UFO stops then Accelerates at Amazing Speed

UFO stops then Accelerates at Amazing Speed, June 4, 2011

Filmed By Magnetflipper. Ufo speeds off to top right of picture.

Source:  * Att /author: Magnetflipper (youtube)

5 responses to “UFO stops then Accelerates at Amazing Speed

  1. Hmmmm


  2. Alain Denis

    i feel small but not because of the stars.🙂


  3. Oh Ya wow.


  4. Ya. Wow.

    Enter anti-matter engines and possibility of humans gaining technology we might not be allowed to have on a universal level. Maybe our discovery of harnessing antimatter will be the calling card to any superior galactic or universal civilization to make contact.

    Remember, UFO sightings first made headlines following the first nuclear blast. The energy output on our planet could have been measured by a more advanced species.
    Think of it as space being a big dark room, then a flicker of fire combusts across from you. Your little brother just found a lighter. Would you let him burn down the house or intervene?

    Just something to think about.