Crop Circles – Gateways from Another Dimension

Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this award winning film about the greatest Crop Circle formations ever created. The creators of these paranormal formations still remain a mystery. After years of painstaking research, scientific evidence still points to alien influences that are responsible for this phenomena. One thing is certain, what you are about to see in this amazing film can only be described as miraculous evidence of a secret art form that continues to defy explanation.

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  1. Really awesome film, I have seen it before. Very compelling. Too bad, it seems not much has happened since then.


    • Hart.
      Would you know of or have links to any more updated vids or ducumentries on such. Most eager.



    What a great little documentry.
    As knowlegeable as I already am on the subject, it actually showed me a couple little details that I didnt know. Thanx.


  3. And this is typical Luciferian (fall angel) space aliens instigated having taken over humans who could have been Evolutionary Level Above Human prospective members under the crew leadership of those called Ti and Do, the people who came undercover via ufo crashes to release their ChipSet and database module into the Earths MIND, the invisible frequency electromagnet field that is filled with dead people spirits from millenium past (at least, but perhaps some from previous civilations are allowed to survive their “second death” (the annialation of that field and thus re-initializing that part of the diskmemory.

    So what the aliens can draw. And do it at night or under cloud cover moreorless unseen and not even damage the crop. Compare that to designing moutain ranges, majestic chasms and undersea habitats, waterways to supply the entire planet with life sustaining plants, minerals, water and light source and the genetic code set into motion, that operates cyclicly complete with recycling of all the elements over time. These who do this are timeless beings and with physical bodies and spacecrafts. They grow spacecrafts on a vine like we grow roses.. I can prove all of this but you have to want it and seek it and thirst for it as otherwise it’s as trite as being a pseudo seeker gorging on all the apparnt magic and tricks, all glitter and no substance, though filled with encoding so like a puzzle to occupy humans attetion with entertainment so they can get you to join them on their spacecraft or underground facility to extract hormones and sperm and eggs from to enable their cloning programs.



      The sky is square parred to the symetrical eclipse of the omniversal transitionary response point in the lower diamosphere, thus making it Blue, of course, which correspnds to the waking psychic tremular point indexing the human psycho magnetic response axis implanted by enlil and enki so as to calabrate the gravitational reflex of time and space in or subconscious.
      ….Strums fingers.

      Now, if you are going to make statements that only YOU can understand, do please provide reference material, and very precise and understandable reference material which partains and can be seen as a direct connection to the material you are refering to.
      Provide us evidense that WE can measure and proof.

      I see that you DID claim that you can Prove these things to people whom WANT to know.
      I will eagerly away these materials.
      -Grant Moon, aka, VARAKIENEN.


      • yes I said I can prove things I say but to you , I’d bet it won’t be proof at all. I asked you, what do you think will be proof and I guess you have reponded by saying reference materials, thus hard copy and I suppose they all need some institutional peer reviewed authentification. But perhaps you are not that much of an academic stickler, after all you regularily visit this blog that has little proof of anything, but then perhaps you don’t believe anythng being said unless you have enough circumstantial evidence . I’m guessing and I actually don’t fault you for wanting proof and in your familiar terms. I did ask if there was something I could give you and received no reply. That may sound stupid or an excuse to you but actually I have nothing to personally prove to you or any benefit to being right about anything.

        With all that said, I know too many words, ….but the records that have been compiled into the book generally called the bible does hold many proves, to which you might say, as some certainly have said to me often and I even agree with that one can justify anything in the bible. Now when I say, by the record called the bible (not excluding the Nag Hamadi Library nor the dead sea scroll materials)I am talking digging into the Greek and Hebrew as much as possible given I don’t have access to the fragments the record is comprised from. So what do I prove first that I have said here in this blog? How about that Ti and Do were the ones that were prophesized to come , as referred to in Revelations, chapter 11, The Two Witnesses? I am acutally working on an updated document that presents many of the biblcal proves as they are all tied together. and I keep on seeing more everytime I revisit the record we have.

        Here is a link to my blog I just posted for you. It’s the script for the 12 part informational video series I produced. Lacking better video making skills and better movie making software, I ended up using microsoft movie maker which limits how much data can fit on each of two sentences and at first I only had a 10 minute limit so I did a great deal of sqeezing with abbreviations and such so you may find it horrible to wade through, and the proof only comes as one desires to see it. If it is proof then wouldn’t you want to discover it? And of course it’s circustantial as I have no living witnesses to quote. However in this writing, there are answers that perhaps hundreds of scholors should have, that is if they haven’t already accepted some made up explanation to replace the literal one. I am in fact considered by many christians an antichrist because I use the term reincarnation …perhaps you know the story on religionists which I am NOT.

        And by the way, one can think they can justify anythng by the bible but that’s because they want to justify their own agenda so they select this or that scripture to do so.

        What I have done is taken many scsriptures and in fact can use virutally all of them to support what I am proposing. I don’t pick and choose at all in this regard, though one must choose those that surround any one idea.

        So go for it. I used Strongs Concordance on line for most all of my Greek and Hebrew definitions. which is a tedious chorus as it’s not straight forward that this means this english word and that means that one. With most every word there are often a half dozen ways of translating thus if a translater has a special sense they can see a great deal more. Plus I am not afraid to consider the most literal of explanations. Most are afraid as it might shatter their rosy picture of themselves.


    • This is the result you get when scrambled eggs slithers over to a computer and starts to type.



    Sawyer. I have No problem in accepting data that may be Less than proof. For starters. I pretty much accept little to Nothing about any thing in the universe as proof. occassionally Not even Math and physics.
    But you speak of things that sound so outlandish to me and my perspective of understanding, as If I should understand every point of reference you make.
    Its like saying I can prove that the pyramids are triangular, look see? the sky is Blue. toldja I can prove it!

    How would such a statement be proof or lead to understanding? how is that a statement in any context that can be understood by a mind that is not your own and thus has no similar points of reference to call upon.
    Your speech and statements do Little to close the gap to help some one like me, to understand the point that some one like You is trying to make.
    Can you Not put some of this into laymans terms for those of us that are arguably Not as evolved? Ill go have a look at yer, stuff, if i have time.



    Hold on Sawyer. Now that I am doing a bit of reading in “heavens Gate” materials, and Do and Ti….
    Im starting to see a picture form.
    Of course, It makes me want to question weather My “Programming” from luceferian sources is at play here shaping that picture.
    But, I think Ill be able to get some clearity with just a very few simple questions put to you.
    1- Sawyer, is it your contention that the space aliens whom likely formed the crop circles are them selves, Luciferian, and only whish to dominate and or control humanity rather than allow it to evolve?
    2- when I read things like the following:
    : If you want or ever expect to go to Heaven – here is your window. That window opportunity requires: 1) an incarnate (as human) Representative of the Kingdom of Heaven; 2) that all who hope to enter Heaven become active students of that Representative while the Representative is present; 3) those who endure the “transition classroom” until it ends (adequately bonding or “grafting” to that Representative) will go with that Representative – literally LEAVE the human kingdom and Earth as He is about to do. Staying behind, for any significant period, could jeopardize that “graft.” That window to Heaven will not open again until another civilization is planted and has reached sufficient maturity (according to the judgment of the Next Level).
    When I read these kind of materials the question that comes to My mind is…. SAYS WHO!?
    Where did these notions Come from to begin with? What reason is there to think or purport that any of it has even a little basis in reality?
    What confirmation that is recordable in a provable way? and if its not recordable and no realistic evidence is given, would it not be entirely based on faith alone in some ones words? and then, WHO’s words? Ti and DO? what credentials have they that people should take this as a real thing? that a descision must be made or one will, miss the boat to heaven?
    Again…. SAYS WHO!?


    • First off, I am NOT more evolved than you or anyone else on this planet. I simply was given a chip of recognition that the Creators exist because I was a seeker when they were giving out chips and I went with it when it was activated by the “incarnate rep”. Now what made me a seeker then and now was in the preparation of the human species from the start of this latest experiment by the Creators. That preparation was when our ancestors were given that “chip” of recognition that became activated by a previous incarnate rep to where that ancestor became a student of that rep that strengthened the growth of that seed OR that ancestor received a chip of recogniton and heard about the rep after the rep exited their human physical incarnation and “believed” what they were told about this rep just ENOUGH to begin to investigate any and all that REP shared while incarnate to where they began to also share their info with others despite it’s unpopularity and also absorbed some of the new behaviors that rep also talked about and demonstrated and said were required to join their team.(kingdom membership). However small that initial willingness to look into what this rep said and did was, by doing so actually accumulates data that fortifys that chip – feeds it and the result is a degree of knowing the validity and existence of it’s source, thus is what we call faith, “evidence of things unseen”.

      If those chips of recognition were never given out, humans would be much more knowlegable or discerning or able to do all that humans have learned to do than a dog or cat in their environment can do.

      But how can anyone prove the existence of beings that created the planet and all it’s lifeforms and systems? And by created I am talking in terms that are not magic except to those that can’t possabily understand the work and physics involved.

      The current civilization was seeded by the Above Human creator crew. A seed is actually like a computer chip that contains a set of programs, one of which by it’s presense alone provides a general recognition that there are beings who are superior to us in everyway. However this recognition doesn’t continually blow a horn in our ear. We must take action to keep it alive and growing. That Chip is also called a Soul though Do said there are different types of chips depending on what it’s recipient was asking/ready for.

      But the best answer I can think of to your question of “says who” can only be answered by you. You have to want to know what’s most real and who thereby is most real and the only way that can happen starts by asking questions as you have (and this isn’t a game of circular logic) but does require you to get out of your comfort zone (that we all have and must continue to breech to get more ) and come to terms with WHO to direct your question to. Here is what Ti and Do told their new students in 1975 to do and it will be quite similar to what an individual in the historic record said:

      Whether aloud or in your head but while in a private space, as it’s nobody’s business by yours, project you question(s) no matter their content far away from planet earth and beyond any of the stars (no special visualization technique , simply your intention) to whatever/whoever you can conceive of being the highest power that exists. (If you do this and don’t feel it’s a powerful enough intention, build it up to where you feel it is as powerful as you can muster.). Ti and Do shared that the reason we envision the communcation being directed beyond the stars as far away as we can imagine is to thwart anybody trying to intercept your question. There are all sorts of spiris – discarnate humans that love to play god to anyone they can and I would add that there are space aliens that would love to steal away a soul from the Kingdom Above Human if they are allowed and this safeguards against their interference.

      Now the fast track to this request is to just send your question to Ti and Do by the same method, of projecting your asking far far away but instead of just imagining it going to one’s highest power (for lack of better words) specify the names Ti and Do which are actually an “address”.

      You won’t get a voice in your head back and you may not know you received an answer right away. Any answer will never tell you what to do and would never tell you to harm yourself or anyone else. You could have a dream. You could meet someone that says something you then begin to think maybe your answer or part of it.

      Expect to see the answer somehow and rather quickly. Whenever you do this kind of thing, don’t make it very verbose. Now I’m not saying anything you ask will receive a response. But I do think “says who” will. Now the answer can easily seem like coincidence. but whatever it is I know will be the best thing for you, your soul, that Chip you must have to even be asking these questions.



        Sawyer, the scary part is that I actually think you have some of this right, on an instinctual level.
        The bad part is I think you have a lot of it way distorted.
        Some where along the line, real information about this stuff became popularised and used as a means of control and manipulation.
        It became a CULT. And its messege became some thing very wrong.
        I dont know what to say to you about it as I have No proof to offer, just a deep sense of right and wrongs partaining instinctively to the subject. But you would likely call it lecefarian programming. sigh.
        I think it just best Not to debate with you on this.
        i wish you well, but feel you are in the wrong place with your …sermons.
        Be well Sawyer.


  6. @Sawyer. I’m am totally open to what you are saying. You mentioned that Do and Ti never tried to force people to do or believe anything. Can you please discuss and explain the Mass Suicide of 1997 led by Do?


  7. A new crop circle here in the UK is interesting as from my thesis it seems to show a planet (niburu) with 3 moons entering possibly a 15 month cycle from July 2011 as it links to Earth on the 2nd month which probably means we will start to see it then it shows different positions as its orbiting the Sun and then on the 14th month it is between at its closest point between Earth and the Sun and finally on the 15th month which would be October 2012 its passed by Earth and Earth is in total darkness?

    It also resembles the molecular structure of 5-MeO-DMT which is a powerful psychedelic tryptamine or entheogen which was used by South American Shamans for thousands of years.

    It has spiritual effects with a sense of tranquility, peace, harmony which then can then turn into evil fear, terror and panic.

    Whay do you make it of it?


  8. Huge sand formation reported from Southwest of Xining, China – August 2011