What Is Next To Our Sun?

The government doesn’t spend billions of dollars without reason. Of course STEREO was designed to watch the sun’s anomalies along with the solar flares. The Sun is like the Ocean-we know about 1% about both of them. I can see that the CME’s are between the object and the camera. Something very odd is happening around our sun-we’re just now discovering it.

You will see that it most definitely is not a lens anomaly, it is not an anomaly on the filter, it is an object sitting to the side and behind the sun.

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  1. NIBIRU aka Planet X. The truth will be evident soon. God bless us all. Just surround yourselves with those you love.


    • No. Not niburu pal.
      Nibiru wouldnt be holding the same possition for years especially relative to the possition of the earth. this thing has been viewed for years, and even photoed as a second sun by many photographers in the we twighlight hours.
      MY hypothesis, is that it is a massive alien craft possitioned relatively between us and the sun, so as to regulate the suns activity and screen us from the worst of the flares that Nibiru’s passing will cause.
      It is also one of several such craft.


      • I would like to know more about other such craft that you are aware of. Also would like your opinion on PX. I like the way you think.


  2. All I see is a blurry nothing. Interesting how these highly sensitive cameras aimed toward the Sun only show up blurred squiggly image defects.
    No spacecraft that I can see.


    • Morris. They are Calibrated to look “specificly” at the sun.
      Thats why the sun is in foccus and other objects are Not.
      The point here how ever is, there arent supposed to BE any other super massive large objects in the same picture at all.
      Especially ones that get photoed again and again keeping a paralel orbit in pace with earths own orbit to the sun.
      Would you care to make a comment on That? Cuz its Not mercury or venus, and we pretty much discovered all the big assed planets in the inner core already.
      You smell like a government dissinfo boy to me morris.
      I look forward to hearing your opinions on what it IS and any data you believe can support such an opinion, rather than your lame comments on what it Isnt with even less data to support That.😉


  3. There’s been a fair number of sizable objects rotating around the sun or just hanging out there for whatever reasons over the last year…. that’s some serious tech to be able to take that much heat… those little fella’s must have an awesome UV15+ LOL😀


  4. If that’s a ship I hope it’s friendly


  5. @Vara.
    Yeh, thats right, I’m a Govt. Agent. The info leaking on this website is so credible that I have been hired to try and throw in the odd bit of scepticism.
    Get real, the posts on this site vary from the feasible to the wildly surreal. All are up for discussion and regarding large objects near the Sun, no one knows how ‘near’ these objects are so could be anything and not strictly a craft of intelligent design.
    You ask me for proof of my scepticism, well I can say the same about seeking absolute proof of the claim it is a spacecraft.
    The info within these posts is rarely based on official sources but on individual analysis. There lies the problem. In the end you either believe or you dont but that doesnt mean one cant keep returning to read other opinions on the subject or new developments regarding a story.
    Its all good.


    • Thank you Morris.
      Now That makes a Much better argument / debate indeed, than your last post.
      I am All for skepticism, hell, you may not think it but I am 90% skeptic my self.
      But I am betting that I am also 90% more researched than you in such topics and have had a lot more practice weeding the crap, fakes, or gov dissinfo from actual truths. And yes indeed, there are actually people Paid by the government to sit on computers all day and pump out dissinfo and poo poo to people and sites.
      Hope they get paid well, cuz in most cases they are doing a Hell of a job.
      They dont even need to Lie directly, just lead you off track or distract.
      One tactic ive noticed, an example being:
      When a credible UFO is sighted and filmed or photographed, they may not just explain it away as swamp gass or ball lightening and such garbage any more, they may say things instead like, “There is still no Real evidence of UFO’s existing as alien craft, more likely it is merely some secret government test device or craft that we wont get to have confirmed for another decade, much as was the SR71 Black-Bird, or the stealth bomber or stealth fighters.”
      Simple things like that.
      Do I really think You are one of them…? No, not really.
      But I really wanted to push a button and guage your reaction. Take a measure.
      get a feel for your own experience or credibility etc.
      So, as I said above, Thank you Morris.😉


  6. jacob morrison

    lol. You’re pretty serious dude. Don’t doubt…I’m on your side. But I cant help but think about the Sector 7 guy on Transformers when I read your post. So what do yall think about those UFO’s hovering above Chicago?


    • Am I addressing Jacob morrison, or just Morrison here?
      Never can tell unless i take a look at IP address’s to confirm weather I have one person using two address’s or not.

      As to the question of what do I think of the chicago UFO sitings? You would have to give me a date for which one you are refering to mate, as I have several different ones here.
      which one exactly would you like my opinion on?


  7. truth seeker.
    The long cigar shaped UFO types near the sun were the first to be filmed I believe, but dont write that in stone. These particular ones can also be seen in probe photo’s as it passes saturn, hiding in the rings of saturn. (google saturn ring makers for comparisson.) Unfortunately for ME, I may have to concede to Daveyo (a fellow amature colleague) the size of such objects maybe larger than I suspected or wanted to believe possible, as when we have the rings them selves for size comparison it starts to become more likely. woe is me. How can such engineering be possible. such large masses would have gravity of thier own and with out a spheracle shape, should be hard to maintain its own structure with out collapsing in on it self.
    The later ones filmed near the sun are almost all entirely enormouse spheres possibly the size of small moons.
    We have been taking a number of earth ground photo’s in the twilight as the sun is on the horison and its light is dimmed which catch enormouse sphere / planet like object that many believe to be Nibiru.
    This cannot be possible how ever as these photo’s have been taken since around 2004 and are steady to date showing said object parked just off the corona (supposedly).
    No planet, especially Nibiru would have that kind of possitioning nore would they maintain it over a span of years.
    It is always possitioned pretty much between US and the sun, and a little off to the side.
    I have seen SOHO photo’s of multiple large sheres in said possition and believe they are taking this possition directly between us and the sun and maintaing said possition no matter where the earths orbit takes her. And they are doing it for a reason.
    My personal conjecture is that with Nibirus passing, (it is likely a large Brown drarf star with habitable moons) it will have catastrophic effects on the sun with its gravitational and magnetic pull. This will increase the suns already hightened natural solar flare cycle and we will likely see super mass ejection events (super flares) which have the potential to devistate our biosphere.
    These craft may be possitioned to intervene.
    But that of course is all just hypothetica, and conjecture.
    Truth seeker… what the heck is a PX?
    AKA, Grant Moon.


    • truthseeker

      Grant Moon — I replied to the wrong person below. PX is planet X. Thank you for writing and I agree with you. Good to know there are people out there who have a brain and are not ignoring what’s becoming more alarming and obvious.


  8. Hmm…. I think it is in fact you Grant, who is the govt. provocateur.
    Keep up the good work.
    – Agent Morris, CIA.


  9. high Morris.
    Ive heard that one before too, and Definately from a govy at the time.
    See, when they cannot win a debate, or support an argument, they do at least TWO things.
    One is to invite another govy in to tag team with and support them, the other is to try to turn an accusation back on the the person whom posed it in an attempt to distract discredit and turn the heat else where.
    The Last ditch resort when this does not work finally will be an Hack attack, which deletes my posts and or my account as well. It can occasionally be accompanied by Virus. I am even told it may be possible to lock down an IP address etc. Making it near impossible for me to oporate online from the same computer? (cant say I know much about that last one.) Cant be all that hard to get a new address.😉
    Leaving them to say what they please getting the last word in, and me un able to reply effectively.
    How am I doing so for boys?
    That file on me getting any thicker yet?
    In closing Morris, and any one else that would like to chime in to support you, I would just like to say, this is a thread which explores the notion of a large object near the sun that simply should NOT be there.
    If you have constructive critisism that helps to Illuminate the topic, then by all means make your case and feel free to use science, links to data, and other things to support your case or arguments.
    But how ever, IF all you have come to do is cast shadows with little or nothing to support your view point, or for that matter cause a distraction, then you will find that you are not welcome here and that you are better off trolling other sites where people are less canny.
    See, it doesnt actually matter weather or not you really ARE or Arent a govy troller.
    It only matters that we arent interested in you if you have nothing worth hearing.
    Have a Nice day.


  10. Hmmmmm,

    Been watching and reading the replys. Yes I do believe there is a govry troller here on this topic. Wondering if that person would like to finally admit it, cause if you don’t admit, you won’t be able to post here. So I suggest this, cut the crap and seek another site OK, and jingle your bells to them.

    Granted I am a amateur astronomer to say the least but I can say the incidents at O’Hare was real and not a frickin joke, and the UFO did come down just above the United Terminal, cause that is where I worked. Airline employees have no reason to lie.

    As to the UFO’s being around the Sun, they are for real and they are that big. If and when they do make their appearance and they let you see them up in the sky as a demo of their incredible might and ability, I am sure many will pee and shit in their pants and I also do believe many will start a mass panic all around the planet.

    The aliens know that and this part is the last thing they want to do, (creating fear and massive panic) to the planets inhabitants, unless a very specific reason comes into play that forces them to expose themselves. That is why they are giving us another means to watch them display their hardware up in the sky using smaller ships and toying with our minds to reduce the fear and any chances of panic, even coming down on top of my damn house (4 of them) and letting me see them give various displays all across the skies (200 plus) for 6 solid hours.

    Eventually they will let the humans see just how massive their ships are sooner or later because its part of their plan.

    I would expect more UFO activity beginning this summer all across the globe and it will be more than it was last year.

    Last of all please fasten your seat belts, cause it gonna be a wild ride. hehehehehehehehehee.



  11. What i cannot understand is why is that this possible “entity or craft” is more distinctive than these so called “sightings” that are in our night skies as this is clearly light years away yet the recent “UFO” sightings are in our atmosphere and we cannot make anything out other than bright lights, blurs & blobs?
    I was looking at the “symetrical objects” on the planet Mars blog and its very convincing that something is “out of the ordinary” there including the surrounding blurred out area nearby it.
    This is all good work and I am always open minded but like most of us I just want to see the “real close ups” to actually be convinced.
    The funny thing is I am always keen to open your website to see whats new so keep it up am sure soon we will see the real truth!


  12. How come the solar flares do not highlight the object at all, and the only light seen on the object is on the side apparently facing away from the sun?


    • KEITH. I would suspect that is a trick of dense magnetic fields.
      If you have ever looked at a computer graph of how the earths magnetic field absorbs the impact by guiding it around the planet and dissipating it as it does, you will see it still collects on the Oposite side of the planet to an extent before it is absorbed.


  13. Hi Vara

    Lets assume this and give it some thought. We see alien ships from Saturn around the rings, we see these ships around the Sun, and we also see these ships making their appearances every now and then on Planet Earth itself..

    Right???, Ok we also see some strange things on Mars as well. We also know the planet for the most part died some time ago. Why should aliens be coming from another star system??? Why not these aliens the ships themselves actually are the long lost civilization from Mars??? It would make more sense of these aliens coming from our own star system than from another star system, so why not them being the Martians???

    Let me know your thoughts.



  14. Dav.
    I agree with you completely and always have on this matter.
    I see no reason why they would have ever left entirely.
    But I am sure they can be found all over the galaxy now as well.


  15. Jackie McCurry

    I have some great pictures of this object around the sun..it looks the same as the video. They were just taken, I do not see how this could be any solar flare!!! Also a white looking helicopter flew over my house and i managed to get shots of it..however it is no helicopter!!! I have no idea what it is. I no there is something out there..I am among the true believers!!!


  16. Hi Vara

    The only reason why I brought up this possibility is when you mentioned about how they are positioning around the Sun First of all who would know of whats going on around our Sun??? More likely it would not be some aliens from another star system which I considered it extremely remote. Secondly and then thought of about the Saturn and rings issue, and thought of about the size of those ships and the size we are seeing around the Sun. Thirdly and then of us, as we have an atmosphere that is probably compatibile for their breathing as since there is the same kind of Air still around Mars but much thinner and they also have such magnetic field as well.

    Furthermore to add credibility to my theory was the ancients even drew pictures on stones of what these aliens looked like, which means they are able to breathe our kind of atmosphere, and did make some physical contact to us ages ago which for a fact still survives as its testimony for us to this day.

    So I thought well lets make some sense here which seems logical OK. That is when I thought of the theory of these aliens had to be from our own star system because who would know about our own Suns activity and its cycles etc., besides us. Seems everything is pointing towards Mars which itself is a mystery for most of us, yet slowly putting the pieces together here and there like its some kind of jigsaw puzzle.

    Ok so now lets add another point to the equation. We know the Neantherdhals lasted almost a million years, and humanoids lasted another 30,000 up to present time. Prior to this the Dinos were around for 300 million years. I don’t think there were Dinos at Mars. Therefore I am assuming that the Martians had at least 300 million years of time to advance themselves in Technology which might be what they have today, whereas we on this planet really only had about 1.3 million years in comparison. Does this make any sense to you here????

    Therefore under this assumption, they would be the ones that also know about our Sun and of its cycles. It seems to tie together here.

    So the remaining question is how we came about after the Dino’s. I do believe the Aliens had a lot to do with the coming of our existence. Is it possible that the Martians are involved that created us??

    Also lately they have been discovering Triangles on Mars similar to the Pyramids that we have over here. Any co-incidence, yet when they display themselves up in the sky so many numerous people including me, I have seen the triangles displayed as well.

    Here is the bottom line. Which set of Aliens are we dealing with.

    Aliens from our own solar system which is probably the more likely scenario coming from Mars, >>


    Aliens from another Solar System just as advanced etc, but if so, why would they be so interested in Saturn, or do the things around our Sun. Also if they were so from another Galaxy, I don’t think they would bother being nice to us and more likely would be a bit more aggressive towards us besides just dipping down to say hello to us in the sky, because our planet is a valuable piece of real estate to other interstellar galaxy travelers.

    So I am trying to decide which of these two fits the picture in a way that seems logical. I know there is a lot of debunkers and a lot of dis-information going around, so I basically threw it all to the garbage and did some simple basic comparisons that seem like a jigsaw puzzle to me.

    What is your thoughts???



    • Hi Daveyo.
      I think we are dealing with ALL of them.
      many many races of which only a few bother to come directly around to earth, but still frequent our solar system.
      Once one learns to travel at past light speeds or traverse great distances via dimensional skipping or worm holes, distance becomes of little consiquence and they are exposed to a multitude of other sentient space and dimensional faring races.
      It is likely that they have the equivilant of some form of federation or united nations if you will to help keep the peace oout there. Ive no doubt that there are trouble makers as well, as there is evidence of epic alien battles in the sumerian, indian, and other ancient histories.
      It is my contention that some of those trouble makers are the ones backing the Illuminati and bilderberg groups, which in turn now have complete control over Media governments, science departments, and even most majore religeons, and have for most of this century.
      John F Kennedy was one exception that slipped through thier fingers and threatened to expose them. he gave a speech on his intent to expose a mass conspiracy and secret societies. It was one of his last.

      I need to mention to you, that it has been proven that time moves faster near large gravitational bodies. the further you move away from earth the sun, or our solar system the more time slows.
      Races that take advantage of what ever benefits which come from being free of large gravity bodies do so at the price of slowed time. though they are indeed advanced as all hell compared to us, it does not nessessarily mean that they are in fact That many of our years in the Millions ahead of us.
      They would also be capable of time rifting i should think as well.
      (time travel)
      Until we our selves can study time and gravity Beyond our own system, we will not know all the benefits or draw backs of living in the voids between, which I firmly believe that the Oldest and most advanced of them choose to do.
      I believe solar systems planets stars etc, are fuel stops, grocery stores, community meetings, and ports of trade for them. That life baring worlds are usually seed worlds for growing new life, and science projects based on such.
      the study of primative cultural developement and the like.
      Very prescious to them, like a game farm or zoo packed with endangered species and specimens.
      And as a community in general they try to protect those worlds to an extent.
      They further will Not allow us to use multiple nucular devices simultaniously, and will often even prevent indevidual nucular ignitions and tests.
      I have Zero fear of a nuclear holocost.
      Like a parent wont leave a child alone unsupervised with a book of matches in a house. They may let the child burn its fingers, but they wont let the kid set fire to property that doesnt infact Belong to the child. lol.

      I beleive the Majority of them are peaceful in general, as in a higher state of awareness we are all made of star stuff, all connected to gravity and soul energy etc. There is SO much resource out there once one knows how to harvest and harness it that there is simply No need to worry about territory greed or pettiness. In tellepathic communities it is likely Much more difficult to lie or decieve and far less reason to besides.

      I dont believe it is so much a matter of our scientific advancement that allows us or restrains us from joining such a community as it does our awareness and mental spiritual advancements. (though the science part sure does make it easier to get there and sustain our own needs)
      I believe we have been groomed both scientificly and spiritually over the last few centuries in prepairation for a time when we will meet again and be accepted to the lowest rung on thier community ladder, where every race must start at one time or another.

      I also believe that the semi hostile races that have influenced us have made efforts to keep that awareness and spiritual developement stunted, so that they can maintain control over us longer.

      To control the indiginous life of a seed world is like the “possession is 9/10ths of the law rule”. they get to utalise the resources of that seed world with less interferance from the galactic community which follows its own rules of interfering as little as possible with that indinginous life so that the experiment can continue.
      These are just some of my hypothesis and theroies.


  17. Hi Vara

    Most do not know how to post pics on this site. Care to instruct them which would be helpful.



  18. Hi Vara

    Explain yourself on who’s all of them????? that you have mentioned.

    Hmm, without going off subject, I would like to interject a part as well, regarding spiritual realm. Physically we have brains and memory and mostly we are of a liquid source shall I say. However when we die our physical means will decay completely soft tissue primarly as the bones can last for hundreds of thousands of years before it gets fossilized.

    Most people don’t know what happens after you die. For many they fear death, and not know what happens after this particular event. However prior to the death of some of my canine brethen whom I loved dearly all have indicated that they saw something prior to their passing not once but 2 or 3 times. What they are seeing is the past members of my family who are on the other side of that barrier (the barrier is a one way ticket entrance) of which your spiritual soul as one might want to call it, or dimension for another, will move over to that side. I have witnessed this on more than one occasion. Therefore the theory of one seeing the past of whom you associated in close manner will again appear prior to your eventual death. When you die, they will then take you as you cross over and you go to that new dimension forever. For me its my new home. So I know now, that is what lies on the other side and physically you will not know your dead but it might be like of deep sleep so to speak but you not feel or hear or see or know another second of time on the physical sense of which we lived in. You will however be transformed in such a way that you cross over this barrier/dimension to the other side with everything you have known and done still intact but it will all be involved in this other barrier/dimension. I am also assuming based on this theory that you will again see, hear, and feel and know in a more advanced state of intelligence (shall I say) but time is of no essence. As I said a different dimension which is part of the Cosmos.

    Is this immortality, I don’t know, is this forever I don’t know. No one knows the actual answer. But I do know such exists.

    This higher plane or state of conciousness is for later and not for now. That is what those people are talking about generally speaking.

    Example. There is one dog here that I despised a lot and gives me lots of trouble. I have been wanting to kill this dog for a long long time. Tonight, this same dog follows my car and goes completely around to the other side of the block stood at the middle of the road and watched me make my U-turn and I went to the store and purchased something and then headed back home. This dog saw me coming back and raced with my car all the way to my house and stopped and stood there and as I closed the gate I said thanks and good night. This dog turned right around and trotted back to his look out hiding place. Prior to this that dog would howl and growl and cause me fits trying to even bite me. Not tonight.

    Don’t ask me why it understood me, as its a Thai street dog. It simply understood my good night and thank you and turned right around. I chuckled thinking why of all things this dog in particular responded so well and understood me so well for the first time. My outlook on this dog changed and I said it will live, and it will not bother me.

    Animals can see things that humans cannot see. Animals can hear things humans cannot hear. Animals can sense when you are sick or in trouble and some even try to help you or go and get the help. Depends on their ability. Animals can sense when your pissed off, or sense my anger building up to a feverish pitch. My dogs actually head for cover and they all disappear to stay out of my way. The loyalty they give is incredible. They have taught me more than any human has ever taught me.

    I believe that they also have the ability to sense this other dimension as well when its around. My dogs will instantly wake up and out of the blue for no particular reason, be barking at some open space and I look yet nothing is there. They do see or feel or know something is there but I don’t. Sometimes I also feel the presence of this spirit as well when I am thinking hard or very dejected etc.

    Tiger my dog has saved my life twice from actual certain death!!!!! She sensed something ahead of time and went wild causing me to slow down quite a bit and behold the danger appeared in front of me which I was able to avoid just in time. Both cases was at night time going on very long trips and the visibility was very poor.

    Anyway, still keep in mind we only have two solid pieces of evidence pertaining to aliens. One is of a reptillian, and the other is a gray. It is the reptillians that we have been warned about to avoid at all costs.

    The grays appeared around the Americas on their stones. The reptillians appeared around Iran, Iraq, Saudi, and Syria locations.

    I also know of some rumor that there was a great intergalactic war, which 400,000 gray spaceships were destroyed in the dispute against Reptillians. The Reptillians on the other hand also suffered just as much as the damage to both sides nearly decimated both races. Somehow peace was achieved but at a great and terrible cost of lives. I have no means to validate this source but only read it some place at one time or another. It was said the trigger of this war was about an agreement that was violated involving sharing of technology between the two so both sides were balanced technology wise and not be lessor than the other. One side decided to keep the new technology and not share it thus triggering the dispute.

    There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. If you study this paragraph enough you will begin to understand.

    hmmmmm, so much to learn yet so little of time. sigh



  19. i dont know for sure how WE being earth bound would know of an intergalactic war between aliens unless it took place inside our own atmosphere, so I hold all such notions as suspect. I also dont know how we would know for sure what races are involved.

    “ALL OF THEM” refers to all the races we have become some what aware of.
    there are dozens. (supposedly)
    Dont forget the reptilians influence over the myans in south america as quetzicoatl, the winged serpent god.
    I dont think the reptilians are evil per say, but more machievelian in nature, ie: “the ends justify the means”.
    They have done an aweful Lot over the millenia for our benefit, but are certainly among the more ruthless of our visitors. There is a Lot of speculation that they are among the youngest of the races and not as highly spiritually evolved. Also that this being a seed world for species and races, that This planet IS thier planet of origin, and that they are evolved from the dinosaur era.
    Im ok with these notions, they fit some other puzzle pieces.
    I suspect they left our world during the death of the dinosaurs catastrophy, and went into a hibrination in space or between dimensions for millions of years, waiting for the world to repair it self.
    what solid piece of evidence to a reptilian do you speak of by the way?

    I my self am Not afraid of Death, only of how I might die.
    Not a fan of unnessessary fear and prolonged pain.


  20. hi,its not next to the sun it is behind the sun and its moving in the same planes as other objects around the sun,take the photo-and break it down via colour filters,and you will see its behind the sun,so what is this object,well that answer is very obviously unknown but the object has the same charistics of a astroid blindsiding views from earth directly.it look likes its stationary but it isnt,its moving towards the sun from behind the sun,we just seeing a fragment of the object


  21. Sam Partington