GDP) of the entire world is just over $55 Trillion a year as opposed to over $2,000 Trillion in total debt outstanding leading to what is called “The Great Credit Contraction”  which will, literally, evaporate all the wealth in the world virtually overnight.

Most important to understand about what will surely be the greatest economic collapse in human history is that “mainstream” economists will tell you nothing about it, and they reason they won’t tell you is shocking, to say the least.

Ms Tomason, however, does include debt in her thesis and further warned that by 2011 the US Dollar “could very well begin crashing,” and which a CNBC news report is, also, saying is now underway.

Upon the collapse of the US Dollar, Ms Tomason asserts in her thesis, the entire global economy will crash plunging billions of human beings, including hundreds-of-millions in Western nations, into the lowest scale of “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.”

Ms Tomason states in her thesis that any population suffering an economic collapse and reverting to “Basic Needs” will be “ungovernable” and pose“tremendous risks” to the state leading to “wholesale breakdown of law and order.”

Ms Tomason further argues in her “Apocalypse Equation” thesis that since the collapse of civilization as we know it is “inevitable,” world leaders should consider the possibility of “mass genocide” to reduce our world’s population to a more “sustainable level commensurate with our Earth’s resources.”

The chilling genocidal scenario envisioned by Ms Tomason begins with a “limited nuclear conflict” targeted at major population centers, but designed to limit the fallout of radiation. Next would be the release of toxic chemical and biological agents she suggests could be blamed on “terrorist entities” to be followed by forced mass migration of populations to more “sustainable living environments.”

Ms Tomason envisions these “sustainable living environments” as being large population centers with mass transit systems where no personal vehicles would be allowed and the rural areas would be completely depopulated except for government run agricultural “systems.”

Prior to the initiation of these apocalyptic events Ms Tomason argues for the establishment of government run and protected “concentration camps” where“persons of worth” can be protected while the masses of their fellow citizens die by the millions and billions.  Those deemed “persons of worth” would include scientists, doctors, technical specialist, etc. Read full article

The Apocalypse Equation, (technically called a “stochastic equation,” because it describes the relationship of probability to time) shows what nuclear weapons ultimately mean for “civilization.” If each of a large number (n) of nuclear missiles existing today has even a small probability (p) of being launched, over time (T) the probability of a launch (APocalypse) approaches certainty. The more missiles, the shorter the time before a launch (T1 is less than T2). Unless nuclear weapons are deactivated, and nonviolent means developed to take the place of military violence for achieving justice and peace, civilization is doomed.

Most unfortunately for all human beings is that Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” now appears to be the accepted paradigm of our world’s leaders who see no other option if our Earth is to survive and leading one to hope that the “gods” will return much sooner than later if anything is to be saved at all.

Source and author: whatdoesitmean.com * uspacifistparty.org

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  2. If this woman did indeed author the thesis she should be removed from ANY position within the Government or IN any decision making capacity IMMEDIATELY.
    If Governments had acted decades ago we would not be looking at the dire future that lays ahead, the powers that be have known for many decades that the course mankind is headed was totally unsustainable, they truly didn’t need some boffin to point it out, they had been warned many many years before this woman. It’s not as if a problem has sprung up overnight.
    However, the very thought of someone like this attaining a major position within Government should put the fear of the devil himself in them, she is obviously there for a reason & needs to be removed.
    It has only been in the last 5 years (I’m 51) that I have actually started looking into some of this conspiracy theories, previously I would dismiss them with a laugh but the further I delved the more my eyes & indeed mind opened up.
    There are definitely things accuring that people are trying to accomplish as quietly as possible but with NO concern as to the consequences it brings to others or whoever gets in their way & this should have ALL of us concerned,
    even the people working for them because quite probably once they have what they want their future will NOT include the ones who actually made it possible.
    The vast populous has successfully had their attention averted to many other happenings around the globe while behind the scenes things are being “arranged” for the ones who have been deemed worthy of survival & I’m affraid the list will NOT contain too many nobodys.
    I sincerely hope things do not go this far but only a fool would dismiss something like this occuring out of hand, all one has to do is look at what is actually happening similtaneously around the world & just think why.
    My very best wishes to you all.


    • I personally believe that her thesis is correct. There are too many people on this planet and human life on Earth growing at an exponential pace is completely unsustainable. WE are killing the planet, no one else, and are also killing all the creatures that have lived here long before we existed. Regardless of if the government knew of this problem decades ago we need to address it now. It is a very difficult problem we are facing and it will require very tough decisions and actions. It will not be easy, but it is necessary. Part of the solution must be population control. This can be done civilly by humanity maturely choosing to realize the problem we have and to act accordingly, like deciding not to have 12 children (for example). However, since this is highly unlikely to happen on a planet-wide scale, it seems that the only solution is to do what China did, and make a global “one-child policy” or a policy of complete abstinence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-child_policy This one-child policy which was enacted in China in 1978 has prevented approximately 400 million people being born there from 1979 through the year 2011. This has helped them greatly, and they are now one of the greatest, if not the greatest, growing economy on the planet. If you look at the map of population control, you will also see that the continent that has the least amount of available food and the least effective government(s) is the one that has the highest fertility rate (Africa). This causes poverty, famine, disease, starvation, and ultimately it causes death anyway, so in the end what is the difference? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_population_control I do not understand why people think that suffering to death is more humane than quick or assisted death.

      It is an absolute fact that much of the population of the world is useless and lives in abject poverty. They do not contribute to an effective society, and do not contribute to the well-being of humanity, or the well-being and preservation the Earth…the only Earth we have. In fact, the only thing they are good for is draining the money from welfare, or other social programs which are paid for by the taxes of these “persons of worth”. These social “enablement” programs, do not solve problems, but only exacerbate them. It creates the ability for these useless people to continue to exist, to procreate, and to continue creating more useless people. The cycle just continues. I am not suggesting that these people are beyond hope, and do not have an ability to become a “person of worth”, but it is too easy for them to remain useless and just consume much needed resources, and this is what they most often do. The planet cannot sustain the exponential growth rates we are experiencing. If something is not done the entire planet will suffer a terrible fate. My only hope is that someone watching from afar will not allow us to completely destroy our planet, and will intervene if we, in the end, are just too primitive and destructive, and cannot solve the problem ourselves.

      “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein


  3. mmm sounds like the Orions conspiracy, the Us try to cheat us on this
    see this video first:
    The only new things are those which have been forgotten.


  4. I for one will not put my life into the hands of the world leaders, governments ect. My whole life I have been lied too by these so called people in power. In their minds they would rather kill us off than let an alien race come in and take over. They are more afraid of losing control of our planet. Very sad.
    Most people fear what they don’t understand. This is how those in power keep control ‘the fear factor’.
    If the world leaders had been more truthful to the general public there would be more understanding in the end. Of course there would be panic at first you can’t stop that from happening. Less people would die if the truth was told from the beginning.
    So now we are over populated and mass genocide is being spoken of. It sickens me. We the people of this planet have no say in any of this. If we had have been told years ago of what lays ahead I know that all of us (general population) would have thought about it and done what we could to help. It’s too late now. It’s always too late. That’s our world leaders for you!
    For those that already know what is happening you will be prepared. Good for you. For those that are uncertain or undecided it won’t do any one any harm to prepare for the worst.

    food that lasts more than a year.
    seeds, water .
    cold and warm weather clothing.
    medical kits, cough cold tablets ect.
    two way radios.

    research natural remedies you can make yourself.
    Find a safe location away from highly populated areas and well above sea level.
    Learn how to read the activities of your local wildlife and weather.
    research shelters.

    Most of all you are important so please be safe.


  5. Look at the uptick in ET themes in the media, including music.
    Katy Perry’s new song “ET” coincides perfectly with the Sumerian creation myth. So much is going on, so fast and I’m just patiently waiting.

    Like “Jay” stated, start stockpiling.

    I say, train to take on an army physically also. I am. MMA is my life.
    I’m hoping they do come down, and I’m gonna swipe one of the fancy little saucers and fly it right up the motherships ass. :D Hahahaha.


  6. You’re all paranoid. Period. Now go back to bed for 2 years and when you get up, start looking for a job.


  7. How is it “more humane” for a “controlled genocide”, rather than changing the course of apocolypse equation now? The genocide is only humane when they aren’t the ones to die.


  8. This is awesome detective work here truth behind the scenes. Thank you…… I wrote a response to it on my blog. I love your site here, it is very much on top of it. I always put a link back to your site so folks know your good work you do over here. If your interested in the response and what the Pleiadian’s said concerning what the world government is doing in regards to the ‘alien’ invasion scenario you can view it under the title :

    Weapons of Defense To Thwart ‘Alien’ Attack. Faked Holograms, Malevolent ETs, & Benevolent Portals, by Jewels

    My site url for post: http://jewels2012ascend.blogspot.com/2011/05/may-6-2011-weapons-of-defense-to-thwart.html


  9. Why is the governments so damed afraid of ET intelligences, perhaps they have something better for humanity then what the politicians, and wealthy eletes have to offer. And another thing why would the ET’s attack humanity when humanity has done a very good job attacking and killing itself.


  10. It would seem to me ,that by observing the panic mode we are seeing by all of the worlds Governments over the last three years . That these visitors are not on the side of any one world government plan’s being reported daily . Aliens ,would only come here in force for two reasons , as liberators or conquerors .
    And common sense would tell us by viewing todays political events ,that this is as liberators . There are two forms of universal languages , numeric and music . During the last three years, people are reporting a type of music being heard coming out of the coils air conditioners or heaters . This is nothing new , it was a common problem seen during the early days of radio. Then as now ,to conserve space these coils are arranged at a 45 degree angle from each other. Comprising the same thing you see in an old radio as a tuning capacitor or coil . Only on a much larger scale , and the sound usually is heard better when the unit is in operation because of the ionization on these coils . A sound that repeats itself over and over at two minute intervals . A sound that is being heard on any number of antique radios as well , and not by the more modern types that no longer have the frequency’s taken from us by the FCC . As well as having the more modern tuning capacitors . It is a warning , they are now close enough to obtain a firing solution on any target on earth . People who hear this are those who never gave into any UFO theory’s . And they seem to have one thing in common ,they are on any number of prescription or illegal types of drugs that change the chemistry of the mind . Not that of anything other than to allow the mind to hear things that it normally would tune out, above that which we are taught to recognize as the only reality of life . In other words ,it is attenuated to the frequency that exist as the human brain wave . And many of you have heard this sound , and you discount it because you believe it would only land you in a padded cell if you said anything . But being a ham radio operator , when many of my patents told me they were hearing this. I looked into it in 2009 and it WAS there , and now it has stopped ,or is only heard now and then . You are not nuts , several of us in our league located it as well . An old ,yet very powerful Hammerlund tube type radio blasted it out very clearly on a ban way below the regular AM music radio ban. To our shock i must say ,it was there and still is at times .


  11. Guys ,i swear on my grave that my husband was not only calling these aliens by the name of Pleiadian’s as far back as i can remember . But he has predicted all of the events years ago that we are seeing today to a tee . The ships ,where they were to come from and why . Why they are building the http://www.spaceportamerica.com
    Including those responsible, and the outcome of a very complected murder case involving the death of my cousin .
    Certain police agency’s sure do believe the things he says , and his enemy’s damn sure believe what he says . And it nearly caused me to be abducted to suffer the same fate as my cousin ,except he told the police what was going on and they acted on his word last October.
    He knows these people out there i swear it , my God do you know the feeling that comes over you when you see that what he says is true ?
    He says he does not know why he knows ,he calls it little voice . But in time you sure as hell believe in what little voice tells you .
    It saves lives , and he never has visited any of these sites . He says he does not believe in UFOs , we have no record of his parents and he was from an orphanage. Several Psychiatric evaluations reveal nothing out of the ordinary . In fact ,he has the Doctors in awe as to what he not only tells them ,but what he knows about their lives .


  12. Look who’s coming to dinner and WE are the menu.


  13. morris ,no we are not . They are those who either once were us ,or those who knew us at one time long ago . We have been systematically ruining our gene pool for some time now . We are but one of a very few that are taking our species backwards, instead of developing forward as an advanced being as prescribed by nature as the normal occurring event of an advanced race . As a young nuclear power ,we will not be allowed to exit our planets sphere of influence . Nor will we be allowed to victimize the weaker and innocent of our race ,or influence their rights of free will .


  14. OK ,i will tell you all this . According to my husband ,the space port in the deserts of New Mexico . Has that strange looking docking bay on top of it for this reason . These ships headed this way are driven by a force that is somehow anti gravity in nature . They can hover close to the ground , speed through space , but they can never be shut down or they become useless. Requiring a black start which would surely draw a lot of attention . Upon re-entry ,over the deserts of NM , in an area controlled by the German Republic and its Luftwaffe training base at Alamogordo . They are then secured in the locking bay you see on top of the port . If not ,even the wind out there in NM would blow them around like paper , just like a single man could move them around while they are in hover mode . This lock down allows the inhabitants of the ship to disembark ,or board the ship without the danger of it moving . It is NOT for the Virgin Galactic ships , or the now extinct shuttles to use . One of the reasons you do not see a connecting run way to the locking bay ,is because it isn’t a necessary for the landing of a space ship of the true nature its being built for . This space port is not being built for the elites of any government , it is however being built for those who will land there in order to address any government who at that time had better listen . These visitors are not political , they are however intent on securing the rights and freedoms of those of us who soon may be persecuted. And possibly murdered in a man made mass extinction wiping out 95% of the earths populations in a move intended to benefit a few who wish to control what will be left . This is unacceptable , the trillions of dollars known to have been taken from the coffers of many nations . As a bribe to those who had fooled our greedy elite, and leaders into thinking it was to be them alone who were to be rescued from their own destruction . Fell on the ears of those who by the use of the large array at SETE , led them believe that they were listening to someone who was as corrupt and evil as they were . And now as you see ,they are all scrambling like rats away from a failed agenda . And now they are going to possibly use us as a bargaining chip in order to save their worthless hides . Fooling us and our militarys into actions against these liberator’s by now calling them evil alien invaders . Look at any developing news story and you will see , the increase of laser and missile technology’s here on earth in order to repel any invading aggressors . Lots of talk and story’s about a space agency that Obama had dissolved earlier ? A build up of space based satellites for our defense ? With their objective pointed outward and not inward ? Like launching a nuclear tipped missile in 2009 at the moon to see if it had water on it ? A missile by the way never made it to its objective , yet was scattered about the solar system and seen as an act of war . Or a stupid UFO flying around at the inauguration of Obama , reported by all of the news agency’s as ET loves Obama . Yet not a single missile or chase jet was in the air after it like one would think would have happened . Something Obama thought was his ace in the fold ,yet was not what he later found out it to be .
    Any further attack on these ships ,or those who own them at this point will be seen as .
    A move that i can assure you will be about the most foolish move the earth and humanity has ever done .


  15. The meaning of life may well come to fruition should ET arrive on this planet on a worldwide scale.
    More likely we are going to be hit by a meteor or asteroid than the landing of alien ships. Such stories and hype are most likely disinformation to lead away from an incoming Extinction Level Event (comet ELEnin).
    If this is the case, maybe such laser space weapons have been put in place to meet this kind of threat?


  16. morris ,your arguments are a well founded reply to those of us who had started to believe that no intelligence , or courage existed on this planet at all anymore . Positive or negative , your answers and opinion place you in a category as being a worthy person to have a conversation with . First of all if i may state the obvious. If those who are headed here were of any hostile intentions ,would they have not done so long before this planet had became a nuclear power ? Advanced or not ,the power of a nuclear explosion if the truth was to be known . Will devastate any known life forms existence irregardless of its defensive capability’s or measures . This planet has a long history of what is called suicidal tendency’s . A critical observation long misunderstood by those who have studied this species , yet can not explain why a race with an overall religious conviction against suicide . Can give birth to an individual who by their own free will ,would give its life for the species as a whole in an act of suicide . Thus possibly being the one who could deliver a nuclear bomb to those who were unsuspecting of such an action coming out of this species . This conclusion is further confounded by the fact that a nuclear super power on this planet. One that was founded on free will, and the individual freedoms that so many others on this planet long for . Allowed a virtual unknown to take up the reins of that nuclear super power ,and then allowed that individual to completely dismantle everything that super power ever stood for . Including those freedoms it says it stood by for over 260 of your years. While forgetting those who had given their lives in the past for what now seems to be yet another willful suicide, by those who thought their sacrifice mattered . Only a species on the brink of extinction is that foolish morris , and mankind is not the only species of the planet earth that has not only the intelligence to survive , but the right to do so . Reckless and dangerous behavioral habits when they involve others are not rewarded ,and the humanoid form is only a design that fits a certain criteria for the primary existence of a given species . It is seen throughout the universe in one way or another , yet it is no indication of any intelligence or superiority . The Dolphins of the earth are a prime example of that , and yes they are very advanced and also have a right to be heard . Earth is comprised of races within its higher order of the species called mankind . Human on earth is that of a section ,faith , or a race, that believes that it possess the divine signature of being created in the image of their God. And this is a universal conception by some , human or not .
    That image is within the souls of those who believe , or have the faith and morality to know where they stand with their God. And how to pray for their forgiveness in order to atone for what they see as sin. A practice that is of their rights and beliefs, and is never infringed upon . And not ever with their physical appearance as representing anything at all . Others who are also human or otherwise ,believe in a different set of circumstances, and should not only be allowed to do so . But in no way be hindered in their beliefs as long as they are also of a moral character that infringes on no one else’s rights or beliefs . Once again free will , something so powerful that only the most advanced creatures truly understand its meaning . But with free will also comes the responsibility and understanding, what that gift means on a scale with all other life forms and their right to exist also . Any other way , when evaluating a species for its intelligence , disposition ,or how advanced it had become for any possible contact . Free will would have to be one of the primary considerations for any contact. For without that , or the lack of , that would render any species as not only being something akin to the insect collective. But a species based on the odd togg existence and not anything you would want to have something to do with .
    In fact , any contact with that sort of mentality or existence is considered dangerous and is treated as a threat .


  17. That makes sense ,a mind numb individual without a sense of self being ,or self awareness . Basically possessing no soul, or reason to live other than to serve the collective . Would not know what to do, or understand the ramifications of an emergency if it did not act quickly . But many of us humans do understand the difference between suicide ,and sacrifice when it comes down to our species ,or our loved ones survival . And you do make for an interesting argument as sounding like someone who is on the outside looking in .
    Are you ? If you are ,i do not believe you are here to cause us any harm . And the facts you present also show a plain truth about why anyone would be coming here in the first place . It isn’t because of all the Hollywood reasons we normally see . Hydrogen is abundant in the universe so water would be also . Protein is readily available as a food source if water is around, and any reference to that being the reason is comical.
    And your reference’s to the way our own government is now acting , can be seen as a destructive element to any other life forms that may exist here ,or nearby our world . If the universe and life elsewhere were as destructive as these individuals are , then we would have been long gone by now and would have been taken out before we could fry this planet and everything on it . Leaving a useless ,radioactive pall making Mars a far better destination than the earth . My personal observation here is ,that you have people or friends here and you want them to be protected ,or allowed to leave when push comes to shove . As far as we are concerned , its all about genetics . Once a species who could live as long as 300 years , without the drugs and technology seen today ,we would be lucky to make it passed 50 .
    And the reason for that is as clear as the nose on our faces . And was something we were warned about so long ago . 23 chromosomes is nothing if the chromosomes are empty of the data needed to advance a species forward . Its always been about this ,and the helical compression in the coil of the Human DNA structure . In this we are way behind where we should be as a species that is this old . Most of us can not even think in three dimensional thought patterns . Nor understand the geometric use of even a fourth ,or a fifth dimension in our common everyday existence .
    Explaining now why we are in the shape worldwide that we are . And why we now believe the lies coming from our false leaders , lies that just 20 years ago would have been laughed at by our small children as being childish and untrue . Yet we posses the nuclear bomb ,a mindless society who will believe anything as long as it doesn’t require showing any courage or will power . Its like we are all children in a kindergarten class , and one of them is a deranged kid with a loaded revolver who is telling us what to do .
    And the teacher “the media” says isn’t he so cute !


  18. I whole-heartedly agree with the idea of humans being less intelligent than they should be. Ever since civilisation developed, an elite have sought to control the masses. From worshipping the Sun to building Pyramids right up to today, where we are kept in check by fear of war, unknown terrors and given technology playthings to keep our tiny minds from thinking outside the box.
    If there is an approaching intelligence as some would believe, I feel they have taken a hell of a long time in getting here to sort out the mess we are in.
    The other scenario is of course more frighteniing, that of ET coming to cause trouble and it is this scenario that Govts will broadcast in their desire to cling to power if such evidence of ET ever rears its head.
    Whether there is indeed approaching apocalyse or saviour from the skies as intelligence or space rock, we will be kept in the dark right up to its arrival.
    We do not matter in the scheme of things and never have to the elite except as a means of creating their military complex and banking system to control our movements etc.
    As others seem to be prophesising of an upcoming event in the near future, I will keep an eye on the world media for any signs that this story is leaking into the mainstream.


  19. That space port is a real eye opener though . I just cant see that Virgin Galactic is the only reason thats being built . You cant say its for the shuttles ,or the Russian capsules that crash to the ground . And that roof design is something you wouldn’t think was just for looks . And elsewhere on the web where its being noticed , that port is being built on a 24/7 work schedule .
    As arrogant our government is , if it were them who is to be using that . They would have the media all over this story , and even then . Where are the hotels and eatery’s that would normally accommodate such a terminal ?
    I try not to have a knee jerk reaction to story’s like this . But that space port is a smoking gun on things to come without a doubt . According to one of the engineers who work here where i am . Something very big was buried just to the side of that thing . And those runways do not terminate at that port like what we see at airports . No ,its all about that roof , and the explanation above makes even more sense when i look at it . Its more like the cat head you would see on an aircraft carrier , it tapers down like a funnel into a spot that locks a “T” shaped stud or peg in place . Be it a very big stud ,but what if they disembark through the center of that stud ?
    And those huge units outside are not so much air conditioners , they are environmental conditioners . And judging from the color of those bottles hooked up to them , that is Argon gas. A gas that is useless to us ,yet is ever present in our atmosphere .




  20. @Faceless. Your comments on population control would have served Hitler well. Maybe a slight alteration of your username to Fascist is in order.


    • morris,
      Why do you consider me fascist? I have not mentioned or claimed support for anything regarding militarism, nationalism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, eugenics, genocide, indoctrination, or any other fascist ideal. What I did was suggest a solution for a real and, literally, growing problem. While I do not agree with the use of any type of “death camps” regarding our current living population, I do believe there needs to be a concerted effort towards population control for humanity’s future survival. This is why I offered the one-child policy as a possible alternative to letting our human population growth become exponentially unsustainable. As you have stated, population control would have served Hitler well, as it will serve President Dimitry Medvedev, President Barak Obama, Queen Elizabeth, President Hu Jintao, President Hugo Chavez, etc. etc. etc. well also. This is a real problem and it needs to be addressed by the leaders of our planet. It is obviously much easier to label me a fascist than to propose a viable alternative to what I have stated. What is your solution to our growing population problem morris?


  21. No genocide at any level is ever acceptable . But even the Bible spoke of the importance of borders, and the separation of the races in order to keep ALL of them whole and clean . At the most microscopic level ,that which we do not have the ability yet to observe . If we did we would see that being Human , is as diverse as the stars in the sky . Only one chromosome separates us from the great apes , far less than that separates us from the Dolphin . 23 chromosomes ,and each one of them has more information in it than all the library’s in the world combined . So at this point ,we can not speculate with any real conclusion or fact what is going on inside our complex make up . So any other statement about that subject in it being harmful , is as much a moot fact as saying it isn’t harmful for different races to mate . We simply do not know ,but the helical compression of the human DNA factors has decreased dramatically over the last 30 years now .
    Meaning we are going backwards ,and have not mentioned any race in my statements .Its all of us ! Do you wear your politics on your sleeve ,or are you so closed minded and PC that you would try anything once. Then call it good for the PC agenda we see daily thats failing us all as a species ,not just a race . Even if it were destroying everything you are on a genetic level ,as well as the one you decided to get with . Dr Anna M Rice , Genetics division, Lab Corps Inc.


    • @Dr. Anna,
      As a geneticist, maybe you can clarify a few things for me. You keep mentioning that humans have 23 chromosomes, but that is incorrect. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46 chromosomes. This is a big difference from what you have stated as a geneticist. 44 of these human chromosomes are autosomal and 2 determine the sex of the individual human. It is true that Great Apes have 48 chromosomes, but Dolphins have 44 chromosomes. This is still a two chromosome difference from humans, one being a higher number (48 in Apes), and one being lower (44 in Dolphins). If that is the case, then it is untrue that “one chromosome separates us from Apes and far less than that separate us from the Dolphins”, as you have stated. The number of chromosomes a creature has does not indicate the superiority, adaptability, viability, or complexity of the creature. If that were the case then the most advanced mammal would have to be Pittier’s Crab-eating Rat (Ichthyomys pittieri) or the Fish-Eating Rat (Anotomys leander) both of which have 92 chromosomes (46 pairs). The most advanced creature on our planet Earth would then be the Adder’s Tongue Fern (Ophioglossum reticulatum) with anywhere up to 1260 chromosomes (620 pairs).
      Here is a short list of creatures on this planet that share the same amount of chromosomes as humans (46 chromosomes, or 23 pairs of chromosomes):
      – Humans (Homo sapiens)
      – Muntjacs (Muntiacus reevesi)
      – Black rat (Rattus rattus) , but not all of them have 46
      – European hare (Lepus europeus)
      – Merriam’s ground squirrel (Spermophilus canus)
      – Southern short-tailed shrew (Blarina carolinensis)
      – Mountain beaver (Aplodontia rufa)
      – Beach vole (Microtus breweri)
      – Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus)
      – Kirk’s dik-dik (Rhynchotragus kirki)
      – Grey vole (Microtus arvalis)
      – Large bentwing bat (miniopterus schreibersi)
      – Bolivian Tuco-tuco (Ctenomys boliviensis)
      – Grevy’s zebra (Equus grevyi)
      – Crowned Lemur (Lemur mongoz coronatus)
      – Red Titi (Callicebus cupreus)
      None of these creatures can compare to us intellectually, even though we all have the same chromosome count. Where did this vast intellect come from? It certainly could not have been from the apes or the dolphins. While all the creatures on Earth have a natural advantage over humans for surviving on Earth naturally, we as humans have unparalleled intellect with much less of a chromosome count than many other creatures, but have no natural defenses for life on planet Earth. This seems to be a discrepancy to me. Why are we here if we are not adapted to live naturally like all the other creatures on earth do? If not for our intellect, ingenuity, and resourcefulness natural selection would have killed humans off many thousands of years ago. Where does this intellect come from and why do we have no natural defense against mother Earth? It is because we are of this Earth, but not from this Earth, at least not completely.

      You also state that humans used to live as long as 300 years, but “without drugs or technology we would be lucky to pass 50”. If you believe in the Bible (which you seem to do in one of your previous posts), then humanity has lived in the past for FAR longer than 300 years. It is right in the Old Testament. Adam lived for 930 years, Noah lived for 950 years, Seth lived for 912 years, and Methuselah lived over 969 years, just to name a few. There are other mystic texts (like the Shahnameh) that speak of humans living well over 500 years of age. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_longevity#Biblical
      Also, there are people now, or who have died recently, who have lived to be over 100 years old and who did not have the “benefit” of modern drugs and medicine, but have used herbal and homeopathic remedies for ills, or just had a proper diet. I think that our modern drugs hurt us more than they help us, and our modern diet causes more problems than it solves. The only reason that the big drug manufacturers do not use natural compounds (which work better), is because they are either unable to synthesize them artificially, or they are not able to get a patent for these compounds since they occur naturally. They just can’t monopolize the money trail, so it is not worth it to them to distribute to humanity. Money talks (which is something else that no other creature on Earth has an interest in besides humans…gold, silver, gems, or currency).

      With up to 98% of our DNA not even being used and considered “junk”, what information is stored in it (library of information) that you believe is so important, considering we don’t use most of it? Also, what do you feel is the significance of the 2nd chromosome in humans being fused together out of two other chromosomes (essentially changing a 48 chromosome creature a 46 chromosome creature)? Finally, is there an alternative to the double-helix DNA structure humans have (like a triple-helix that is supposedly the DNA structure of the Zeta-Reticulans) and why do you think that it is being compressed and degraded and is ruining our gene pool?


  22. I must ready myself for my transition to the next dimentional destination.

    If there is to be a huge (possibly terminal) shootout at the landing site, I certainly wouldn’t want to miss that for the world.

    From my earliest days, I have devoured all of H.G. Wells stories, and Jules Vern tales of space travel and extra terrestrials. If it is my lot to go out in a blaze of glory as did the guys at the Alamo…I’ll be ready and waiting.

    Jon Dee


  23. I still see it as illogical to think these Aliens would be coming to a dirt ball like this to try and conquer it . What would be the point in doing that ? We here on earth, have the ability to destroy the earths ability to support life for a very long time . A war would gain them nothing to show for their efforts to even come here . I mean this isn’t like the Spaniards VS the Mayans . They could not screw up with a war the very thing that allowed them to live.
    If the New World Order intends on eliminating 95% of earths human populations as it is rumored they intend to do . That is such a waist of a lot of talent that the Aliens may need in order to also survive here .
    And if that were to happen ,all that would be left is the corrupt ,the greedy ,and the dangerous . Not by any means the cream of the crop in genetic measures or trust . I dont think the visitors are going to want to be looking over their shoulders all the time to see if they would be next ones on that hit list.
    A far better reason for coming here is to prevent that from happening. To not do so would be allowing the mass murderers of their own species here on earth to leave this planet one day ,and do it again elsewhere .
    I mean our leaders didn’t get it right the first time , why would we believe they would get it right this time even with most of us out of their way ?
    If you look ,most of the leaders of the country’s located on this planet are miniacle dictators ,who have retarded the advancement of this species for decades by using prejudice and class envy .
    All for the lies they see as their way of being in control and denying us ,what they feel they deserve . One such thing that will cause the human wars is the discovery of immortality . Who is to be denied this gift and who will be the ones who receive it ? And who will be the ones who decide that ? If we had spent as much time and effort on advancing mankind, as we have in murdering each other ,or fighting ridiculous wars over and over .
    Then as the Aliens will surly see it ,we would have found a cure for cancer ,or already have colonies on Mars some 2000 years ago .
    Large global populations are not a problem as long as you expand your horizons and find other worlds for them to live on . Instead we have set ourselves up to be the next recipients of an extinction level event, like a swam of fruit flies multiplying in a sealed jar .
    And the odds are that extinction event will be man made and calculated to do just that . Taking a race out of its indigenousness environment ,and forcing it to live in yours . Not only retards that races ability to advance itself on its own , it also retards yours in your ability to overcome the urge to be a controlling savage. So which of these scenarios is the better one for the species as a whole ? And it is now imperative that someone much wiser than us comes here and saves us from ourselves . And i wonder what lies they were told when we at first established contact with them . A simple sense that we should have already developed is that of telepathy . Our brains are large enough to do it ,we are preceptive of things existing we do not see or hear . You can bet if these visitors are advanced enough to come here , they are also able to know a lie when they hear it .
    And i hope someone hasn’t screwed up and presented themselves as something they ,or we are not .


  24. Well said David , your ability to triangulate the reasons these visitors may be coming here is what may prove to be the only logical solution .
    It comes down to Occams Razor . All things considered as being relevant and constant . The only true answer to any question or problem ,is usually the simplest one in that being the first one that was put forth as any solution .
    David ,Question . If the third dimension is defined as Length , With , and Depth . In geometric terms how is the fourth dimension used within the third to justify its existence ?
    And by using this formula ,what would define the 5th dimension ?


  25. Ouch , i think i know where this is heading .
    But to answer your first question. The fourth dimension in defining the existence of the third . Is best explained by the use of a simple three sided pyramid .
    In equal measurements and angles to the sides in relation to each other . You would see the pyramid in a three dimensional form , but if the fourth were to be a real factor here ,you would need to take in the bottom of the pyramid as being also equal to the sides in shape and angles. Making this pyramid the same no matter how you turned it and giving it the depth it needs in a three dimensional universe in order to exist at all .
    Showing it is not the number three that completes the geometric equation . But the number four ,as being the geometric common denominator needed to equate the third dimension into a reality in space and time .
    Remember ,same matter X2 can not occupy the same space and time together at once .
    Now the 5th . Geometrically the 5th would be defined as Length , Width ,Depth , Substance , and Reason . A closed pentagon is best used to explain the 5th . It would have all of the characteristics as the fourth being integrated into its existence as reason . As well as the third by design .
    But the addition of substance lends itself to the fact the 5th needs no common denominator to justify its existence. And in fact is the common denominator for the 6th to exist as a closed polygonal or a hexagon . As well as the 9th to exist as a closed tetrahedral or a Paragon .
    A being living in the 5th would not see objects as we do . They would see the details of that object all at once ,showing all the sides and dimensions of that object in a detail we could not imagine .
    A two dimensional existence being the simplest and the most primitive . Is best described by using a sheet of paper . On one side you exist ,turn you over to your other side and you exist there also . But turn you sideways and you would cease to exist at all . You would have no depth ,no substance ,or no Reason . And your common denominator is one .
    Higher dimensional existence , trumps that of the lower ones unless you are a common denominator like five. Where you are used throughout the spectrum of total existence in relation to matter ,space , energy , time ,and gravitational force rounded off to five or as with the 5th element.

    Why do you ask Melinda ?


    • David,

      Since we as humans already consist of length, width, depth, substance, and reason simultaneously, as you have stated, shouldn’t we then be considered “6th dimensional” geometric creatures already? Also, can you give an example of a two-dimensional creature or existence? No matter which way you turn a piece of paper, it will exist in three dimensions, and also fourth, if you consider time a dimension (which you do not consider a dimension. I find that curious). If you are speaking of dimensions in purely geometric terms, substance and reason are neither mathematical nor geometric.


  26. Wrong Faceless , i used geometric equations as purely a way to explain the difference’s in the dimensions like one would use a model to explain the pyramid i described . As far as time being a dimension it isn’t ,for one thing it would exist in all of the dimensions and it has no mass nor is it composed of energy . Time like space is a continuum , a simple marker of any conscience existence thats moving forward at a continuous rate in relation to the space that conscience exist within .
    Substance, is the other perimeter a 5th dimensional existence would posses in order to define its existence in the first place .
    Reason is why it would exist ,and this is the other perimeter that gives that existence merit . Remember we are talking about dimensions here and not Religion which is i exist so i am .
    My description of a two dimensional being was based on if that being were here in the 3rd, using a piece of paper to simplify my explanation in terms that were familiar to others who wanted to know . Of course it would have depth here , but where it would come from it would not .
    Some faiths explain this existence as being that of hell . A demon being from there ,could not survive being here without existing within the body of a creature who was from here .
    In using mathematics to describe the property’s of any given dimension , i am in fact using the common denominator ,and not the square root to explain what i am trying to get across. With the use of geometric shapes for a better understanding of the dimensional perimeters and how they may exist . When i teach this subject this is how we do it , and in sorry if you believe that time is anything more than what i described .
    Time is explained as easily as this .
    The past is gone , it is not recoverable, nor can it be changed .
    The present becomes the past as soon as it arrives .
    There is only the future , and the knowledge that if we change what we see as the present, in an attempt to create a certain future we would want that to be .
    Then we will have been successful ,as we would see in what then would be our past .


  27. David,
    Your opinion is very philosophical, but not very scientific. I would assume that you are a philosophy teacher. Many individuals more intelligent than you or me believe that time, or space-time, is not only a dimension but is integral to existence. That is, unless you believe that Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Hermann Minkowski, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and many other great physicists and scientists are all wrong. According to Einstein and Minkowski time is necessary to existence and is considered by them a “fourth-dimension” because it must be used to measure or sequence our activities in this three-dimensional existence. You state “As far as time being a dimension it isn’t, for one thing it would exist in all of the dimensions and it has no mass nor is it composed of energy”. This would assume that a dimension must have either mass or energy, or both to be considered a dimension, or dimensional. Reason has no energy and no mass, so how can you consider it a dimension? There also particles that exist in space and time which have no mass (the photon, gluon, and gauge boson particle) but do have energy. Since these particles have no mass, but have energy, according to your theory they do not exist in our dimension. This is also not true since they have been independently verified by different scientific observations, so they must exist in our dimension and most probably others. If they have no mass do they have ‘substance’ or a ‘reason’ to exist? Are you referring to substance as matter, or as a philosophy, like Substance Theory? If substance cannot be perceived or measured, does it actually exist? Many objects and creatures have substance, are unable to reason, but do have a reason to exist. We as humans are what give these objects reason and/or reason to exist. They will exist independently of what the reason is that we give them to exist, or their cognitive ability to reason in general. They will exist whether or not we perceive them, or even know of their existence. This would seem to me that substance is not a fixed dimension or attribute, but is multi-dimensional, and reason is not a dimension at all because it is only a concept, or thought process that humans have or give to an object.
    What dimension does time not exist in?

    You also claim that time is “a simple marker of any conscience existence thats moving forward at a continuous rate in relation to the space that conscience exist within”. This is also untrue. According to Einstein’s the Theory of Special Relativity time will slow down more and more as an object reaches the speed of light, which is the speed of a photon (186,000 miles/second). This means that time does not occur at a continuous rate. On a more realistic scale, jet planes flying around Earth as well as space vehicles have their internal chronometers disturbed by differences in time at fractions of seconds, sometimes even longer. How is this possible if time is occurring at a continuous rate as you have stated? The existence of the object and the space around the object are not changing, but the value of time itself is changing. This must mean that time is a dimension of existence. Because of this, time travel into the future is also theoretically possible (and some theorize that time travel to the past is also possible). If we were able to reach close to the speed of light (which currently is impossible for us because of the enormous increase of mass at these speeds and the energy required to propel this mass), we would travel more slowly through time while the rest of “existence” travels at a “normal” speed. This would mean once we return to wherever we came from, we would be in the future, thus having travelled through time, and its dimensional properties. This concept would also require a photon (which travels at the speed to light) to be massless since the mass of any other object would need to be infinite to travel at the speed of light and not use enormous amounts of energy to do so. Therefore mass is not necessary as a definition or property of dimensional existence as you have stated, but time is.

    Using geometric objects or geometric terms is also probably not a good way to describe these other dimensions. This would assume that these other dimensions have a type of geometric form, which they most likely do not have. According to Super String Theory, there may be 10, 11, or even 26 different dimensions that exist concurrently. This does not mean this multi-dimensional universe should be described as a decagon, undecagon, or an icosikaihexagon. This geometric explanation would mean that the higher up a dimension you go, the more complex the dimension becomes, and we do not know if this is the case or not with our current limited understanding. It is not like climbing a ladder to reach these other dimensions, but more like tuning in a radio to access the desired dimension. It should mean that by being able to adjust our temporal “frequency” to the frequency or vibrations of one of these other concurrent dimensions we would be able to jump into these other simultaneously existing dimensions. It would be like opening a door to another room, then traveling through it. There are beings from other planets, like the Pleadians, who travel great distances through the universe this way using what they call “null time” which is basically travelling into one dimension, then back out of it into our dimension again. This process happens virtually instantaneously, but it still requires time, even though it is a very small amount of time. Thus, time must be a multi-dimensional or inter-dimensional tool. To me your view of time seems to be philosophical, not scientific. (There are also released FBI memos and documents that state there are creatures currently visiting us from other dimensions, so dimensional travel is most likely physically possible instead of being purely theoretic.)

    I am not religious, but I am curious to see why you believe “demons” (and probably ghosts for that matter) are only two dimensional creatures. You say “A demon being from there, could not survive being here without existing within the body of a creature who was from here”. How did the demon get here, and get into the body to possess it in the first place? It must be a type of energy (which has been independently measured by EMF meters and other energy/magnetic sensing devices when ‘hunting ghosts’ or other paranormal entities), and it must have mass if it is not a photon, gluon, or gauge boson. This should mean that it can not only survive in our three-dimensional world, but would also be constrained by the limitations of a three-dimensional body (like we are). What would be the advantage or reason for them to enter a three-dimensional body which would seem to limit them more than to help them (the demon or ghost)? I believe that demons do not exist (as in religious concepts with horns and pointy tails, etc.), but are simply creatures from a different dimension that are able to tune their frequency somehow and enter/exit our dimension at will. They are creatures that exist in energy form (at least in our dimension). Since humans can only see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum it is reasonable to believe that these creatures do exist and can be seen in a different electromagnetic range not in the human visible spectrum. This is why some animals may be able to see or sense them, but we cannot (without practice or special intuition). They are called “angels” or “demons” by religious types because they do not know what else to call them, and these entities seem to fit into the mysticism of their individual beliefs and faiths very well. I do not understand what you mean by “using the common denominator, and not the square root to explain what i am trying to get across”. Can you elaborate on that point a bit?


  28. ????? And exactly what institute of higher learning did you come from faceless? Do you actually read what others have to say here , or do you interpret what they say as you feel it should have been written ? In short ,as with another member on here who posted above this ,you tend to put words into other peoples mouths. Looking through your post on this site , it seems to be a common thing with you . Do you enjoy arguing ? Or strutting about in a narcissistic manor constantly informing us how intelligent you are . Your above post is not only repetitive , it contradicts itself from paragraph to paragraph ,like the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing .


    • David,
      I am not putting words in anyone’s mouth. I am simply commenting on phrases that people used in previous posts to make a point. I even put these phrases in quotation marks, so you can go back and check for accuracy if you feel I misrepresented what you or someone else said. I do read what others say, and I am not trying to argue with you or anyone else specifically, but just have a meaningful discussion about various comments, real scientific facts, and a bit of my own opinion thrown in for good measure. I never called myself intelligent, never said I was better than anyone else, and never called anyone else stupid or anything of that nature. In turn, I have had my “higher education” questioned, have been called a narcissist, a strutting intellectual, and a fascist, yet no one wants to make a counter-point to the things I have said, but would rather to just assault my character! Intriguing. If you (or anyone else) felt insulted by what I said, that was not my intention. I just thought that since you sounded philosophical in your posts that you might appreciate a scientific discussion in return. I guess I was wrong. Regardless, I would like to know why you feel that I contradict myself in every paragraph, and how I am so terribly repetitive. Life is a continuous journey and I always try to learn new things and make myself a better person. If you could share a point or two about how I am contradicting and repeating myself in any of these posts, I would appreciate it very much. I would also still like to know what you meant by the “using the common denominator, and not the square root to explain what i am trying to get across”, if you would care to share that information with me. Oh, and as far as the “the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing”…I am ambidextrous and am also a musician. I can work well with either or both of my hands.


  29. @Faceless. Your posts on this site are most welcome but dont feel disgruntled if they come in for criticism. I have been slated several times for some of my comments but this is the nature of such sites and the more info that is shared and passed around the better informed future posts become and hopefully the quality of posts improve as people strive to increase knowledge and awareness of the different subjects.that crop up and intrigue us all to ask questions.
    I picked on one of your comments as being fascistic in nature and it was. You talked about the disposability of useless people on this planet. In my opinion no one or no thing is useless. Everything exists for a purpose and that is certainly not to be useless.
    Some other individuals have walked away from posting here recently through getting frustrated or feeling misunderstood.
    It is really about feeling confident in yourself about what you want to say. There is nothing wrong in changing your opinion either through becoming privy to new knowledge.
    I enjoy reading everyone’s posts. In the end we are all looking for answers and hoping for disclosure.


    • @morris. I appreciate you elaborating on what you have posted earlier. Everyone is open to their opinions, and I respect that, and encourage it. Petty insults and attempted character assassination is childish and reflects less on the target and more on the character of the accuser. I am open to any theoretical or realistic discussions/debates, and welcome any scientific proof that people can offer. I, like you, am here on this Earth to learn. If one cannot offer me any viable scientific proof, answer any questions I post, or offer a counterpoint to my “arguments”, then I guess they must instead resort to insults, inflammation, and personal anger. That is unfortunate. However, in the end, you are correct…we are looking for answers, and hoping for disclosure. I do also appreciate you taking the time out to actually read my posts on this site.


  30. Faceless ,that would all be fine if you were not so wrong . But of course you are never wrong ,are you ? As i said , your explanations in your post, even in their presentation contradict each other.


    • Then why do you still refuse to let me know why you think these ideas and explanations are “so wrong”, besides just telling me “they are wrong and contradict each other”? I am open to any suggestions you or anyone else might have regarding these inconsistencies and contradictions. I have never once said that I am “never wrong” about anything. You said that, not me.


  31. It doesn’t matter what each of us believes in or how we come to that conclusion.
    What matters is what is happening to our planet and all the lives in it.

    Respect each other.


  32. Well said, Respect each other, it’s that simple. If we all did that there would be no WARS or any conflict.
    PS the problem is called pride and controll


  33. We are all ONE, we fail to understand that and thus we only look out for ourselves.


  34. There does seem to be a lot of talk coming out of NASA lately about an armada of Alien star ships surrounding the Earth at this time . But funny to me , i have a small MEADE ETX125 EC ,a very powerful telescope that can verify we as Americans did indeed land on the moon .
    But even with the power of this telescope , one that can see what color your eyes are if your looking out the port windows of the SSI . One that can watch a space walk in real time . I just have yet to see this so called armada ! I used my Barlows , my Lunar filter packs , i timed it so well that my Nikon and my Dell laptops were watching when i was not .
    Scanning ,watching , following things on a track trajectory . NOPE ,no space ships ,but a whole lot of old junk and a couple of new Satts i couldn’t ID .
    As for those shapes of the massive ships coming in here ? OK , so i set up my Meade to look as far out into the solar system as she could . This takes time photography , in other words i have to track one certain spot at times for hours to gather enough light to make an image on film .
    I got Pluto , Saturn’s rings again , but my recommendation to the chap who wrote this story is . Lower your tube dude ,and remove those moths and other bugs from you mirrors . Stop BSing people , we have enough to worry about other than you telling us that ZORK is coming to get us .
    There is no reason you have to present those fuzzy Mpegs to the rest of us ,and tell us that you know what they are .
    Other than to draw in some poor souls who are looking to believe in something their present world of reality can not give them .
    My pics come out crystal clear out that far , if you guys want to see things that will amaze you . I can show you the tornadoes and dust storms on Mars . The lifelessness and the hell of poor lonely Venus , yet the beauty of the silver blue to the burgundy red Hughes of Andromeda .
    My Father left me a LOT of equipment when he died , and he once said to me .

    ” Angie , its a wonderful thing that we see here each night with these tubes . Honey ,show as many of them as you can so they will know then what we do now. Do this so they will never again have only the lies of those who wish to frighten them , to control them , and have them live in the darkness . For we have here what can pierce that darkness , and show them what is there beyond. For it is we of mankind, who is the greatness we are looking for out there. And one day it will be they ,who will come here to us from out of that darkness . looking for the answers that then only we can answer for those who wish to listen ,and for those who need to know . ”

    My Dad , Head Astronomer at Sun Spot New Mexico for 30 years .
    I am the character some people say that Jodi Foster portrayed in the movie Contact . And Carl Sagan was my Fathers friend .


  35. large fleet of of ufo,s if you going to want to see such craft via standard telescope,just take into account the following,wherever you are on earth,you have the atmospheric conditions of a magnitude of conditions to deal with,in visual astronomy,do you know what you are looking for?do you know where to look?and if you did know where to look?then light diffraction,photo vignetting and a host of other criteria is against you,however if you have a amateur radio telescope that is built for a specific seti frequency,you going to pick up some very wiered noises,that were not there before,for that to happen you eleminateother signal-noise source,and only then can you determine its,origin,but if you were to adapt a thermal-imaging-ccd imaging device to your telescope any size you like and you feed that image into your pc with image processing software,you going to see some very strange things outside our earths atmosphere that are not man-made-manufactured on earth,and then you have a problem,identifying them,but if you know where to look?know what you looking for?and know about ufo,s just the basics?you going to see some very strange objects zooming around that are defnately here for for a picnic,that is why various aspects of astro-physics can reveal many strange objects,celestial wonders of the universe,that if you thought just looking through a telescope you going to see or find ufo,s,it aint so easy,many space agencies have space probes in space besides hubble-spitzer etc,there sole mission is deep-space imaging,and the images that come from those craft going to leave you speechless,galaxies so far it would take you minimum 50 million light years just to get there,nearest to us.on earth,some of the space probes are shrouded in secrecy,its not what you know its who you know for the right opinion regarding a certain aspect of astro-physics.


  36. it requires critical thinking,which you must implement in any exploration-research into astronomy,which is a vast field and always remember the following applies:POSSIBILITY:IMPOSSIBILITY:PROBABILITY:those 3 words make up in astro-physics research makes no diffirence what field of expertise,the global community must never think that we are the only living species in this wonderful universe we are in,we are not,but powers that be implement rules of what every person on this earth may or may not see or hear,you do your own research in a specific field,and you will then find the answers,clues,etc,there are many questions,very few answers,but many theories,but nothing isnt always what it seems,there is a answer somewhere each person must just use critical-thinking,to find that answer.


  37. Its called star charts ,and software my friend . I do not know where you live ,but here the air is crisp and clean and i have absolutely no light interference.
    What am i looking for , well lets see ,i guess what i said was some extremely huge space ships that were entering our solar system . And an armada of them that currently are in orbit around this planet .
    All of which you here have said ,not i . And now days we use this program called tracking ! With my software and computers i do not even need to be looking anywhere. They will scan quadrants and if something is there that isn’t in the software or on the charts . It automatically will lock onto it and track the crap out of it until i stop it .
    Boy ,you guys here really do like to do this i know everything deal dont you? Well now shucks dude , you done went way over my head on that one . You sure did , but i knowed you wus thinkin about it ,because i could smell that wood a burning from here . But you dont miss a thing do yas ? Flashing those big ole degrees around like a Fram PH8A oil filter . ]
    Im outta here ,your way to intelligent for a little ole gal like me you are .


  38. Your story about Audrey Tomason, “US Tells Russia That Time For ‘Apocalypse Equation’ Is Now” was written by one ‘Sorcha Faal’ who is the pen name of a David Booth. David Booth is an American computer programmer who writes faked alarmist trash that is posted first to his website WhatDoesItMean. I would like to see the thesis, but based on Mr. Booth’s track record, bet it says none of what he wrote. Sorcha Faal or David Booth is also the one who said the North Koreans bombed the Deepwater Horizon to create the Gulf Oil spill a year ago.


  39. am leaving fb. will follow here.


  40. With 2012 here people will begin to lose it. The most important thing to do is to remain calm and think. It has been a long time sence a mass extinction so it is a matter of time before it happens. As for a planned extinction, I suppose it is possible. World leaders when despirate have done horrible things. The world economy needs to collapse. There is no reason man kind should be limited to its achievements. Mankind has lived 98% of its exsistance without a world economy. The only people who preach its necissity are the power hungry. Those who want to enslave mankind will use all tactics. Regarding the alien contingency plan: It is important to act with haste. We have nothing to offer an alien race outside of our planet. Or should we expect to meet a wise and noble ET. One that will slap us on the wrist for our ignorance and offer us some enlightenment. People lick to think of the two extreames, we are just a crazy species. The only rational option is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If we as a species cant meet an opposing inteligent species with mutual respect, than we will be treated how we treat monkeys. With both situations there will be challenges, but with all generations that have lived there have been. Good luck, God bless, and may we meet the future as a united species.


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