Ask NASA what this is?

Ask NASA what this is?

Lasco C3 on 13th May, 2011. Link –

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  1. I sincerely hope it’s a gliche.


  2. Its not a glich. We have made inquiries to NASA and they refuse to comment about it and in some cases removed this evidence so the public is not aware of it. This is not a comet and is not an Asteroid either. Please read the rest below here.

    I have already measured it and its approximately 75,000 miles long!!!!!!! This is the Giant UFO Mothership folks and we have seen this ship make a 90 Degree turn in less than 10 minutes. It is also approximately 5,000 miles depth (top to bottom). What we have not been able to confirm is the WIDTH, but we suspect it to also be about 5,000 miles wide.

    I have spoken about this ship in other posts previously.

    This folks is indeed the REAL McCOY UFO MOTHERSHIP!!!!!!.

    Others have tried to debunk this especially on its length but the evidence is so obvious and so clearly given by the SOHO pic shots, the debunkers lose this argument flat out.

    This is not a glich at all from the camera, from the unit, and not some dust particle or some other un-named word that has yet to be popped into the picture here.

    This thing is massive and its here and why and what is its purpose for being here IS ALL UNKNOWN by any human on this planet. We do know, that this ship is the mojo’s of all mojo’s and also has the fleet of UFO’s as well that we have seen for the past year.

    In my own opinion everybody, a ship of this size can mean one thing.

    There has to be some very important groups in this kind of ship due to its size, perhaps maybe the top echelon of the Intergalactic Council. Also probably top ranking leaders and or rulers and perhaps top ranking commanders.

    This ship is very well guarded. If you look closely on those SOHO shots you will also see some smaller UFO ships of huge size hanging around nearby it at various places around the SOHO pictures. I spotted one that looks like a BATTLESTAR, similar to like our aircraft carriers and its about 25,000 miles long!!!! and has a large depth (top to bottom)

    We have seen lasers being fired from time to time but not the attacking kind of lasers. Seems some kind of communication linking up or transport beams.

    Anyway its good to know that they are still around. I am happy about that but at the same token VERY CAUTIOUS, because we still don’t know if they are friend or foe!!!!!!!! So far up to now, there has been no major attack upon us.

    When you think about it, why are they not attacking us??? yet I have seen 200 plus hang around for 6 solid hours all around my house and above my house back last year.

    I can only assume that the COUNCIL has put out certain restrictions and allowed certain activities to take place around us. We also do know that there are dangerous Aliens lurking around, but who and which ones are the dangerous ones, so that is why I think the Council on that Mothership has an iron grip on the orders so given. No one dares to breach it lest it bring out some kind of intergalactic war to break out.

    I do know eventually sooner or later they will make their move and finally reveal themselves to us. (Logic reasoning comes into play here> They have appeared all around the World for the past year, and they will not do this unless they have some kind of objective in mind, and when such is started it only makes sense for them to bring it to some kind of conclusion) The question is when and how they will introduce themselves to us. This remains to be seen at present time and is up for speculation etc.

    So right now its primarily a wait and see game for those who are on guard. I do know they will appear suddenly like a thief in the night and they will catch many off guard.

    Example> You can look up in the sky and its like a serene cozy night and peaceful. 10 minutes later you might see hundreds of these or see something huge taking place and it might cause you to panic or become fearful etc. That is how fast it can happen.

    I tell you true cause it happened to me last year. I simply went outside to do some laundry etc, and all of a sudden the ground became reddish/orange and it looked so weird and I did not hear a damn thing, but noticed all my dogs started going crazy and happen to look up and for the love of mojo they were right above my frickin house!!!!!!!!!!! Turned my head left and by golly I have never seen so many UFO’s in my entire life all moving around the sky like they are having fun!!!!! Making all kinds of designs and zipping here and there going up and down then going sideways changing directions instantly. What a night for me and I will never forget it either.

    So stay alert and be vigilant OK folks. Don’t let down your guards and be careful out there.



  3. You make a lot of assumptions. Already it’s an intergalactic council?


  4. Sure why not??? A ship that size more than likely would have some very high ranking Aliens, and on human terms keep in mind our narrow minded human terms you think it not possible???

    I am almost certain they have protocols to follow, and agreements enforced and territories out in space respected and claim like us idiot humans do on planet earth.

    We have frickin governments who slave us to death, and dictate to us our living etc., so why not the Aliens have some kind of Intergalactic Council to regulate various planetary worlds??? Unless you dream of anarchy and it being a grab all type of deal, there would be wars on a constant basis. For christs sake.

    Your narrow mindedness on such thinking cannot be comprehended so explain yourself OK.

    Have a good day.



  5. what would u do if u r very powerful…would u help the weak and teach them ur techniques and secrets….no u wouldn’t..not even friendship can be expected…they will take advantage of us definitely..they might seem helping at first but later they rule our world if the video of ur is true…..


  6. Hi Wolverine

    Your comment is plausible. Yes they can play us to the hilt and then turn right around and make us pay hell for accepting them.

    At the same token they had many opportunities to do this over the course of thousands of years based on ancient descriptions of when they were around and we have evidence showing it going as far back as 15,000 years ago.

    So whats keeping them from taking over and using us to their advantage ehhh????

    The only logical reason I can come up with is they must have something to keep them in check. What would that be???? Good question. The only answer I can come up with is something like a Intergalactic Council that regulates the other factions of various Alien races and to do so this council must have something so powerful that can destroy an alien races existence which keeps them in check.

    This council I do believe represents all the alien races that are involved, each one being represented by some alien to their species. Similar to like the USA Supreme court when they decide a case, and a majority is needed for any rule to take effect or any decision be it in favor or reject.

    Earth is one very valuable piece of real estate. Us humans here and before us were the Neantherdhals and others etc previous. I believe some alien race created us and if so they lay claim on the turf due to their creativity. These are the same ones who have been visiting us for the last 15,000 years.

    You know a asteroid being 25 miles in diameter does not come out of nowhere. I believe the aliens sent it towards this planet to wipe out the Dinosaurs so they can build up something new. The Dinos lasted on this planet for 350 million years!!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe the Dinos were part of the Reptillian creators and they controlled this planet for a very long time.

    The late ET told us a small story about the war between them and the reptillians. The Reptillians lost the fight but at a great cost to the ET side.

    There are ancient descriptions so engraved in stones and in some painted rocks that we have found regarding their existence. Therefore we do know they do exist and are indeed around.

    Most of the aliens it seems to be coming from the Aires and Capricorn star clusters. ET did warn us of about the Reptillians being capable to make a strike upon us.

    Oh by the way there are some multi- billionaires gathering someplace in Nevada to discuss how to disperse their wealth to the poor and to help and assist them to have a better chance at life. Its been already reported in the news.

    I am always willing to train and to teach somebody to be better and to give them my knowledge. Why, what good is it to take it to the grave??? Once dead you cannot do a damn thing and all that knowledge goes down the drain.

    I do have a family that is poor from my fathers side (distant relatives in another country) and such would be very good for me to bring them to me and to show, teach and educate them so they can carry on my work and legacy for the betterment of their families and future generations.

    To have a good true friend to last a lifetime and to share with etc., is the hardest thing any human can do to achieve. It is very rare to find one indeed since so many out there today are worst than animals themselves. They have no concept of what loyalty really is and have no concept on how to be humble and respect others without letting greed get in the way of their life.

    Example: Say a very rich a wealthy person bequeaths their entire wealth to their dog or cat, yet they have a cousin or some relative say like a brother or sister in the background. This person dies, now you got the brother and sister fighting over the remains of your wealth and hire lawyers to extract some of that wealth from your dog or cat. Do you see the point of what I am getting at over here??? This is called GREED.

    Take care and good luck



  7. frank drCMAN

    Though I agree with your concepts of greed,I as a very open minded person think you live in a world of childlike fantasy.


  8. Im afraid if Daveyo’s beliefs are true, then this so-called giant spacecraft is actually the equivalent to one of our giant holiday ocean liners and is full of space tourists waiting to watch the incoming comet/asteroid wipe out the latest pea-brained dinosaur speacies, us humans, get wiped out. Maybe Earth is just a huge 3D interactive game for aliens?


  9. It’s not a spacecraft, it’s that damned tether from that incident in 1996. You can call it a UFO if you want, because there is no Certain identification, but you UFOlogists need to remember that not every UFO has an engine, nevermind an intelligence on board.

    I don’t know how you can claim this is “bigger than earth”, since you have no depth-perception in the picture, so you cannot make any distance determinations, so you have no idea of it’s size.
    Something as big as you claim this to be, would also have gravity so strong it would have a noticable effect on planetary orbits.


  10. Hi Morris

    hehehehehehehe, but at present time now, Elenin is due to miss us and whiz by us in the sky.

    Unless I am missing something which I see being reported about the bunkers in the thousands being built under the ground, which I understand there is a back order pertaining to it, I don’t know.

    This particular Comet/asteroid is not enough to cause humans to go extinct.

    It is interesting to note, a lot of people live along the coastal lines all around the world. Lets see in USA, you got major cities L.A, S.F., New York, Wash D.C, Miami, Houston, San Diego, Seattle, Boston, New Orleans.

    Kinda just take a look huh on a globe itself. Europe has quite a few, China hmmmmm a lot there, then you have India, Africa, England etc and so forth many countries pertaining to islands as well.

    Why such ship of that kind of size hanging around near the Sun area really pique my interest.

    We humans have so many questions of WHY etc its insane, and we hardly got any fucking answers to tell people. If you were to drop dead out of the blue, people will ask What happenned, why it happenned, how it happenned, then comes many more questions to search for some answer as they probe your lifeless body to determine the cause of death. Accepting that you passed away is not enough for the authorities or families today. We all have this damn desire to want to know all the ??????’s and have answers.

    Recently Hawkings said there is no Heaven, heheheheheeee and says it’s all BS and death is a bore, and actually believes there is 12 dimensions that exist. Actually Hawkings relates our brains to like a computer hard drive.

    When I think about it from time to time, can anyone tell us what they remember doing before they were born????? If you do go back that far, in your memory all you know is a blank and a black spot. The same will apply when you die. A blank and a black spot.

    In reality, no one has officially ever come back from the DEAD, actual death and tell us what they experienced on the other side, say after 5 minutes with no one trying to revive you. We do know after 3 minutes when your heart stops, the oxygen in your system begins to be exhausted and without oxygen, all the cells begin to die off quite rapidly. The brains main nervous system is the first to go and the most vulnerable and shuts down. Once the neurons cease to function, due to cell death, its not going to come back. You cannot replace dead brain neuron cells, as it does not replenish itself.

    A computer hard drive does contain memory chips and a disc holding data and can be preserved if well protected and preserved, and such can be retrievable at a later time. But our brains rely on cells that hold our memory and its totally different. Once the memory cells die, it decays and eventually its all gone. This is not retrievable. Your skull will be there but your brain is long gone.

    Those involving with Religion and have the belief that you can come back from the dead are not able to explain how dead cells can be revived after it decayed thousands of years ago.

    However there is one way you can come back but you will not have the same memory cells and that is thru DNA and Genetic preservation. Physically your body can come back looking the same as you are now, but you will have no recall of the past unless such is somehow that your memory cells were preserved instantly at time of death, which means your brain must be instantly frozen and the memory cells extracted later and somehow inserted back medically to the new you!!!!!. hehehehehehehehehe. Then you might have a chance to remember your past.

    I have a feeling somehow that the military would love this concept and idea. They can make thousands of soldiers for strange reasons etc, have a DNA and Genetic manufacturing plant. As a matter of fact there are some companies now that exist having cryo freezers and are at present contain frozen dead bodies paid by the rich. It would be quite interesting to know if Michael Jacksons body is being preserved here instead of some vault in a cemetary.

    Oooops did I just start a new viral controversal topic here, hehehehehehehehehe.

    Oh well



  11. In the end, there is no way of knowing what that space object is without official confirmation or a sourced leak of information.
    Imagination can make anything a UFO. This could as easily be an image defect but if it is something real and of intelligent control there is still no way of knowing how large it really is. It could be the size of a 747.


  12. Comments directed to Frank and to Anon.

    First to Frank. Your perception is awful at best especially when you labeled child like fantasy asshole. I myself saw these ships for 6 frickin hours above and around my home back last year with my own two goddamn eyes, and I am a aviation mechanical engineer. So I know exactly what I am talking about and talking sense here putting down good reasonable theories but is this all you can say in regards to the topic. Go find yourself a donkey and look at its ass and see what happens to you. Fair enough.

    To Anon:
    A ship that size will not have the kind of gravity to affect planets. It does not possess a magnetic field like planets do having iron cores. jesus h christ. They have their own internal gravitational field and such is controlled by them. Also a ship like that can be built by alien technology without a problem. I still see their beacon/spheres in star mode every night since December of 2010 going non stop with unlimited power supply.

    You talk of depth perception. I have better depth perception than most people think and can do things using a 3D image in my mind, take things apart and repair and put back together without the need of a fuckin instruction manual. But of course you don’t have such ability and I don’t expect everyone to have such ability either. Depth perception is a gift in a sense when one can perceive what is there and then know how to do something about it.

    We have already tripled checked the dimensions on this ship and its all verified. The size is not a joke, but then again many of you narrow minded people cannot comprehend the capability of what the Aliens can do and of how fast they can do something. The Jerusalem incident gives you a small picture of their capability, plus other sightings that literally blows your mind, but with a mind as closed up which most people have today ignoring the reality of things, but believe in BS and lies, its a wonder why those in power can walk all over your ass and you not know it.

    If you two want to be constructive in this topic then offer something worthwhile otherwise quit talking and typing BS comments, or trying to attack the characters of people. Some exceptions do apply like Darash and if you can comprehend what this person is saying then bravo to you along with Bugs Bunny and company.

    When the evidence is literally dropped on top of your lap you still will go into a denial mode, even when its saying hello to you. What is it going to take to get you the people to wake up??? The way both of you are talking, if Elenin was to smash to this planet now you still will deny it made impact until you see the blast in front of your eyes and when you do, you are bye bye cause that blast will kill you in 2 seconds if you are within its range.

    That is why I said in many other posts, many of you do not even qualify to be SAVED if such was possible and done by the aliens. Yet you still believe in BS from Obama and others and religion cause it gives comfort to your intellect. Will I have pity for you???>>HELL NO. I won’t waste a tear drop for you. Sooner or later you will learn things the hard way and when you are faced with it head on, then deal with it your own way. Welcome to the wicked world. Sound good. When the shindig goes down each to their own so don’t look for me at that time.

    Have a good day.



  13. @Daveyo, I’m sure they felt that outburst. Ouch!!! Hahaha.


  14. Morris

    If that size was the size of a 747, considering the distance between SOHO and the sun and where its located it would be just a tiny itty bitty speck and you would not even see it on the SOHO pics.

    Get real will ya. First a normal pic is taken and its quite obvious its a large object. This same goddamn object made a 90 degree turn in less than 10 minutes. Now how can that happen????? Ask yourself that frickin question OK. When zoomed up you can get a good decent look at it.

    Quit being in a denial mode. Its there, its obvious and its real. What more can you ask. Oh ask NASA to give you an answer. They won’t because of the fear factor if they reveal it exists. They know its there but remain quiet about it.

    We also see other ships of smaller size all around it, so its not a secret to behold but more than enough to say its well guarded and protected and they do exist cause SOHO pics show them quite clearly.

    Recently Endeavor put up a 2 billion giant particle machine on the ISS. Supposingly to scan the Universe for particles???? or is it being used for something else???? First time they reveal what some of the payload was about AFTER IT LEFT THE GROUND, but not before it.

    Yet on the ISS aliens were seen walking on it but NASA denys such a thing took place. On the ISS the camera shows many Alien ships flying around it, yet NASA denies such took place. So whats this all about ehhhhh.

    Then again NASA does admit in subtle terms that the Aliens do exist. go figure. All of it is a controlled PR ploy out to the public to minimize and hold back the truth because if it was brought out totally to the public, yes there will be a great cause for concern and the public will have a fear factor that can go out of control.

    2 Billion worth ehhh. Who paid for it??? The public paid for it. hehehehehehehehehehehe, and of course the rich made a profit from the deal. Same ol shit, the public blind as a bat and the rug is being pulled right under your feet and you not know it. By the time people realize it, its too late. Its a done deal.

    Have a good day



  15. I’m sorry, I was wrong. My calculations were out and it isnt the size of a 747 but a 1:48 airfix model.
    C’mon guys, Im not the enemy I’m just trying to get people to offer more evidence to back up what they post.
    Of course NASA is keeping mum about what is out there in space.
    It will NEVER disclose what is happening until we are affected directly.
    Maybe the recent dirge of alien invasion movies has been a govt hint as to what’s to come.


  16. Morris

    hehehehehehehe, I was hoping you would see the error sooner or later etc.

    Nothing personal Morris cause I know ya.

    See three posts from others that I found disturbing and made my comments on it.

    Hmmm, have not seen the movies yet as I am not in America. Looks like they want to suck up american money first before fanning out to other places. Typical of hollywood style.

    Still kinda bothered by this particle machine now on ISS. They mean to tell me they spent 2 billion for some funky machine to probe the universe picking up particles???? whew. Something does not add up here.



  17. In the recent Hollywood alien movies there are also giant ships but what surprised me about these movies was how dark they were regarding the future of mankind. These aliens were basically unbeatable.
    $2b is a shockingly high outlay for a piece of kit to run an experiment on the ISS.
    Im surprised the cost is public knowledge given the austerity kicking in everywhere. People will be pissed as most think space exploration is a waste of time and resources and rightly so when they should be concentrating on sorting things back here on Earth.
    I dont imagine they are building bunkers and shelters for ordinary people either but I bet its being done using their ordinary money.


  18. What i like about these latest hollywood movies is that they make people realise that somethings out there might a) be hostile and b) be a hell of alot more powerful, nigh on invunerable. Take the movie skyline for example, they used a fucking nuke on one of their motherships (not to mention losing probably 50 UAV drone aircraft) and sure the thing crashed and burned, but then some sort of repair mode kicked into place and the big ass thing just leviatated into the sky again attacting all its broken peices back to its hull.

    These latest alien blockbusters have been put together to kill the mentality that humanity will always be best (notably the ‘america is number one’ mentality), although the latest one of these movies went the other way again, battle LA was a shambles in representation, at first the alien force was invulnerable, the army forces had to use multiple clips to take down one alien solider, but then by the end, it was 1 hit kills on everything, the reasoning?: they found that the aliens had a small heart like organ that killed them instantly, so suddenly the entire army were sharpshooters with point accurate m16’s and handguns.

    In my opinion skyline is one of the movies we should all take a lesson from, it shows us that we really are small in comparison to the things out there in the universe and we are most certainly not the most advanced.



  19. I would love exactly to know how somebody would go about calculating the exact size of that thing. Well considering there are no points of reference other than the sun. As for how far away the object is from the camera, there is no way of knowing.

    When you look at something like this you have to do it with an open mind. To just look at something and say it is a huge alien mother ship is just irresponsible. The fact is this could be anything including some weird glitch.

    I’m sure there are things the government won’t tell us, and with good reason. The mass panic that would ensue could very well breakdown society as we know it.

    If somebody could post the formula used to calculate the dimensions of this thing I’d love to see them. Until then my guess is just some sort of close range object that appears to be huge. Your eyes can and will play tricks on you.


  20. Another thing that occurred to me is that if the object near the Sun is as big as some think maybe its not a Mothership but a regular craft and ET inside are giants.
    Now that would make a good movie.


  21. インサイダ

    It’s just a blip.


  22. I don’t see how this objects size can be determined mathematically given this one picture with no angular reference points. Guesswork is not scientific and only leads to speculation and further conspiracy theories. If you look at most of the LASCO/C3 images or movies, there are these streaks all over the place. Some are small while some cover almost the entire lens area. You can pick almost any given date and time and find streaks like this in the image. These streaks have been determined to be cosmic rays that hit the LASCO/C3 lens and cause artifacts of light, which are interpreted as streaks by the encoding software. Below I have posted some links for the SOHO/LASCO image database, so you can look for images from a specific date range for various SOHO telescopes/imagers. There is also a link for some SOHO/LASCO movies to watch. You can see the streaks all over these GIF’s/MPEGs as well. As much as I would love for these streaks to be alien spacecraft, I don’t think that this is proof of any spacecraft at all, or a broken tether from a previous failed STS mission for that matter.

    SOHO Image Database (very cool and interesting):

    SOHO Real-time Movie Link:

    Explanation of SOHO image artifacts (Particularly Point 2 about Cosmic Rays):


  23. any1 knw about the inter-planetary-defense real mission-operation wormwood,its true meaning is exactly what it means inter-plantery-defense-


  24. ive seen hi-resolution images-that make this ufo look like a picnic-there is much bigger than this 1-call it a real ufo city type ship,this 1 is a picnic


  25. watch the following video here is the link :
    Lasco 2 – 2011/05/21 – 04:48
    and do stops at – 05:12 / 14:36 /16:24 / 17:12 can any one please tell me what are those things around our sun!!!!!!
    and how weird is this video??? –
    Lasco 3 – 2010/01/04 – 01:42 ( here is the link) :
    watch the video and stop it at – 2010/01/02 – 9:42 looks like a cover up!!!


  26. Hi FWJ

    Think you can upload those high resolution images you speak of that happens to be a bigger ship???

    Would like to view it.




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  28. yes will contact the sources regarding the images,deepspace imaging,thse motherships are huge,have a complete civilization,warfare infrastructure,can travel vast distances,some originate from the various galaxies in the universe,the images ive seen those motherships are huge,its of opinion,they are complete with everything,according to credible sources,these ships are like flying fortrsses,as a whole,the deepspace imaging is from known space agencies,ill await there reply,the suns heat has no effect on such objects,its like they got !!heatshields!! and most possibly harness the energy of the sun for whatever there purposes,might be,so yes,these motherships are intresting,in south africa,ive come face to face with small craft,the 1 group dont have a physical form they are energy form,collective intelligengence as there crafts are spheres,enclosed in a silverish type skin,move extremely fast at high speed, over capetown lately very high up around 200.000ft asl.very large objects,moving accross the sky,if the local radar here picking them up,they aint talking about it,in this part of the world,those spheres approx around 50metres in diameter,the other craft similiar to !!Operation Blackhorse!! craft that was shotdown in 1989,well documented over the years,those craft are small as well,humanoids form around 3\4 adult height,occupants mainly 2 per craft,around 20metres in diameter,there proplusion systems,most probably using magnetic energy,as 2 seperate discs were noted,smooth hull,no type windows,the spheres incidently have been noted to hover around powerlines around the world,or close to our earths surface especially where there are strong earth magnetism detected,ive seen possible landing areas in the namibian-kalahari desert,where the desert sand has turned to glass up to around 50m deep,perfect circles,that is due to extreme heat on landing-takeoff at high speed.


    This website turns up HTTP 404 Not Found.


  30. Here’s a pdf of NASA DSN downtime. It shows arrival dates for YU55, Elenin, Vesta, and some other stuff I have no clue. Maybe you guys can help.


  31. Daveyo Hi ” Sorry I can’t upload this images and the videos but here
    if you are still interested:
    go to then click on the site that says
    Solar and Heliospheric Obserbatory homepage once there click where it says data/archive then where it says Near Real Times Images & movies click on either lasco2 lasc03 image and there u can see the latests images and past images by clicking where it says (more 512×512) now if you want to see the videos press data/archive then go where it says near real time images & movies then click MPEG’S and go to lasco2 press 5112×512(1.3m) and you will have the video I told you about!!! bacause it is to fast to see it ; with the mouse hold the bar & move it slowly where it says 2011/05/22 – 05:12 and there you’ll have it !!!!!
    you can watch lasco3 the same way & you’ll find really weir stuff all around the sun even some parts of the videos doesn’t match!! it looks like its been cut or tampered !!!!
    GOOD LUCK !! with ur search”


  32. Does anyone have any updates on the supposed three giant blue spacecraft approaching Earth?
    This story seems to have gone cold.


  33. If u go to STEREO homepage – click on resources – then – click latest images/ here you will find a list; they are all from the 25th of May at different hours – I found 3 differents objects resembling some type of aircraft 0r ufo circling the sun
    I zoom all of them and they appear in different positions at different times-
    (in this one u can see the 3 of them – 20110525 – 060530- n7euA – 195. jpg )
    It looks like the 3 giants blue spacecraft are closer to home!!!!!!