UFO sighting in Rome, Italy on 2 July 2011

UFO sighting on July 2, 2011 in Rome.

Witness: Detailed analysis of the video of the craft. Surprising results. The movie was made with a small digital camera in high definition.

Source and author:  (youtube)

3 responses to “UFO sighting in Rome, Italy on 2 July 2011

  1. I live in Anacortes WA. I saw my first UFO July 2 atop Mt. Aery while watching fireworks over Lake Campbell. It was an orangy-yellow orb, at times accompanied by as many as 3 other identical orbs. The orbs would relocate or vanish as jet aircraft approached. I viewed the Orb for over an hour. I noticed it at dusk, at just above eye level, (I was at 1300 feet, to my southeast, about 15-18 miles.


  2. I was looking at the stars above and saw what looked like two stars moving very quickly i google and learned that a certain rocket plane went 30,000 m up,almost reaching space and NASA has made an unmanned survellance craft that goes as high as sattelites


  3. I have though seen unexplainable orbs about 3 or 4 years ago and was sitting passenger side while a friend and i were going towards San Diego Ca.we both saw them,they were like balls of light about as high as low helicopter and they formed into one seperated into two then three then one,it was very odd