Strange Blue Light phenomenon over Portugal

Strange Blue Light phenomenon over Portugal, April 15, 2011

Looks the same phenomenon as the lights (exploding transformers) over Fort Worth Texas and Fort Atkinson Wisconsion

Similar sightings have occurred in china and japan.

It is possible that there is a link between these events?


Strange blue light over Japan during earthquake on 04/07/11

Strange blue light over  Qinling Mountains, China on October, 2010

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6 responses to “Strange Blue Light phenomenon over Portugal

  1. Deborah Hart

    Well, one obvious difference is that is the Portugese event, all of the lights went out. Other than that, uncannily similar!


  2. the one in portugal definalty is strange, ive never seen or heard of a transformer lighting up the sky like that, the power outage also suggests EMP disruption as a possible sub factor, other than that who knows


  3. Deborah Hart

    Come to think of it , thanx Luke, I wonder if all of the blow-outs might have been caused by EMPs? As I am quite sure Y’all are already aware, they don’t all come from the sun!


  4. Hi Deb

    Your mistaken to think the sun doesn’t emit emp blasts, each solar flare releases radiation and if theyre large enough they can disrupt electrical equipment, this has been seen countless times across the globe of cities being blacked out on the power grid from solar flares, however this doesnt apply to this case as the area was in the dark at the time, away from solar influnences, also i would just like to say that i dont think an emp caused it, rather that what did cause it had an EMP effect on the surrounding area, now many would argue that power outage + blue light = blown transformer, but in my opinion, the shear size and magnitude of the light generated indicates to me that it is either an entire power plant burning out or something else with an EMP effect


  5. Alain Denis

    in BRrazil too..


  6. Deborah Hart

    Luke, sweetie, I said not ALL EMPs come from the sun. The sun is the primary source of EMPs, ofcourse!😉