Black helicopter and strange objects in the sky of West Monroe, Louisiana

West Monroe, Louisiana , June 19, 2011. We received some remarkable pictures from our regular reader Jackie.

Jackie: I saw a black helicopter moving very fast and it was heading SE. I had time to get my camera and took a picture.

The following photos were taken shortly after the helicopter disappeared



Some objects remain visible until late at night


Jackie adds that at night red flashing lights are observed. The lights remain visible for hours.

Are these objects just a natural phenomenon or has it something to do with the black helicopter / man made weather modification or could it be something else.

Jackie would like to hear your opinion on this so please, leave your responses below!


3 responses to “Black helicopter and strange objects in the sky of West Monroe, Louisiana

  1. The object in the first photograph looks like a ‘Comanche’ military attack chopper with weapons deployed, see pics below:

    you can easily note the similarities in the fuselage, i’m not saying it is a Comanche helicopter, as it could be a new prototype but it does have very similar characteristics.

    As to the 2nd and 4th photo; sun glare, easily passed off, the depth of field obviously places the anomaly near to the photographer not up in the sky.

    3rd is interesting as the object has an apparent tail behind the central mass indicating movement, however this could just be a plane at high altitude as most ufo’s do not leave a trail behind them, of course i say most based upon the general consensus of sightings.

    the 5th: this photo is completely inconclusive, there is no way of telling if this is looking at the sky (the two lines, mid frame, could be power lines)or in your bedroom with a torch doing some ‘light painting’ (the two lines could also be a skirting board up against a wall). for those who do not know what light painting is:


    All in all Jackie i think most of these pictures have nothing special in them and they have been too looked into, like trying to find a meaning behind something that has no purpose, now im not trying to personally attack you and what you may have seen, im merely making observations based on the photographic evidence you have presented. Good luck in future captures🙂



  2. UFO Sightings: you’ve never seen, UFO over my home, Courcelles, June 19, 2011


  3. Jackie McCurry

    Hi Luke…Yes I can see your point and yes they may be nothing…..however, I sent the first picture to show how my camera took pictures of a helicopter a that distance….the picture with what looks like a white tail object, me and my room mate both thought it looked like a helicopter at first but it was very low and moving fast with no sound. As for the pictures that you say are sun glare in picture 2 and underneath enlarged well i have to differ with you on this one because I have so many pictures of this object in sunny, cloudy and rainy weather!!! I also have pictures of what looks to be white balls floating in the air two in one picture and three in the other. On the last picture i know nothing about photo painting…I was taking a picture towards the moon and yes there are power lines there…the other pictures before and after are just fine…The picture before that i have no idea but i took pics of this object coming in even though i did not see it. I appreciate your comments though and i will keep my camera pointed upward for sure…:) Jackie