UFO Hovering Over Mayfield Tasmania, Australia – May 28, 2011

According to eyewitness Mr. Brendon Hill testimonial he saw a flashing object in the night sky above Launceston last week.

The lights flashed white and green for several minutes before turning out in the sky high above the tree line, he told the Launceston Examiner.

Brendon Hill first saw the flashing lights above Mayfield on Thursday night from his backyard balcony at Riverside.

He then witnessed the same lights on May 28, 2011 Saturday night. Read more smh.com.au

Source: smh.com.au *  (youtube)

3 responses to “UFO Hovering Over Mayfield Tasmania, Australia – May 28, 2011

  1. I am from Tasmania Launceston. I have seen the same thing about 7 years ago. It was was completely silent. When I looked up and noticed it with 5 family members, I had a feeling of amazement and truth. It was as if time slowed to a stand still. Good work for getting it on camera


  2. I am currently living in Launceston Tasmania where this was taken. I have seen similar craft about 6 years ago. It’s an amazing feeling seeing this kind of thing for me it was as if time had been slowed down. I know there is a lot of hoax UFO footage, but I also know that ufos are real. It’s great to see footage fromy area!!


  3. Great.. So my first post did work…… Haha