Transformer Explodes in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Again a UFO? – May 12, 2011

Transformer Explodes in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin – May 12, 2011

The Fort Atkinson Fire Department tells us that an electrical transformer blew up early Thursday morning at Nasco International Inc., 901 Janesville Avenue.

It seems the same activity as in Fort Worth Texas some days ago.

Probably a coincidence that these transformers explode, perhaps due to the weather, but again a UFO?

What do you think?

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5 responses to “Transformer Explodes in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Again a UFO? – May 12, 2011

  1. I believe there is celestial warring activity going on behind the frequency veil which separates our two alternate realities ..

    I believe that Mother Earth power sources which sustains Her primary ley lines and the matrix zone … are running a self diagnosis test before fully powering up as to establish the planet’s frequency shift which will create a safety zone for the people …

    As this is necessary to with stand final stages of earth transition unto the big bang of the new creation


  2. Or it could be…….just an ordinary transformer fire! These fires happen all the time, ask the electric company that operates in your area. Transformers and other electrical equipment get burned out after a certain period of use. They do not last indefinitely, and when they fail they either burn, explode, or go on fire. This is normal for their electrical failure to act this way. Why do we need to read more into mundane events than we should? The woman in the video does not even point out the “UFO” in the top of the screen, doesn’t seem to notice it being there or as being significant, and does not focus on it even once. Here is a news article that is a follow up of the event:


  3. A transformer exploded in Las Vegas too;

    Have we had any geomagnetic bursts from the sun these last days? Or it could all just be caused by something as mundane as the grid being overloaded, or because the U.S infrastructure and power grid is so old and worn down. Those things only have a limited lifespan. The strange orbs above the exploding transformers are odd though. Maybe some kind of electrical fireballs?

    These explosions don’t really look like explosions, though. Apparently the Las Vegas explosion had yellow flames and smoke. The ones in Fort Worth and Wisconsin look more like electrical arcing.


  4. Here’s something else that seems odd. If you look at both the Wisconsin and Fort Worth incidents, the street lights etc are still on in the immediate vicinity. One would think that the explosions would have taken out the power there… but apparently not. They did report that 500 people were without power though, after the Fort Worth incident, but with that many “explosions” going on, one would think it should have left thousands without power and not just a couple of hundred.


  5. Crazy Dude

    The DEFENCE LINE against ET works properly…Finaly ! If you see…different lights means different frequencies used for linguage (“Do not land here !” than … as a defence weapon to destabilize “their” antigravific source… So, ET goes in other part…