Time-lapse video of the Las Conchas Fire, Los Alamos County – June 26, 2011

Time-lapse movie of the Las Conchas Fire, Los Alamos County, June 26 2011. Time-lapse exposures are from a vantage point just north of Santa Fe, home of Polly White & Michael Zeiler. Los Alamos city and labs can be seen to the right of the fire.

Witness: I’ve been contacted by a fire scientist and learned that this video is a rare photographic record of a phenomena called “horizontal roll vortex” fire. This type of fire was first identified in 1956 and is not well understood.

A “horizontal roll vertex” fire as seen in this video has a clear rotation of the fire column and is associated with extreme crown fires. This fire is certainly extreme, having grown to 43,000 acres on its first day.

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  1. ive seen this type of fire in south africa a firefighters worst nightmare-when this type of wildfire takes off you aint going to put it out with water-foam-additives-you use explosives it takes out the immediate oxygen in its area-causing a vacuum-do it right 1st time-as you dont have a 2nd chance-this is 1 wildfire you dont want to confront-as a firefighter on the ground-or firebomber pilot-the water breaksdown into hydrocarbons-the water itself is like trying to put out this type of fire with fuel(petrol) here you do backburning operations-and flank burning operations-this is incredible photos and details-