Admiral Byrd’s flight in Agharta Ariana ‘Hollow Earth’ 19 february 1947 (video)

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This documentation begins with a video.… 11 juni 1945 SMERH counterintelligence staff of 79 rifle corps in the German Navy Headquarters building at:  Berlin Diergarten, Terpittszufer 38-42, in the office found a “map of passage depths of the sea” with the stamp “for captains of submarines A-class zonder-Fuhrer convoy in the amount of 38 submarines, numbered with a series of ” 44″ No from 0188 to 0199 … with the numbers 0446 to 0456

According the military historians, at the very  end of the war in the German of Kiel, from these submarines have removed torpedoes and loaded containers with various cargoes. In addition, the submarine took on board the passengers – a number many hundreds in 38 submarines….

Admiral Byrd’s flight in Agharta Ariana ‘Hollow Earth’ 19 february 1947

26 FEBRUARY 1947 year US Navy lost 68 sailors and oficers and Destroyer Murdock. was damaged by the aircraft carrier type Casablanca. had lost 50% of deck-based aircraft. Expedition figured on 6 months -but 26 February , 1947 year in a panic ran (after spending only two months in Antarctica). At the Congress of the United States Admiral Byrd stated that he was attacked by a flying nazi discs. They moved with incredible speed. It should be noted that this operation was entirely a military one. 13 military heavy warships, an aircraft carrier type Casablanka with the Corsair fighter planes.and a U,S, war submarine with combat weapons.

Operation HighJump 1947 year oficial U.S. movie (Part 1 to 5)

Part 1:




Hollow Earth Coordinate (Part 1 to 5)

The real facts of existence Hollow Earth and most importantly the exact position of the entrance to the portal. As at the North Pole (near it) and on the south. Snapshot of the official and are made from space, as well as videos from the Mir space station. See all uniquely. It remains the case for small-to go and visually check everything!


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Part 5:

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  1. This is some great stuff here, and it has every bit if my interest! It is alot to get to all at once, as it is now almost 4:am, so I will have to do it in installments. I have heard bits and pieces of this stuff for most of my life.
    One reason I find it even more interesting now is because I currently live in a small town called Weed at the base of Mt. Shasta in the north end of California.
    For those of you who have never heard, there are some people who believe that somewhere on Mt. Shasta there is also a “portal” to get to “middle Earth”. But that is another (long) story, and if you want to know more it is easy to do the research. Another tag word to find it by is “Lemurians”. They are the people who are supposed to live under there! From what I gather, it is all somehow supposed to be related.


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  3. This is a great report … thank you


  4. Deborah Hart

    I have spent another cpl. of hours pouring over all of this information again today, and I am beginning to wonder just how many of the UFOs we see in our skies might be coming from this subterranian German colony!? It’s pretty obvious to understand whey they would want to keep their part of the world secret. The rest of the place is goin’ to hell in a handbasket!


  5. Good stuff.


  6. You do not have to speak German to get a lot out of this!!! Thank you.