Asteroid 2011 MD to narrowly miss Earth on Monday -June 27, 2011

A newly discovered (on 22nd June 2011) asteroid called “ASTEROID 2011 MD” will pass by earth at a distance of 12000 km ( 7,500 miles ) on 27th June,2011 at 17.14 UTC (10.44 pm IST).  32 times closer than the moon, and closer than some geosynchronous satellites. Size of asteroid is expected to be 13 to 20 meters.

It will get so close to the Earth that the asteroid’s trajectory will be altered by our planet’s gravitational field.

In fact, it will be such a narrow miss that astronomers in the Southern Hemisphere should be able to spot the flyby with fairly modest telescopes.

“We are certain that it will miss us, but if it did enter the atmosphere, an asteroid this size would mostly burn up in a brilliant fireball, possibly scattering a few meteorites,” UK asteroid expert Emily Baldwin, Read full articles at: skymania and news.discovery

Source and author:  * skymania * news.discovery

6 responses to “Asteroid 2011 MD to narrowly miss Earth on Monday -June 27, 2011

  1. so how come today is the 27th yet ive heard nothing about it? usually they will always tell you of passing asteroids cause they make a good sight in the night sky, will be making a look out the window tonight though, just in case…



  2. Kurt Diedrich

    Hi Luke,
    please take a look a the scientific webpage “space”. There you will find it among the list of potentially dangerous asteroids. I think the asteroid will not be seen in northern areas because it arrives from the south pole direction.


  3. how about watching it ??? do anybody have some links ??


  4. How big do asteroids have to be before they are noticed earlier? It is due to pass NZ between 4 and 5am on the 28th (this morning). 6 days notice is better than no days notice, but I just wonder how many asteroids get detected this late. Anybody know?


  5. About that time, I thought I heard a whistling noise and noticed the wind picking up pretty good. All the birds stopped flying and the cows laid down and dogs howled. I think we got some of the wind off of it.