WWIII: War between Extra-Terrestrial and Humantiy Civilization has started?

Michael Prince, an active duty whistleblower trained to be a cyborg super soldier assassin in SS and MI-6 U.K. intelligence networks, has stated that World War III, a war between hostile extraterrestrial civilizations and the human civilization has started.

Armed hostilities between human forces and hostile extraterrestrial forces are now taking place frequently, Mr. Prince states.

An ET false flag operation is also planned
Humans allied with the Grey/Reptilian Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex[MIEC] are concurrently preparing a false flag ET invasion, Mr. Prince stated. The negative extraterrestrial-human alliance intent on Earth take-over is referred to as the Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex [MIEC].

Superior survival dynamics of homo sapiens
Because of the superior survival dynamics of the human species, Mr. Prince states, human society will defeat the hostile extraterrestrial civilizations that consist mainly of a Grey and Draco Reptilian faction.

In 1964, the US intelligence assumed that Grey / Reptilian ET will take over in between the year of 2000 to 2030. The previous war between hostile extraterrestrial Grey / Draco Reptilian faction and humanity civilization has been in progress for a series of decades.
In his book, entitled James Casbolt MI-6: Buried Alive, Mr. Prince claims that U.S intelligence agencies in 1964 concludes that the planetary take over of Grey / Reptilian extraterrestrial alliance of Earth had a timetable and it is set to happen during 2000-2030 duration.
Mr. Prince wrote on 15th of April in 1964 that two U.S intelliegence personnel met with the Greys in New Mexico Desert under Project Plato to deal with a meeting arrangement on April 25th at Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico. The point of the meeting is to renew the treaty that they had started in 1934 and will have a psychological bid to buy time to solve the problem with the Greys and Draco Reptilian.
On the other hand, upper levels of US intelligence now believed that Grey and Draco Reptilian does had a time-table for the invaasion to Earth and will take over in between the years of 2000 to 2030.

“It is a dangerous situation,” Mr. Prince states at the end of the interview. “However, all is under control and people should not panic.”

Article continues at: http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/whistleblower-wwiii-a-war-between-hostile-ets-and-humanity-has-started?CID=examiner_alerts_article#ixzz1OSGEsuj9

Mr. Prince, whose birth names is Michael Prince and whose adoptive name is James Casbolt, made these revelations in his book James Casbolt MI-6: Buried Alive

Recommended: James Casbolt MI-6: Buried Alive (PDF) – Download here 

Source and author: examiner *  * bibliotecapleyades.net

14 responses to “WWIII: War between Extra-Terrestrial and Humantiy Civilization has started?

  1. What the fuck is this shit
    “Michael Prince, an active duty whistleblower trained to be a cyborg super soldier assassin in SS and MI-6 U.K. intelligence networks” yea were all contacted by an MI-6 cyborg, who is telling us the wold is going to be killed by aliens

    please delete this page immediately as its is utter bullcrap


  2. The celestial world kept secret form us is definitely unfolding in many many ways … thank you for this post … : )


  3. I totally agree with Luke. Get crap like this off the site as it just demeans any serious posts on a similar subject that aren’t based on being mentally ill.
    I did have a good laugh though, hehe.


  4. Please report something that is at least somewhat believable. I don’t want to read about the rantings of some psychopath looking for a little attention.


  5. Sherman Grass

    This sounds like a load crap to me also. Lets get serious & follow more believable story lines.


  6. what a load of shit you can clearly tell hes lying, he doesnt know what hes saying is for sure if you cant tell this what hope have you in reality


  7. Yawn. You get all kind of stuff on this site…sometimes you get stuff that is real and believable…sometimes you get something that is hard to figure out…and then sometimes you get pure bullcrap or outright hoaxes. Like this one.>:(

    The fun part is trying to figure out which is which.


  8. The post is worth the effort just for that sweet Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex line.

    BTW – Greys are just extra biological entities aren’t they?


  9. I decided to watch and give it a chance. I managed to drag myself through 10 whole minutes of the video and that’s more than enough. It’s simply too ridiculous and I don’t believe a word of it. Sorry. 😦


  10. As Fox Mulder would say “I think you’re full of sh*t.”

    The truth is out there.


  11. This story is a total fabrication of a dilusional person who lacks any understanding of what reality is. It reminds me of a really bad story line of a “B” movie complete with bad performers. Grow up dude, get a life, stop smoking that wacky tobbacky.


  12. hahahahahahahahah LMFAO !!!😀😀😀 I love this Prince Michael dude LOL😀

    The only incoming alien invasion is the incoming FAKE alien invasion planned by the world government, afterall, terrorism is dead now isnt it? They need something to get our aspartame acting up LOL😀


  13. Funnny you should mention fake alien invasions, Optic-X… 😀

    Last night on TV (I’m in Sweden) they sent a show, (from the History Channel I think it was) on what we should do if aliens invaded. I kid you not! LOL

    The hypothesis was, that they would come here to steal our resources, in this case our plants and trees, which they sucked up into their UFO’S using some kind of beam.

    Here’s what we should do;

    1) We should tie remotely triggered IED’s to the trees and when they got sucked up, we’d detonate them, so we could explode their ships from the inside, because they probably would have a force field, so we wouldn’t be able to damage them from the outside.

    2) People who were sick with some contagious disease, should volunteer to be a kind of suicide bombers and hang onto the trees so they would get sucked up into the UFO’s too, in hopes of passing on something deadly to the aliens, that they had no immunity towards and kill them off that way.

    3) All women who were able to, should breed and bear all the children we possibly could, creating a huge army so that we could perhaps overwhelm them by sheer force of numbers… like ants attacking a frog. (Yes, that’s what they said)! LOL

    4) Using that mighty army we bred, we should then thy to overwhelm their spacecraft with military grade bombs from the outside. (Apparently they forgot about the impenetrable force field at this point in the show, but never mind) Here’s how we should do that; weather balloons! (Seriously! LOL) Each person would need around 20 weather balloons and carrying a bomb strapped to themselves, (another suicide mission) people should launch themselves into the air tied to these balloons and then explode them when we got near the craft. (People should hide their balloons and helium canisters in their garage where the aliens wouldn’t be able to see them.)

    OMG, it wa so ridiculous, hahahaha! It was fun to watch, but the whole time I wondered if this show wasn’t being sent as a way to “condition” people to believe we could be attacked by nasty, evil aliens, and to get them used to the idea by planting the notion in their minds and of course imposing the idea, that the aliens would of course be evil.

    If any alien invasion ever take place, my first thought would be that is was all just a Project Bluebeam false flag op and I would make sure there was some kind of physical evidence they truly were here before I’d do anything! And if it were a real contact situation, I would rather invite them inside for a cold beer, than blow up those poor weary space travelers. Wouldn’t you? LOL

    EEK! What a long-winded comment! Sorry about that! I’d better shut up now….besides, I don’t have time. I have to go buy me a few cases of beer in preparation for the big dag.! LOL 😀😀


  14. The black man

    This has got to be a joke…………. Wow
    @blondie im with you I got a case of beer too lol………