Amazing MIRAGE – Buildings and Mountains appear in China

Amazing mirage appeared on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at dusk at the Tunxi section of the Xin’an River in Huangshan City, east China’s Anhui Province, when continuous pouring rain had just stopped.

In the thin mist above the river were spectacular images of mountains, buildings and trees, which seemed to be floating on the river.

The phenomenon began at about 17:00 p.m. local time, attracting a large number of people, who paused to watch the ethereal scene.

“It’s really amazing. It looks like a scene in the movie, in a fairyland,” a local said.

Similar sights are often seen lately, only they were not as special as this one, local residents say.

Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, East China
1. Wide of reflected images of buildings and trees
2. Wide of reflected images of buildings and trees
3. Mid of reflected images of buildings and trees
4. Zoom out of reflected images
5. SOUNDBITE (Chinese) resident:
“It’s really amazing. It looks like a scene in the movie, in a fairyland.”
6. Pan left of reflected images
7. Various of reflected images
8. Zoom in of reflected images of trees
9. Pan right of reflected images

MIRAGE (wikipedia)

A mirage, derived from the Latin mirar meaning ‘to be astonished’, is an optical phenomenon which often occurs naturally. The kind most commonly seen (known as inferior mirage, because the inverted image lies below the upright one) is produced by the refraction of light when it passes into a layer of warm air lying close to a heated ground surface. This is an example of gradient index optics. In deserts, mirages may give the appearance of a lake or other large body of water in the distance; this is actually an image of the sky being refracted back up from the warm air lying over the sand. On tarmac roads, mirages give the impression that distant objects are being reflected by a puddle of water on the road.

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12 responses to “Amazing MIRAGE – Buildings and Mountains appear in China

  1. Its called ‘Hologram Technology’

    The Americans used it for 911 and last month made the moon disappear at a military base at Fortworth Texas as they opened a portal/stargate allowing UFO’s to simultaneously appear as the full moon just ‘dissapeared’ at the same time in front of all the Texan folk of whom many captured on cameras… scientists are still trying to figure out how the moon disappeared … poor didums lol🙂

    The Chinese are experimenting with same technology, obviously their cultural interests are different and creating heavenly kung fu palaces etc appeals to them at present, later, like the Americans they too will discover it can be used as a weapon as well.😦


  2. I’ve heard of this before and seems very probable. It makes you wonder how many sightings of religious figures in the recent past have been holograms.


  3. Kurt Diedrich

    Stop believing everything you see in the web. I think someome wanted to fool us: It is nothing but a hoax. The buildings and trees are real and have been there before ore have been implemented by an image procesing software. Such perfect and big holograms are impossible.


  4. Um Kurt, hologram tech is the latest hot thing governments are into and developing… take it from me… its all prep for a big show thats heading our way soon😉


  5. It’s fascinating. But I agree, It’s a hologram.


  6. its a jumpgate known as hyper-dimmensional space,when you energise enough magnetic energy in a star-chamber built open air magnetic field chamber you can produce holograms-or space induced hyper-dimmensional jumpgates which reveal what lies behind the jumpgate-although its disputed by scientists there is rumour that it can be done its similiar to the concepts of the theorised vimmana technology principles


  7. Unfortunately nothing quite as interesting or mysterious as the stories tell. This one was down to bad reporting apparently! ref:


  8. Gregg Riggs

    Nothing but a roomful of children. You believe every unsourced fairy tale, take as gospel every Youtube video that fits your fancy. I’ve heard for over a decade now, about this amazing “hologram” program, but where’s the pudding? You cannot simply say something exists, without offering anything tangible whatsoever. Heck, if you can, I’ll give it a shot:

    Camels can fly. Secret governments around the world have developed camels with hydrogen gas implants. So now they can fly and then detonate when they reach their target. Take it from me, I should know. Why? Because I’m typing it in a forum. That makes it gospel. I have some links, too, that I’ll be posting… never…


  9. Gregg Riggs …..Thank you so much for having the courage to post this revelation, I have known this for some time but been to insecure to Post.
    Its Such a relief to know I am not alone with this intel.
    God bless you and keep up the good work.


  10. Haha flying camels, flying pigs and today they have given the go ahead for the flying car to be legally used well we have come along away with technology so becareful Gregg you might see a flying camel used in the middle east so stop giving them Arabs ideas or you might get the hump!
    But on a serious note I like to see these videos and either rip their theories apart or at least keep an open mind through researching and finding the truth so whether we or they are all children we are still learning as we are certainly living in a strange world these days!


  11. sparkleontherain

    Pete3003uk…lol…u got attitude!!
    true its needed for what we live in today.
    always keep an open mind but still dont discount the theories. sparkleontherain@youtube