UFO downtown Atlanta – June 27, 2011

Witness: Yesterday I stepped out on the balcony of my condo to film what the weather looked like before the heavens opened up. I only anticipated catching the dark clouds because it looked as if a really bad storm was coming. I only filmed for about 25 seconds to show my cousins what it looked like before we headed over to their place in the rain.

It wasn’t until last night when I watched the video again, that I saw this weird light at the 13 second mark. It moves too fast to be a plane or helicopter. No plane or helicopter would be in those dark clouds anyway.

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One response to “UFO downtown Atlanta – June 27, 2011

  1. Last week, I was in my backyard one afternoon (in Sweden) looking at a lot of planes making chemtrails and called my boyfriend outside to see them and to share in my dismay. We were looking at the planes and then I saw one plane that didn’t leave any trail at all and pointed it out to him. He said; “That is no plane! Look at it’s shape and it’s going way too fast!” It was silverish and triangular so I just thought it was a military plane of some kind, but my boyfriend insists that is was NOT a plane. He’s not a UFO buff like me and to hear HIM say that, was pretty cool. He looked pretty rattled, like he didn’t believe his own eyes. I think he may become a believer yet! 😀