Coming Solar Catastrophe?

Sunspot 1226 and another unnumbered sunspot trailing behind it are responsible for this weekend’s sudden surge of solar activity. The sunspots are crackling with C- and M-class solar flares. So far, none of the blasts has been geoeffective, but this could change in the days ahead as the active region turns toward Earth..

The initial Geomagnetic Storming early on Saturday was caused by a south titlting Bz..Read full article: thewatchers.adorraeli ( att. spaceweather )

The most powerful solar storm in recorded history. 

The solar storm of 1859, also known as the Solar Superstorm or the Carrington Event,which occurred during solar cycle 10.

From August 28, 1859 until September 2, numerous sunspots and solar flares were observed on the sun. Just before noon on September 1, the British astronomer Richard Carrington observed the largest flare, which caused a massive coronal mass ejection (CME) to travel directly toward Earth, taking 18 hours. This is remarkable because such a journey normally takes three to four days. It moved so quickly because an earlier CME had cleared its way.

On September 1–2, 1859, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm occurred. Aurorae were seen around the world, most notably over the Caribbean; also noteworthy were those over the Rocky Mountains that were so bright that their glow awoke gold miners, who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning.

Telegraph systems all over Europe and North America failed in some cases even shocking telegraph operators. Telegraph pylons threw sparks and telegraph paper spontaneously caught fire. Some telegraph systems appeared to continue to send and receive messages despite having been disconnected from their power supplies.

In the left sidebar, you-can see the real-time monitoring of solar X-rays and Earth’s magnetic field. Today, May 30, 2011, M-class flare and storm.

solar flare is a sudden brightening observed over the Sun surface or the solar limb, which is interpreted as a large energy release of up to 6 × 1025 joules of energy (about a sixth of the total energy output of the Sun each second).

X-rays and UV radiation emitted by solar flares can affect Earth’s ionosphere and disrupt long-range radio communications. Direct radio emission at decimetric wavelengths may disturb operation of radars and other devices operating at these frequencies.

Solar flares are classified as A, B, C, M or X according to the peak flux (in watts per square meter, W/m2) of 100 to 800 picometer X-raysnear Earth, as measured on the GOES spacecraft. Each class has a peak flux ten times greater than the preceding one, with X class flares having a peak flux of order 10−4 W/m2. Within a class there is a linear scale from 1 to 9, so an X2 flare is twice as powerful as an X1 flare, and is four times more powerful than an M5 flare. The more powerful M and X class flares are often associated with a variety of effects on the near-Earth space environment.

Will be an an event like in 1859 happen again?

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5 responses to “Coming Solar Catastrophe?

  1. Any catastrophe due to massive solar activity is highly unlikely given that the sun is closely monitored.
    If a huge solar flare headed for Earth, power grids would be switched off in anticipation of its impact.


  2. in south africa we used to rolling blackouts if a large power station here trips out,its a merry go-round-with rolling blackouts,on a rotation basis,the supplier of electricity here gona have 1 big public relations problem when the whole power grid goes poof again its happened a couple times already,so we used to our power just going poof


  3. Think it was a UFO that caused that.It crashed into the SUN and we are led to believe something totally different, gee I wonder why?????


  4. Well, looking at the responses, it’s all George Bush’s fault. Or maybe the solar storms are caused by global warming if you wanna believe Big Fat Al Gore.
    Whatever the cause, we must have storage of food and water and learn how to farm NOW!
    Now is the time for mankind to prepare to meet God. Repent of whatever you need to repent of and burn in peace.