Incredible UFO Large Alien Spacecraft around sun 2011

Incredible UFO Large Alien Spacecraft around sun 2011

More information about UFO’s and EMV’s – electromagnetic vehicles near the Sun: Alien Motherships and The Ringmakers of Saturn

Two another large objects..



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  1. Look at this! It is inconceivable and astounding! Hundreds of objects and rods in the Sun June 5, 2011


    • we must believe and pride them. aliens it’s never been. they are same as we as. they are buddas. they can live in five maha-bodies. 1. fire ( sun…etc). 2. Water ( drop of water….etc) 3. wind. 4. dust 5. heart of all animals (Human….etc) . Most of mongolian lamas transmit budda state.


  2. Looking at the above video image at frame 2:00 … is a near exact image seen HERE ….

    Somebody knew something when they made this Knowing” move … this is no coincidence


  3. In the Movie “Knowing” …. crystalline star ships came to take children to a utopia like planet as to repopulate the human species … and did so because all of humanity on Earth were facing a horrible, fiery death.

    Now …. looking at the video below … the image seen at frame 2:00 … is a near exact image seen HERE ( ) of that crystalline star ship.

    If this sun image is true … it would appear, somebody knew something when they made this “Knowing” movie … I can’t see this being a coincidence …



    As I have pointed out before, You must not use the Sun Alone as a point of reference to measure size of this object.
    Because we do not know for certain the exact possition this object is placed distance wise between us and the sun, we cannot make an accurate measurement based on a single point of reference.
    If the object is even a few million miles closer to us than we think then it it Much MUCH smaller than we realise.
    I submit that it is Unlikely that an artificial object is being viewed here that may measure over 70,000 miles in width. Firstly, because that is larger than the earth. several earths actually.
    The materials needed to build such a thing would be the equivilant of well over a 100 earths cores in metals needed.
    And I can argue much more than this. dont even get me started on Mass and gravitational fields for its size.
    I think its much closer than we realise but is Still gargantuan.
    Likely more than a thousand miles in size. but not 70,000+
    With out 2-3 more points of confirmable reference to guage actual size how ever, the objects True size can Only remain in speculation and conjecture..


  5. Would people stop posting squiggly lines and saying that they are giant spacecraft.
    I’m not saying I would know what an alien craft might look like but I need to be looking at much more high-res and defined images than these to be convinced there is anything near the Sun.



    Altho I Do believe it to be an alien craft, I am right there With you Morris. I am a skeptic first, and after all other explainations are worked through, a believer second.
    The images have no resolution because they are out of foccus.
    They are out of Foccus because the tellesope being used is looking Specificly AT the Sun at its exact distance needed for perfect resolution.
    It is Not intented to be lookin at other semi near by objects or objects along the visual trajectory. They are out of foccus because they are NOT the same distance as the sun it self, supporting my above argument that measurements cannot be properly taken by using the sun alone as the sole point of reference. I suspect these objects are Millions of miles closer than they apear, making said craft significantly smaller than what is believed by people whom use inacurate mathematical process to compare and measure the object with the sun as the only point of reference alone.


  7. I agree with Varakienen that the size of this object is way overblown. No way they would be orbiting so close to the sun– they are not that stupid to be that close to the sun and be getting the full blast of the radiation. It’s a curious object, worth a closer look…could be a mothership, or something else. I’m pretty sure that there has to be a mothership or two out there in orbit, because most of the UFOs seen on earth are small crafts, way too small for long-distance space travel.



    In truth Nanoduck, I think it likely that a culture as advanced as thiers can likely shield them self from radiations in the extreem.
    I also feel that even the small ships may likely be capable of intersystem travel. Either via worm holes or by extra dimensional shifting.
    But, I also prefer to add some logic to my theories, such as…
    Even IF a civilization CAN be that close to the sun, why Would they be if its absolutely Not nessessary?
    Quite simply, it would take the expendature of trmendous amounts of energy to shield against the sun up that close.
    But, we cannot know thier reasons, so, whom can say.
    I just feel it is Unlikely they are that close, and that they are a significantly smaller craft. ( which is still quite Huge.)


  9. Hmm, I just read both of your comments here. How naive can you guys be. The sun is an excellent referance point and its is clearly shown end to end. That person took that photo and put it on the scale for you plain sight. Yet you still deny it being so regarding its length.

    Secondly a ship that size will not cause perturbations or have magnetic fluctuations towards the solar system. Yes they can be very close to the sun. Damn what more proof you need. They sure as hell is much closer to it than Mercury is by the way.

    You cannot assume human intelligence to alien intelligence since it two different beeswaxes. To different kinds of physics are involved here.

    I agree, its a mothership indeed designed for long range and long stay travels. Its certainly not here to be parked for no reason. They are using the suns power to replenish their energy requirements which in turn is transferred into their crystals. Those crystals can absorb a hell of a lot and pack a wallop tit for tat when needed.

    We have batteries designed for recharging correct and it will take in only so much of a recharge and register it full. These crystals are totally different and they can compress all that energy into nano mega terms way beyond our concept and thinking.

    We already know several things and its confirmed and it leaves no dought. They have the capability to overcome gravitational forces detrimental to most humans today. They can accellerate and pass the speed of sound without even breaking the sound barrier to cause a boom like effect. The Jerusalem is a very clear example of their accelleration capability. They can zip at warp 2 and reach 39 light years in 90 days. This is confirmed!!!!!! They can change direction in a spiffy spiff so fast that it boggles human comprehension.

    Here is what I am saying. That size is VERIFIED the length, and not the width. So far we cannot tell what the width of it is, but we can be 90% certain that the depth is minimum of over 1,500 miles. We have a few shots of the depth for comparison.

    A mothership that size can hold easily 2 billion humans without a problem. It can also hold a massive mega fleet of star ships that we currently see now all around the globe.

    Humans today do not have the ability to build such a mega size mothership like they have. No possible way.

    A mothership like that can easily destroy Earth with their laser beam!!!!! Consider this. You can take a magnifying glass and have it towards the ground and it can heat up something or even burn a hole into the wood. Now they can do the very same thing, and have a beam made and point it to earth and fry us literally. Since they have not done any of this, they have a different purpose in mind and none of us know what their true intentions are until they decide to make it known.

    When I have no idea. Its their decision and not ours. So for now all we can do is huh, MARVEL AT IT, and say ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, wowwwwww, holy cow etc. They are not entertaining us to pass the time or waste their time, but some of their activities is entertaining to most extent. They are here for a business reason, and we don’t know what that is at current time.

    Yes, they are very close to the sun, and yes they can overcome the incredible heat from the Sun, and yes they can protect themselves of radiation impulses coming from the sun etc and so forth. To them its a piece of cake.

    I believe they came from a certain star system around Aries or Capricorn and in that region there is one place having two suns very close to each other and planets are known to exist in that region. Guess what, its 39 light years away from us. Any coincidence here???

    Worm holes is a scientific human theory. Higly unlikely, and also another one known as star gates. You are talking of incredible energy levels needed to propel such a ship of that size, let alone alter and preserve alien DNA, Alien Genetics without getting killed in the process. I very much doubt that such can exist, even though we did see it in the Star Trek series. Give this some thought. If they can say beam me up Scottie, how come they could not achieve a Beam me to Andromeda galaxy Scottie????? See what I am getting at here. Its impossible to do.

    Therefore they are using convential space travel going light year speeds and faster to reach their destinations. You also have to keep in mind, while enroute you must have some means of advance radar scan so far ahead to warn you of comets, asteroids or even hidden planets that might be involved in your path. If you don’t have this, you will smash into the objects that are indeed out there.

    The aliens know the safe routes to take. Its like a highway that they can go thru without hitting something. Same thing here on Earth we have highways and tollways to get to our destinations. As advanced as they are, I have no doubt that they have such interstellar highway map of routes that they can take going from one place to another. If we ever get one of those it will be worth more than gold or anything this planet can offer as it is considered in my opinion quite unique and very valuable to have when doing interstellar travel. Its an absolute necessity when going faster than light speed even going at warp 8 or warp 9 which is 9 times the speed of light.

    Warp 10 is entering Time warp. This is a very dangerous warp as I don’t think anything can live going at this speed. When you go faster than time, EVERYTHING REVERSES including your aging and being, even the Universe time as well, which means you will die a horrible death.

    Worm holes and star gates is exactly that, you are playing with Time Warps. I don’t think the aliens even want to touch this part at all. It will kill them.

    That is why you see these large ships from them. Its designed for long term interstellar travel and durations going from galaxy to galaxy. If they had such a thing being star gates and worm holes they would not need to build such mega size ships. OK. Simple reasoning here applies.

    What is interesting is the Saturn rings as some captured photos do indicate these ships are making the rings around Saturn!!!!!! What is the purpose of it???? Is this their garbage that they are disposing coming from mining from planets etcs????? I wonder about it every now and then.

    As far as I know and is aware of their presence here on this planet it does go back to the time of Neantherdhals. We have found evidence in their caves that they once lived in.

    I still believe these aliens are the creators of human race. They planted us in Africa and hence that is what the archaeologists are saying that humans emerged and came from when they started about 30,000 years ago. It is at that time they encountered the Neantherdhals.

    What was the purpose here????? The Neantherdhals live almost a million years folks. After the humans appeared the Neantherdhals started to go into Extinction. This should serve us a little warning of what lies ahead should the aliens decide to introduce another newer and better species to go against the human race. Humans also will face the same fate as the Neantherdhals did.

    If this is too heavy for any of you to comprehend, then open your minds and give what I just said here some thought.

    Have a good day



  10. this U.F.O Is Fake.3D Max With After Effect And Photoshop.
    Man,I Hate This Fake Video


  11. Holy Cow!



    Oh Daveyo, there you go again mixing unproven and Un-Provable fantasy with reality. Making up Personal Hypothesis and trying to sell it like fact.
    The pics of the Alien craft are out of foccus because the tellescpoe and camera are “Specificly” Calibrated to take pictures of the sun it self at its current distance. The foccus EVEN Allows for at “least” a half million miles worth of distance and more likely several million miles worth of distance. This can be seen in the fact that the center of the sun apears as clean and clear an image as its outer edges which are at least a half million miles further back and away than the center.
    The object is terribly blurry which tells us that it is millions of miles closer. Likely Many millions, which any brain cell will tell you makes it smaller than your inapropriate measurements up against a Single point of reference allows for. Hows THAT for simple basic fact?!
    So, in conclusion, measuring it Directly up against the sun is a point of mathimatical futility and an error in jedgment. Plain and simple.
    Next, lets not sell fantasy as fact please. Until you have Proof, or at the very Least can link us to witness testimony, ( and i hold in question, Any so called eye witness testimony) or even hyroglyphics and ancient alien documentation,… You simply CANNOT say what thier crystals are capable of, and How they charge or Re-charge them.
    All of that is simply speculation and hypothesis on Your part.
    And again, I have No idea where you get the notion that worm hole math is a man made invention. They have already proven that the math is sound and viable. Math is universal my friend. Ones and Zeros and tens exist for alien cultures the same way it exists for us.
    I wont say that they cannot reach enormous even nearly unfathomable speeds, but I will say that YOU cannot say for a fact that they are reaching speeds that You claim with as usual, faulty and inapropriate math and conclusion.
    You should also read a little more about speed versus time. If you Do you will find that time will Not effect aging in reverse like you think it does, because when you fall back Out of the speed which is causing time flux, and fall back into normal time again, then Normal time catches up to you once again and you end up back at the Same Age as when you started. (this refers to the aging process only by the way. not some physical feat which you accomplished while in time flux, such as, solving a rubics cube puzzle)
    Did you know that our own scientists know what causes aging and have arrested as well as reversed it in rats? Thats right, we have taken old rats and mad them young again. You dont need time warps to try to reverse time to make one young.
    I sorely Want to go on and comment on so much of the other stuff you have written, but too much of it is functional hypothesis and fact mixxed with hypothetical Gibberish and misscalculation, and would take me far to long.

    (“They can zip at warp 2 and reach 39 light years in 90 days. This is confirmed!!!!!! “) this is “NOT” confirmed. Where the hell is this Confirmed in any way shape or form?
    Thats your hypothesis again being sold as fact.
    I ask you again please sir….
    Get your Facts straight AS facts. Not as personal assumptions that You would sell as IF they were factual.
    Good chatting with you again my friend.
    Sincerely ~ Varakienen.



    My apologies:
    Reverse aging in *”MICE”.

    Let it never be said that “I” am unwilling or un-able to provide links to varify my state ments. 😉


  14. Hmmm, Ok, lets see. We have seen the speeds of the UFO. At least I have seen the speeds of these UFO’s with my very own two eyes. Has either one of you seen the UFO’s yourself with your own two eyes physically???? I saw mine verified on November 19, 2010 for 6 solid hours. Will pass any lie detector test thrown at me at any time without any fear.

    NASA provided a recorded clip of one of those ships on how fast it took off after being fired by a laser from another UFO approaching it. In fact it took off so fast the laser missed it!!!!

    Now Laser is the speed of light OK. This alien craft took off FASTER than the speed of LIGHT. Its estimated it hit warp 1 or 2 and from that video and it was still going till it disappeared.

    We have seen videos from Texas showing some of its speed and instant 90 degree turns without missing a heartbeat.

    We have seen the speed of such take off from Jerusalem when that UFO shot up into the sky.

    Last of all there is a video recording that was released of ET telling us how fast he was able to make it from Planet Earth to his home base in the Aries constellation and said its 39 light years distance wise and he said they got home in 90 days. In order to achieve this one has to go to Warp 2 which is two times the speed of light. I already did my math, so ET would not be lying on this part at all in light of the rest of the evidence we have seen that supports this contention.

    I see on your support that they have reversed aging???? from Mice???? In doing so why is it kept a secret???? Such discovery would be considered a BONANZA to the human race!!!!!! I still see multi-billionaires DIE and they have all the money in the world to take on that to live and would have paid for it without any hesitation.

    Dr. Sears DVM figured out the cure for Canine Distemper in the body and yes this virus can be wiped out. I was also trained by Dr. Sears and together I helped him figure out the cure for the CNS which itself was the ultimate goal. Feat accomplished and performed on November of 2007 and together we also figured out the cure for those having Multiple Sclerosis and this cure is pure medicine with absolutely no side effects. I have 3 dogs who had this disease with definite neurological symptoms and had definite ODE (confirmed by Antech Labs in USA) and today they are fully cured and doing fine and healthy to boot and also immuned to Canine Distemper with titer counts of 1600 on average. Normal titer counts is 1/20 to 1/40. These dogs have 1/1600!!!!!!

    You claim I use fantasy, and trust me I don’t mix it with reality. I use facts.

    Recently I have been given privy to certain information that is mind blowing and its being investigated now.

    As of these ships, my dogs heard very high frequency for 6 solid hours and so did the town dogs as well and they all were barking constantly because of it. It is a frequency that humans cannot hear at all but dogs can hear it clearly. We also know about the crystals being able to ABSORB POWER and it does pack a wallop!!!!!! Therefore these aliens use crystals as part of their power source. They do not use fuel like we do today here on earth. They have unlimited amount of power for fuel. Last of all I see every nite above me after sunset to sunrise Beaons/spheres in starmode above me since December 10, 2010.

    Granted the evidence regarding the sightings near the Sun is weak but its still evidence of their existence as no comet or asteroid can make a 90 degree turn inside of 10 minutes from one frame to the next. I stand by what I say here till I drop dead myself.

    It would be interesting to see if this reversal of aging can be made public and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and that people can have access to it, but again I have a feeling the GOVERNMENTS WILL suppress this information because they would want it for themselves. Get the drift here????? Billionaires and multi millionaires will want to have this for themselves and have control over their WEALTH AND POWER. Talk about the greed of these SOB’s. Dr. Sears and I have to deal with these assholes as they don’t want our cure to be known because MONEY TALKS THE BULLSHIT WALKS, and we will not let them have a piece of the pie on the take because they want to make a profit out of it. You have no idea what I am dealing with here on this subject alone.

    End of story



  15. I have a question no-one can answer. If these supposed “Aliens” are sooooooooooo smart, why do we hear so much about these ” smart beings” crashing their ships..???? It just seems kind-of odd to me.


    • aliens it’s never been. they are same as we as. they are buddas. they can live in five maha-bodies. 1. fire ( sun…etc). 2. Water ( drop of water….etc) 3. wind. 4. dust 5. heart of all animals (Human….etc) . Most of mongolian lamas transmit budda state. sometime i connect them. i feeling that i’m they and they are me. once i met them in the sun in my night dream.



    High Henry.
    Did you know that dispite the human size of brain and intelligence, that we stub our toe and trip more than any other animal?
    Did you know that, the more complex a machine, the more things can and do go wrong with it?
    I cant explain why advanced beings may or may not crash so much as we dont even have any “public” proof that they have at All.
    I can say how ever, that we have been firing at UFO’s with more than just bullets, but with radio bursts and more since the 40’s, every single time the military has a chance to do so. even in a game of russion reullet, one eventually finds the bullet.

    Theres nothing secret about the fact that they have found out how to reverse aging in Mice. its all over the internet. IF, they have found out how to do so in people, then its Obviosly a secret, because we havnt heard about that yet. lol.
    As for your Ufo speed conclusions. first of all we can not Video tape didgitally tape, or SEE with the human eye, any thing that is moving more than a 3rd of the speed of light. its too fast to be visually recorded. So, I dont know what video’s you have been speaking of, but the ability to properly measure speed with them at “warp 2” or what ever cannot be accomplished.
    CAN they go that fast? who knows. I certainly wont say that they can’t. All I have said is that we have no Evidence of it, and on that matter I am right.
    Now, videos of aliens confessing how they travel and where they travel and what not? I hold ALL alien videos as suspect. Please send me the links for any and all videos that you your self concider proof and would hold as evidence. Other wise, you are just talking out of your behind there lad.
    I am Glad that you agree that some of the sun sighting evidence is weak. that is your First responsible step i have seen you take towards scientific methodology since I have begun chatting with you, well done.
    But even Weak, I my self agree with you that it is “Likely” an extreemly Large alien craft.
    I think I can speak for the majority of the Ufology based public here when I say that almost all of us have had a close encounter of one type or another, (usually the first type, sighting a UFO) and in many cases, even more than one such encounter.
    So, I have No doubt what so ever that you have witnessed UFOs your self. But you cannot Say sentences like, you have Seen how fast they go, and claim it at warp 2 etc. You CAN say how ever, that you saw it move So fast that your eyes lost track of it, and it surely Must have been going several thousands of miles per hour. because that statement would be in the range of factual.
    It would speak in conjecture, and not in fact, and it would be within the realm of possible to recored with the human eye or device. Other higher speeds simply are Not, and thus we cannot qualify them as based on fact. this is called scientific methodology.
    And scientific methodology must Always be applied “BEFORE” we enter the realm of math and calculation, or an accurate sum cannot be made.
    Thus, if we did not SEE or record evidence that can be measured and verified, then it remains in the realm of possibility, and hypothesis and conjecture, Not yet in the realm of Fact.
    All i have Ever asked of you is that you seperate the fact from the fiction. That you speak from a point of hypothesis when you have no actual confirmable fact to support or share it, rather than speaking as if the conjecture were fact.
    Daveyo. I value much of what you have to say weather you realise it or not. it makes me think, and so, i keep coming back to hear more.
    Please provide the video links for the vids you spoke of so that I can form my own conclusions. thank you mate.😉
    Sincerely ~ Grant Moon AKA Varakienen.



    Hey Daveyo. Here is one I am sure you’ll apreciate, if you havnt already seen it some where. 😉
    I like what the author of the video is saying, but again I take exception to the notion that the ships may be Planet sized.
    How ever, its NICE to see the Aliens are using Sphere’s for thier Larger ships. its logical, scientificly and mathematicly more Sound to use spheres for larger mass.

    I will Remake my argument for proper means of scientific methodology use BEFORE apllying math in this next one.

    If we used the same measuring system here with This video as is used above, then we would have an alien craft thats larger than Jupiter. lolol.
    …uh,…NO. Again, the value of multiple points of reference to determine size is absolutely essential to establish the objects true possition.
    ` Grant Moom, aka VARAKIENEN


  18. Hehehehehehe, Vara, right now I will sit back till you decide on what size is appropriate for you. Either size 8 or size 11, hehehehehehehe. Seems your numbers is getting bigger. Damn my feet are not that big though, as its only a size pea!!!!!




  19. As of the links its here on the site Vara, go to the past posts and ye shall find. If you cannot find it let me know.

    Sound good




    I have No idea of what you meant in your size post daveyo.
    What other link are you trying to direct me to? as this site has a great many indeed.


  21. Oh Vara, you need to have a couple of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beers, or a Hamms (gawd I miss it where I am at) but anyway I tried to make a joke on size etc, and it flew over your head.

    I will have to look it back up and point you to the right direction OK





    . . . . . please do.


  23. Dalai Lama,

    Confucious says this > Buddha is bullshit, statues cannot do a damn thing, nor will it save you. You claim to be on the Sun, yet you a human turkey worthy for the chop chop shop. Pray to your hearts content, but stay out of this site OK. If I see one more post of your bullshit I will ban you permanently.

    Have a good day



  24. Vara

    I am too busy right now. When I get a chance to be free I will assist you on the links.

    Fair enough.



  25. Henry

    To this day no one has any genuine evidence of aliens crashing their ships. If they do, secondly, they will not leave any of their material to remain behind for humans to get their hands on it. Third, they will take their own if deceased back with them and not leave them behind.

    That is why there is no official piece of evidence of alien material or parts of their ship anywhere in the world.

    So don’t believe reports saying they found bodies or alien ships etc.

    I am in possession of a footage that shows an alien ship being fired upon by the military and direct hits of over 1600 rounds as it hovered over them and the aliens kept moving and it did not even put a dent on their armour.

    Its very hard to provoke aliens to attack us as they know we are very primitive assholes for the most part.

    Have a good day