Global Earthquake update and overview – Yellowstone, Cascades, California – June 22, 2011

Global Earthquake update and overview, June 22, 2011

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  1. what application are you using?


  2. Thanks, great info!


  3. Good to know.
    I suspected as much for a good year now, but its nice to see my own conclusions confirmed and put into a visible spectrum.
    We should be Most weary of Any increased activity in the yellow stone area, which we already have confirmed here. Its just a matter of months now if not weeks. When yellow stone cauldera blows, EVERY thing changes! not just for the north american economy/ecology, but for the world. Every thing will crash within weeks of that.
    It will be among the most clear signs that we are not merely aproaching the Prophesised time, we are THERE.
    ok, drama aside, I hope you are all safe. have bought extra solar panels, food, gass, shoes, water, filters, and more.

    You cannot count on being part of the rapture.


  4. Thank your, so much, for the great list of earthquake and volcano feeds, maps, historical documents and other information. A very complete and in-depth list. It will really help my earthquake and volcano research effort.

    Between 2011 and 2020, disasters will sweep away the earth we know. The period between 2012 and 2015 is especially dangerous in this regard.
    The Master of Disaster


  5. It is really crazy about the frequency and power of the earthquakes we are having lately. If you ask any geologist if we are having more quakes, they will flat out deny it and say “It’s because we have improved our detection of quakes and the damage is increasing because more people are living in the areas of the quake”. What a load of B.S…anyone can look at the data and the news and see that it has definitely increased.
    I believe that for some reason the earth’s core is rotating, creating fluctuations in the magnetic field, and also the core’s movement creates more friction, that causes the mantle to become more hotter and expand. So we are seeing quakes and volcano eurptions everywhere— the earth is literally bursting at seams. I would not be surprised if they increase in frequency and violence in the next 5-10 years or so, and that Yellowstone finally pops the cork. God help us all.


    • That’s not bs that’s how things work there were not less quakes and tsunamis and tornadoes back in the day because people dint have the technology and communications most quakes register but people don’t even feel them


  6. The ancients thought that earthquakes and other natural disasters were anger from the Gods. Its depressing that we haven’t evolved and loads of people, including the obvious religious nutjobs still think its all prophecy related.
    The geologists are correct. We just have better detection equipment and can now analyse even the smallest recorded quake. There are no more or less than before.
    The timescale of our planet is inconceivable compared to our own. Things happen, whether we are around to witness them or not.


    • Actually Morris, we have More sensative equipment AND there are more quakes of late. Nice dissinformation tho Boyo.
      We know this because there are More equipments used than merely the ones that feel for earth rumblings.
      We also have types that detect magnetic variences that are caused by tectonic build up and movement, and we have ones that track magma displacement and flow.
      We have satelites that have been helping us track much of this stuff for 20 years, and in the last 10 years, 4 years especially, we have SEEN the massive increase in movement.
      Morris, we also have whats plain and visible to the naked eye.
      More volcanoes are showing activity Now than have ever before been recorded at the same time. We can measure the heat from the surrounding land from them via stelite, and we measure gass’s given off by them. we can see changes in vegetation near them, and we can see animals reactions to them.
      There are a string of things, that are related to each other that those whom control the governments dont Want John Q pedestrian to know about. Knowing would cause a panic and would change economic spending habbits bringing an even earlier collapse than the one they know is comming and cannot stop.
      – Magnetic poles migrating.
      The north pole has been migrating south for nearly a decade now picking up speed each year. Two years ago it was moving at about 40 miles per year. Its moving faster Now.
      Air ports have shut down in the vascinity of northern russia near the pole. Planes are being recalibrated weekly now to compensate, rather than yearly.
      – The earths axis is tilting further of recent. It Normally has a wobble, but this is beyond any wobble. Greenland saw spring sun rise 2 days earlier this year because of it.
      – Think Man is the sole culprit in causing global warming? In fact man contributes to Less than 3 percent of any global warming phenomina.
      What is Not commonly known is that in fact Most planets were can monitor in our own solar system are experiencing global warming and increased volcanic and tectonic activity. Saturn has formed a new storm that usually takes years to form, but has only taken weeks.
      Mars and venus show distinct temperature increases and volcanic activity increases, and are them selves showing greater wobble to thier axis’s.
      – Some Morons who would Like to keep you in the dark about such things as these, will tell you its all good, nothings changing, keep shopping. And they will Poo Poo certain prophecies.
      But the ability to psychicly see future events has been with us for many millenia. Nostrodamus, edgar case, the greek oracles of delphi, and so on. Prophecies come from some where. More than that, what if this kind of thing has happened before here on earth and Has been recorded by the peoples of the time? what if it has happened like clock work every 3600-7200 years?
      What if some recorded and measurable force was the culprit? Wouldnt you carve THAT into your calender and warn future generations? would that even qualify as prophecy or just good math?
      Well Thats what the myan calenderis really about. its not portents that you see in the bottom of your tea cup, or by rolling some chicken bones or rune stones. Its eye witness accounts from thier times, and good math to tell you when it will happen again.
      So, if You were a super power world order, controling most all finance, religion, science intitutions Media and more from behind the scenes. If you had the power to assassinate presidents and popes and see to it that the replacements were your own people and would be from then on, wouldnt You keep people in the dark if there was Nothing you could do about all this? keep them stupid and spending as usual till the last minute. Build massive super bunkers called arks, like the one under denver airport, to save your own ass, and a few selected people? cuz you cant savem all, and you dont want the ones that cannot be saved to find out to soon and throw a wrench into the plans.
      This stuff is all happening and its all connected.
      Whats causing it?
      We have long known that we have a very large or very massive gravitational body in our solar system. scientists have been calling it planet X for well over a hundred years.
      It led to the finding of both uranus and Pluto, to erinis and Tyche.
      Because we keep looking for that stellar body that is so strong it can cause massive wobbles in huge planets like jupiter saturn neptune and uranus which we saw over a hundred years ago when it wasnt even close to our inner core system, but kept us looking.
      But the Myans knew that it came around every 3600 years like clock work and caused all kinds of catastrophies as it passed. some times it passed away from us on the oposite side of the sun 3600 years ago, like during the exodus of the jews from egypt. Some times it passed closer on the same side of the sun as we and caused floods like Noahs ark 7200 ago.
      These are historicly recorded events and timing.
      And Now Planet X or as the Sumerians recognised it as “Nibiru” is due for another pass, and wouldnt you know it, it coincides with the myan calender. go figure.
      Dont let people like Morris here who is bent on either ignorance, or is helping to spread that Government dissinformation fool you. The even is commming, and its almost on top of us.
      And if Planet X is a Brown dwarf star, then it wont be visible to the naked eye untill its closest moments of passing. It will Only be seen via tellescopes at further distances via Infra red because it is colder and darker than any other kind of gass giant. The government found it in 83, and then suddenly all news reports and talk stopped about it like the chopping of an axe. Google a certain part of the sky map and you will find a large portion of it as a rectangle chopped out so that you cannot see what is at those coordinates.
      ALL of this stuff can and has been researched. and You can look into it too. there is even much of it here on This web site. People. dont let the morris’s of the world fool you.


  7. @Vara.
    Mate, you are what I call a bully. Ramming your rhetoric down everyone’s throat to the detriment of any other opinion and if you were in my playground I would give you a good kick in the proverbial bollocks.
    I read your posts and all you can do is slander other’s opinions if they don’t adhere to your own insular point of view.
    I will keep reading these blogs and posting my comments because so far, the internet is still a democratic place where everyone is welcome to share their experiences, so lay off Mr. Moon.
    No govt. person would waste their time trying to misinfo the stuff you babble on about. Its all been said on loads of other sites and much better, haha.
    If you bothered to read what I say in my posts you would realise that I’m rarely disagreeing with the subject matter but sometimes sceptical at the conclusions being made.
    Instead of trying to hijack this site go make your own and set the parameters within. Dont forget to include a photo of yourself dressed like the Dictator you often appear to be, lol.


  8. Great response @Vara: Below, is a statement relative to this subject, directly off of the website.

    Are Earthquakes Really on the Increase?

    We continue to be asked by many people throughout the world if earthquakes are on the increase. Although it may seem that we are having more earthquakes, earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant.

    A partial explanation may lie in the fact that in the last twenty years, we have definitely had an increase in the number of earthquakes we have been able to locate each year. This is because of the tremendous increase in the number of seismograph stations in the world and the many improvements in global communications. In 1931, there were about 350 stations operating in the world; today, there are more than 8,000 stations and the data now comes in rapidly from these stations by electronic mail, internet and satellite. This increase in the number of stations and the more timely receipt of data has allowed us and other seismological centers to locate earthquakes more rapidly and to locate many small earthquakes which were undetected in earlier years. The NEIC now locates about 20,000 earthquakes each year or approximately 50 per day. Also, because of the improvements in communications and the increased interest in the environment and natural disasters, the public now learns about more earthquakes.

    According to long-term records (since about 1900), we expect about 17 major earthquakes (7.0 – 7.9) and one great earthquake (8.0 or above) in any given year.
    The Master of Disaster


  9. Good work Morris. ( NOT )
    But no one is fooled by your distraction tactics here.
    Do try to stick with the subject matter rather than point a finger in poor attempts to discredit others whom are actually providing data.
    Fact, earth quakes and volcanic activity is on the rise mostly in the last decade, but most noticably in the last couple years alone.
    Fact, other planets in our system are experiencing the same symptoms.
    Fact, a large gravitational force has been measured causing wobbles in the larger planets of our system that has been noticed and documented for over a century. This force has been measured as Increasing, suggesting the gravitational force is on an inward trajectory.
    Fact, this cycle of disaster coincides with Myan calender prophecy.
    Fact, You have done nothing to provide data or information that rebutts these facts. Instead, you attempt to distract and missinform.

    Yer Damn right the government has handfulls of people that surf and patrol sites like these, seeking to keep the public distracted and missinformed. They have them in teams. They use ping pong team tactics, and they have multiple account names so they can post more than once seeming like multiple indeviduals to support thier own very poorly represented arguments. its called a Propoganda machine.

    Enough with the distractions morris. if you have actual data to support your version of the argument, all the better, Im waiting to have a link/data war with you, as comparing data will clearly illustrate the points I am making. Your Move.
    ~ Grant Moon, aka, VARAKIENEN.


  10. ps: Earth Quakes and volcano’s alone are Not the only symptoms.
    The melting of the ice caps is diluting the salt in the oceans which regulate weather patterns. We are also experiencing proportionate weather and flood phenominon equal to the increases in siesmic activity. these things are directly linked.
    The migration of the poles is causing a measurable weakening in the earths protective magnetic field. We are experiencing crop failure, extra solar radiation, the loss of insects including polinator indicator species such as bee’s. The changing magnetic fields can also be directly linked to the increasing phenominon of most mass deaths in migratory species. Whales and fish washing up on shore/beaching them selves. Birds falling out of the sky in mass’s and more.
    Just a few More delisciouse little details for you that are part of the Larger picture that certain people do Not want you aware of. Once you start making the puzzle connections you find out that the puzzle is Huge and not a matter of seperate issues at all. But mass’s of issues that are interconnected. Most people arent Ready for the biggest pieces of the picture at the top of the Pyramid, the place where crop circles and the incredible increase in UFO sighting world wide partain. But they are a part of it too. But those whom ARE ready will look into these details for them selves and slowly the picture will become more clear as the pieces are found for them selves. weeding through the distraction/dissinformation propoganda pool that is at work becomes easier as the research go’s because the distraction pieces usually do Not fit into the puzzle properly. Check it out for your self my friends. its out there for all of us to catch up on.
    Your friendly niehborhood “Nut Job” whom also happens to be right. ~Varakienen.


  11. The only thing correct in your last post was the “Nut Job” part!
    The Master of Disaster


    • All of it was correct, and All of it is easily google-able.
      Now, if you have an argument to make on the details using your own links and data mate, Im ready for ya. Other wise you are just one of those distractions, and worth No further comment.
      Come on science boy, earn that second paycheque i think yer getting. Lets have a throw down debate.


  12. Hi Vara

    In my opinion we are yet to see what the true cause behind these events, true that it is all down to magnetic field disruption, i myself said at the outset of these crop failures and mass deaths that it has to do with magnetic field disruption and ave mentioned in many previous posts, BUT, our own magnetic field cannot be likened other planets, in my opinion there is something new out there that science is yet to observe and it is affecting all of the planets. Do you recall in the movie ‘2012’ they mentioned that the earth was being cooked by mutated/new neutrino waves essentially cooking the planet like a microwave. With these current events it is my firmest belief that we need to be looking t the suns increased output and o exactly what it is throwing out, who knows, there could be some form of a neutrino wave that is penetrating our magnetosphere and is in fact cooking the earth and other subsequent planets as well. I think our focus should be on solar output and the green house effect it seems to be causing…

    Anyway this is just my opinion and i haven’t got any sources as of yet to back it up, but i do think that our nearest stellar neighbor may still hold a lot of secrets in its bag that we do not know of…

    also vara if you’ve got some sources in astronomy fields can you ask them if they can predicts solar out put at 500million, 445million, 250-260million, 200 million and 65 million years ago? if you were wondering these times are all linked to mass extinctions across the planet which as of yet are not explained by science, im wondering if there is something extra planetary *ahem* the sun *ahem* that contributed to these events

    BTW been offline for a while as had to focus on my studies a bit more, but im back and rearing for debates once again



  13. Hi Luke. Goodly to hear from you as usual.
    Yes I am aware of the extinction level event dates. Though the end of the Cambrian was more likely caused by a gamma burst event from a dying star that we got caught in the path of.
    As we have fossile samples of deep sea types that survived, where as more surface type crustacians died out almost entirely showing signs of iradiation.
    I am With you on the sun being a massive problem during these events, but Not with you on the notion that it was the source of the disruption. We in our own circles would have by now heard of increased nutrino levels and the like. Its not like we Arent actually looking.
    It is just My assertion that a large gravity stellar body is now aproaching the core system and it disrupts the sun as much as any other planet. I only wish we could come up with hyper accurate dates for the suns activity in those distant pasts, because Ill wager you they coincide precisely with the 3600 year orbit of our missing huge planet X.
    I dont think that we should take movies like 2012 TO closely to heart, as electromagnetic and gravitational sources can do Exactly what the movie claimed solar neutrinos were doing.
    I my self am more interested in the measured out put of the sun in a flare that is aimed at us, versus the Actual amount measured hitting our magnetosphere. I have a sneaking suspiscion that some thing has interjected it self some where in between so that we have taken far less of the brunt than we should have. Hint hint.


  14. Hi Everybody

    hehehehehee, welcome cause the Vulture is now going to post here on this thread.

    First to wfoster2011, I see some of your posts and you are in high disagreement which is a democratic right bestowed upone everybody. Care to back up your disagreed assertions with some evidence???

    Now to Vara and Morris, I see both of you having a kindergarten spat ongoing. Tsk tsk. Ok Vara you mention about Mars having volcanic activity. On this part you are DEAD WRONG. The Martian core is not very active and has cooled off considerably and the tectonic plates have solidified and is no longer moving. There is still enough in the core to create a magnetic field albeit a very weak field barely holding the atmosphere of whats left. Once that is gone, the atmosphere goes bye bye.

    Next, as to the other planets having more I am curious as to how you obtain such information and from what source did you get this from.

    Next, you made a statement as follows: “”The government found it in 83, and then suddenly all news reports and talk stopped about it like the chopping of an axe””. Where is the proof of this one and if any evidence of it exists. You also mentioned about Google a certain part of the sky and its chopped out etc. Give us the coordinates please. I would like to see this as well.
    Next you mentioned prophecies. Don’t hold your breath. Also you mentioned about the Mayan Calendar. Ok. So what happens if 2012 comes and passes by without a problem. I will hold you to this part and if we still exist pass that date, you will fall on your face with embarassment. Does this sound plausible to you. Secondly in regards to about the flood, at one point in time there was no Mediterranean Sea. As a matter of fact, the Sea built up in phases due to tectonic plate action of which one primary one sank letting in water from the Atlantic. There was also a massive rise of ocean water at that time period. Consequently people were living in the dry areas which is now covered by water totally submerged even 2,000 feet down and more. They have found cities sitting on the floor of the sea and its quite deep. This I believe is where the story of the flood comes from that has lasted thru the ages. Now I don’t think this thing took millions of years as to the rise of the oceans. There was a large warming climate period lasting for a few thousand years, more than enough to be melting the ice caps. Anyway those people who lived in the dry areas at that time now are totally submerged until the tectonic plates begin to shift and rise back up. It will but it will take time. It was not long ago in fact 2,000 years ago there was a city that existed during Cleopatra’s time and today its now under water which happened rather quickly. All along the coast of Lebanon, they are finding cities under water. Even around Greece, and around Rome and Naples and so on.
    Now Vara you mentioned about this Brown Dwarf. For christs sake get real will you. If such existed (by the way a Brown Dwarf is approximately 4.5 times the size of jupiter or about a quarter the size of our sun) my goodness gracious, all of the planets in our solar system would have their basic orbits torn apart, and of course we all would be DEAD by now. They have suspicions of such possibility and its way farther beyond Pluto actually near the border of the Suns magnetic field of which is where Voyager now is located. Its orbit is in line with the planets itself supposingly, and it does not come up from the bottom or approach from the top. It has a very wide oval type orbit.
    If anything that can cause such catastrophe around us, consider a Neutron Star. It is very condensed and is loaded with a magnetic field energy that can power our planet for several million years!!!!!! The gravity of this Neutron star is similar to like a massive magnet that once for example you throw at steel wrench to it, bang it catches it and you will never get it off. Its there permanently unless the magnet is demagnetized. Ok. It has a crushing force that is unbelievable. If such was around yes, it can cause a perturbation to the planets wobble and orbit, as well as its rotation. Consider two magnetic fields bumping into each other OK. Whether this is actually around still remains to be seen let alone be discovered.
    Next, of course you people we have more sensors to detect earth ground motions, therefore we will have more recorded information regarding earthquakes. We did not have this for thousands of years until recently after we developed better technology. It has not increase regarding the amount and it has been there all this time and only now we are being informed of it at various places all around the globe. One need not be a rocket scientist to figure this out > OK
    Now Vara in regards to Yellowstone. I have told everyone before. Yellowstone depends on the fault that is outside of the state of Washington and Oregon which is in the pacific ocean. That is where the magma is being fed from. Yellowstone is long overdue for its cork to pop, but none of us know when it will finally say hello. The main magma is still below the ground approximately 3,000 feet. The pressure has not pushed up hard enough due to its massive size which is quite a few miles in diameter. When that fault outside of Washington gives and shifts, that is when you must worry about Yellowstone possibly erupting. OK. When it blows it definitely will trigger a worldwide climate change shifting from warm to cold as the amount of ash and dust it will create will make Tambora look like a baby. Those within a 1,000 miles diameter from Yellowstone can kiss themselves goodbye as you will be killed from the concussion, pyroclastic flow, and debris flying around. The rest of USA will be covered by ash as much as 20 feet in some areas. Washington D.C itself and New York will have about 2 meters of it at that distance or a bit less, depending on the jet stream at that time period. The last eruption of Yellowstone WIPED OUT A MOUNTAIN RANGE and totally obliterated it. Needless to say that alone is a nice demonstration of the power of what it will put out when it blows this time as I believe the chamber will completely empty itself and it will become a permanently extinct volcano. The chamber vent will seal itself up for good.
    Now about the wobble of Earth. Earths wobble has almost stopped opposite of what you have said. The rotation has slowed down due to certain earthquakes affecting its rotation. The magnetic poles have shifted before in the past and its due to shift again but not until its reaches the shift point which is located in Russia. We are still about 200-300 years away from that shift point. So for now it will continue to move towards Russia. I have noticed that for the last couple of years taking note of where the sun rises during the summer and where the sun rises during winter. The gap has shortened quite a bit. This indicates that the wobble indeed has slowed itself down and its less.
    Next the weather problems is now being caused by the oceans conveyor belts shutting down. Particularly around USA most notably. With the NAC completely shut down from the Gulf, and along the east coast its no surprise as that belt controls most of USA weather patterns and some of it of the world. Its having a domino effect as it travels around the globe. We all should give thanks to British Petroleum in England for this massive fucked up destruction. It took this planet a few thousands of years to create such conveyor belt. Those assholes claim it will come back within a few years time. Talk about the bullshit and of how they speak with a fork tongue. The oil is on the bottom now approximately in some places 30 feet thick or more. And its down below over a mile. Who in the hell is going to go down over a mile deep to clean up the mess. It will take centuries to clean up such mess. OK.
    The ecological damage is huge. Take a look at the fishing industry all along the gulf coast, and also take a look at the coral reefs. Its destroyed because of the oil damage.
    Now USA has these storms of huge proportions. Get ready for the Hurricane season folks. Its going to be a real dandy and believe me this is not a joke either. The warm water is now practically sitting on the top of the ocean, and whoopie when the conditions are just right, pow comes your super hurricane. Meaning to say it will not be a normal type hurricane that we have known from the past. OK. It will be a massive type hurricane having a punch like you never would believe wind wise.
    Besides all this governments are toying with electricity with the atmosphere trying to find the sweet spot to control weather. These outfits must be destroyed and can be destroyed quite easily. Not a problem at this moment of time.
    Last of all, neutrinos is indeed created by the Sun and the flare of which it is emitted from. You will not notice it very much as it passes right thru us, which is like a microwave but it does go down to the earths core. Neutrinos can also be of another different form and what Luke is trying to say, if you watch that movie right, the neutrino changed its compsition matter wise in that movie, causing the earths crust to destabilized etc. In reality of today, yes this is a possibility to happen but at the moment no one is really watching for this change. One has to be at least 3 miles or more down in the earths crust to notice such changes. There are only 3 mines that go down that deep at present time.
    We don’t have a means or the ability to measure the pressure or the temperature of the earths core at present time. So therefore we have to use other methods to give us some means of determination to have some estimate of whats going on below our feet.
    As to about Nibiru and the second sun, a nice demonstration was given on how such can be seen on this site, and viola, one can shift that second sun all over the place. Therefore for now, such cannot be verified let alone be authenticated.
    As for now here is my official announcement. Soon we will have a new site and the site will have a new name, and this site will obviously block out Government trolls and all the other garbage with no advertising or links to other outfits such as twitter, facebook, (which is hackers and crackers paradise) and of course spammers and their bots will be non-existent as the security will be quite good. It will have a new forum of which will be user friendly and easy to browse and also to post your topics. There will be Co-administrators and Moderators involved in this new site. So stay tuned and wait for that official announcement and that one will come from the Administrator and Owner. This wordpress site is the pits and it will be gone forever. I will be assisting and designing this site for the owner. It will be of a benefit for all concerned. This new site will also have a Emergency Warning Center to advise people if they are in any serious danger both on the ground and from space. There will also be a shout box (sort of like a twitter deal) of which you can say things briefly. Believe me it will be a awesome site to be a member of and to participate in. Members will have a private message section of which you can discuss or say things in private. There will also be a special website link set up so if one needs help and is in dire need, you can click on the tap and you will see whats available that can be of assistance to you. As I said before its quite extensive but I do believe all of you who now read this site will love it (the NEW SITE) to DEATH. hehehehehehehe.
    To Vara and to Morris, cut the BS and act like adults and repect each other. This is democracy in action not of suppression. Since both of you are careful to not violate the TOS terms, its getting so ridiculous to see how you are posting here and I do shake my head in disbelief, so grab a good hot of cup of coffee and settle down OK. Enough said.
    I have not posted much recently due to many things ongoing with me. One of them is a medical emergency but for now it turned out to be a miracle of sorts. Anyway I have been monitoring of whats been going on.
    Now the Vulture will ahem squat for awhile and eyeball ya.



  15. Really outstanding post Vara. A concise, in-depth analysis of the subject with plenty of evidence. Keep up the great work.
    The Master of Disaster


  16. Hi Vara

    No you’re not putting me into my place. If Nibiru is true and it enters our solar system as so many people are talking about, it will cause severe perturbations to all our planets. OK No math needed as such is 4.5 times the size of Jupiter cause that is the size of a brown Dwarf.

    Basically the one we all need to be concerned about is Elenin. This pup is heading towards us like it or not. How close will it get remains to be seen and we will know once it passes by the sun and comes up under our feet. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will have first crack at it. NASA is definitely remaining very quiet about this one.

    Neptune and Uranus actually cross over their orbital paths. Yes its true. But they won’t collide ever.

    Next there was not a great flood 7,200 years ago. The Egyptians were still sunnying themselves at that time. The great flood is estimated to have taken place sometime 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. Again I have mentioned that the Med sea built itself up in stages, not all at once. At this time there was a warming period, and the Americas had huge lakes held up by glaciers which melted and flowed out to the oceans. At the strait of gibralter, it was at this location that the tectonic plate sank allowing the atlantic water to enter and fill up the med sea. This took place about 20 million years ago.

    Again remove religious texts and stick with facts in scientific manner.

    Thanks for the files and I have looked at them. None of them is worth believing but is suspect pertaining to 1983. It involves in the constellation Orion. Some say there is 4 moons, some say there is 6 moons and some say there is 8 moons orbiting Planet X. I need not to see any others.

    I don’t think its Planet X at all. I suspect its a neutron star. I don’t believe a neutron star can be detected but then again maybe it can. However scientists do admit that a neutron star is very dangerous. Not holding my breath on it either.

    In case you not know it the suns magnetic poles are now at the equator. It is shifting.

    Nothing to debate here. All of it is old news and nothing is conclusive except some asteroids. By the time you wake up one will be making a flyby at 7,500 miles away from earth. hehehehehehehehehe. As a matter of fact the early warning detection system is woefully inadequate. This rock was only spotted just 12 days ago and only announced just 6 days ago. go figure on why the delay.

    In fact I have seen some of the suggestions on how to stop or change the asteroids course. The stupidity of the suggestions pains my head and it is absolutely worthless to even read it.

    So basically we all have to just play the wait and see game and be prepared to take immediate action if necessary provided we have enough time to do so. The mayan calendar simply stops at that date. It does not say to repeat or tell us what happens next.

    As to the crop circles I find it very peculiar to say the least as it is rather unique with such insane precision of the designs. Cannot comment on it one way or another. Its been known that humans can create such crop circle of the same. Again its all speculative.

    So you have your opinion and beliefs and I have mine. Its like a poker game.

    take care



    • Dav.
      I have to apologise for my snippy-ness last night. when I get really tired I get agressive and silly.
      I felt you were issuing a challenge or attack and I took it as the bell for a boxing match.
      Imma bow out of debating for a few days I think as it gets me riled up and nasty if I engage in it consecutively or for to long. Part of my asperger/bi-polar nature.
      I think you may be right about one aspect of the flood times. 7200 never added up for me dispite assertions by experts that it was at that time the flood occured.
      I think it is more likely 10,800.
      It was still a rapid event how ever that caught many civilizations with thier pants down. This is why it is believed to have happened in under a years time.
      The medetarainian is a loose point for me, I dont have any data on it specificly. but the Black sea was definately formed from the great flood, it is a large salt water remnent of the inflow and the waters recetion. Stone structures, towns and villiages have been found beneath it. Lastly, we are still in the flood era. the water has Not receeded all that much since the great flood. the ice age we were in has not come close to re-reezing all the water at the caps that was released. This is why you have your cities and massive structures being found far under water at several thousand feet.
      Once when the ice age was running strong, we had much MUCH more land to play with and the oceans wear smaller and saltier by far. I think the Greatest of the secrets of our history lies under water, most of which will never be recovered. But stories of crystal skulls and crystal spheres titalate me to no end.


  17. May I ask why there is so much hate on this thread? Why can we not respect each others beliefs and debate in an intelligent way, instead of berating each other. What does this accomplish? As soon as someone is insulted, they feel no need to listen to the points that you list in your response. An insult completely shuts off the critically thinking mind, and is not constructive in finding the truth!

    This link talks about the possibility of a brown dwarf planet:

    I personally believe that, if this is true and is indeed a planet ~4 times the size of Jupiter, then it could be both a brown dwarf and the planet that the Sumerians called Nibiru. I would highly suggest everyone read Zecharia Sitchin’s The 12th Planet. It is very well put together and quite thought provoking. Dismissing such “absurd” claims without doing any research can all be termed forced ignorance. Doing the research and disagreeing with the material after using your critical thinking skills is called having an opinion. We all come from different backgrounds, and due to our differences in culture, religion, socio-economic status, etc, we are bound to view the same material from different points of view.

    Having said that, I believe this planet IS the Nibiru of Sumerian “myth”. A brown dwarf only 4 times the mass of Jupiter would not destroy the planets. I took this from

    “According to the radius of the Sun is 697,000 km, which means that the volume of the Sun (using 4/3*pi*r3) is about 1,418,364,847.22 billion cubic km. The radius of Jupiter is 71,492 km, which gives us a volume of 1,530,600.9 billion cubic km. This means that inside the Sun, you could probably jam in about 926 Jupiters!”

    Multiplying Jupiter’s mass by 4, which approximately equals the mass of this Mysterious planet (which I will now term Tyche, which is the semi-official name), does not hardly amount to a fourth of the Sun’s volume. I personally do not believe that such a mass would destroy planets or the orbits of planets, although it could cause perturbations.

    The gravitational force of such a mass could actually cause various effects in Earth’s seismic activity, volcanic activity, weather patterns, etc. If Tyche is coming towards us, which would support the lack of movement of the object in the sky, these effects are only going to increase with time.

    I personally believe that geological activity on earth IS increasing, and I believe that the approaching Tyche is the cause. NO ONE can assert whether this is ACTUALLY true, so we can only speculate, so please do not speak about such matters using such arrogant confidence. The gravitational force of Tyche is anologous to the tidal effects of the moon. Just as the moon affects the tides, I think that Tyche’s enormous mass is affecting Earth on a larger scale, stretching and squishing it, which would directly affect seismic activity and volcanic activity, and perhaps directly or indirectly affect weather patterns: air currents, temperature, water currents, etc.

    IF Tyche is Nibiru, then of course the government could keep this from the public to prevent mass chaos. Thus, we cannot be sure if this Mysterious object is a brown drawrf, if is it approaching our solar system, or if it affecting Earth geologically.

    As for my sources, I take most of them from the translations found in the Sumerian texts, especially the insightful translations by Sitchin. Berate Sitchin all you want, but translating cuneiform is a difficult task, and because cuneiform texts have multiple translations, many different interpretations could be made. I simply choose to believe in Sitchin’s credibility and earnest attempts to spread the truth!

    I may be a nut according to mainstream, but that will not cause my beliefs to waver. I trust in my own research skills, my own reasoning, and my own critical thinking. Also, because my opinions are not mainstream, it does not mean they are not true! Everyone thought Einstein was a fool when he first published his 1905 papers. Now look at him.

    I’d be glad to attempt to answer any questions, but PLEASE be civil on here. There is already too much hate in the world.



    • Welcome to the Nut farm then Nate. Glad to have you in the numbers.
      Good post.
      Its not hate nate, its angst. On My side , I am a Bi-polar with Asperger syndrome. I do my best to behave and stay calm and analytical, But I occasionally falter.
      Ok. Ive a question for you.
      Why Tyche? Are you suggesting that the planet they are calling Tyche is in fact Nibiru? If so why?
      Why not elenin, or other bodies recently identified?
      Yes yes, elenin is a little comet, but I am saying it may actually be in orbit about the real nibiru, which would account for its odd movements that the russians claimed, are controled.
      What leads you to say Tyche specificly?


      • Ok this is hard to explain, but here is a news article you should peruse first:

        I put it in the previous post, but it’s there for easy clicking lol. Ok, IF this is true, then I think this planet should be Nibiru. In the Sumerian creation story, Nibiru was a giant planet, much larger than Jupiter. It was the home of the Annunaki and all that jazz.

        I simply think that they are calling this planet Tyche, yet the Tyche of today and the Nibiru of old are one in the same. The planet, according to the Sumerians, has a 3600 year orbit, and is tilted off of the ecliptic plane. These facts seems to line up with observations made with Tyche. Also, if the prochecy of 2012 is true, then perhaps it could be line with Nibiru’s return to the solar system.

        I read SOMEWHERE (can’t remember the site) that mentioned the planet was approach from around Orion’s Belt in the south. Yet, in the Sumerian tellings, when one looked for the approach of the Gods from the heavens, they looked to the South, to Orion (I’m SO sorry I don’t have the site references). This is another correlation to Nibiru.

        In terms of Elenin, they have a good grasp on it’s orbit, and I don’t see how it would be in orbit around anything other than the Sun, like all comets in our system. It’s size is too small according to the Sumerian stories to be Nibiru. If it were orbiting something other than Earth, then it’s trajectory would be much different than the data that the NASA site provides. It would also disappear for a period of time when it was behind the object it was orbiting, which would be easy to observe. I really don’t think this is the case, but who knows, it could be another cover up?

        However, the revelation speaks of a “mountain of fire” that was thrown into the sea. It also tells of a great star, blazing like a torch fell from the sky. Perhaps Elenin or Asteroid 2005 YU55 are a part of the rapture. I would suggest you read the book of Revelation from the perspective of ETs. It’s quite eye opening.

        Who knows, but from everything I have read, Tyche seems a much better bit for Nibiru than comet Elenin, which is only 3-4km in diameter (I think).

        I have not read about the comet being controlled, but even if this is true, I still don’t think it would be orbiting Nibiru or be Nibiru itself.

        I will say that there is something suspicious about both Elenin and Asteroid 2005 YU55, but I’m not sure what it is.

        Hope that answers your questions!

        Suggested reading: Everything You Know Is Wrong by Lloyd Pye, The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin



  18. I simply wish to add a note about crop circles. If you go to, you can search through MANY crop circles. Some seem very shoddy, while other are huge and immaculate. To me, there is SUCH a difference between man made and non man made crop formations. One crop circle is a response to Carl Sagan’s 1974 radio message sent into space. There is a face using the same technology used in photographs. In other crop formation, there is an appearance of a face with a disc containing a code in ASCII. This formation was used a technology analogous to televisions. Please watch:

    There is even a crop circle giving us the digits of pi (3.14159…). There are so many codes and messages and perfection in these formations, I simply cannot believe that all of them are hoaxes.

    There are SO many more that are simply inexplicable. Realize that is only takes ONE. It takes one crop formation from ETs to confirm their existence, yet there are so many unexplained crop circle. It only takes ONE legitimate UFO sighting, yet there are thousands. How can 100% of all of this be fake???? I simply CANNOT believe in such an absurd probability. Believe in Occam’s Razor; the simplest answer is often to correct one.

    We all need to open our eyes to the truth and THINK FOR OURSELVES. Stop letting the media and the government think for you.


    • Hi Nate.
      Right you Are lad.
      But, there ARE ways to tell legitimate crop circles from the man made ones.
      The most obvious indicator is that the true ones are often far more complex, Large and very sharp and perfect in feature. The symetry is incomparable. To man make the same ones would take weeks of planning and days if not weeks to produce in the field.
      To do so with out being witnessed, to do so within the few and wee dark hours of the night in a single night, to do so with out leaving signs of man trampling, foot prints, walk paths in the grass etc, is nearly impossible.
      The final two points that cannot be faked how ever, that very few people actually know about are these…
      1- increase in radiation and electromagnetic fields in the area which last for days after wards.
      2- Man made fakes have crushed stalks which are broken and bent and crushed in the portion of the stalk where the plants are made to Bend and lay down. REAL crop circles do Not contain broken or crushed stalks how ever. The plants have mild bulges at these points of bend that show signs of heat and iradiation but not actually cooking. Further, when examined under a microscope, the bend areas show virtually No trauma at all, almost as if the plant had naturally Grown in that bent shape to begin with.
      This Simply Cannot be faked by Man.
      The truth is in the little details that others overlook.
      ~ VARAKIENEN.😉


  19. To dave and vara id like to clear up with the mediterranean sea:

    If the theory of an expanded Mediterranean that stretched across the Sahara is true then it may be that this was the principal source of Mediterranean water at that time. That is one that came not through the Straits of Gibraltar, but a more circuitous route now blocked. In this scenario the final fracturing of the land bridge between Europe and Africa may have been a much later event, and undoubtedly represented a catastrophe of unbelievable proportions.

    When this land bridge gave way it would have released countless trillions of tons of water into the Mediterranean Basin creating devastating waves possibly even a mile or more in height. These would quickly have poured across the arid dried up sea bottom as well as devouring more fertile regions in a cataclysmic wall of water and clash of waves whose roar would have been heard for hundreds of miles.

    It is possible that the force of the waves would have overflowed the Mediterranean Basin completely and carried on over parts of the Middle East, even as far as Mesopotamia in what is today Iraq.

    This event has occurred no less than six times as the basin has dried and refilled by the formation of natural walls of land, the latest event is thought to have occurred 5million years ago.

    Just my bit



  20. Nate:
    One of the most outstanding posts I’ve read on wordpress. Thank you, so much, for the information. Keep up the good work.
    The Master of Disaster


  21. Hmmmmmm, my opinion of some of the crop circles is that sign you see is their insignia or representation of who they are either from a certain star system or of what race they are from etc and so forth. Example in ancient times the Roman Legions had insignias that represented what Legion they are from for identification purposes.

    Now some of these other crop circles I have noticed indicates something else and points to the possible location of where they are coming from since they show a map of some kind. On some others its very hard to figure out its meaning.

    We simply do not have the master book to convert these signs to who and what they are or of where they are from.

    As a matter of fact with it being so precise and verified to not be of human means, adds further to the mystery of what is the purpose of these aliens doing such a thing and why. What is the true intent behind all this.

    We are not arguing or debating its existence, but we sure would like to know why they do this.

    Anyway interesting tit for tat subject.



  22. The cold hard facts are just out of reach. We have information overload. Too many speculative oppinions and unconclusive research. Only best guesses. We humans are insecure of the unknown and therefore fill in the gaps to connect the dots. Nutrinos, 2012 and the myan calandar, Nibiru, earthquake events on the rise, volcanos erupting…. We measure and record and ask the question “why” and try to answer the questions. Only so we can feel more secure. The fear factor is a powerful motivator. So far as I gather, no one has any definitive proof for or against the oppinions of those posted here and out on the net. Based on that alone I can only come to the conclusion that all I can do is wait and see what happens next, If its a solar flare that knocks out the power grid then I will read books by candle light, if its aliens hell bent on human irradication and slavery then I will fight the good fight and die with honor, if its earthquakes and sunamis, then I will move to safer ground, if its planet X gravititation pulling the earth apart then I will die knowing I couldn’t do anything to stop it. If its a government coverup and forsaking me to oblivion then I will die knowing I couldn’t do anything to change their policy. If its all Bull Crap then I will continue my life as I have and live in peace and die of old age. No matter what happens I will be secure knowing I am but just one man content with what I am able.
    Please continue with your research and measurements formulating your best guesses and oppinions as you do. so I may continue to be entertained.
    Soaring Eagle


  23. GreeGreetings Soaring Eagle

    Right on brother, and that is exactly what I have been trying to say all along, but people demand answers to satisfy their insecurity known as FEAR. Even the Aliens know how powerful it is to humans.

    For me I prefer to do research in some areas of interest, and of course me too want to know as well > How Stuff Works With Alien Technology. Its the curiousity factor that comes into play, and I would love to toy and examine some of their stuff. However unfortunately they don’t want us to even touch it lest it spook us. hehehehehehehehe.

    So, I guess we all are riding in this roller coaster and letting it take us to places we have never explored!!! As long as I got my Kiss Music, M.J. Music and many others, it gives me some peace of mind to ride with the wind whichever way it blows.

    Nice post indeed Eagle. Nice post.

    Daveyotings Soaring Eagle

    That is exactly the point I have been trying to say all this time. Nothing much we can do except bend over and


  24. Gawd almighty this wordpress is really bad.



  25. @Soaring Eagle. I personally am not fearful. I only want to find out the truth. I know that I cannot do anything about it, but I want to find the truth about many things: Human Origins, the Origin of Life, the Origin of the Universe, what gravity is, what time is, and many other things. This is just one bump in the road to find the truth. I find it interesting that everything you proposed could happen would have a negative effect and that if nothing happened, then you could live out your life peacefully.

    However, we are using up the resources of our planet faster than we can replenish them. Eventually (perhaps a few decades or perhaps even 1000’s of years) we will run out of them. Eventually we might destroy the planet, or we might be destroyed due to our insufficient scientific knowledge. Yes all of these negative things could happen, but what about the positive?

    There is so much poverty in the world. There is no restriction of having children in most countries, so we are quickly approaching a maximum capacity of sorts. There is an abundance of war, the food industry is out of control (watch Food, Inc.), and pollution everywhere (also think oil spills, Fukushima, and other disasters). We are killing ourselves slowly but surely.

    What if there are good ETs out there who desire to save us from our destructive ways? What if they want to erase ALL of these problems, erase hate in the minds of man (hate towards homosexuals, other races, etc), and allow us to live peaceful, happy lives.

    I don’t think what we have now is prosperity. Only about 25% of the population has a college education, which is a sad statistic because most (not all) of the 75% simply live in the manner by which they are told without questioning it. There are so many people who have not learned to think for themselves. In high school, we are not taught this. We are only taught to regurgitate the knowledge given by books and teachers. In my college experience, I was taught to question everything I read. To question its validity, feasibility, and authenticity. I was taught the skill of critical thinking, and it has opened my eyes. I am a scientist. I don’t believe everything I hear. I do my own research and draw my own conclusions.

    What might happen to us doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Perhaps it could be a Revelation to a new and better life.


  26. GHi Vara and Nate

    Interesting to note Vara of your medical condition. I know about that and its a devious thing isn’t it.As to Nate, no its not a berate type of situation. Its a war of words, hehehehehehehe, as one trys to out do the other. Personally I don’t care for it but some people tend to make it quite obvious.

    I have my reasons which I care not to divulge.

    This Nibiru and other names called in regards to that has gone viral and no matter what anyone says it will fall on deaf ears and blind the eyes as well. We will be talking about this till you are blue in the face. As a final note of this that Gas giant if true is not going to enter our solar system.!!!! Its way tooo far out about twice the size of Pluto’s current orbit to our Sun!!!!

    I suspect its a Neutron Star that is lurking around which has not yet been found. You cannot spot a neutron star even with our technology today. This little piece of shit is 10 times more powerful than Nibiru!!!!!!! Another way of putting it, its like a magnet of sorts. How big is it, about the size of a city around 30 km diameter/18 miles. It can affect planets and their orbits and it does not have to be even close. A neutron star is a dead star that compressed itself so much and its so cold it does not radiate anything but it packs a super punch of power that boggles our mind. Example say we have the ability to harness and grab its power, it has more than enough energy to provide everything on this planet for the next million years!!!!! or more since what we use compared to what it has is unbelievable. The scientists consider this star extremely very dangerous and none of us definitely want it to come close to us at all. Its also known as the death star, meaning anything that it gets its hands on, it will destroy even JUPITERS magnetic field!!!!!! Our Sun will have a hell of a time fighting this one off.

    The astronomer scientists may be on to something in regards to our Sun having a sister around. We probably did and one of them is that neutron star. The odds are unknown.
    On the other hand perhaps they did find it and are staying quiet about it. That is why no one sees it. They have given us the location area of where it can be found, in the Orion Constellation, but no one is thinking about a Neutron Star so they overlook it and duh, they don’t see cause they are looking for something else. heheheheheheheheeeee. It is also a very slow moving object going about the speed of planet Earth or a bit slower. Not fast enough to even catch your eye.
    I just love it the way some people are being so bullheaded that they don’t even consider any other possibility of something else existing besides frickin Nibiru. hehehehehehehehe.
    Have a nice day
    PS Just recently Scientists have discovered another kind of Neutrino coming from the sun and it does affect our core!!!!!! This comes out from the Suns Flare CME’s. Hmmmmmm, any co-incidence here???

    awd almighty this wordpress is really bad.



    • Dav Dav Dav.
      No to Neutron star.
      A neutron star would have at least equal to greater gravitational pull than our sun it self. With SUCH a pull it would have stolen a few of our planets away from the sun which them selves would be Quite visible.
      Of Course a neutron star can be detected or we wouldnt know they exist to this day. The gravitational effects they have on other stars and the jets of gamma and Xradiation coming from either pole would be a dead give away.
      Lastly, what Ever the ancient cultures were refering to in the sky’s was visible and close and seen as passing by. No Way can That be a neutron star. The winged star, the bearded star, etc.
      I am also not so sure about Tychs Orbital trajectory.
      I dont think Tyche, IF it exists at all and isnt just a distraction phantom, comes all that close to the core system of planets. and if it doesnt, then it cannot be our candidate. Lastly, I dont think the government or science departments would Ever give us some thing to look at in the sky that could be the culprit. If they point out any thing in the sky Ever, it will be a distraction. They simply wont risk drawing more amature eyes to the evidence area than they can help.
      Nate, Take a look Here please:


      • @Vara, thank you so much for this link!

        Here is a excerpt from it:

        “Most ominous in Minister Serdyukov’s report is his assertion that Comet Elenin appears to be in “direct contact” with the mysterious Jupiter-sized planet discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto that is, also, headed inbound towards our Sun. American scientists Daniel Whitmire and John Matese from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have named this mysterious planet Tyche, but as Earth-Issues stated previously in “Russian Leader Confirms To Pope New Planet Arrival In 2012”, the ancient peoples of our Earth new it by other names as well.”


        Perhaps Elenin IS being controlled and if so, is in direct contact with Tyche as the article mentions. This would further support the idea that Tyche is Nibiru, the home of the Annunaki, and they are controlling the comet from their home planet.

        To play devil’s advocate, maybe the large planet’s gravitiational field is perturbing the comet’s orbit, without help from ETs. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

        Perhaps it is a distraction, but perhaps it is true. If Tyche enters our inner system, it will be visible both day and night (as described by the Sumerians as well). If this is true, then there is no way the government could deny it’s existence. Thus, they would be forced to discuss it. Maybe the government is slowly trying to bring this to the public eye because it is inevitable that a whistle blower will reveal it for what it truly is.

        WHATEVER is going on, it is clear that SOMETHING is going on.

        As for the idea that Tyche=Nibiru, trust in our ancient civilizations. There were no coverups, lies, or scandals. They told the truth as they knew it, or as they were taught…



  27. OK, I’m sorry to have to do this, but much of the information you provided here is either false or contradictory.

    Much of the information I present can also be found here:

    I know they say that Wikipedia cannot always be trusted, but such pages in mainstream science are usually accurate and can be easily supported by legitimate outside references.

    Before I begin, I do agree with the size of about 30km in diameter. The neutron star is technically a dead star, so that much is true. It does “pack a punch” and “acts like a magnet of sorts” if you are referring to it’s immense gravitation field.

    However, you fail to delineate between relatively new neutron stars and old ones. A relatively new neutron star rotates rapidly, as is conserves angular momentum when it compresses down from the supernova event into the neutron star. Over time, it slowly slows down in rotation, but for a while it releases massive amounts of radiation, which escapes mostly at the relatively weaker magnetic poles.

    A type of neutron star that is easily detected is called a pulsar, which can be located by pulses of radio waves. With our current technology, we can easily identify them in the sky.

    Another type is a radio-silent neutron star, but would be undetectable with instruments that measure electromagnetic radiation.

    BUT, relatively new neutron stars are very hot, and emit a white light in the spectrum of visible light, so if one was close enough to affect the orbits of the solar system, it would most likely be visible with our current technology. If the technology were available, then you are right in ascertaining that we could utilize it as an energy source, but this would not be true if the star was cold, as you mentioned.

    If the neutron star is cold, then most of the radiation has left the neutron star and the rotation slows down drastically. This is an “old” neutron star, which would not emit radiation, would be cold, and would be undetectable, as you said. It would also retain it’s large gravitational field, which might cause the disturbances that you mentioned as well.

    Perhaps this kind of neutron star does exist instead of Nibiru, and thus your response seems credible after throwing out the incorrect information.

    In response to the fact that Nibiru is far past Pluto’s orbit, the Sumerian myth explains that it’s orbit is very elliptical (like a comet’s orbit) and thus only reaches the inner solar system when it approaches it’s perihelion.

    Hope this clarifies things!



  28. hmmmm

    I am not going to get involved with a viral debate. I leave it up to VARA and Nate and whoever else. Cause I know that there are various kinds of neutron stars and this one I suspect is a dark type. The speed I referred to was its speed similar to our planet as it orbits the sun. With that in mind, this is slow compared to many other asteroids or comets that streak across the cosmos.

    I gave my opinion and I think its a neutron star and with it being only 30km or less its very hard to detect considering the size of our cosmos nevertheless.

    Hell if a asteroid can sneak up on us with less than 12 days notice what else is new ehhh. By the time they revealed it to us it was only 4 days notice.

    Call it whatever you wish. By the way ancients don’t always have to tell the truth, as they also lied quite well during their time. Not anymore different than it is now. Been the same. Again maybe not a lie but a misunderstanding of what they wrote down as that itself is still not official and in stone of what we today is trying to decipher their messages..



  29. After such a long absence I think it’s time to add in my own observations

    This planet ‘Nibiru’ could possibly be a solid planet similar to mars; its core is almost solid and its rotation is slowing. This could also account for the possibility that Elenin is a very small moon/pseudo-moon stuck in its gravity… I also believe the possibility that it could be under powered control sort of like a defensive satellite. I follow the ideas from the Sumerian texts that it is on a binary star rotation period taking 3600 years to complete a cycle. I do not believe it to be a neutron star as a neutron stars gravity is still comparable to the original star it came from, therefore if this thing was anywhere near our solar system it would defiantly have a visible effect on the planets.

    I don’t really have the time at the moment to research like I used to. So for now like daveyo ill leave this to the two of you to debate out