ASCII code was drawn in Crop Circle at Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011

A new crop picture which appeared near Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011 shows at its centre a large seven-pointed star, which clearly resembles another star-like crop picture from Lane End Down in southern England during July of 2005.

That 2005 crop picture predicted the outburst of comet 17P Holmes two years later in October of 2007. Could another cometary outburst be imminent?

ENKI (wikipedia)

Even more interestingly, a series of seven rays along the outside of that new crop picture at Poirino are written in eight-bit ASCII code, and seem to identify the crop artist as “Ea” or “Enki”  who was a tall blond extra-terrestrial god in ancient Sumeria. According to ancient legends, he and Innanna created modern humans by hybridizing sperm from the male gods with eggs taken from local aboriginals, already living on Earth tens of thousands of years ago.

Crop Circle Poirino – 2011

The precise ASCII code which was drawn at Poirino goes as follows, reading clockwise around its large seven-pointed star:

01000101 E

01100001 a

01000101 E

01101110 n

01101011 k

01101001 i

00100000 space

That amazing crop picture also shows a series of “stars” around its seven edges, but it is not clear whether those symbols represent astronomical images around an exploding comet (as for Lane End Down 2005), or rather some clever mathematical code? Counting each set of “stars” individually, we seem to see “5.334444”.

Last summer in 2010 at Poirino, the precise number of “stars” in a similar crop picture specified the famous equation E = mc2 in decimal ASCII code.

Crop Circle Poirino – 2010

Crop Circle Lane End Down in southern England – 2005

Source and author: cropcircleconnector

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    By the way, I have seen Ea, and Enki, both associated with Light bringer or first fallen.
    This doesnt mean that the associations are correct in thier interpretation. Lots of things can be miss identified with lucifer, satan, or devil, each of which have seperate meanings and historical translations.

    Further, There are pre bible stories that have the light bringer as taking mans side, helping to educate him so that he may free him self from slavery, etc, and This is why he was cast out.
    History is written and re-written to the propoganda of the moment by each victor through out time. Often, I simply dont know What to think or believe as the interpretations are many and varied.


  2. I think it is logical that they have left a message in this script.Its a very interesting theory -maybe even the return of jesus?Kind of confuses things doesnt it?The bible does say we were created !


  3. These are beautiful and detailed. One of the most important reasons for them is to “activate” our own DNA with the potential for many new strands coming into play by just viewing these symbols. We are supposed to have memory of them and without even consciously realizing it, good things are activated in our own bodies in response. Many blessings are ours that we may not be fully conscious of yet. Don’t worry we will soon realize and remember this ~ it’s in our DNA long dormant. Much love! xoxoxox


  4. Enki was one of the shitty Annunaki aliens who yes genetically engineered and played around with us genetically as early apes and humanoid creatures as well as messing with animal DNA and accordingly created a seaming mass of horrific genetic disasters, they pretending to be God and telling us they were God, lies!. Those same scummy aliens also wiped out millions and millions of human beings in a successful attempt to reduce the human population as we (their SLAVES!!! and the reason they created us – to work in mines and as janitors and things they could fuck whenever they wanted!) were getting too many in number and they feared losing control of us, hence the Flood story, the massive earthquakes etc… Oh yeah you’d love the look of these freaks, 7 foot reptilians with razor fangs, scaly hard dark green skin/scales and big green tails… not too attractive, oh and they like eating human flesh, particular babies… and the rable of their own kind (the ones who were their own lower caste and who were left behind as trash when they were kicked off Planet Earth millennia ago have already in true reptilian fashion assumed the higher seats of afluence and power and are already here posing as politicians, movie stars, elite athletes and Royalty… assisted by a genetic gift to shapeshift… and unfortunately Nibiru (their war-ravaged shit-hole of a planet) is soon to pass us by again and we might have the unfortunate pleasure of their company yet again… maybe those huge three ships periodically sighted are loading cargo ships to take 6 billion of us away as slaves, dont be surprised if our beloved Governments have contracted a trade of most of us for peace with the Annunaki when they arrive… remember our Governments have publically stated the ideal world human population is 500 million. There are over 10 billion of us on Planet Earth. Pack ya pyjamas people lol… and laugh at your own risk, it may just happen…


    • Optic-X.
      You have a significant number of archeological and translated facts wrong.
      Not only in ancient alien history, but in the current number of the earths population as well.
      If some of this is your “personal Theories”, then thats fine. But You have stated it all as if it were fact. And it cannot be fact with out evidence and proof to support it. And I am No slouch on these particular topics.
      By the way, Which governments specificly publicly stated that the Ideal human population is 500 million.
      Thats an Illuminati quote, and to my knowlege, No government has stated it.
      Please provide Links to such.


  5. @Optic X ~ This is about the nastiest scenario I’ve heard yet. If this is your future, please keep it to yourself as we aren’t buying today. It’s not like we don’t have enough darkness without your trash filled sharing here. We are each choosing our own future by creating it. Too bad you are creating such ugliness, we’ve had enough with the old rulers who are leaving now. Perhaps you’d like to go with them? It’s a choice. For the rest of us, we are creating a new dawn of a new day. Light has won over the darkness and as our consciousness rises all things become possible. We have the power to activate our own DNA but that, too, is a choice. You can stay in the swamp of your own mind or you can learn to fly like an Eagle.


  6. A lil off the path Optic, but all should keep in mind it won’t be a cakewalk either. Read up on the essentials.
    Survival, combat, bartering, learn new languages, etc..
    Learn to live off the land, build shelter, hunt & local botany helps.


  7. why we bother with theories that have no backing I’ll never know.We do have some serious problems on this planet,not least of which is our inability to recognize our inability to manage the planet.I believe it was Julius Caesar that said “divide and conquer”.Humanity is so fragmented by an endless number of hypotheses regarding our origins that we have lost touch with the fundamental need to care for our life support system.Greed,elitism,disregard for Mother Earth will be our downfall long before some unknown quantity from outer space.There are entities here on Earth that thrive because of all the confusion.While we focus on “false flag” perils,those entities mold the human psyche to better suit their goals.I am more inclined to think that,in this age of holographic imaging and advanced technology,we are being duped into seeing and believing things that are merely a figment of our imagination helped along by some clever propagandism.Things are not always as they appear.The truth will be stranger than any of us can imagine.Stay tuned.


    • Yes the truth is stranger in one sense. It’s so strange because it’s so simple while we have been inundated with confusion in knowing who is who, who created what, when , where and why. This confusion is intentional and if we are confused then when the truth is told we won’t know the difference so will reject it. YOu can tell who in history told the most real information. They were quickly killed while not committing any crime. Yes the one called Jesus told many basic glimpses to reaity but you won’t find his teachigns in christianity as religions are the confusing creations of those who go against the real creator crew. The creator crew allows and even provides these to the seeds they plant (souls) so they have a formitable opponent to build their minds against and in so doing take control over their own phyisical containers. Humans are simply time share computer systems but with the ultimate choice of what/who to let into our house/mind to shape our sense of reality. The players are space aliens(human equivilents, reptilian or mammalian) and discarnates (dead humans) aka spirits and the fellow humans that do their bidding in varied degrees.

      It’s also tell tale when humans begin to believe that they have that much to do with the course of the Earth. For instance global warming and previously the flood. I say humans because the space aliens are human in that they reproduce in mammalian ways whether artificially or sexually. They also all need to eat, they all shit and they all die, though some may live considerable longer than surface limited humans which may have to do with their environment but I more suspect it has to do with the kind of body they have been issued. You see those we call space aliens, and I’m not talking about humans who have been taken over by space aliens, as space aliens to shower us with their desired programming and discarnates who once were space aliens also take over humans but that doesn’t make those humans space aliens and doesn’t equip them to live longer than the 120 or so year limit imposed upon most humans after the flood. Anyway, those that live longer and who are able to circulate in near space (as they can’t go very far really and don’t want to anyway because what they want/need is growing on earth – DNA, human eggs they want to mix their sperm into to grow bodies they can then take over for their own species survival and agenda. These space aliens were once in a program instigated by the true creators of it all, that if they completed would enable them to win a new physical body that is not mammalian nor reptilian nor human except in humanoid outward appearance. The body they could have won is grown on a vine and is powered by light, thus is photosynthetic and thus does not need to eat, sleep, digest, and doesn’t have the plumbing nor need to reproduce. Those that create these vehicles don’t give them out easily as they don’t need new membership but for the few that stay with the program, they are glad to give them a new more evolved life that they enjoy but is in the service to the Older Members of their environments (they don’t have a home – home is whereever they are. They are naturally bedowin). Now part of the program is to tell others of the program when the reps from the creator kingdom come to instigate the next phase of the overall brith program to the small group they are focused on bringing to a spirit/soul birth, aka a graduation or harvest . And when they share this program info, the religious under the leadership of one time program drop outs, kill them but theri willingness to lose their physical body is part of what they must arrive at to both prove their graft to a new family tree has taken. They need to be in this kind of program at least twice. Being wiling to give or lay down their physical body is routine for members of this creator crew. They can actually change bodies they wear like we change clothes. For instance they need a differnet body should they need to do a task on Earth that includeds some face to face interface with some of the humans. This is where the idea of shape shifting came in but no one else can do this except those who have graduated into what is actually a complete kingdom level Above Human just like human is above animal and animal is above plant and plant is above mineral. The human kingdom was not designed to work as a final destination. It’s a stepping stone to the Next Level, what I’ve called the Creator Crew.

      Now one last stage in this program is to be issued a new vehicle (after giving/laying down the last one) and also a spacecraft and they receive certain tasks that should they mess up, won’t have too big of consequences. They do tasks called messangers and watchers and so they get to interface with humans and since their vehicle issue is still of a human capicity they can fall out of the ir service at any time which has taken place many times but we have record of it happening and they were called the annunaki and nephelium for instance though there are a number of tribal rooted “fallen angels”. When they fall away, they moreorless go against those that they don’t believe are the creators. They think they are simply more technologically advanced than they but they do know that souls are in high demand as souls are more powerful than human spirits.

      Anyway, it’s reclcing time for the planet and nor space aliens nor humans have that much to do with it and have no capasity to put it off or stop it. All those who are not in allegience to the creators will perish both physically and have their spirit lost as well. The one called the FAther who was an admiral equivilent in the creator crew came back and took a female human vehicle for it’s task. The name she used was Ti. and Do took a male vehicle. They were the rev 11 two witnesses and she was the rev. 12 woman and there is a huge amont of proof of this fosr those that are not afraid of examinng it, which you can do on many of my sites to include and


  8. isn’t his binary coding wrong, i notice 7 crop circles at each line yet his binary has eight in each line??? also id think the filled circles would have a 1 value not a 0.


  9. Read up on the essentials??? And the swamp of my own mind??? Geez people… if I told you the “swamp of my own mind” was cleared years ago by an actual acquantance of mine who just happened to be a reptilian hybrid and who shifted daily so he could pretend to be one of you and go to work and live like you (you’d be surprised to know how many of them you pass in the street!), and after friendship was established he “enlightened” me as to the past, the influence of reptilians upon our cultures, from Atlantis to Sumerian, to Egyptian, and the last full-swing reptilian party via the bloodthirsty Aztec and Peruvian cultures, (which included the 2012 prophecies – only dated so the hybrids left behind on our planet would know the timing of Nibiru’s (and their Masters) return to our part of the Solar system) then hell, fine folks…

    And why am I “off the path” when the subject was ENKI via the information in this crop circle story and the attached posted info about Enki who I was told by a reptilian as being still alive and expected to return, no Darla it wont be Jesus, we killed him remember. My ‘friend’ gave me a copy of a book by a dude named Sitchin and he said that same piece of literature was supported by reptilians who helped him piece their (and our) history together, albeit it a part-truth history without stating what they actually really look like and minus reptilian references (agenda)… but the destruction of our planet and the great flood is ackowledged as the work of Enki and Enlil and yes most of mankind was wiped out, Enki apparently feeling bad at the outcome and relieved to find we werent all dead… if history tells us anything, it is this, it always repeats, as Solomon said “there’s nothing new under the sun” so if you guys and gals prefer to think about fluffy fairies and pretty rainbows then sweet.

    @Darla – how do you know the ‘old rulers’ are leaving now, where’s your proof? As I understand, they are digging in by building massive underground and phantom cities and buying billions of dollars worth of dry food stock to store, check it out its fact. You hate me because I give you the truth?. I am not with them thank you. Oh and where’s your proof that you are activating and mind-altering your DNA and ascending!!!, you still eat and use toilet paper, right? You sound like a nice person but dont judge… what you dont know.

    @Varakienen – World population is understood to be currently between 9 and 10 billion people, assuredly 10 billion by 2100, whats 89 years between friends?!. But my sources are not as conservative as Governments, the true numbers of Chinese, Middle-Eatern and African populaces are specifically unknown, only “estimates”, but its semantics as the bottom line is – there are too many people on the planet and all Governments will agree to that being true.

    Everything Ive said can be researched in other places, its nothing new, the only difference from my perspective is that I once knew one… and he said it was true. Take it or leave it.


    • Optic X.
      You are among the most dangerous types of distractions.
      You mix facts and truths with your conjectures, and then make statements that cannot be proven.
      I agree that Darla her self has no proof. But I also think that though closed minded to many other things, she may be on the right track with our spiritual evolution.
      But what we Claim to Know about Enki and Enlil Must remain in the perview of speculation Only. Because dispite ancient tablets, carvings, and tales, we have no real Proof of who or what Enki actually was, nor his motives, nore his capabilities etc.
      Claiming that you Met a reptilian whom exposed it self to you and shared secrets doesnt do any more to help Your story than Darla’s claims of changing her DNA does for her. see where Im going with that?
      Do I believe the reptilians exist? I do indeed.
      Can I prove it? Not even remotely. And so, when I speak of it, I speak in the valley of hypothesis and conjecture.
      I dont know for sure what thier motives were in our history or in our present situation. I dont know what Race Enki was, tho My suspicions are that he and Enlil were not reptilian, but were of the nordic looking variety. I also suspect that Any race capable of what they may be capable of may have the capacity to shape shift, or at least give the visual ‘Apearance” of shape shifting, weather it is physical or illusionary in nature We cannot possibly know yet.
      I would like very Much for you to support your claims, and alegations with the researches you have done. show us WHY you believe what you believe so that we can assess for our selves and make our own determination.
      Sincerely ~VARAKIENEN.


  10. I think you are correct Luke.
    I have a problem with most peoples assertion that they know how to read, and get the meaning of most of these Crop Circle Anomalies.
    I have yet to see a fool proof translation system for this and god knows Ive been looking.
    It bothers me to No end that the circles are all coded. How ever, I also understand that if the meanings were clear as day, we the public would rarely get to see the circles as the government would impliment a scorched earth polocy and burn all evidence within an hour of thier making. They already have a shoot all alien craft on sight polocy in place.
    The butterfly man crop anomaly is among the most interesting to me, as a large group of people that can no longer be found claimed to have made it, but could not prove or reproduce a similar result. This placed the butterfly man how ever out side the usual consensus of confirmed true crop circles, which in my opinion is Exactly what the culprits wanted.
    Its HUGE. among the largest ever found, and I dont see 50 people creating it in complete secrecy in only a few hours. Its formation is perfect and symetrically balanced. If you google it you will see what I mean, and count it as among the most fantastic of the crop anomalies.
    I personally believe that its a messege of comming transformation for man. A growth or evolution time. It has made me start looking into the metaphysical aspects of all these events.


  11. @V – didnt I say it was from my perspective… isnt everything? Each to their own. As to their motives, its simple – to dominate…


    • no. its not simple at all.
      What is it that makes you think they want to dominate. and dominate in what way? by what means? what evidence?
      Where are you getting this?




  13. humans did this of corse look the symbol of Jews in last picture


  14. Hey there, I would surely like to put in my two cents, as I have done extensive research on these topics. I believe there is a war going on. A war that no one can prove, and few know about.

    @ Optic-X. The Sumerian texts, especially as translated by Zecharia Sitchin, do talk of Enki as the creator of man. He created man to mine gold because it has properties that could save the atmophere of their home planet, Nibiru. When I saw that this crop circle spelled out his name, my mind was blown. Perhaps the ETs that the Sumerians called Gods are going to return! But I support @Varakienen’s that they are the nordic variety. That is, tall, “immortal”, blonde hair, fair skin, etc. I believe these are the good aliens that was trying to slowly reveal themselves, so they do not cause panic. I believe that they were the Gods of the Bible and many other, more ancient “myths.” They are the ones who will bring Rapture and fulfill the Revelation. They are the ones responsible for the crop circles, and perhaps the UFO phenomenon. They want to reveal themselves slowly without causing panic, which is what the evil wants. They are the ones who will save us from the evil that plagues our world, those referred to as Satan or Lucifer in the bible. This evil: the Illuminati. They exist, and I believe that the upper echelons are these reptilian hybrids you speak of. The are the shape shifters who not only walk among us, but control the world and their governments. They focus on money and power, and only have ill will towards humanity and this planet. They are in control of the media, they are the ones who call ETs believers insane, and they are the ones who lie to the public and create massive coverups like the Hominoids (Bigfoot/Yeti/etc), Hollow Earth Theory (maybe?), and the UFO phenomenon. Good will prevail, and the Illuminati know that they have little time left before the Annunaki reveal both themselves as real and the sham of today’s governments, run by the Illuminati.

    Sounds crazy, but it’s what I believe. The truth eludes all of us. @ Luke and @ V, I believe the ASCII code was converted correctly. The eighth bit is the inner most circle, that is part of the border of the star-shape (if that makes sense). Also, it would be unreasonable to have so many 1’s vs 0’s because nothing legible could come from translating it in the reverse manner that you mentioned.

    Also @V, I think that there are multiple codes embedded in these crop circles, and those who detected the ASCII code only found the most obvious code. For example, the various arrangement of stars in each of the seven triangular pieces surrounding the circle must hold some code. And what about the significance of the number seven in correlation with the Revelation of the Bible! AND, what does the crop circle mean as a WHOLE!? Trust that the Enki/Ea translation is only one piece of the puzzle!

    Lastly, at Optic-X, if what you said about encountering a reptilian shape shifter is true, that is some CRAZY and slightly scary shit. I believe it, but sometimes its hard to hold onto my beliefs because the MSM and everyone you talk to says you’re slightly nuts.

    Let’s hope the Annunaki are going to help save this Earth. I know that without them, we might just destroy ourselves. Look at the weather! There are signs everywhere, perhaps 2012 is true? I want to believe in something better. Something where the focus is love and peace, instead of money and war.



    • WOW Nate.
      That was one of the most accurate, well thought out, lucid responses and comments I have read in quite a long time.
      I think you have hit it on the head with almost every single thing you said.
      I do not entirely agree how ever with references to the notion, that the translation of the above crop anomaly, refers to Enki as the author or creator of the crop circle. I believe it might make references to Enki, but Not that He is specificly the author, /creator of it.
      Thats a Very important distinction here folks.
      But Honestly, I do hope to hear more from you and regularly. You are as a breath of fresh air here mate.😉


      • Haha thank you for the encouragement! I’ve been scouring this site recently, and I will surely post more often! And, I TOTALLY agree that Enki wasn’t the author of the crop circle. However, I think he, perhaps not actually him but the idea of him and his role in ancient Sumerian myth, is linked to the intelligence responsible for the Crop Circle phenomenon.


    • @nate: I respect your perspective and it sounds very close to what David Icke teaches. I have been following all this for 30 + years starting when I was with those who were called by the media the UFO cult in 1975 that was all over the press. At that time the Two who said they were the Two Witnesses didn’t know much about space aliens. They thought all the ufo and contactee and abduction reports at that time were from the same Kingdom of Level they said they were from, what they termed the Evolutionary Level Above Human which was where the ones called Father and Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Enoch and Adam came from (though it’s important to recognize that these are the names of the physcial vehicles they took over to do their respective tasks with a relatively small group of students.

      As I was with them at first we didn’t do any significant study of the few books available then pertaining to UFO’s and space aliens, but then in about 1980, having changed their names from Bo and Peep to Do and Ti respectively They brought into our small group of then about 40 students a bunch of books including the Crash at Aztec. Anyway apparantly Ti, the Woman of the the TWO felt confused by the reports as the behaviors being reported didn’t jive with the behaviors she knew were common to every member of TELAH, or short Next Level (Next because the human kingdom is deisgned to be a stepping stone into the Level Above Human, KIngdom of God/Heaven, a physical place with many members who have physical bodies and do use physical spacecrafts for transport though they are not limited to nuts and bolt styled spacecrafts. They can actually grow a spacecraft that is living and a member of their crew can choose to be a pilot of such a vehicle and that would be their task for as long as they wanted it.

      For instance, all the reproductive/hybridization programs didn’t make any sense to Ti and Do. Why? Because the Next Level doesn’t reproduce that way. Their physical bodies don’t even have reproducitve systems or digesttive systems because they are not mammalian nor reptilian in biological design yet as Paul said in one of his letters (one of the few things Paul got right it seems), membes of the Kingdom of God have flesh vehicles but their flesh is what he called “celestial flesh” of a type/kind that is unlike what humans have.

      That was just one of the many clues to who was actually driving those spacecrafts. They weren’t “above human” as they would not need or want anything of the human kingdom nor any of the elements on Earth to save their home planet and/or themselves if they were “eternal” and if they had vehicles(body) that didn’t need the DNA they were often sited to be looking for from humans.

      Now where confusion comes in here is that many of these space alien groups say they started the human race which they may actually think they did because they did leave their position as an apprentise to the Next Level thinking that the Next Level was not really an Above Human kingdom but another alien group that was manipulating the human gnome for their own purposes rather than the ones who actually designed and developed the original genetic code of all the life forms. If these space aliens were the creators of human then did they also create all the animals and all the plants. Anybody with any sense knows these complex intelligent driven organisms (intelligence is based on making decisions to which even a one cell organism exercises, though of course in an innate kind of way because their gnome instructs it. This is where humans are different. Humans can cchoose to override the innate behavior). Anyway, the code took huge intelligent design just as plainly to recognize as a computer takes a huge amount of design. What these space aliens did do was impregnate or artificially impregnate humans when they disconnected from the group who said they created even the planets, etc. thus they did not create humans on earth, they simply did the same thing billions of humans do, mix the sperm with the egg and walla a new vehicle is born. Now that new vehicle if it came from space alien sperm would have all the characteristics and experience of that space alien until the sperm was donated/implanted to the egg though as the offspring developes it remains a subsconscious genetic propensity to the same thinking and behaviors of their “father”. By the account of Rael, his space aliens who hide their true appearance from him, they only live about 700 years but have a computer system that can take dna from theri forehead bone and manufacture a new vehicle. Thus they admit they die but are sayign they are eternal because that new vehicle is a replica of them. (I’d bet that computer system is a way to combine egg and sperm and perhaps grow it faster into an adult or perhaps it takes the same time period to bring their cloned body to adulthood as it takes for humans on Earth (as it is presumed that they are not on earth). I mean they told Rael in his abduction that is now a worldwide religion just like catholicism and who even use a tiny few of Jesus quotes to attract christians who see through the folly of religion while misquoting Jesus and not paying any mind to the many quotes that jesus said that would render his space aliens frauds as Elohim, for one because how could they be the genesis elohim and not be the ones who create the planet as well?

      Now , it’s important to recognize that this is not the first civilization on Earth and some of the space aliens actually got their space alien wings so to speak by enlisting in a Next Level “overcoming classroom” and succeeding to a degree to where they wer given tiny tasks that would test them further, namely tasks that delivered messeges and observed and reported to the comman d structure they later rebelled from, taking the space crafts they were given to use on their tasks with them and having received a new body “issue” that could live a lot longer than a human but was still subject to death.

      Also where the eternal part comes in, is because after death the spirit of that flesh, which is basically it’s genetic formatted memory that every cell contains but is most concentrated in the brain, continues to exist, but that is not LIFE and at a given point in the planets designed garden evolution while the surface of the planet is recycled/refurbished to vanish signs of civilization, the Earth’s “mind” if you will, referred to as the akasic record is also recycled and that was called the second death by Jesus who evidenced being from these true “above human” beings.

      I would bet that the Nordics have human styled bodies. The atherians do. The pleadians do and the arturans do and actually these may all be called Nordics as well as the Oriens, the big nose greys that are reported to have had some joint operatiosn with the US and English gov’ts.


  15. BeautifulMOTHERearth

    This is in defence of Optic. Actually Verakien, the Nordics are Reptilian, an gentic relative of the Reptilians. And like Optic I have a story which i believe to b true. My great grandfather and my grandfather both worked and lived in Africa and they always talked of the reptilian men who ran the diamond mines and had actual slaves, even as late as the 1960’s, the blacks and he said many of these poor men were cruelly treated and on many occassions these slaves saw them in their true appearance, like small dinosaurs. I believe this to be true and African shamans like the famous Credo state much the same. So Im with Optic on this and I believe he has told his story from his own life experience so I respect his opinion. I feel there is a lot of truth to it actually. And he and others have a rifght to express and make comments without others cutting them down. Having read many of the other pages on this site Verakien, you seem to be an argumentative type who cuts down other commentors at your own volition and YOU have no proof of anything you state at all. Stop being a bully and let people say what they want,ok? Whether you afgree with it or not is not your business or job to cut others down. I did not find his comments “dangerous” in the slightest, my own story is similiar and our African tradition is very strong, we dont lie to our children. You state you believe in reptilians yet you deny OpticX his story when he actually stated he knew one who actually told him stuff. You are a hypocrite Verakien, and he needs no research, he MET ONE who told him stuff, thats the best research and source info a person can get. No-one said you had to believe him, no-one asked for you to cut him down, he didnt cut down darla or you or anyone else, he jst talked about what he experienced from his own life and commented on THE POSTED STORY which was about enki, and thats enough for me.


    • We seem to have differing opinions on what cutting a person down means my dear BeautifulMOTHERearth.
      I dont feel I cut him down Any more than you just cut me down. I said it like I see it and so did you. thats all dear.
      Now, Onto Business.
      I have never ever heard before from any one, or from tablet reference, that the nordics them selves are reptilian, or in any way related to reptilian.
      Would you please provide us with the data or links that lead You to believe thus, so that we may make or own assessments?
      You are the first I have ever heard such a notion from.
      Hope you didnt feel bullied here.


    • I believe your story and here is one explanation that may be worth considering. Reptilian is a mutation of mammalian when the human mammals are moreorless forced to go underground (beneath the earth where Jesus and Moses and others said hell was) to escape what is happening to their environment above ground. Some of them survive underground because the intentional recycling doesn’t annialate every living creature on or under the planets surface and some may escape to a nearby planetary body or moon as well if by the time of the recycling time they have developed the technology to accomplish it. Living underground for as long as 1000 years, their species gradually adapts to the lack of sunlight. Credo Mutwa provided lots of insights to this reality. In Genesis the Moses record of the start of the Above Human hothouse during this civilization records the so called “serpent” which really translates to “hisser” because a hiss was related to whispering to influnece/manipulate another was ordered to survice on/under the ground and that hisser had it’s own seed so was not a spirit. It was probably a reptilian space alien that was permitted by the new environment to venture out from underground and the Kingdom of God planned that location to start their next crop of soul seeds that required a genetic human tree so that each generation of soul’s that are advancing have a compatibly advanced vehicle/brain/understanding capacity). Now when living underground they are not going to have much access to plants so the best food source are other living beings, be they animals or even humans, even humans of their same genetic strain but as these beings may be repulsed may have adapted to consuming blood primarily and they would not have to kill their offspring to get it. It could have become an aggreement as a way to survive which of course may be where the vampire stories come from as well as werewolf stories as there may also be a species that would come to the surface of the planet to hunt at night because their eyes can not handle sunlight after a while. To date we are about to experience the same scenerio. Humans in every large nation are no doubt building underground habitats because these reptilians and the space aliens from other planets that also experienced the periodic recycling the Kingdom of God designs into the planetary evolution (though who don’t see the Kingdom of God because the Kingdom of God stays hidden primarily so the small student body they work with on any planet serving as a soul developmetn garden need to build their consciousness and awareness into a knowing that is termed faith. This way there is no manipulation. If the Kingdom of God showed up in one of their cadilac spacecrafts and stepped out in a body that looked like the cocoon bodies the human would be overwhelmed and awed into belief. (now this can be done in the early stages of the soul gardens development because there is no chance that that vehicle is nearing graduation and this enstills a little dose of what’s possible into the observers genetic code that they then will pass on verbally and/or to offspring which can fortify the original seed (breath of life) that starts the genetic code off on, but over time can become atrophied from lack of use when the choices of an offspring cease to identify and seek the help from their orignal awareness of the existence of beings far superior to them.

      The entire earth garden is an experiment. There are certain cycles that repeat themselves but it’s an experiment that each time is handled as if it was new to where the Next Level crew assigned to the leg work of the experiment always seek to improve on what’s been done before.

      Ti said early on that the fact that Lucifer and others got close to Next Level membership was something to improve on and that she was going to see to the needed changes when she got back. She was going to up the standards to even get to the point of doing even domesticated level tasks for the Next Level as Lucifer and ariel and others were doing and no doubt one’s name could have been Enik.

      space aliens are not responseible for the natural disasters nor are humans. Some of both groups would like to believe humans are responsible as then they would not have to admit to the existence of people that orchestrate the whole ball of wax as what space aliens and humans have in common is wanting to think of themselves as being on top of the heap, independant and capable of designing their own planety garden and it’s life forms.

      The space aliens need humans to come up to speed on the development of energy souces they can use as well as in spacecraft production. Some of them desperately want to get off the planet because they know their fate is to go underground again and that is a hellish condition for any life form.

      It’ won’t be too long before we can not have these conversations. I know it’s become a favorite pass time for many and a game in a sense along with the acutally wonderment of all this and the senss of being in the know that elevates our sense about ourselves.

      But we are all being forced to show our allegience. Some space aliens want souls like those in this blog who they could take with them on their spacecrafts and/or might serve as ambassadors to humans as well as potential egg/sperm donars. they don’t want sperm donated from a being that doesn’t believe aliens exist as their offspring would not be able to fit into their environment nearly as easily and couldn’t be driven to the agenda they need to survive. One of the biggest characteristics of the space alien seeds is rebelliousness and that backfires on them so they want those that have been prepared to be in the Next Level’s schoolroom, who are meek and followers because they KNOW how they are nothing if the Next Level doesn’t give them anything.. To them serving the Next Level is an honor. And the next level actually doesn’t allow them to become mindless in that service as they don’t want robots. They want those who will both know they can count on their Older Membes who parented them into membership and who will do the best job they can at whatever task they have and there are many different types of tasks. They don’t want people who will always want to improve upon everything they see while not hardly capable of making that determination. There is plenty of creativity as a next level member but it’s not about self fulfillment as it is in the human kingdom. It’s about forwarding the Kingdoms agenda and valuing being any cog in it’s wheel.


  16. Just wanted to say thanks to Linda, Nate and Beautiful Mother Earth for the supportive comments, gotta say it sucked waking up and reading all the negative comments when hey, it was just my opinion… Nate, thanks for the information about Enki creating humans to mine for Gold, that is what I was told… my comments were not meant to be “dangerous” and its sad that some people wish to promote their ego’s over allowing others to say what they wish… at least in my part of the world one is able to exert the right of freedom of speech. I sincerely hope Darla’s perspective is the true and final outcome though I doubt it in the shorter term at least, as yes like Nate said there is a war going on and this planet is right in the middle of it, whether others here will agree with that or not is their business. On a lighter note, ie the reptilian thing, all I can add is that when one is enjoying a quite dinner party with very close and trusted friends and your reptilian guest pulls the ultimate party trick and does the crocodile eyes its a bit scary but also the funniest thing ever. LOL 🙂 .. but driving home and the realization of what one just witnessed finally sinking in is even scarier.


  17. The video of ufo’s in London was very poor quality. As for the probe crash in Japan it doesn’t talk of the explosivensm in reactor # 4 last week. And as for the Crop Circle in Italy, well It could be Enki which means planet Nibiru where he is from is coming or I should say ,it is here now ! ALSO known as Planet-X and ELEnin. Come Aug. to Nov. we are going to go through the four worst months in Earths history. So this is a warning that we need,right. Adonai


  18. Linda. I firmly believe that the reptilians are in fact native to this world as descendants of dinosaurs. I have said as much in several different threads and posts.
    I am how ever, not understanding what you are making reference to in your single sentance all caps lock statement.
    would you care to elaborate?


  19. People do not be deceived. Purify your souls and pray for the truth above all do not loose or regain your faith in God. It is easy to fall into temptation and sin that blinds us from the truth but the word of God is holy. Pray to God who is all merciful that we would be shown the way of righteousness. Peace,love and light.


    • @alex
      yes, pray to god, pray to god, PRAY TO GOD!!!!!!! dammit… do you have anything else to say other than this line over and over again, contribute to the topic at hand, or get out. By the way; by purifying my soul do you refer to the 1600’s method of purification.. that is to tie me to a pole and burn me so that my spirit would be cleansed of the ‘wicked’ body that it was attached too???

      pray for the truth?! how can you pray for the truth when your own religion hides secrets from you?

      and by the way im sure you went through some sort of schooling so you would know that 1 + -1 = 0 right? so how come you say ‘above all do not loose or regain your faith in God’… loose or regain?! so in other words dont believe?

      gah cant even be bothered picking at the rest of this!

      Now my part contributing to the topic at hand

      IMO the reptilian race are a super advanced form of dinosaurs, that have lived in the shadow of our society since the majority if their numbers became extinct 65million years ago. It has long been known that certain species of dinosaur (namely the velociraptor) were as smart or even smarter than humans in certain aspects and had it not been for a rapid cooling of the earth they may still have been the dominant species roaming the earth today. I think that this race of reptilians have always existed alongside mankind but they remain out of sight probably deep underground in deep mines since reptiles have a dependency on heat. anyway this is just my personal opinion on the notion of a reptilian species and has no backing…



      • I belong to no religion. God’s word has no secrets. I can’t express it enough to pray for the solely purpose that it is the only way to be heard. I myself felt God’s love and lost it through my disobediance and sins. I was deceived but have regained God’s love and truth through repentance and prayer. Jesus Christ died at the cross for our sins and it was through this sacrifice that we are all to receive God’s grace. I can not console on what was done in the past in the name of religion. I live in the now and i know my purpose in life. Everyone has a big part in life we just have to accept it without fear. Peace,love and light.


      • Hi Luke old buddy.
        I agree, surmans are Not the right place for this topic.
        But when I see this kind of thing, I see some one lost and struggling that has no where else to turn, and so they delve deeply into religion and give responsability over to a higher power where they cannot accept or take it for them selves.
        I usually in this case, just leave to others thier otherness.
        Now for your reptilian statements.
        I think it is less likely that they went under ground at the time of colamitty, than they left our world for a time, and in my opinion, did so extra dimensionally. I suspect time is slower in the place they went to.

        I have come to believe that they are among the Least advanced of the alien races that frequent and visit us. Both technologically and spiritually in thier developement, and they have not advanced much since they left the world and came back.
        Of course they are tens of thousands of years ahead of us. likely more. But I no longer believe them to be millions, and certainly not 65 million which represents the time that passed in our dimension.
        I think they came back and found other aliens playing with US in our more primitive state. and they werent all that happy about being forced to share a world that was once thiers alone.
        And so now, they manipulate and dominate.
        I dont think they are evil, just machievelian in nature. And I definately believe that they are one of the races behind the support structure that back sthe bilderbergs and the illuminati.
        These of course are Just my hypothetical beliefs.


  20. I belong to no religion. God’s word has no secrets. I can’t express it enough to pray for the solely purpose that it is the only way to be heard. I myself felt God’s love and lost it through my disobediance and sins but have regained God’s love through repentance and prayer. Jesus Christ died at the cross for our sins and it was through this sacrifice that we are all to receive God’s grace. I can not console on what was done in the past in the name of religion. I live in the now and i know my purpose in life. Everyone has a big part in life we just have to accept it without fear. Peace,love and light.


    • Varakienen I hold no religious title. I am a simple man of God who has been enlightened. I pray you read my words carefully and understand.


  21. Wow, there is SO much going on here that it might be hard to write a coherent response, but I will try my best.

    First, @sawyer. I am not familiar with Do and Ti, the Two Witnesses, but it seems to be that you are talking about beings who transcend the realm of physical life, perhaps that of a “spirit world” or “higher plane.” I completely agree with you, and @Vara mentioned on another thread the crop circle depicting a man with wings signifying the transcendence of mankind. Perhaps it is only a handful of people that will be selected, i.e. those who are good people and those who value love, prosperity, and peace.

    I do take stock in what I have read in the Sumerican culture, and it is entirely possible that these the creation of mankind and the hybridization of the gods and man could have occurred. Perhaps they did not create all LIFE, but they could have used their physical vessels to hybridize with hominoids (Bigfoot, Yeti, Almas, etc) to create Cro-Magnons (humans). Looking at fossil evidence, human skulls are much different then other hominid skull, and there is clearly a missing link between them. Once someone brings in a Bigfoot skull, it will be clear that the hominoids are the descendants of homo erectus and other pre-humans. And you wonder by Bigfoot is a coverup? Once they are revealed, it will be clear that we did not evolve here on earth.

    There is so much evidence here that I can’t ignore it. Perhaps these creators have not reached the Next Level where they can freely choose their physical vessels, or perhaps they are and they used their biological knowledge to create such a feat. I wish I could touch on more, but you threw so much at me that it is hard to do so (although I thoroughly enjoyed your response!). In short, I believe mostly everything that you said is true, but I think that there is a place for what I said to be true as well. Many religions talk of life after death, and I believe that this is what you were touching on. When we die, we may leave our physical bodies, but in a sense our spirit/soul/whatever remains. There are stories of reincarnation on the news, and it is a fundamental belief in Hinduism.

    Please watch:

    Moving onto the reptilians, I wonder WHERE they came from? Either way, I believe they are evil, they control the Illuminati, and they wish to create a New World Order (do your research on this because I could talk forever). I will tell all of you know that I am worried about 2012. I have read a couple times that the Illuminati may stage a fake alien invasion in order to declare martial law. They will use this power and this distraction to unite the world and create the New World Order. Just keep your head on straight if ETs come into the media!! You never know and this scares me because revealing aliens in a way which would cause panic is the PERFECT excuse to declare martial law. The law exists to control the masses and control chaos. It would be the perfect move against the “good” aliens, to which I refer to as the Annunaki, because it will be harder to reveal themselves in a civil way (I’m sorry I’m rambling now).

    @Sawyer. You mentioned the earth “garden” is an experiment. I have come across this idea a couple times and if both the Illuminati and the Annunaki do exist, perhaps our planet is an experiment. Perhaps they are actually allies, working together to test humanity or a game to see who can win. That would be a terrible thing indeed, but I have more faith that there is good out there that cares about the welfare of the planet and the human race.

    @ Alex and @ Vara. I think religion is a WONDERFUL topic on this board, but not for the reason you might think. The Bible as we know is today has been translated from Hebrew. Only the original Hebrew could be considered completely authentic. Regardless, there are SO many questionable things in the Bible that could possible refer to ETs as God/gods, angels, etc. For example, the nefilim (Sitchin translates them are those were cast down). Who were they? In Genesis they speak of roaming the land and sleeping with the daughters of man. Read the first chapter of Ezekiel, commonly referred to as Ezekiel’s wheel. WHAT on earth did this man see in the sky?? His description is so cryptic, perhaps he was seeing advanced technology that his mind could only comprehend it in term with which he was familiar.

    Read the Exodus story. There is a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night that watched and led the Jews through the desert. When they reached the Red Sea, the pillar moved so that it was between the camps of the Jews and the camps of the Egyptians. Why was it a pillar? It was clearly describes as moving of it’s own accord! Also, think about the topic of miracles. Perhaps they were bouts of advanced technology that were explainable by people in those time. IF we could bring Moses back to life in 2011, I wonder how he would describe what he sees today: cars, airplanes, computers, cell phones, the internet.

    To the atheists, agnostics, etc, who says that the Bible isn’t telling the truth? Everything in the Bible could be true. Everything could have happened, but perhaps it was not divinities or God. Perhaps it was ETs claiming to be or designated by the people as God. Perhaps they intentionally reduced the deities to one God, the all powerful, which would be a lot more easy to understand. They could pray and worship one God, and ONE authority seems much more logical than many. Look at our own world: the Queen, the President, the Kings and Emperors of old. Perhaps we intended to emulate them. (Yeesh I sound nuts right now.)

    To those who are tied to the Bible, it blinds you from being open minded. You can believe in God while still believing that everything I have said is true. If God IS the creator, then would he not still be your ever-loving God if he was an ET? Who knows. You should look at evidence in an unbiased way. Instead of viewing this material with the notion “there is NO WAY any of this is true,” you should view the material thinking “there is ANY WAY this could be true?”

    We don’t need religion to be good people. We don’t need to think about repenting for our sins, we should be focused on how we might become better people and live a peaceful and happy life. Being a good person in an inherent part of society and it is my opinion that some (not all!) use religion as an excuse. They know that they can do whatever they want, but because they believe in the Holy Trinity, they will be invited into heaven. Sorry but no, you can’t be a bad person and expect to get into heaven by default. Also, I don’t see how someone who is a good person would be sent to hell simply because they are not religious. This does not make sense to me.

    The Annunaki are God. The reptilians are Lucifer. They are fighting for humanity. If everything in the Bible is true, then so if the Revelation. Follow your own heart, your own reason, your own values.



    • Nate you are one of the chosen ones you understand. I don’t agree with the annunaki being our god for the simple fact that they are the gods behind all the deceitfulness. God has many divine entities that represent the one true God YHWH and the Holy Spirit from Angels,Archangels,Saints and Virgens. Also Jesus Christ, his Mother Mary and Seraphim. Do not follow your heart for it is foolish to do so. We will all come under judgment one day so it is not our judgement who or what happens to us in the afterlife it is God’s. Nate you clearly see what’s wrong with the world for we are products of our own environment that has been built to opress,enslave and keep the human race to fulfill its true potential. Peace,love and light.


  22. Didn’t forget but failed to mention also the Cherubim. Here is a prayer for blasphemie uttered against the Holy Name of Jesus. O Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer, Son of the living God, behold, We kneel before Thee and offer Thee our reparation; we would make amends for the blasphemies utterd. against Thy Holy Name, for all the injuries done to Thee in the Blessed Sacrement, for all the irreverence shown toward Thine Immaculate. Virgen Mother, for all the calumnies and slanders spoken against Thee, O Jesus, who hast said: “if you ask the Father anything in My Name, you shall receive,” we pray and beseech Thee for all our Brethren who are in danger of sin; shield them from every temptation to fall away from the true faith; save those who are even now standing on the brink of the abyss; to all of them give light and knowledge of the truth, courage and strenght for the conflict with evil, perseverance in faith and active charity! For this do we pray most merciful Jesus, In Thy name, unto God the Father, with whom Thou livest and reignest in the unity of the Holy Ghost world without end. Amen. Peace,love and light.


  23. This is not correct. I count seven dots not eight. Why are the light dots taken as 1s and the dark ones as 0s? Why not take the light ones as 0s and the dark ones as 1s? Why not read all the lines from inside out (or outside in)? You can’t read the lines as they appear in the photo – take the photo from another angle and then you’d have to read it differently. I don’t believe that this is ASCII.


    • Hey there Michael. Allow me to clarify some things.

      The first “dot” is located at the inner point of the seven-point star formation. It is included in the “border of dots” that surround it. I’m sure whoever tried to crack the code did consider a inverse translation, but so many 1’s would result in an incoherent translation. I’m not sure about translating it from the outside to the inside, but the code as it stands already contains meaning.

      And, what angle are you talk about? You could read the letters counterclockwise, but they would have no meaning. When read clockwise, they do, and the “space” and the use of capital letters helps separate the two words.

      Why don’t you believe it is ASCII?

      Feel free to “crack” the code on your own:

      There are people who spent a lot of time cracking the codes in these crop circles, so please do some research before spouting off disparaging remarks.

      If a coherent code comes from translating the code from the outside to the inside, I’d be like to know about it!

      What do you think about these circles?



      • I’m sorry, I was looking at the lines of binary on the image. The three on the right are from inside out, but the others are from outside in. The analysis doesn’t follow the figure.

        Thanks for sharing the video clip! In the data strip it shows a comparison between our solar system and the alien one. We don’t have a planet made up of four dots like the alien one. I wonder what it could be?


      • Four planets orbiting each other? This would seem chaotic. Imagine living in a system where you can see three large moons moving in the sky. They wouldn’t follow a regular motion like our moon. Sometimes they’d be moving slowly and other times fast. Sometimes they’d be far away and other times close. Living in such a system would require those big heads to figure it out. Humans have only just begun to work with chaos mathematics.


  24. With all the confusion about what the circle might mean and as we wonder which Et’s exist or dont..I thought that I woul d mention that the supposed small Alien Greys do exist. As a child I saw one peering at me through a gateway from behind a 6ft enclosed courtyard about it was about 7ft away in late afternoon daylight.. There were no wild animals around and in the late 70’s I had not seen any pics of Aliens etc.
    I saw a short, grey being with “elepahant’s skin” (as I told everyone) and with”black pointy horns” at the top of its head(possibly eyes ?) I dont recall seeing a mouth or nose. I was behind a glass door and ran the hell away to my folks who were enjoying an afternoon Sunday nap…There were no other family members around who mighthave been playing a prank.
    Believe it or not, I dont care as mystory is the truth.
    Seen in a built up fully residential area of Cape town, South Africa around 1978


  25. @MIchael.

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say the analysis doesn’t follow the figure. All of them start from the inside and progress outward. Each binary code is then given a number, which translates to a letter, each of which is shown in the figure near their corresponding binary code. To me, all looks fine and well, unless you are talking about an incorrect translation from binary to “normal number.” Why do you think they are being read from the outside to the inside?

    Also, the two “E” = 69 are indentical, so how can one read read outside in and the other is read inside out?

    As the the four dots on the strip, you are right in pointing out that four planets orbiting each other is illogical. Many think that this represents OUR solar system, so the four dots could represent Jupiter’s Galilean moons, or perhaps it is Nibiru?

    Who knows, but I agree that the four dots is really strange.

    Also, don’t put too much stock in mathematics. It is great in setting up ideal, isolated, finite situations, but is very limiting in this sense. Mathematics cannot comprehend the real, interconnected, infinite universe. Thus, whthis is why Einstein’s creation of space-time is simply a mathematical convenience to attempt to explain the centrifugal qualities of gravity. Deep down, do you really believe in curved space? When gravity become not a linear motion, but an angular motion, the need for space-time disappears.


    • The lines of binary on the right are from the inside out, but the ones on the left are from the outside in. Look at the lines describing 69 or ‘E’. The one (read from left to right) is: 10100010 (=162) and the other is 01000101 (=69).

      Four planets orbiting each other is perfectly logical. I never said that that was illogical.

      I’m more interested in things that are useful and can be proven. I don’t care if space is curved or shaped like a rose. What does it matter? Your comments on mathematics make no sense.


      • Forgive my lack of patience, but you are WRONG. ALL of the binary codes are read from the inside out in order to give us the correct translation as stated in the article.

        In my previous post, I asked how one can be read inside out and the other outside in. It makes no sense to have half the formation translated in one direction and the other in the reverse order.

        You have FAILED to demonstrate WHY you believe you can arbitrarily translate them in different directions and 162 doesn’t even correspond to an ASCII symbol or letter!!

        The diagram is placing a 0 or a 1 above each of the “dots.” It does not designate any order in which they are read. Thus, in some cases, you must read them from left to right, while others you read from right to left. This depends on the orientation of the crop circle in the picture. Which ever direction you read the codes in the picture, you must always start from the inside and work your way out. THE END.

        If you fail to understand these simple points in decoding the crop circle, then it’s easy to understand why you think my comments on mathematics don’t make sense.

        Mathematics, when used in physics, can only predict ideal, finite situations. Math cannot incorporate infinity, which is necessary in some cases to predict a realistic phenomenon. For example, the Ideal Gas Law is only usable in idea, isolate, finite situations. It can only approximate a realistic situation. If you do not understand, then take a physics course.

        I called the four planets revolving around each other illogical because that is not found in our solar system. Many believe that the information on the data strip refers to our own solar system. And, NOTHING like that has ever been found in the universe. It might exist, but for our intents and purposes, at least for mine, it is an illogical idea, like many of your other “ideas”.

        Forgive me if I fail to respond to any more of your posts. From my point of view, it is clear that you do not understand the material at hand, thus any more responses would be a waste of time.

        Good day, and praise someone that we all find the truth among so much ignorance.

        ::deep breath::



  26. @Nate Do and Ti came on the scene in 1973 privately then publically in Los Angles, the City of God/angels in 1975 when they were invited to talk at a meditation group’s gathering, their having sent out a 1 page statement to their leader when over a dozen of that groups members left their lives behind to follow literally these two Texans who said that they(their Souls) were from outer space and were here to bring some updates to the Bible and fulfill prophecy. By this meeting time they determined that they must be the Two Witnesses in Chapter 11 of Revelations. They were the first ones to talk about what Religions had called the Kingdom of God in modern terminology that actually has more reality to it calling it an Evolutionary Level Above Human, that is as different from Human as Human is from animal and animal from plant and plant from mineral kingdoms(becaues there is a type of heirarchy to each kingdom level). Having students was a surprise to them after the L.A. meeting so they took the students who were from all walks of life, professionals, men, women, aged generally in their late 20’s to 40’s and set up meetings in San Francisco at Stanford and Canada Colleges, where another half dozen left their lives behind to follow them. Then they went up to Oregon and held a meeting in Waldport, a tiny coastal fishing town where I was living in a tiny commune and from that meeting 27 people dropped everything to follow them, as did I. This event got to the news because a mother of two young children decided to follow them (then called Bo and Peep) and no children were allowed to join because it was an adult decision each person had to be able to make. (This is a major difference between all the cults then and now). Anway, she arranged for her children to be with their dad who lived nearby and she went off with the group. She was part of my close circle of friends and I was there when police came to the door and asked me if it was true that some children were being abandoned, to which I said, “No there is no abandonment” (which was true and false). However, this led to an investigation while we (the 27 wrapped up the loose ends of our lives, to join with those called Bo and Peep.

    It hit the press and authorities were scrambling to learn who these Myterious Two were. It was reported that the group was anticipating a rendevous with a UFO, what Bo and Peep said would be a Next Level Spacecraft. They said that they were members of the same family that Jesus was a member of here to share the same truth he bore, that the Level Above Human was a real physical place, in the sense that members had physical bodies and they had transportation in physical spacecrafts but they were not terrestrial and their physical bodies had no reproductive or digestive organs and did not die, were not cyclic as they were “out of time”. They said their organization designed planets to be gardens upon which they would plant and nurture their seed to a harvest which was the spirit/soul birth Jesus spoke of. They said that to accomplish this birth, a genuine member from that Level Above Human needed to be with their human subjects as a midwife to direct what they called a “process” that would produce body changes to a “soul container” inside those that this made sense to. And they likened this to a catepillar changing into a butterfly, a metamorphosis. In fact they were the first ones to use that term in that way. They said this process takes one’s total energy thus can not be done by staying in one’s familiar environment as it is a transference of loyalty and nurturing and root system from one’s human root to the provided branch of the Next Level’s tree of life.

    They, who were never a human couple with any attraction to one another’s physical vehicle (what they called a body, because to them in the Next Level environment, bodies can be changed for different tasks sort of the way a human puts on a spacesuit to be in space and a diving suit to go underwater. They received information as they pulled it in, in an as needed way. They did no channeling, nor preaching, no fire and brimstone, no threats or emotional pleas, or condemnation of those who don’t live as they desire to live. As they went, the realized that they’d come by discarding their existing physical bodies in what humans experienced as the Roswell and Aztec and some other UFO crashes. They later realized that those crashes were staged to serve several purposes I won’t go into now but the biggest purpose was to inject their “soul bodies” that are real and have substance but are frequency based, into the Earth “womb”, it’s spirit environment, so they could do their task undercover, like a thief in a real sense as they would be stealing some humans away from what would have been their normal life, but it wasn’t stealing against anyone’s will as they only sought to start a relationship with physical human bodies/souls that were seekers and had in one way or another wanted to have a relationship with their ultimate creators. Simultaneously space aliens, who Do said were all “fallen angels” had started their own strain of physical bodies, to combat the Level Above Human beings some were rebelling against. The Next Level doesn’t prevent anyone from doing what they want on Earth unless they deem it as an interference with their Soul growing agenda in a way in which the playing field so to speak would not be level. And that is where we are at now. Do said the garden is being run by weeds (those who have no real recogntion of a creator crew and consider themselves on equal footing with what they consider the Next Level to be, space aliens like themselves (speaking this way because humans are doing much of the biddign of the space aliens and have been for thousands of years unknowingly)).

    Then in October of 1975 the human authorities figured out who these two were and the story broke nationally when Walter Cronkite announced their names (the names of the vehicles they stole, to take over, body snatched) (which by the way space aliens do to humans all the time, even en masse by transmission of frequency signals to keep humans human, reproducing, caught up in prospering and becoming technological, ego driven and entrenched in this or that path or belief or non belief system).

    Before their first meeting in L.A. Bo and Peep had been arrested though charges had been dropped but not before Do had served 6 months in jail. When they left their human lives behind in Houston Texas, as they both had families and careers and friends, even in high places that thought they were being duped by the other or that they were in an affair which became unbearible for them to deal with so one night they left Houston. After a brief period of time trying to recon with this sense of who they were, that began to come into their heads graduatlly at and after they first met, they traveled all around the country going to various spiritual and religious leaders and telling them they were the Two Witnesses, which they hated saying because they would have run the other way if someone had told them they were some biblical figure. They eventually met a woman who believed in their story and gave them a credit card to use which they did and it was reported stolen by the womans husband while they used it to rent a car with.

    His vehicles name was Marshall Herff Applewhite and her name was Bonnie Truesdale Nettles. By experience together Do (Bo, Marshall) realized that Ti(Peep, Bonnie) was significantly wiser than he, not because of accumulation of information but by the choices she would make in their first couple years together on the road and because she was intrumental in helping him to wake up to their but primarily his task to bring a liter of new souls to their birth into membership in the Next Level. He realized that She (Ti) was actually his Older Member or in other more archaic terms his Heavenly Father, the one who midwifed him through his soul’s birth into the Next Level some time before. She said that he was the same soul that did all the tasks during this current civilizations experiment as it was his needed experience to have yet his own graduation to Fatherhood so to speak. Thus he began by being the Soul in relationship to the primed vehicle that was the start of the genetic strain called the Israelis, Adam then Enoch, then Moses, then Elijah, then Jesus.

    So after 3 days pondering what to do next, they decided to pick themselves up and continue dispite their ruined reputation and met with us in Chicago and told us to scatter as we were too big of a group to stay in any one area and especially now that the nation was on alert to us. After all the FBI was on Ti and Do’s tail investigating whether they and their group were responsible for the large rash of cattle mutilations that had occured at that time, as UFO sightings were common whereever a cow was found mutilated and we were a cult so might have performed satanic rituals. Anyway that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

    I joined them because it seemed so real and believible to me. I was a believer in Jesus, raised a Catholic but hated my experiences with Catholicism and was never a part of any group. In fact, as I had been a seeker since 16 yrs old I had rejected joining the many groups I was exposed to: Mararishi Mehesh yogi, Sri Chinmoy, Sufi’s, Hare Krishnas, Parmahansa Yogananda, Jesus freaks, as there was always something I just couldn’t sink my teeth into until Bo and Peep showed up and then I had no question. There was something about “giving my all” and how that meant leaving all behind that I seemed to expect. I was not looking for the second coming at all though I in my youth often studied the words attributed to Jesus. I had two Navy buddies from High School in NY who were stationed in Newport, RI on the Nimitz in 1971, before I’d hitchhiked cross country and sought to live in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, Canada. My girlfriend and I would hitchhike from Long Island where we were raised to Rhode Island where they had an offship apartment so they could party off ship. I remember one beer/pot party that I certainly engaged in at times, instead of getting wasted, I was reading Jesus words and saying to my friend Jack, “what does this mean!” with a sense of really wanting to know. After I left the meeting with Bo and Peep and immediatly wanted to join and so did my girlfriend though we knew it meant an end to our relationship as they were all celebates, which I also expected, I went around to my many friends I had in Newport, Oregon, where there was a thriving hippy community and told them “I felt like I was sitting in front of the equivilent of Jesus” and this was before I knew what Ti said about Do doing that Jesus task 2000 yrs prior and Ti was his Father. We in the group all knew this to be the case though some of the students got carried away with the premise. Bo and Peep didn’t indulge this idea at all. They simply said that Jesus was the name of the vehicle the Soul from the Next Level took to do his task so Jesus wouldn’t be coming back as the reason he took that suit of clothes into the spacecraft that was covered by the clouds was to further impress upon his students and all they ended up sharing with, that he was not a Spirit which is part of why it’s so preposterous to consider that the entity that blinded Saul who later became Paul was Jesus as the entity said, according to the record. That’s not at all the way the Next Level works. They don’t force people to believe by blinding them with a light. Nor do they go to those that are not asking and Saul was actually going to Damascus to get permission to arrest these new believers in this dangerous cult leader Jesus. And Jesus had warned his followers that after he left if anyone came “in his name” (and his name was Jesus) saying they were the approved/annointed(christ) don’t believe them. Now look at all the religious, who by the way think of themselves as first in line to recognize Jesus return when they at best have the potential to be last on line if they can “change their thinking/mind” to see that he already returned, which I have dozens and dozens of very clear proves of, who are really Paul disciples because frankly, following what Jesus taught is too far fetched and zealot like and fanactical, as it certainly is because that’s the whole idea.

    To qualify to be a member of Ti(The Father’s crew, as remember Jesus said to talk to his and our Father who is in the literal heavens (not on Earth) while he was gone) one had to sweep out the advasary spirits out of their house (vehicle) and keep it cleaned out, wash their robes, recover their virginity, cease marriage, deny ones own will instead privately seeking one’s Older Member’s will for us as a servant (as opposed to joining a religious order where members end up entrenching themselves into sacrine service, rituals and accumlating other’s praises of their alleged holiness where they are convinced they are on the holiest path and that no other can come along, thus they have become largely brainwashed to reject the return they believe they will be the first to recognize). Plus one needs to disconnect all roots at the time that the Older Member is physically incarnate blowing the horn (announcine publically their arrival) because to Overcome/Conquer the world was to not be tied to human behavior and ways (which are fully appropriate to be tied to at various stages in human development, but when approaching an evolution to above human need to be sacrificed and then the biggest of all qualifications is a willingness to even give and even lay down our physical life, but only when we know we are not that vehicle any longer and we have an Older Members approval to do so, which in beginning stages is taken care of by those who hate what we say and who will seek to hault our talk in the name of their God even to the degree of killing one’s vehicle while calling them a heritic.

    They were in Los Vegas when the national news story broke and they felt, their reputatations were shot, that nobody would take them seriously now (though they later realized how silly that was to feel that way because of what they were telling people that already put their sanity into big question). After literally 3 days of wondering what to do next, as they had about 70 students by then who they had sent to Chicago to try to hold public meetings and they were all camping north of Chicago and they also learned the group had been infiltrated by two graduate students who sought to study this new group that was labeled The UFO Cult and they became The UFO TWO and the headlines went wild in virtually every newspaper in the US and reached many abroad as well as the New York Times did a full cover story on them and Brad Steiger helped them write a book called, UFO Missionaries Extraordinair and John Forsyth played Do in a movie titled, The Mysterious Two.

    Since these Two thought they were the Two Witnesses in Rev 11 they fully expected to follow the script of that prophecy by being killed by the beast, (The human and equivilent lower forces (fallen angel Luciferian space aliens) and resurrecting from the dead and ascending to heaven before the publics eyes.

    By April of 1976 there had been individuals and groups of new Ti and Do followers all over the country, having given meetings in every western city and many eastern ones, Ti at their last public meeting in Oklahoma city declared(and she seldom did much talking), “The harvest is over” and the 6 groups were sent word to rap up their existing meeting schedule and prepare for the next step as we were no longer looking for “lost overcomer(a true israeli) sheep”. It was July 4th that we all met in the Medicine Bow National Forest between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming to begin the next phase that would end up first becoming a weeding out of those that had not joined for the right reasons. Some wanted a ride on a UFO. Others thought it was cool to be in such a group. There were 96 in that camping area then. When Bo and Peep found out that some were still smoking pot and having sex they laid down the law. If you want to do those things, fine but you must leave. If you stay you live by our rules. A few months later 19 members of the group were sent to a different campground to be helped to reassimilate back into the world, having been “caught away from theri world”(raptured) to begin their overcoming process. It would be over 10 years later that two of those 19 found their way back into the group by an amazing story as Ti and Do were masters at staying hidden from investigators, cult deprogrammers and authorities that they knew were looking for this group to get back those loved one’s they were seen as having stolen.

    The story of the next 10 years is amazing. They changed their names to Do and Ti respectively though we said it as Ti and Do, but actually when addressign them, called them Links as they only wanted to be links in the chain of mind that glues all members to one another’s Older Member, up to the Chief of Chiefs, who we would not be able to understand much about until we becamse a member ourselves, Do said.

    Then we began to entertain going public again and Do wrote a pamphlet called 88update, which is available on we sent to some and then did a bunch of things before the media and eventually a large scale meeting schedule. We had reduced to 24 students and among those students they wanted to share the info again thinking there are still some that might want to join and there were.

    After that though Do knew it was simply a matter of how fast could these new students be helped to decide if this was really what they wanted to do, as then He knew we could leave the world, as it turned out by our own hand as the world had grown so tolerant of groups with wild ideas there was no way anyone would seek to take us out. So we knew we’d have to do it ourselves and it became a viable prospect that was talked about with all extensively and that I was present for and willing to do.

    Their last public effort was to put together a book and post it on the web using the name Heaven’s Gate. Soon thereafter and there is a great deal I’m leaving out, while they had been watching this reported object coming closer to Earth, later named Hale Bopp comet, they were again looking for a confirmation sign that they could leave and by the means they were considering. The comet and it’s companion and two tails and then a visit by some beings they knew were Next Level workers told them it was a go ahead, so they planned meticulously and took the strong drugs that put one’s body to sleep and they once again make world headlines for over a month as the Heaven’s Gate “suicide” cult led by Do as Ti had always said she was staying just to get Do started and then would return, that Do didn’t know what she meant, but then her vehicle broke down very quickly in 1985, called cancer. Do said she burned out her vehicle as a human vehicle is not compatible with Next Level mind and Ti pulled most of the weight of their joint task. (which is hard to understand unless you ever experience being in the public eye and especially in a way that is critical of you. One doesn’t realized how many unseen forces (discarnate dead humans and Luciferian space alien bombardmeents) exist that contstantly attack what they don’t want to see thrive. And once out of a vehicle, Ti had a great deal to do from behind the scenes. (She was clearly the Rev 12 woman).

    I had left them late in 1994. It’s a long story I do tell in my vidoes but in general I fell off my celebacy wagon and determined I needed to leave to find out why I’d permitted that to happen after 18 years of moreorless sucesssful celebacy. Do said he felt I needed to get objective, and gave me $600 and a plane ticket to Arizona, where I said I wanted to go. I ended up moving back to NY and then met a woman and fathered a daughter. But before she was born they laid down their lives and I knew why and as I still believed in them I had to tell the story only a few knew and fewer yet were willing to tell. So I went to the media and was covered by many major magazines, newspapers, TV shows, radio and more including 60 minutes, Larry King, Geraldo, BBC and National Geographics channel story that recently aired. Yet I did not desire to regain anything by doing so, so went about my business thereafter, until I began to have dreams with several or more members of the group whom I knew well come to me, then Do, then Ti, then more classmates, each time with a pointed message until I consider myself working on their behalf with as much time as I can give and more to come.

    It’s a long story but they did leave but they left a contingent of workers in the unseen world, to help us with follow up as there are new believers though no effort to have a new group nor any organization to our efforts. Our task is simply to share the info Ti and Do brought us. When some believe in Ti and Do, when they die, their soul will be “put on ice”, Do called it, but not literally so that they can be brought back to start the next civilzation after the planet experiences a thorough weeding and recycling that will vanish civilization as we know it.

    So that’s a nutshell of who Ti and Do are.



      1~ If you want your posts to be read by more people, make them shorter and more concise, get to the point with out over elaborating.
      2~ . . . . . . . . . .
      3~ I dont know what to say about your last post that isnt actually noted in detail in #2 above.
      I like to think that I have an open mind. A mind more capable of evolution and understanding than most. But, I also have a bit of a logic based mind, and a cynical one. I need Proof, Evidence, corrosponding data that relates to other know data’s and can be measured and wieghed and compared respectively.
      You offer us absolutely None of that Dude.
      I cant just Blindly join some unknown cult belief system or sub religion and produce blind faith in details that cannot be confirmed. I need substance. Can you Offer ANY kind of substance to support your Very VERY wild theories and stories?

      Other wise, I am left to strum my fingers and stare at my screen wondering how our sites can atract…. certain types.


      • This is NOT being sarcastic. Can you tell me what proof would at least open you up to consider what I have reported? I am cynical too believe it or not but then in 75 felt compelled by my own interest to follow Bo and Peep and it ended up being too fantastic to describe in afew sentences. I guess someone has the desire to look into something or not, or as is often the case receives a seed of some kind and then down the road a bit that seed might get activated. I am not personally seeking to convince or to get comrades or get any self satisfaction from confounding people or pleasing them. However I am willing to entertain providing some who sound sincere with something that might constitute proof to them. How about a dream, just occurred to me. If I make a prediction of something to happen and say it’s what I was given by Ti and Do to predict and tell you about it and it comes true, will that be enough to be wiling to consider Their information to have more weight ? If so, I’ll give that a try. I’ll ask them tonight to in one way or another offer you some proof of their reality and we’ll see what if anything they do with it. Other than that, enjoy your discussions here.

        A final critical note. You said in the end of your comment: “I am left to strum my fingers and stare at my screen wondering how our sites can atract…certain types”. Can you see yourself and the content of the sites you spend so much time with and how to perhaps 99% of the population it’s total lunacy. You are one of those same types, and that is actually a complement because if your not your dead because if your not looking for what is real and true besides the vast nature most of us take for granted as having just got here somehow then nothing I could do would constitute proof because you’d be afraid of the changes such proof would suggest and therefore would see to it that you dont’ look at it as proof.

        As far as the writing advise. My efforts were freely given. I gain zero in what I offer you all in these sites. I receive lots of critisism from everyone all the time. But that goes with the territory. It’s very leading edge stuff of that I know but on the other hand I do want to be more concise as I often to overwhelm people and you have seen only some fragments. Even x-Jehoval Witnesses think I’m loony tunes. To me that’s a complement.



    Heh, Nate. yer More like ME than I previously thought. lol.😉


    • @sawyer. Good to speak to you, I was not aware you were part of the Heavens Gate mission.I strongly agree with the teachings of To and Di to reach the next level in human evolution. I wouldn’t go as far as taking the steps or course of action to achieve it(yet). In my opinion I feel that the human race will achieve the next level here on earth, either through a natural course of nature or divine help and the people who are enlightened now have the simple task of making everyone aware and making the changes nessacery in order to complete the task giving. Peace,love and light.


      • @alex – that’s a big surprise to hear, perhaps 1 in a million and it sounds to me you are in an aligned position to help those around you. By Do(Ti) and their students final step was never meant to suggest anyone else would be ready to take that same leap and at that time or even in their current lifetime, thus your sentiment of “not interested in taking their steps (yet)” is as honest and true as I can imagine.

        However, with that said, it is up to you to decide upon establishing conscioius connection with Do and how regularily to begin to learn more about him and how he works and how you can begin your personal process toward a future graduation, which will begin in earnest sometime after the recycling is underway/completed. You will of course be outside your vehicle by then but your Soul container with whatever of their Mind you have drawn to you by then will be aware of Ti and Do’s invisible spacecraft and will receive an assignment within according to your station. It may be just a holding pattern for a while , like on ice, but as you will be timeless at that point (having not been included in the “second death” when the spirits are vacuumed or sucked into the earth’s molten core somehow) it will not matter . This is the only meaning of reincarnation when the Level Above Human brings a soul back. Otherwise no one spirit leaves (until melt time) so there is no coming back. There is only stay or go to whatever we believed before we died and if it was an illusion of heaven where we go to the light , it may be like a moth attracted to the light in which they die and their energy is merged when they get there, or they may stay around and try to help the grandkids or give someone their due for harm they felt they were dealt, or to seek the same pleasures they sought before through whatever human host gives you that assimilation.

        When you said some will acheive the Next Level here on Earth, that’s according to what Ti and Do have shared exactly what I just descibed, the beginning of the process that requires a number of flesh births to where you soul is brought back with the task of trying to “take over ” a human horse(vehicle) prepared to fit you, a horse that is a seeker and whose genes came from Next Level seeded stock. so the brain doesn’t short circut at the real sense of the Next Level’s existence and plan on the planet – to grow souls as potential new members into their evolutionary strata.

        What’s been given by Do and crew were instructions on how anyone can be in their service at this time. And that is to share what they said and did with others. Ti and Do and crew observe all they want to and set up circumstances where you will run into people that have a potential interest and though there is no one way in which you must share the info, when and how and to whom, if you begin to ask Ti and Do to guide you and remain willing to do things that sets up opportunities on the net or in person. then that magic will take place and you will begin to see it working to further strengthen your developing graft to their family of Mind tree. For whatever it’s worth, I use music for my interface. I play wherever I can, on the street, in little gigs and sometimes I talk about Ti and Do in the midst of the music (I have backup tracks I play with ) and other times I say nothing and someone comes up to me to talk and we sometimes get to the subject of Ti and Do and sometiems we don’t. Sometimes I tell somene I have a story to tell that is a whale of a tale but don’t care to tell it unless somene asks to hear it. I don’t plan any of this. I am just saying this is what happened today thought there are many variations. And if I feel no one is interested, I might give them a hint, like that it’s about UFO’s. (I have a mic on my battery powered amp). And sometimes I won’t wait to hear someones question or asking as this is hardly ever a popular subject to talk about openly). Some of the songs on the cd’s I sell that I use the money to keep me in batteries and meter charges in cities talk about Ti and Do a little too and the cover tells about them a bit too so it’s there. It’s a seed being planted. That’s all. Not my task to follow it up. It’s in their hands. The only reason some feel threatened by what I do is when they have a strong program that they feel is cntrary my talk, but generally the discarnate influences try to blind the eyes/ears of most so they won’t be faced by it, as they know it’s not familiar territory and that can only mean theri host vehicle may change down the road and they’d potentially lose them as a host for their attractions.

        What you are expressing also reminds me of the Jesus quote, “The meek shall inherit the earth The meek are the gentle , the loving , compassionate, kind, helpful humans.

        And Next Level members will walk among humans again as they have during each new civilization. They are the gardeners and earth is their garden and we are the potential fruit and we can also become the instrument of further fruit.

        In times to come this will not be easy. Nothing will be. Sometimes all the words don’t make sense to someone and I just leave them with, “ask Ti and Do for help”. Sounds pollianna but I know and mean know it can’t hurt. However I know there are religionists that boil to hear me say this and that may be the way I meet my vehicles end. If so it’s a ticket to the next step. I don’t wish for that to occur and I try to steer away from such but if it happens despite my efforts (short of hiding and never sharing ti and do info) I’m readiy to accept it.

        Do may even come to you in a dream but also the Luciferian space aliens if they find you will want to try to steal your allegience away, but you will be protected from too much of their influence as long as you want to stay connected.

        Meanwhile I’d try to learn all about Ti and Do you can which is all contained on the webside. Their book is there but only for cut and paste receipt at this time. (I’m not it’s manager and those who are don’t know how to fix things ). There is another site that I don’t know who maintains called, but if you fail to get their book I will provide a zipped copy to you. You can reach me at or through or or . My blog does also have a post of all the places I’m aware where legitimate Ti and Do info is posted as we’ve already seen an effort to sabatoge the info.

        I’m accused of talking too much so I’ll cool it at this time, but not without a word of caution. Frequently when we read or watch info being presented that is “beyond human” (and beyond space alien or et’s) we can feel a little weak in the knees or sick to the stomach. It’s like it tastes good but then when our vehicle gets wind of what it means and the changes one knows they will eventually have to make, the vehicle kind of shrinks and looks for ways out and will become critical of this or that about something Ti and Do said or did during their trumphet blowing and classroom managing. That’s healthy to experience. It’s the groth process and one needs to have times of seriousness in that and then times of relaxation and fun too. So many people think it’s like joining a monestary. It’s not really.

        At some point civilzation as we know it will be disrupted for us. For many that’s already happening of couse and always has but soon it will happen more and more in the US, if in fact you are in the US. That’s not a prediction, like anybody can’t see that, but some think oh, this economy will blow over or the natural disasters will return to like they were before but they won’t, though there will still be periods of calm while the rest of those that wish to have allegience to Ti and Do are “sealed”. I have no real idaa when that might occur but meanwhile I still suspect trying to locate to a mountainous region away from big cities and coasts is wize.

        Some may try to go to Veedavou in Medicine bow national forest in Wyoming where Ti and Do first gathered us after their ~3 1/2 yrs prophecy period had elapsed.

        Don’t fear those that can take your physial life away from you, fear those who can take your Soul away from you. (Jesus paraphrased).