Tribe ‘Papua New Guinea’ meets white man for the first time (video)

Tribe on Papua New Guinea meets white man for the first time. Filmed in 1976.

How would you react if you encounter aliens, for the first time in your life!

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5 responses to “Tribe ‘Papua New Guinea’ meets white man for the first time (video)

  1. Absultely encapturing -so incredible in this day an age but what innocence
    !Thay are living with the earth not against it.


  2. john l sullivan

    A truly humbling moment in time. That man is so privileged. The way they tried to rub the white off of him, I watched in awe. Not so sure that I would have introduced big sharp knives to them on the first visit, as you notice that they greet him with all there own weaponry ready to hand, but he handled the situation like a true diplomat.
    The only other time I believe that type of situation has been filmed was with David Attenborough, when he was introduced to a tribe from New Guinea in 1971.


  3. I absolutely loved this video…..My soul was smiling. It made me realize how we take the smallest things for granted. In the beginning they did not want to shake their hands…hehehe…..But he felt like sorta of a celebrity in the end when he played back the voice recording of his song…..Truly Amazing…..This is the way life should be !!! Peace To All.:)


  4. Amazing.
    We should all be living like this.
    It wouldn’t be “hard” if it just was.
    As Sheila stated, they are living WITH the planet, as a part of it; NOT AGAINST IT.


  5. I hope that in the long run, this wonderful tribe has been able to survive and thrive, after encountering White Man. When they were touching him, I was worrying so much they might catch some disease from him, that they have no immunity to. I expect even a mild case of the flu, which we are accustomed to and don’t think twice about, could be fatal to such an isolated people. The White Man has often brought new inventions and knowledge to such people, but he has without a doubt also brought much pain and disease and destruction.

    What a fantastic treat to see such a video, though. The camera has made it possible for us all to share that unique and amazing moment in time, which will never come again. What a privilege. I do wonder though, if they weren’t better off as they were, in perfect harmony with nature and Mother Earth. I do hope and pray they and their ways and customs have survived their meeting with civilization and that their unique knowledge of the forests isn’t lost forever. We need their knowledge and wisdom, just as much as we assume, that they need ours.