Congress has been notified about ‘HAARP Rings’ by constituent letter

Congress has been notified about ‘HAARP Rings’ by constituent letter

May 26, 2011


I phoned yesterday about this issue of severe WX. Please look at these URL sites and tell me the man is wrong in the forecasts he makes.

If believable, why is our government making this WX?

in the first video of the reference to “Vortex Spiral Radar Rings” in 2004 over New Orleans…..

‘Vortex Spiral’ RADAR Rings – out of North Carolina and Central Midwest

HAARP rings appear @ WA, OR, ID, MO, TN, LA, TX, AL, KY, NY = severe in 24-48

To date; many folks have died, flood waters have devastated the mid-west. Why?

Now they may be targeting NC & SC? Again why?

Serious damage has happened in the past ” Katrina” and is still happening in the form of floods and severe storms.
If above information is to be believed ( and I do ) still more serious damage to this country is in the near future due to HAARP operations.

At the very least, damage that has happened already caused many deaths, scores of displaced residents, unbelievable damage to property, due to floods & tornadoes, that were possibly Man Made.
All leading to shortages and higher Food prices.

I am requesting a Senate Hearing/Investigation into the Operations of HAARP as to any intentional or un-intentional damage to the US.

Please turn a spot light on HAARP and those who are controlling it.

Weather modification I should think is serious business.

HAARP has that ability.

Has HAARP gotten out of control?

Perhaps it should be shut down until that investigation is completed…..

I would like to hear back on this issue.

Please tell me I am wrong to think our government is causing severe WX conditions.

Cullowhee , NC”

Outbreak of beams, Rays, Rings and Ripples – In Kansas and Colorado, May 27, 2011

215am CST 5/27/2011 … seen throughout Kansas, and into Colorado..

First a beam “outbreak”.. then a “ray signature” beams across the entire area.. then the “flare” occurs.. then the storms and wind change direction into the vortex created by each individual station.

all in the course of a few hours.

source and author:   (youtube)

8 responses to “Congress has been notified about ‘HAARP Rings’ by constituent letter

  1. Deborah Hart

    I have alot of respect for this person who is trying to expose this heinous program, and I applaud his/ or her efforts. But the government is exercising population control, and they know full well what’s going on because they ordered it!


  2. I would really like to see the evidence people use to blame haarp and why they think it’s haarp and not something else it feels like when people bash the f22 and say it’s crap when it’s top secret stuff like this dude saying population control is happening not saying haarp isn’t responsible but saying it can do stuff docent mean it is doing it I’d like some articles and legit videos not blogs with random stuff something to kind of get me started in researching to form a good opinion


  3. Deborah Hart

    Taco, you are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that. Just for the record however, I am a “chick”, not a dude. Have a good night!


  4. It would be nice to know what my TAX $$$ are being spent on. After all,we are in a recession and headed into another depression if they don’t get spending under control.


  5. Well Dan there not going to get it under control and we are going into a depression whether most want to believe it or not.The goverment does a lot of things that we don’t know about and the depression will be a way for them to control us.Fema is a controlling factor in all this.Belive when I tell you there are places set up where they will put us to control us one way or another.The one in Alaska can hold up to 2 million people.


  6. No offense hehe but I just don’t understand where this comes from I keep hearing and reading about world control like agenda 21 and freemasons and much more so I don’t see the connection or what evidence there is all I now about haarp is really from what I hear people say I would like to now where the data for these theories comes from


    • Deborah Hart

      Taco, you have to do alot of serious reading to get the answer your questions, and this is how most of us here on this site come to whatever conclusions that we do. Read everything you can, on all of the topics related to HAARP, chemtrails, and the weather. When you have you will begin to see where we are getting our ideas!


  7. The main reason to believe that these radar rings are significant is that;

    While I have been watching various feeds the radar shows multiple locations from FL and up across some 10 states are all like flashing rings simultaneously.

    What is that? The center of each radar station? No…because the radar also shows the precipitation is literally flowing right across and through some of these rings. Also, as a backup I searched you tube for strange clouds recorded by Americans on this same date and sure as I’m typing this there they were. Strange geometric type patterns of choppy clouds I would expect to see. Then…I watched 24-48 after and then came bad weather. I’ve thoroughly scoured events from 911 to global warming scam to sacred geometry and crop circles and ancient civilizations and N.A.S.A. photos from space…Studying quantum physics to see that it is ALL connected…as we are…all protons are connected…Water holds memory…Water holds the key to endless power for us here along with our bodies health and well being. All of it is so crazy!