Caught on Tape: UFO’s during Tornadoes and Driver Survives Tornado’s Wrath (ABC-News)

Caught on Tape: UFO’s during Tornadoes and Driver Survives Tornado’s Wrath (ABC-News, May 26, 2011)

Unknown bright UFOs or orbs were recorded flying across the sky over during recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, but listen also to the incredible story of truck driver Jeremiah Morrison..


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8 responses to “Caught on Tape: UFO’s during Tornadoes and Driver Survives Tornado’s Wrath (ABC-News)

  1. I don’t think much else would fly that close to a funnel.


  2. Actually the twister headed straight to that standing truck. The driver had no chance to get the hell out of there. However he survived and with a few bones broken he is able to tell us his horrific nightmare of what he saw coming straight at him.

    I do thank him for still having a cool head but I have a feeling it is all delayed and once realization sets in, he is going to break up badly. I hope someone is there with him when it takes place.

    As I told everybody before, twisters are nothing to play around with especially when they have that tremendous suction force that rips things apart.



  3. obviously vehicles (terrestrial) in the distance


  4. That guy was really lucky. Most people who get caught by a twister ends up getting shredded. They are like a giant meat grinder…there is so much flying junk that you basically get ground up and your pieces spread all over the place.


  5. I watched both videos and what struck me as strange was two things. First did you see how the tornado was moved from around the cab of the truck. aUFO intervention, which saved the mans life. The second thing was neither of the reporters dared to even mention that there was several UFO’s in the video’s. Everyone can see them. but they just pretended that they weren’t there. There is non more blind than he who will not see, JC. but soon there will be so many of them that they must see them and admit that they are here. Discloser and contact is coming soon. I write about this in my new book; We are all one,be safe,rev.joshua


  6. I spotted 3 possibly 4 of them. Also did you notice the twister itself just before it hit that truck like something hit it, and it lost its momentum temporarily and the twister itself flatten out for a few seconds as it continued on. The UFO’s kept following it.

    Yes I agree the news media played absolutely dumb and did not mentioned about the 3-4 objects in the background being possibly UFO’s. Wow. hehehehehehehehehehe.

    Someone should tell that kid the UFO’s saved his life – no doubt about it otherwise he was sure as shit DOA. at some hospital.



  7. I’m not an expert by any means, and I’m skeptical about a lot these days, since their are so many fakes going around the web.
    However this one is intriguing. I downloaded the best quality video I could find of this, converted it to a format that I could work with.
    I put it editing tools and went to work.
    The so called ‘orbs’ are most definitely in the frames, and not superimposed afterward, nor is it anything in the distance (cars on roads, debris etc).
    They are white to bluish colour with black tops and bottoms. All the objects are identical. One of them disapears from frame and reapears in the next frame in the same spot.
    The largest of the 5 objects are the 2 closest to the camera on the left side of the video, near the beginning. They appear to be moving away from the tornado. They clearly have heat eminating off them in low contrast mode.
    In one frame, blown up 400%, one object clearly has shape behind its glowing light, and grainy footage. Almost looks like a lantern of some kind.
    Anyway, that is my analysis. What is my conclusion?
    Beats me, U.F.O’s is all I can say.


  8. i cant be sure abt all tis UFO stuff…but i hav read some articles about
    ALIENS contacting the Indian govt…. and that the govt guys have been communicated the “dos and donts” of de universe…and that the spaceships hav an underground landing base sumwer in Ladakh between de borders of China and India..and both the country govts. hav set up guard in the base perimeters…the local tribals see these”flying machines ” often but dey dont really get the significance..they talk abt it lyk its a daily routine ….
    but we should be aware nevertheless…and prepare ourselves fr the forthcoming surprises….