NASA ordered ‘Pause The Playback’ of the Live Stream, after three UFOs appear in the Endeavour’s background

This event is happened on 18 May, during the Endeavour-ISS rendevouz in space. Three unknown objects appear during the approach and Ground Control order: ‘Endeavour please pause the playback!’. NASA stopping the live stream after the three unidentified flying objects in the Endeavour’s background.

At around the 2:22 mark of the video you hear the request from NASA to ask Endeavour to make the pause after the appearance of unidentified lights in the back.

During NASA’s space walk on May 22, 2011, four days after the UFO incident sheilaaliens recorded this from the live ISS stream and shows that the NASA manipulates the image quality of the live stream.

The possible reason for this unusual act?

Maybe the Space Shutle Mission is not what they told you?

Shuttle Endeavor’s official mission is to haul a deliberately-mislabeled “Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer” (AMS-02) to the International Space Station and install it. NASA claims that the AMS-02 is a state-of-the-art particle physics detector. In actuality the AMS-02 is an advanced extreme-energy neutral-particle-beam space weapon intended to shoot down Star Visitor craft (UFOs). And instead of the International Space Station, Shuttle Endeavor will deliver the AMS-02 Star Wars weapon to a secret military space station, also in orbit. Read full article at: .rumormillnews

The story of rumormillnews sounds incredible, (in our opinion it seems unlikely that the AMS-02 is in fact a space weapon) however, the events of the last week, raises questions.

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12 responses to “NASA ordered ‘Pause The Playback’ of the Live Stream, after three UFOs appear in the Endeavour’s background

  1. Well that is why the Alien UFO’s are there watching them. They would not be there just to view such mundane activity. They are there for a reason. No doubt the aliens will know of this activity if true. If the aliens can control our nuke missiles and activate them without the need or approval of the military high command, the aliens can also destroy anything that would be considered a threat to them. They already have demonstrated this capability in messing around with some missiles that was shot up for testing and even disabled such missiles rendering the militarys test obsolete and a failure all in front of the militarys eyes and they were stunned by such activity.

    If this is what NASA wants and plans to do, they are in for a hell of a surprise. All NASA has to do is provoke the aliens by attacking them, and NASA will get wiped out in a matter of a few minutes from a spiffy retaliatory attack. The aliens will not need to enter the atmosphere to do this. Sit out in space and use their laser beams and its all over.

    What NASA does not realize is this: The planet is being patrolled by the Aliens day and night. They already have placed the beacons/spheres above our atmosphere which tells them if anyone is leaving or entering the atmosphere. They have their systems in place. These items appear in the sky like a normal stars at night time, but if you use your binocs and scan it carefully you will spot them changing to various colors. When you see those these are the ones I am talking about here.

    There is another technology that we are now in possession of and the aliens are trying to prevent us from making full use of it. Its called the ”Vimana technology”. This apparently is one of the technologies that the aliens use. You can read up on it on this site dated 5-16-11. This one apparently is a major threat to them.



  2. frank drCMAN

    So I am guessing that you have personal knowledge about these aliens that nasa does not?I know nasa lies and manipulates but to state they do not know what they are messing with is naive.The truth is that nasa is very aware and that is why they do these things.I really doubt that you know better than them.They must have learned a thing or two by now about how to deal with these things.I think you feel that you have some special connection with these aliens that is only in your mind.The truth is when it all goes down none of us know what is to come but I am sure nasa knows more than you or me.


  3. Frank. A child has to walk away from their parents at some point. Usually when the parent refuses to stop lying.


    • frank drCMAN

      what ever that means, I dont deny nasa lies. Theres no question strange things are going on.whos to say there arent 2 camps of aliens and what we saw in vid. was some type of cooperation between the good guys (or bad guys)happening out there.I just dont know,I am not not against you guys and I do not beleive our leaders have our best interests at heart.Its just that I need to find a place between govt.lies and extreme conspiricy theorists.In that central point lies truth.Sorry if I was a bit harsh.


  4. I agree. Too many people take any incident to the most extreme conclusions. Nasa is actually an anagram of Satan without the T, lol.
    I’m pretty sure we are lied to on a daily basis about whats going on beyond our planet, some of it to our detriment and some possibly to protect those whose sensibilities can’t handle the real reality of the Universe.
    Its pretty certain if any Aliens have bad intentions towards us we have little protection. Then again, if there has been activity out there recently, maybe its to protect us somehow, either from other Aliens or perhaps ourselves.


  5. I think the aliens are really observing us and protecting us (or manipulating us to become more civilized). They certainly do have the technology and means to destroy us many times over. Okay, here is a thought. If the sightings have become more frequent and they are becoming more bold, and we are seeing possible large spaceships in orbit or coming…and we are experiencing lot of turmoil and extreme earth changes…what if they are really here to save us from impending catastrophe? If you have been following the Christian religion, many of them believe the Second Coming is imminent, and will be accompanied with Rapture and tribulation. The preacher Harold “Often-wrong Harry” Camper changed his date of rapture to October. And in November, we are going to have Comet Elenin at its closest, and also expecting some asteroids to pass close by. Well, we are certainly having lot of special events close together this fall. Maybe Rapture will involve aliens coming down to beam people up and take them safety to the orbiting motherships, until the Tribulation passes. Well, personally, I have my doubts, but we will see…


  6. Anyone five year old spirituality knows more about the Celestials buzzing the Space Station than NASA. These children are coming to Earth, being born here without going through all the veils of forgetfulness that we did. It’s taken us years to raise our consciousness high enough to communicate with them on our own. Many are doing so now.

    There can be no doubt about NASA switching of publicized events while other secret activities take place within those that are known. We know this because it’s well documented and by now, it has become NASA SOP. There are some excellent books recently published about this very topic.

    These are all last ditch efforts by the “Powers that Were” to prevent Earth’s ascension into the Fifth Dimension and beyond. It won’t work and they have run out of time to delay any longer, so it should get very interesting and fast. As we enter into a new Age of Enlightenment unlike any ever known before on Earth ~ please fasten your seat belts for takeoff…


  7. Hmmmmm, Ok as of now the aliens have not done anything serious to provoke us or cause a major event upon the population.

    I agree they would have done it long time ago and ten times over.

    We know they are still around and we spot it from the IS camera and vid. It is also agreed that they are studying us out like we are worms in some experimental lab.

    One other thing we do know is they make this big appearances every 500 years. I did some digging up and such is recorded approximately every 500 years from various sources of preserved writings and data.

    They also know we are not even close at all to be prepared to accept them, however they might make a subtle move to really catch our attention in such an obvious event, the news departments around the world will be having a viral about it.

    The aliens must do three things for us to zero in on their intentions. They have done one so far. I still await the second move by them.

    This Campy dude regarding his predictions of rapture etc, is so full of BS, the guy needs psychiatric help as he is a threat to society itself. However the main problem is no one can touch him for now since it/the fuckin he, is cloaking himself pointing to regarding religion by USA federal law.

    So how many more assholes will be out there??? Too many to name.

    Back to the Beatles the song called “”Ticket to Ride””



  8. To all

    Does anyone like to toy with the notion that the aliens merely regard us as either a science experiment, to them we are mere bacteria in a petri-dish going through our incubation phase.

    they don’t want anything from us, they don’t want to kill us, they dont need our technology, they study us.

    I know that they don’t want to kill us because simple logic would have had them do it at a time when we were more vulnerable, eg at the end of a world war or during some sort of disaster period, so that can be phased out. They obviously don’t need our limited technological might as theirs is obviously far superior as they have mastered gravitational control, crystal manipulation (which the American military is only beginning to trial, mainly with jet engined aircraft), and advanced harmonics (also in beginning phase in the military).

    What we have to understand is that organizations like NASA are just as vulnerable as the rest of us as they also have no clue what the aliens surveying will lead up to. The aliens have been here since the dawn of modern man and probably before them, in my opinion they probably engineered our world and gave it that primordial soup that signaled the beginning of life for our planet. Who knows really though they could be just scientists or they could be a protection detail told to remain with us until our civilization is advanced enough to protect ourselves from the real dangers that we haven’t even seen out in space.

    At the end of the day jo-blogs like us have no clue what their true intentions may be but speculation based on observation usually proves correct.


    (ps. if you’d like more info on the new tech that the American government is toying with contact me on , my source used to wok in Arizona as an aviation engineer and she got to see some pretty freaky jet mods and weapon prototypes)


  9. I wish you people would share some of that crack you smoke.The video is an obivious fake.Nasa doesn’t allow anything to be realesed from them unless they want it to.


  10. Hey momullins> My yaba is fantastic, hows yours. The ISS video is LIVE STREAM which means we also get to see the same thing NASA sees unless they cut the switch to pause which it did.

    I suggest you work out a concoction of several ingredients together with the Yaba and viola, your in heaven brother. hehehehehehehehehe. There is only one recipie and its guaranteed to hold ya good for a spell. Think you can figure out what the recipie is????

    for gawd sakes



  11. Oh, I thought maybe someone had real information. Opinion is not fact, so to say, the truth is.. and then offer opinion – well, no thanks.