Comet Elenin already mapped June 2007

This looks like evidence of our ELEnin Dwarf Star in Google images taken on June 14, 2007 showing the photon cloud/ gravity well event horizon where the photon cloud vortexes extend out in all directions and as you will see it’s enormous in size!

When you toggle On/Off the infrared mode in Google Sky, it disappears from view indicating that ELEnin may not be a comet after all.

Close up


Please try this exercise for yourself!  Google Sky’s Infrared Viewer to see this  You’ll see how this dark object lines up perfectly with the trajectory of ELEnin from JPL’s current coordinates.

Nasa JPL;orb=1;cad=1

IRAS Launched on January 25, 1983, its mission lasted ten months. It mapped 96% of the sky four times, at 12, 25, 60 and 100 micrometre wavelengths, with resolutions ranging from 30 arcseconds at wavelength 12 micrometers to 2 arcminutes at wavelength 100 micrometers. It discovered about 350,000 sources, many of which are still awaiting identification.

Elenin discovered Dec 2010. This comet period not known, but 31.10.1983 Elenin estimated coordinates was (09 27 05.28 +15 11 48.4) same area.

This video shows that IF the Comet Elenin arrives comes with a Dark friend,
we can not find it normal telescopes.

ELEnin Comet/Dwarf Star Warning video with links to resources so you can run your own ELE investigations.

Comet C/2010X1  Elenin coordinates for October 2011

The next October you will see the comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) at dawn in the sky.  To observe with the naked eye is only possible from very dark skies, high quality, and before day 10 or 12. From day 12 the presence of the Moon will be very upset. If you use binoculars will be visible without a problem.

Here are the coordinates:

01-October: AR 11h 49m 38.4 s declination +04 ° 18 ’04 “Magnitude +5.9
06-October: AR 11h 08m 59.4 s declination +10 ° 10 ’13 “Magnitude +6.1
11-October: AR 10h 15m 59.6 s declination +16 ° 59 ’41 “Magnitude +6.3
16-October: AR 09h 11m 19.3 s declination +23 ° 36 ’04 “Magnitude +6.6
21-October: AR 08h 00m 22.0 s declination +28 ° 24 ’42 “Magnitude +7.0
26-October: RA 06h 52m 36.8 s declination +30 ° 38 ’24 “Magnitude +7.6
31-October: RA 05h 55m 35.9 s declination +30 ° 46 ’25 “Magnitude +8.2
(Coordinates at 0:00 h UT)

Daveyo: As you circulate the comet has an angular diameter of 2 arc seconds when it has fallen short of Jupiter. Thus calculating its diameter it exceeds 5000KM. ( not the supposed 3-5 KM ) Daveyo: In my opinion, 2 seconds of arc at that distance it is indeed an enormous object, however believe that this value corresponds to the size of the comet’s coma which is what is recorded in photographs.  In the distance is without doubt much more sophisticated instruments that can determine the true size of the nucleus. Normally its value is usually around 10km for example Halleys comet.

Based on that trajectory path, the sun can alter it when it swings it around. An object that size can be affected by the Suns gravitational pull.

Also this explains why about the bunkers, this explains why NASA sent an email to its personnel  and a warning video about preparing for the danger in the coming months, this explains why nobody wants to talk about the actual size if you notice it is hardly mentioned, this explains why every effort is being made to divert the attention away from discovering its actual size, and the posts about a massive UFO fleet following now is possible due to the size of this asteroid.

Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth

Scientists says Comet Elenin has massive UFO Fleet following in formation in it’s tail

That is why NASA has pulled a lot off line  in preventing the public of finding this out, explains why NASA has stayed mum on the subject until they are certain it will not hit us, but the bunkers??.  Put the Mayan Calendar into the equation and what do you have? In Denver a massive project of building a bunker under the airport was started last year.

Jesse Ventura discovers signs of secret underground bunkers –  Part 1

Part 2 Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

Russia is also doing the same.  If we are going to be told I am certain it will be about 12 to 20 days notice or less.

As far as its been determine at present course it will miss planet Earth but however the Sun and its gravitational pull might alter its course.  Which way is unknown until it swings around the Sun in about a couple months from now. (contributor Daveyo)

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    WOW. This whole post looks like some thing I may have put up my self right down to the links and vids, and the word to Daveyo. lol.
    Nicely done.


  2. i agree. very well done.


  3. I love your site !! You pull all the info together into one place. Your utube video is very concise and I can now refer those who are asleep to it. Thanks. Michael –


  4. Question: Since this object produces a proton vortex around its gravity well, when it is close enough to try to pull us into its gravity well, won’t the earth be getting bombarded with so many protons that they will kill all animal and plant life on the surface ? Even all bacteria ??


    • Hi micheal. You would be correct.
      Mind you if you read it again I believe you will find he may have used the word “Photon” and not Proton, which would also be wrong.
      I believe that what was being seen did give off light or the reflection of light, (photons) but that it constsists of some thing else entirely.
      Like an iron oxide plume or cloud circling its gravity vortex like a loose and messy saturn ring. I am starting to lean towards the theory that there is a Lot more iron involved in the mass than we previously surmised.


  5. Tarrel is predicting that Yellowstone will erupt. I am wondering if is expected that the super volcano Toba will erupt also ?


  6. Now I understand why Bill Gates and Warren Buffet spent 100 million on the seed vault. It also makes sense why they put it on an island in the Artic region.


    • ahh, thanx for that. Now I can add bill gates to my list of people to watch, for when it comes time for them to hit the bunkers. should certain people suddenly dissapear from public en mass, we will know its time.
      Any other names?


  7. Varakienen, It just occurred to me that if Elenin is made mostly of iron, then when it pulls a solar flare around its left when it is passing in front of the sun, this is the worst of all possible scenario’s that the earth could face. The electronic pulse that we are zapped with by Elenin could be so strong that our brains may be “neurologically” decimated in an instant.


    • Iron El.
      Lets not call a duck a horse there partner.
      Iron or No, it depends on how much mass the object has.
      A comet or astroid will Not have enough mass to pull flares in its direction, or pretty much any thing else for that matter.
      A Brown drawf is another matter entirely how ever.
      The question here being, IS Elenin the Brown drawrf?
      If so then yes it can and will pull flares.
      My personal contention is that Elenin is Not the Brown dwarf, but a real comet that was caught by Nibiru/brown drawrf, and flung out ahead of it on a similar trajectory. Nibiru being a month perhaps two behind it.
      Next, I also hold a belief that Large artificial object that have been noted in a possition between the earth and the sun will be shielding us from much of the problem flare wise, as other races may have an investment in this planet and our species which they prefer to protect to an extent. It will STILL be a Nasty time for us make no mistake, and we Will feel a difference in our bodies and brains. there will likely be a crazy time than lasts for weeks. a time of madness if you will.
      And when our bodies and brains reset, they will Not reset completely as they were, but a genetic contingency will have been triggered which lay dormant in our species, but which was planted there long ago by those whom make home in the large objects near the sun. This contingency will leave us with a higher intellect on average, especially in our children, and possibly a few other things as well. It is part of the reason for peoples belief in a change in our racial consciousness and the age of acquarius.
      Or, I could just be a one overly researched off the wall Nut Ball! which I kinda hope is true. Cus that would make the coming disaster to be all in my head and life can just go on as normal. Lets hope, Lets HOPE! lol.


  8. Today 7-19-2011 during the day we see the moon… The moon is on it’s side the man in the moon is on its side.. Why ?


    • Thats funny you should mention that W-C-James.
      Just the other day I was thinking along those very lines and wrote my self one of many little yellow sticky notes and put it on my computer for further things to research.
      My computer area is covered with them hahaha.
      This latest one says,,, if the earth is being pulled off its axis a bit, and the magnetic poles are being pulled and drifting… What about large bodies that dont have seperate tectonic plates and mantles? Wouldnt those b pulled Completely off thier normal axis by Nibiru’s aproach?


  9. Another indication that things are not right is that the Vatican purchased an Observatory in the Southern Hemisphere. It is obvious that the Catholic Church is keeping up with the incoming comet and brown dwarf star and possibly a large number of asteroids.