UFOs, White and Red Orbs across the World

It seems that our alien friends are back. The UFO sightings in recent weeks so far are overwhelmed. It’s remarkable that witnesses talking about white and red glowing orbs.

Below a long  list of the most remarkable sightings, in particular the White and Red Orbs Sightings from June 29 to July 4, 2011. It seems that our friends are busy, given the many observations over a short period and it’s likely that more sightings will be reported.

Please, select the video of your interest..

Compilation of UFO Sightings across US.

Sightings between July 1 to July 4, 2011

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrfiAbqxpnQ

UFO Sighting Denver, July 4, 2011

Odd Objects seen hovering over the city and then mysteriously disappeared.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-xTshvkYzE

UFO Sighting Moline, IL. July 4, 2011

We thought this were fireworks but noticed they weren’t acting like fireworks, we strongly believe that this was a ufo sighting.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH2WHnbmMzk

UFO sighting Middleburg, July 4, 2011

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YnoMTNWNqY

UFO Sighting Phoenix, July 4, 2011

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDvU3L8C0nE

UFO Sighting Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Florida, July 4, 2011

I was standing out side looking at the fire works when what I thought 2 airplanes where flying next to each other next thing I know there was 15-30 non stop coming slow orange glowing dots no clue what it was it is hard to see on this video it was taken with my droid x cell phone.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idg6gXe34IU

UFO Sighting QC Philippines, July 4, 2011

UFO sighting QC Philippines. the video was taken around 10pm July 4 2011 from our 2nd floor veranda. according to my cousins the UFO is round turning very fast and has some blue, red and very white color around it. i did not see it with my own eyes but i believe that their description about the UFO is true.

You can hear the amazement of the kid in the back ground while the older girl is confirming that it is indeed a UFO. i am not saying that the UFO is an E.T but what is it? they said it is way different from a UFO like Fireworks because of its solid circular edge. i hope someone also saw it.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs76Psu1JKA

Compilation of 8 UFO Sightings across RUSSIA

Between July 2 to July 3, 2011

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5g-Fjl1trQ

UFO Sighting Kansas City, Mo.  July 3, 2011

See our previous post: UFO in the sky over Kansas City, Mo

Comments from witnesses of similar sightings:

My family and I saw 5 separate ones tonight during our fireworks. Each one was flying.in the exact same flight path. I thought we were all crazy but then my friends said they saw the same thing in lees summit! Im NOT a believer, but there was NI explanation for what we saw. Im glad we are not alone.  Sarah

This is so wierd! I live in Kansas City, MO and I saw this last night too! I was with a friend at Zona Rosa and we were walking to her car around 9:30pm. I saw something odd out of the corner of my eye and I saw it for a few seconds. It was lower to the ground than it is in this video but what made me think it was a UFO was the fact that it was as high as a plane should be but it didn’t look like one and it sort of hovered to the ground. Then all of a sudden it was gone. I stopped walking and stared for a few seconds then it was almost a mile away in the sky. There is no way a plane could have made it that fast! Very strange experience! Kaleigh Powell

My wife and I saw the same thing at 10 PM July 4th above Seneca, KS. Too fast for anything normally seen in the skies. Mitch

I was in Green Bay WI last night at approx 9:30 pm when a friend and I went outside to smoke a cig, we then seen this bright orange light that looked like a huge firework at about roof level, it then just kept climbing up and away, thats when we knew it wasnt a shuttle or a plane of any kind! It was traveling way way too fast and went up and away towards the stars until it disappeared! Glad other ppl saw and captured it on video! Supprised its not getting world wide attention, exact things have been seen in toronto, brazil, juresulem and russia all within the last week! Darryl Hagenow

We saw the same thing in South Denver on July 3 2011 around 10pm. Denver

I was in Festus, Mo and saw one of the same things. We took some decent pictures of it. I was with my wife and a friend and we all saw it. It sure is bizarre! Hopefully someone can figure out what they were. Steve

I saw the same thing around 10:00 p.m. July 3, 2011 at my house in north Lee’s Summit. I am about 1/2 to 1 mile off of 40 highway and Lee’s Summit Road. I went out to watch the fireworks going off, turned to go back in my house and saw a fireball moving from northwest to southeast very slowly. It stopped for a few minutes and hovered. As it hovered I could make out dimly lit rectangular windows on each side, then it moved off slowly to the east and disappeared into the clouds. I was really, really hoping someone besides me saw this thing. I only saw one. VK

Ok here you are!! I was looking for some one who had see what we saw. around 9 and 9:30, like 15 to 20, lights flew above our house in Lee’s Summit, we saw them first thru our window, and then we all came out to observe them, they were a lot of them!!! they got lost above the clouds. Claudia

I live in union missouri. We had just finished watching the town fireworks @ 930pm 7-3-11. My family and I saw the same exact thing. We had watched it for a couple min before we coud no longer see it from the clouds. It was one of the freakest things that I have seen. Julie

we saw the same thing at my house. My wife called me out and said this black thing just popped out of the sky with fire under it. I came out and started looking at it and since we were at about a 30 degree angle from underneath, you could see this fire or what looked like fire, started out bright and as it passed by it was dimming out and flashing until it stopped all together. I shot a video of it as well but it only when it finally got too far. Mark

UFO Sighting Lee’s Summit, MO. July 3, 2011

Have no idea what to think about these lights. The lights are from the same area flight path as the helicopter in the previous videos. The whole video is shown unedited, so please excuse the joking around, we were having a fireworks party.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq6gc3I37Bo

UFO Sighting over the US. July 3, 2011

A red light in the sky that looks like it is pulsating. My husband and I went on a walk about an hour before this one came along by our apartment and we saw at least 9 of these. Not sure if they were different ones or not. But the first 4 we saw one came after the other about a minute apart and followed the same path. They moved higher in the sky and as they went up the lights faded out. They didn’t make any noise like an airplane or helicopter would and we know it wasn’t the moon because we could see the moon very large toward the horizon.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_YC3z7S-T4

UFO Sighting Defiance, Ohio, July 3, 2011

Was at my parents for fireworks night in Defiance, Ohio and saw what I think was a ufo. Had the camera handy to record my daughters 2nd fireworks night

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n_nahWSTys

UFO Sighting Uralsk Russia, July 3, 2011

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaCwtJ9QEco&feature=player_embedded

UFO Sighting Westland Michigan, July 2, 2011

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

I saw 4 of these orange glowing orbs going through the sky just before midnight, was only able to catch these two on my phones camera. I have never seen anything like this before and they were not chinese lanterns…

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKv1HXMJNvg

UFO Sighting Nebraska, July 2, 2011

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zoCo9XdoqrA

UFO Sighting Moscow, Russia, July 2, 2011

Multiple red lights over north-east Moscow, possibly national park “Losiny Ostrov” district.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxucy3jAwW8&feature=player_embedded

UFO Sighting Humboldt Park, Chicago, July 2, 2011

This is my video of some interesting lights over Humboldt Park in Chicago. This was taken on July 2, 2011 at about 11:05 P.M. Sorry for the terrible shaking and what not, I was a little excited. The reason I place the camera down for a bit, is to get my fiance. I took out the audio because I figured no one wanted to listen to me go on and on about the UFO.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fugiMITWEWg&feature=player_embedded

UFO Sighting Versailles, July 2, 2011

Youtube reader comment: We saw the same thing in Oakforest, IL. tonight too.(7-4-11) Right before the fireworks show. They all appeared from nowhere then flew directly over us from a very far away coming towards us. All flying very slow, & did not make any noise. The last one, the red light faded just as it flew above us and I clearly saw that it was a white disk because the Jewel parking lot light by us reflected on the bottom of it. .NO doubt in my mind it was not a plane or helicopter.That makes it a UFO to me.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqv-MHV4dcY&feature=player_embedded

UFO Sighting Pennsylvania and cruising through the UK, July 2, 2011

Two more amazing sightings of these lights.. Do you have any idea how HUGE this is? They must be touring!

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm15ibo-g08

UFO Sighting Kent WA. July 1, 2011

Footage of two UFO’s on an evening of star gazing.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lVuRHZcAfI&feature=player_embedded

UFO Sighting Toronto Canada, June 30, 2011

See our previous post and VIDEO: UFO Hovers, Flies Over Toronto Moving Fast

Comments from witnesses of similar sightings:

About 1 month ago we saw the exact same thing in the sky over mission/Maple Ridge, British Columbia and heading west at high speed. There were 3 of them when we saw them all with about 2 or 3 red lights on them and then pulsing of some sort, and not a noise. It was genuinely creepy. Jai

We saw this exact thing over Rhode Island last night, July 3rd  AJ

UFO Sighting over Bulgaria, June 29, 2011

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZAAMbYo1a8


Is it possible that phase 2 has begun? 

Read our previous article ( Author: Luke Nixon )

UFO Analysis and the Possible Future of EARTH!


71 responses to “UFOs, White and Red Orbs across the World

  1. My son was outside on July 4,2011 at about 10:15 pm he ran inside to get me and my wife. We saw red orbs going across the sky following the same path and they were the same distance apart. We live in Warwick Rhode Island. We called the FBI but they dismissed our concerns saying it was them. But there was no noise there fore no engine and they were red lights and about 20-30 of them. Anybody know what these really were.



      yes, Albert.
      Look to your GUT.
      what you secretly most suspect they are, IS exactly what they are.
      You dont need corroboration, confirmation from out side sources any more, tho that would be nice. The news and gevernment agencies will Never ever let that happen.
      Explore you gut instinct for your self now mate.



    wow. google ufo sightings, or on u-tube. and you get an unprecidented amount of sightings for 2-3-4th of july.
    Now is this amount regular, and on these dates so close to the 4th of july usual fire works events, we simply have an unusual number of People with camera’s ready, whom are looking towards the skies and so, finally actually see them?
    or do we actually have a difinative increase in numbers for those dates?
    ( First person to say its all just fire works or chinese lanterns gets spit on and the back of me hand up side thier ignorant head. )


    • You are the only one being ignorant. Before you open your big mouth again go buy a Chinese lantern and see what it looks like. People like you don’t help anything and only give the skeptics more credibility.



        ARCONIUS. Stop being so ignorant.
        I my self have launched dozens of chinese lanterns. I think they are wonderful and romantic and every one should give it a try some time.
        Luckily, I know the difference between a chinese lantern, a flare, and some thing that remains UN-identifiable.
        I dont blanket Every thing with one simple excuse, like some people who like to live with thier heads up thier ass. I watch each vid, listen to each report and weed out what is the likliest explaination for each.
        Some of the above May well be lanterns and flares. But not all of them are. And the ones that arent are the ones I am willing to have an open diolog about.

        Oh,by the way, wipe my spit off yer face lad.


    • My family and I saw 3 red orbs at around 10:30 PM on July 4th here in Anacortes, WA. We watch fireworks here every year, but have never seen anything like this before. They were visible for a few minutes and moved off slowly to the North East.


  3. Buffalo NY, about 10:30pm’ish, we saw them, too. 4 red orbs, “flying” from west to east. Three were closer together, the fourth kinda led the way. I was torn between running in the house to get my camera, to realizing that I couldn’t walk away, fearing I’d miss seeing what I was seeing. we couldn’t take our eyes off this spectacular sight…….but exactly WHAT was that?!


  4. There only flares, I live near 29palms Base I see the same lights all the time , they stay in the air sometimes for over 1/2 hour and move all over the place in the wind.


    • Nope. Not flares. Nice try tho.
      Not Jet flares. Not emergency flares, and not road flares. in fact, not flares at all.
      Thanx for commin out tho there Mark.😉


  5. We were driving home from watching a fireworks display in Cape Girardeau, MO. We live just outside of town and saw four red lights in a diamond formation traveling slowly from south to north at around 10:25 pm. I pulled over and my wife took a short video on her iphone. As they moved beyond our view (tree) we drove past the tree and they were gone.


  6. I saw two of the orange/redish lights in Denver approx 2335 local. They were very brite and varied in distance between each other several times. I saw them low in the NE sky and they moved (from my perspective) south over downtown and eventually south and out of sight, lasted about 2-3 minutes. Was not fireworks nor rotor or fixed wing at least not with conventional nav lights I am 1.5 miles northwest from downtown Denver


  7. So lots of people surrounded by fireworks displays and armed with digi cameras report ufos? Go figure.
    On New Years Eve in Scotland there are always hundreds of ufo sightings due to people setting off fireworks and chinese lanterns which are often mistaken for ufos.
    Also, no one has yet to post a detailed and clear image showing a craft, either of secret earth origin or ET in nature.
    To explain this phenomenon away as ufos now being predominantly glowing orbs does not do it for me.
    More like a poor excuse for no actual qualitative sightings.
    With all the people out there owning decent quality digital imaging equipment I’m amazed none of these recent sightings can throw up anything better than a blurry light.
    If there are ufos out there its more likely they stay hidden either using stealth technology or cannot be seen in the human light spectrum.



      Morris. are you Trying to be just another talking Monkey?
      MUST i throw a banana into heavey traffic just to get rid of you?
      Im reasonably sure that the term U-F-O stands for, get ready for this morris it’ll blow yer little mind… Unidentified flying object.
      If its Unidentified, and its flying, and it seems like an object, then it qualifies. get it?
      Now, go fetch the banana boy, Go Fetch!


  8. Everybody do me a favor and go buy a Chinese lantern. Set it off and see what happens🙂

    Lots being sold and lit off this time of year. They float across the sky looking like orbs of various colors, mainly orange. When they go out they just vanish out of sight.


  9. I saw a pink orb, a yellow orb, a blue orb and a purple orb but they all turned out to be Smarties my son dropped on the floor and now they are levitating inside my apartment. I wish I had a video camera, folks.



      Now if only you had some thing constructive and worth while to contribute to the dialog.
      I swear, Just because some monkey has learned to type, does’nt mean they should be allowed.
      le sigh.


      • I think what some people are adding is far more constructive than calling every single blip of fast-moving light the manifestation of superior alien intelligence, unless you’ve got the IQ of road kill.


  10. Pete3003uk

    Most of these videos are definately Chinese lanterns in different forms most nights here in Manchester UK I see them floating upwards from locations in uniformed lines they then drift flickering, some are different colours they flash they then just dissapear and these are the same simulations on most of these videos I will video sometime and share but its all the same stuff here mostly so am not convinced again guys!



    I’ll Grant you, its “Possible” that some sightings are chinese lanterns.
    I’ll grant you, its Possible that some sitings may be flares.
    I’ll grant you, Not every one knows what they are looking at for sure.
    But, in cases where said objects remain in tight formation, where they move far to fast to be anything but a powered controled object, in cases where they change directions sharply and show no wobble, and in cases where thier colors change or have a pattern. THESE are Not flares and chinese lanterns.
    Arm your self with information Before you make a blanket effect comment please people.


  12. Hi Vara,
    I’ve noticed that you come down hard and trample on anyone who disagrees with your world view.
    Well you know what? Hitler did the same and so did other prominent conquerors who are usually remembered in history as *****!
    Anyway, I think on this topic you’ve been outnumbered by the rational sceptics.


    • wrong again morris.
      do you ever get tired of it?
      Im fine with people having thier own view.
      I am Not fine with Blanket comments that dismiss all evidense at once that simply poo poo the subject in one fell swoop.
      Thats just monkeys throwing poo, and I have little time and less respect for it.
      As for out numbered, any one can make multiple accounts and multiple comments from a single computer.
      Once again morris you attack the person and stray from the subject matter of the thread it self. do you simply never have any thing constructive to contribute? or is your government paycheck not big enough for you to put any effort in?
      I think your a reptile morris, and I dont even mean the alien kind.
      please dont post unless you have a constructive notion to add to the topic it self.


      • You’re such a miserable rude cretin insulting people like that. You really have no idea when you’ve crossed the line to verbal abuse. There are intelligent people reading and commenting here, with valid skepticism and your attacks are so arrogant and immature. In fact, you’re so full of your self that you probably eat your own shit.


  13. Pete3003uk

    Vara we are allowed to debate even I have an open mind but sometimes its so obvious that some of the vids on this site here are fake (and many been proven) or obviously debateable and I will be the first to compliment anything conclusive so at least allow us to share our views otherwise its a pointless blog and I have personaly lit many lanterns and they appear the same as many of the out of focus vids here but am not going to post a video and say “look at these UFOs” as they rise into the night sky with my crappy fone camera or my shaking hand using a camcorder! Peace!



      i Pete.
      Im all for a good open minded healthy debate.
      Thats Not what I have been getting here, and I only respond snidely when I get comments which are the same. I am NOT always the better person, and Im fine with that.
      When some one comes out and makes a blanket comment for all evidence simultaniously, rather than looking at the evidence indevidualy, I realise they are just jerking them selves in text just to hear the sound of thier own pop.
      They arent interested in debating the subject on its merrits indevidually or other wise, they are only here to poo poo every thing in one fell swoop. I have little time, and Less respect for such talking monkeys.

      Thank YOU for talking in an calm reasonable tone and giving reasonable dicourse to debate, pete. 😉


  14. Everybody loves a great fireworks show!
    I have always thought, since I was a little child, that the best time for “them” to come and visit us here in the U.S. would be on the 4th of July!


  15. Hi Every one.
    I need to make a couple things clear here.
    The government wants to impliment a tactic of dissinformation and debunking. They Literally have handfuls of people that patrol little sites by the hundreds and add comments which will distract or defuse interest in whats actually occuring.
    I like to call them Govey trolls. (Government trolls.)
    One tactic they favor, is causing distractions.
    I got caught here by a tag team of such tactics. I had a bad couple days, and let my self get caught up in the kind of mud slinging war that takes away from the topic at hand, brings distaste to the thread or environment, and distracts people from the true and important subjects at hand that they simply do Not want you informed of or thinking about.

    I will now take a moment to apologise for My part in it. I handled my self like a rookie here. silly me.

    Luckily, they are easy to identify. (cough* Rat serum, cough* Morris) They have multiple accounts and names and often do not even Need to bring in another of thier ilk to tag team and ping pong some one that they percieve as a target or a threat. And I got caught with my pants down. but they can be tricksy.

    We have to watch out for these types as thier SOLE purpose is to keep you in the dark. its what they get paid to do. So Long as they offer Nothing constructive to the actual topic it self, and so long as they type Just to rile things up and keep you distracted, then they are doing thier job right and collecting a pay check For it at Your expense.
    So, do not be distracted by thier very visible tactics, stay true to the issue and keep exploring. I will do My best to stay on track from here on in. So long as they offer no evidense, viable links, or constructive input they simply have nothing of value and thus are Not worth paying any attention to. thats where I made my rookie mistake.
    To all you authentic people with true interest and enthusiasm for the subject, whom contribute healthy pieces to this bigger puzzle. you have my thanks, and, see you soon.


    • How dare you, you ass. I don’t have multiple accounts and names, I am not part of any concerted plan of government debunkers going on various sites simply to cause trouble as your absurd accusations suggest. You’re really going off the deep end sir. You seem paranoid and full of conspiracy theories that have no basis in facts. I’m an ordinary individual person using my individual intelligence that so happens to reach conclusions that aren’t a xerox copy of your own addled opinions. I have an ordinary job, an ordinary family and don’t have time for making bullshit for the sake of government coverups. So, you’re wrong again, asshole. It seems to me that it’s individuality that you are against individual judgments that don’t jibe with your own. Disgusting.


  16. Chesterfield, Michigan. At 11:30 pm EST on the 4th of July, I noticed a bright red “fireball” ,for lack of a better description, coming from the south slowly towards a local fireworks display. I called for my girlfriend to come outside to see. She brought out her camera and shot a trio of photos. By then, it was due West of us. It then went straight away from us at a high rate of speed; the light mimimizing until it was gone. It took 5-10 seconds for it to fade from view. I checked outside for the next 2 hours, on and off. I went back out again at about 1:30 am and didn’t see anything until I turned and saw it directly overhead and CLOSE. I yelled for my girlfriend to run back out because it was right HERE! I am a pilot and it wasn’t any aircraft I ever saw. No position lights etc. It was only 600 to 1000 ft. above us and moving slowly towards the West. It looked like a “fireball” and above it I could make out a , well a DISC shaped structure that looked like a quilted flat parachute. This was about 30 – 40 feet in diameter and noiseless (the fireworks were all done) no engine,jet or rotor sound–completely SILENT. The Disc varied in color from bright red to blood red to deep crimson purple. Then the G.friend came out and all you could see was the fire ball. She saw it and suddenly yelled “Holy S#*^!!! Moments later it turned North and Sped away and upward at INCREDIBLE speed…


  17. harrison mi 3rd of july i seen 5 red like objecs and thay ware moveing right to left watching the fire works i dont know what thay want but i do baleave thay ware ufos becuse befor thare wus 1 then all asuden 5 of them showed up and eveyone in town seen this happin it wus crazy thay dint know what to thank ware are thay comeing frum and what or who are thay ??


  18. Vara you need to cool your toes mate. whatever happened to freedom of speech and the right to air ones opinion so sure someone doesn’t agree with your side of an argument it does NOT give you the right to ridicule and demean them in such a way as to be condescending. I think that you need to apologize to several people on here for demeaning comments and not only in this post alone, i have noted across several topic boards you have been rude to those merely offering an opposite opinion. This site is open for debate, it is not a place for bigots to come on in and start spitting the dummy because someone disagrees with their opinion. please remember this in future posts… you can disagree without calling other people names or referring to them as monkeys/reptiles/ etc etc….

    Now my part to add to the topic at hand…

    In my opinion some of these sightings can be played down to simple fireworks displays or flares etc etc, a case happened in NZ where a pair of guys taped a rotating set of torches to a remote control plane ( a very silent one) and flew it over a couple of towns while they drove along in its tail, this sort of thing could be replicated. BUT I’m a firm believer that much of this footage is true. IMO this is set to be the 2nd group of mass sightings following the 1st group that started in December 2010 till March 2011. As to what purpose they have for coming back? who knows but I’m eagerly awaiting more footage




      Yeah, I sure can be a Volatile little sh-t at times. the curse of the Bi-polar. lol.
      Ive made my apologies already mate. But I’ll tell you what, if certain indeviduals whom are just as guilty as I wish to make direct apologies to Me, then I shall become human once again and make them in return as is my nature. Just remember, it was I whom started to see reason here first and make corrections. again, its in my nature.
      Now, you mentioned Motorised chinese lanterns.
      Dude have you ever seen a chinese lantern?
      They come in several shapes and sizes usually averaging one meter in dimensions at thier largest. Square, cylindricaly round, 3/4 sphere’s, and even triangles.
      They are made of tremendously fragile paper and light materials like bamboo filiment. You set them up and then put a small lit/fire device within. most often a lit small candle or ball of material with flamable oils on it etc.
      They tend to be short lived for thier fragility and materials. sudden changes in wind can crush them mid air or tare them apart.
      I dont know of any situation that they can be self powered or motorised.
      they burn out fairly quickly in most cases, and are ilegal in many countries or counties as they are a fire hazard left to drift around and come down to set woodlands ablaze.
      Most people whom have lit a few up and watched them wander very slowly off into the air know what they are looking at and can identify them at Any range. They do not stay grouped well, they wobble visibly in flight, and they tend to have a rather unique “oh, thats a chinese lantern” flicker about them. they are also just not all that bright in the sky. They cannot maintian flight in moist or wet conditions.
      Watching them wander into a bit of a rain drizzle is kinda fun as suddenly they just plumet and crumble as they hit the wet air front.
      ….I will say this once again.
      I have NO problem with people having oposing opinions. I do have problems with people whom would bunch ALL evidence and witness testimony up together and off one single blanket theory to debunk the lot. which is the ones I had spoken out on. may as well just say that every single UFO sighting to date are ALL just fire flies, no matter the location season time of day or what ever else.


  19. So all these things are just freaking chinese lanterns? which can be seen across the US to Russia and even in the Philippines on one specific date? Damn. These chinese lanterns must be so large that at some point some people in different country saw it in the sky with similar movements. So to those crazy debunkers either from the government monkeys or brain washed people believing on what the govt says, prepare your high tech cameras and I will light up a chinese lantern with my name here in the Philippines and watch up for the night skies tonight if you can see one. Damn, you must be crazy to tell that these are chinese lanterns. Open your mind and eyes people.


  20. In addition, I don’t believe everyone of these countries would celebrate to US independence day and light up a CHINESE LANTERN which would stay in the night sky steadily which looks like a UFO. Get your head cleaned up people. It’s not a lantern at all.


  21. The question is, is Erick is the same freak VARAKIENEN using a host of fake names like he accuses me and others of doing? Sounds like the exact same boorish insulting freak. using the exact same boorish language trying to bully others who don’t jibe with his bloated egoism.


    • Rat Serum please refrain from name calling, an action met by the same action on seeks to worsen it, Vara does need to apologize to certain people in regards to his comments but there is no need to carry on the trend. I too find it hard to believe how many people use the Chinese lantern theory to pass off these sightings, I mean i am yet to see these motorized Chinese lanterns myself but im still waiting to buy one from the Chinese shop in town and take it for a spin… really, whoever cooked up the latern theory needs to take a reality check, are they really saying that there happen to be Chinese people letting off lanterns at every single ufo sighting? maybe we can draw a conclusion from this Chinese lanterns are at every ufo sighting therefore ufo’s must be made in china!! just like everything else hahaha. of course this is utter crap lol but i just wanted to show how ridiculous some of these claims are…



      • I know extraterrestrials exist and are visiting this planet. I’ve had multiple sightings personally, over the years, alone and with others, so I’m not stupid. I’ve seen how how these things maneuver, how they look. I’m not a debunker like that rude guy suggests. I actually have more than one piece of video footage that I’ve personally taken, that my son has taken. They have been to Montreal. Please check the famous case in 1993 where many people saw the same craft hovering for hours over the city. So it is disconcerting and simply ignorant to be accused of being a government spy from one stupid guy, and if somebody insults me like that, I think I’m justified in telling that person they’re wrong because they have absolutely no idea where I’m coming from and how much I actually know about these thing. How much my interest is real. I just don’t brag and swagger about it and try to make mountains out of molehills, or in this case extraterrestrial aircraft out of Chinese lanterns.


    • damn, im just a filipino guy and I don’t know varakien. It’s just that im a fan of Zechariah Zitchin that’s why im on this website. And i’m tired of this chinese lantern and weather balloon excuses for things like those. Every news i read or even in youtube says that “Oh, it’s a weather balloon” even if the thing or UFO speeds up like a 2000 mile/hr with no sounds whatsoever. Others also say its a insect/bug that suddenly travels infront of your camera.


  22. Cheers to some for backing me up on getting insults for a difference of opinion.
    No one on this site wants to debunk stuff that offers a potential disclosure to what is really out there.
    In fact, some people comment because they get frustrated by silly posts such as the recent ‘flying humanoid’.
    I am not a misinformer but I am curious for believable explanations to strange phenomena.
    It could be equally disputed that other posters are in fact the ‘trolls’ but hey, who cares. My search for the truth is not going to be changed.
    There have been clips of ufos on here that I cannot explain away and they keep me coming back for the next big reveal.
    It would be ashame if people are put off to the degree where they dont return and all the posts are just the opinion of one person. That would indeed be boring and prove nothing.
    We need debate to debunk and also reveal the facts so keep it up.


  23. Correction: Not 1993 but 1990. There is YouTube footage of news reports online.


  24. and about chinese lanterns, you can’t hang a big flashlight or bulb which weights about 5 kg to light up in the sky like that within 10 to 20+ kms of viewpoint. chinese lanterns can’t hold that weigh to fly with great distance with papers and bamboos asresources. those ufo’s light are so bright that normal chinese lanterns can’t produce in a long distance of view.


    • Maybe we should start calling this website: The Truth Behind the Chinese Lanterns. Ridiculous.


  25. I was at a local fireworks display on July 2nd on Manchester, CT. Same thing, 3 red orbs 20 mins before the fireworks display started. I thought it was just some kind of floating lanterns but CT has very strict laws on the height of your fireworks. I dont know what it was, I can just say it was there. If I had to throw a debunk at it I would say it was a test by the fireworks company to check which way the wind went.


  26. Yeah right, maybe that’s the reason why millions of years and still no aliens on space found. A good start to investigate chinese people, maybe they are the real aliens with UFO vehicle called Chinese Lantern. lol
    (sorry for getting away with the topic xD)


  27. Varakienen. I uderstand your frustation, but dude… I think that just as you have the openmindedness of believing in the existance of farther more inteligence than ours whom are visitng and obviously studying us, you must also keep your mind open to other opinions and farther than that, respect them. Because you cannot deny the fact that many times, when you believe in something so much, your eyes and your brain will just show show you what you believe in. I think that rather ditching off oposite opinions, it’s actually better to take them into consideration because you aren’t gonna be right all the time man, and the best way to figure out your flaws is by being open and respectful to all sorts of opinion and taking them as serious as your very own. Hence that after you do that, you will meditate over your own thoughts and learn what is new to you. Un abrazo desd España


  28. you can add this attached video/link to your compilation… ^___^


  29. MrVolatile

    I’ve seen a few crazy things up in the vast blue sky, but not as of late.
    Although my two friends who are skeptical called me up a few nights ago around 1am telling me they seen something up in the sky that wasn’t a plane or a satellite or anything they know of.


  30. @Vara

    my comment about motorized Chinese lanterns were a joke mate lol. i was pointing out the stupidity of certain debunkers that stand behind the idea that every sighting is a Chinese lantern. The idea that all these people are letting off motorized lanterns into the sky all tied together in formation is ludicrous.

    IMO this is phase two starting, TTBTS has been kind enough to refer back to my article from earlier this year when i put together a hypothesis of future UFO actions, now it seems that the hypothesis isnt too far fetched….

    I still believe that these beings have no hostile intentions and i still think that they are on a surveying mission ONLY, at this point at least…. i think contact will happen in roughly 6 months to 2 years at the least it all depends on how they perceive our race. Think of it in this way; your walking through town and then in front of your is a group of guys drinking and just looking thugish, would you a) keep walking thinking ‘ill be fine’ or b) cross the road and keep a watchful eye. Now i think any rational being would choose option b). This metaphor can be used to also describe the visitors actions, they are holding back just inside our atmosphere, because they can see we are a warlike people and would probably pursue hostile actions against the unknown (no doubt they have accessed our history aswel and found countless examples).I think that the contact date is a long way off and i would hazard a guess that the general public will not be privy to it unless they were to land en-masse in populated areas.

    Anybody else have some thoughts on this?




      Hey Luke. Im pretty sure they have already contacted our governments. many times in fact. And have gotten screwed by the experience.
      The government has already instigated a shoot first sweep it under the rug polocy concerning UFO’s.
      Should any aliens simply decloak and make them selves known to the general public, the governments will claim an invasion launch a propoganda movement to convince the public that its all part of a larger long term invasion plan, and try to sway the public to be hostile as well.
      Control over us cannot be maintained if an out side force comes and give us informations and teachings that the shadow government specificly wants kept for them selves and Out of our hands.
      I dont think that any large scale contact will be attempted openly until our governments have had some collapse. likely after a cataclysm.
      How ever, a Rapture scenario is not actually a contact scenario. it is just a retrieval of specific humans that are currently being tagged and marked for retrieval.
      This later is what I believe the increased activity may be based upon.
      By the way, Im feeling much better now. you can probaly FEEL the difference in my posts now, compared to when I am having an Bi-polar event. sigh.


      • Hi Vara

        I agree that contact has already been made between high ranking officials and our earths governments, However i suspect that there has been some heated debate between us ad them as to their role here on earth, you only need to look at some movies like the new version of the day the earth stood still to see exactly how our countries leaders would react to an alien coming with a message for our race.

        heres a play by play of probable contact scenario
        step 1
        deep space net locks onto several objects moving at rapid speed along nonlinear pathway unlike an asteroid or comet. military heads are informed that they are on a probable course toward earth.

        step 2
        top officials that know the objects are alien craft are quick to stifle any leaks into the news pertaining to the objects

        step 3
        monitoring of the objects confirms their destination is earth, military forces are mobilized to cover projected impact site(s). Space warfare weaponry (the secret stuff they dont tell us about) is readied for a possible hostile attack.

        step 4
        objects near earths atmosphere, the public has no clue what is going on as a total blackout of media is in effect. space Weapon systems are disabled by unknown countermeasures deployed by alien craft. craft enter outer atmosphere

        step 5
        craft begin to land in select areas around the globe, each landing site is greeted by heavy military presence. Beings from the craft emerge with full knowledge of what is awaiting them. from this point it could go two ways: a) they are shot on site, b) they are taken into custody for interrogation as to why they are here and how they managed to disable defensive systems, their ships are moved offsite into housing areas for study and reverse engineering, meanwhile the beings themselves are never seen again… or c) when the military try to apprehend the beings the aliens fight back, using all sorts of weaponry only science fiction can detail, they again leave earth without delivering their message.

        Now of course this could also go another bunch of ways but IMO i think b) would be the most probable.

        let me know what you think



  31. Hey Luke/Var –
    The “Rapture Scenario” is an interesting theory…one that would Allow For aliens to be discussed or shown.
    In full disclosure, I am a Christian…and have witnessed many things prior to and during my walk and have wondered how an event like that would be “handled” as well as the aliens.
    Luke, I too get the sense that “contact” might happen shortly.

    I believe that following a “rapture” event…that the world government would point at the great snatch as a form of help…from the universe/aliens.
    I can see the focus on aliens as aiding the destruction of the separate religions…as the world looks to join one, united religion…one “voice”.

    At this time, many/most religions and others see Christianity as “holding the world back from being Unified…with one mind, voice, understanding” due to the Need for Jesus to get to God…and if the Christians can be the cause for holding Earth back…then the world might accept aliens once we vanish.

    Would aliens be accepted in Earths daily life? I don’t know…but the united world might then be able to be more open to technological advancements and a “one-world” focus…especially if the world government points to “off world” possibilities.

    A rapture would need to be followed by major Earth catastrophes (ELEnin?) which would allow for the human race to unite, helping one another out and accept help from “off worlders”.

    Just a few thoughts,



  32. I find it so interesting that no one has talked about these UFOs being something other than a Chinese Lantern. Without such quality, it is hard to discern WHAT they are. However, for 100% of them to be lanterns and for 100% of them to be derived from ETs, both are highly unlikely.

    Declaring what you think these objects might be is most likely determined by your presuppositions on whether aliens exist and to what extent they interfere with life on Earth.

    I personally could care less about these videos, but shout out to @erick, Zecharia Sitchin is DA BOMB. Everyone should read his book: The 12th Planet. The subject material presented in this book is compelling and so much more interesting than these Chinese Lantern-looking UFO videos.

    In my personal opinion, I believe that many of these sighting could be real. Many can sense that SOMETHING is going on, with the strange weather phenomena, seismic activity, comet elenin, the hype of 2012, etc. Thus, it’s not so hard to believe that IF (I used caps for a reason) aliens existed and IF they planned on revealing themselves, doing it slowly would be the best approach. Coming down to Earth and being like “SURPRISE!” would cause mass chaos and panic.

    Their intent would be to slowly arouse suspicion within the public, and what better way to do that than plan multiple UFO sightings on a day where many people have cameras looking into the sky? This would undoubtedly cause many of these sighting to appear on the internet, with many people wondering, “What the hell is all this?”

    On the flip side, perhaps there are a bunch of hoaxers out there wishing to provide disinformation. Perhaps the very people who video taped these videos were the ones to release the “Chinese Lantern.”

    I, personally, believe that most people would not create such hoaxes on the 4th because most of the country’s attention is on the holiday itself. It seems unreasonable to me that there would be so many hoaxes.

    Perhaps many are misidentifications, perhaps they ARE Chinese Lanterns, but just as one cannot rule out the fact that they are real ET-controlled UFOs, one can neither rule out that they are merely non-UFOs. The subject of a misidentification is invalid since we are talking about Unidentified Flying Objects in general. Even if they were Chinese Lanterns, until they are proven to be so, they will remain in the “U.F.O.” category.

    Yes, most of it might be fake, but it only takes ONE genuine UFO sighting to establish their existence (of course, is must be PROVEN to be genuine, which is the challenging part).

    I believe that whatever “their” goals, they were most likely successful.



    • all to often I think we speak as one mind. Its just nice to see some one can speak it in better words than mine own at times.😉


  33. yep… chinese lanterns…

    @Vanereal… lol you really are a dick. If people dont agree with you you jump on them… you should respect others opinions… as others have said you are a bullyboy who should cut back on the koala meat or whatever youre on chump… who made you the host of this site???… im surprised the administrator of this site hasnt banned you for ruining other people experiences here… it certainly is becoming less fun with you overloading the pages with all your over-exposed commentary which is crap actually and lacking anything worth reading. Take a holiday tool.🙂

    If anyones a candidate for an alien abduction its you… to our little green friends out there… take him away and like into deep deep space where no-one can hear him yakity-yak endlessly… lol😀



      oh Optic, would that you had caught me a couple days ago when I could be goaded, and was.
      But now, your comentary and personal attack have the same wieght as your continued lack of useful or insightful content in every thing you have ever posted.
      Ive already apologised for my low time on the bi-polar rollar coaster.
      Will YOU be showing me how to do it better by setting the better example here in your following posts? ( i very much doubt it )
      Because, again, if you have nothing to offer but distractions and finger pointing, then we can all see right through you, and you will simply be ignored.

      Now to the real business of the site and thread.
      I dont see your invasion scenario as being realistic in its implimentation.
      I dont think we would see thier craft incoming if thats what they wanted.
      In fact, they are Already here, which I am sure you already know.
      I also wouldnt pander to any notions of open or visible warfare scenario’s. we simply do not have the means to defend against such advancements.
      I more than Highly suspect that if they want to they can throw some form of electromagnetic pulse at us that is very specific in its vibration and frequency. They could litterally knock us all out, scramble our brain waves, or put us all to sleep. Never firing a single shot from a weapon. never seeing the face of our supposed enemy.
      If I were as advanced as them, thats how I would conduct warefar versus an inferiorly evolved technological adversary.


  34. Vara

    Im sure that they would also know to never underestimate the smallest of adversaries for even the 1celled organism can befall a whale. You say that they would exert their influence over us using an array of technologically superiority, well i say that the probability if that is very low. If these beings are as technologically advanced and socially advanced as we suppose they are then they would more than likely follow the path of diplomacy and reasoning rather than weapons; as an act of war, even one that we did not witness can, and would most likely, be taken as a hostile action.

    This would thus hold them at the business end of a propaganda barrel where our governments would flood the media with misinformation of their hostile intent. This in turn would hamper their efforts to make contact with the general populace and not just the heads of house.

    I do agree however that no matter what course of action they take in trying to disclose their existence, the general media will be flooded with misinformation claiming stories of attacks on communities and impending invasion forces. When the day that they come finally rounds the bend i do hope for the good of mankind that we follow a path of diplomacy rather than pulling out the ‘browning 50cal’.




    Luke. I simply do NOT believe them to be Hostile at all.
    What so ever.
    A hostile race with thier capabilities wouldnt be giving us crop circle messeges to begin with. This, fore most is why I do not believe your invasion scenario is possible.


  36. MrVolatile

    There are so many possibilities that even attempting to fathom such belief is ridiculous.

    My theory though is that they are probably like us, except evolved beyond physical materialism and can access different dimensions.


  37. What if ET is evolving on such a different timescale from us here on earth that our advancement in technological terms etc has been, for them, a wake up call and all of a sudden there is interest in our small blue planet.
    Also, what if that interest only really took off during WWII, when large-scale destruction began across most of europe. Maybe they are devious and hedged their bets and approached what looked like the dominant nation at the time, Germany and gave them technology but when the course of the war turned they later approached the USA and have been dealing with them ever since.
    If ET is clever, it would use humans to do its dirty work and rule the planet from behind the scenes.
    Maybe some sightings are military-based but are of ET origin.


    • Well morris, to an extent, I feel you are Right on the money here.
      Time moves slower the further away from a large gravitational force you move, like the earth or, our sun. IF Aliens spend a great deal of thier time further out than our solar system then we would indeed have come along ways in nearly the blink of an eye to those that are out and away there.
      Now as for the notion that we have been manipulated behind the scenes for some time… I concure.
      I believe that there are at least a couple of races that arent entirely as loving or moral as one would hope an advanced race should be.
      At least one of those has been supplying the shadow government with technologies for some time now, and are the driving force behind the Iluminati.
      I am of the opinion that the other races do little about it so long as the manipulative race in our soup plays by certain rules.
      Do not effect the environment directly, Do not reval your self directly to the mass’s, do not use you technologies on a large scale to effect or control the mass’s, etc.
      Basicly, so long as they manipulate with out getting directly involved them selves, then they wont get policed…. much.
      PS: Morris, nice to actually talk with you about the subject matter it self.


      • @Vara. Actually, time slows down as one get CLOSER to a large gravitational force, a principle called time dilation mentioned alongside Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Simply put, time slows down as you approach the speed of light. Because larger celestial bodies have a faster acceleration due a larger gravitational field, time slows down when traveling in certain directions around these objects.

        Perhaps if the ETs were constantly traveling at speeds approaching the speed of light, then they would indeed be on a different time scale.

        I do agree with another alien race (the reptilians) running the Illuminati, and you bring up an interesting point. I wonder IF the other alien races have simply let them be, until they break some kind of law decreed by advanced civilizations or whatever. IF that true, then it’s clear that they are starting to break these rules because the “good” ETs are starting to get more involved.


  38. I don’t believe the ETs that communicate through crop circles and appear through genuine UFO sightings are hostile.

    @Luke: I don’t think they are underestimating us. I believe they have a long term plan that is slowly unfolding. A plan that will eventually prove their existence, expose the Illuminati (as Vara calls the “shadow government”), and set mankind on the right path, one of love, peace, and understanding.

    They know that the Illuminati is doing everything is their power to keep the existence of alien from public knowledge, and use many techniques to do so, such as shame tactics, “us vs. them”, and other such propaganda and crowd control to make anyone who speaks out about it seems absurd, delusional, or even insane. I thought this article was really telling:


    @Luke: I completely agree with all of your step regarding a contact scenario except your conclusion to step 5. I don’t think the alien would ever allow the government to take them into custody. I doubt a craft would ever land on a government base because if they are not going to cooperate, then attempting to reason with them would be useless.

    Instead of appeal to the government, who wishes to conceal their existence, they would appeal to the people. They want to people to know that they mean well and want to help us. THIS is why crop circles exist. It is one of the easiest ways to speak to the people! The government cannot simply cover-up crop cicles, as they could a radio message or some other form of communication highly regulated by the government.

    OR perhaps the Revelation in the Bible tells the story of what is to come. Has anyone ever contemplated the origin of religion? It has pervaded EVERY culture, and can be traced back to the first civilization, the Sumerians. The were an “instant civilization” with no precursor. They somehow domesticated dogs, cats, corn, wheat, barley, cows, sheep, and many other animals and crops. They created law systems, writing systems, plowed fields, built magnificent buildings of stone, created pottery, metallurgy, and worshiped gods. They told the story with no cover-ups and no ulterior motives. The gods were depicted as human-like beings, who ate, slept, wept, loved, hated, warred, and spread peace and prosperity.

    I believe those gods were ETs. I believe that even the Bible includes scriptures regarding sighting of ETs and crafts, some of which have been lost in translation. Regardless of what I think, we will likely all experience it in our lifetime.

    @Vara: I do think we hold similar beliefs. It shows, at least to me, that you have done a lot of research on the subject because most of what you say supports the research I have done as well. However, you can’t be “gettin’ all crazy up on here.” Lol. It only serves to give more reason for skeptics to think that we are all crazy. I know that you aren’t crazy, but don’t give others any reason to think so. They simply haven’t done the massive amount of research that you have studied.


  39. I’m in anaheim, ca and recorded some video of it. I wonder how many total sightings


  40. Now Vara you confuse my comments i basically said that i hope that these guys are friendly but im prepared for the worst.

    I believe that morris is definitely on the right track though, i remember watching a doco on the history channel about the Nazi regime contacting Extra Dimensional beings and requesting the power to crush their enemies, they did this through a clairvoyant cult who supposedly could contact these beings (these people could have been direct descendants of the Sumerians). In a nut shell, these extra dimensional beings gave them technologies that were 25-50 years ahead of their time period just look at this German bomber prototype that was in the works compared to the B2 that is in service today:

    German Bomber


    there are eerie similarities between the two aircraft that are undeniable, it also was inevitable that America would create aircraft based on German designs as they took many of the Germans scientists/engineers back to America to help them reverse engineer them. This also happened with the V2 rockets and Americas eventual success at reaching the moon first.

    Now getting a little off the topic, but it all does relate, i definitely think that we have been micro managed throughout history by visitors from other worlds and for some reason they seem to do it without a guiding hand, which makes me think that they must do it through psychological means or telepathy. Through this they could alter a great ruler perception of a coming event as to make a wrong or better decision eg politiians, military commaders, they could possibly even sway the masses through these techniques.

    I think that this sort of micro management could definitely exist as, from memory, i can recall most great leaders decisions were made after having a revelation/dream/vision of what was to come

    im gonna do a bit of research on this before i comment on it further but i do believe that morris has a cracked safe.



    • yes indeed Luke.
      The germans Relied on a group called the Vril society.
      Mostly women psychics that let thier hair grow with out ever cutting it in a belief that it enhanced reception not unlike an antenea.
      The vril were above even the SS and were responsible for directing hitlers interests in ancient artifacts and occult items and scenarios.
      They were at the fore front of psychic and occult research for their time, and not all of them were rounded up when it all fell apart.
      There is also No record that I am aware of, of what transpired with the remaining vril that were rounded up. they pretty much vannished from all records. My personal suspicion is that the Iluminati got ahold of them and added them to the ranks, assuming they were not iluminati to begin with which has been a question for me for quite some time.
      A couple of vril and high ranking german officials similarly dissapeared near the end in what witness’s discribe as a large bell or acorn shaped german built craft, with distinctly unusual markings. The technology for which was unearthed by the vril. Many claim that the device was created to traverse time and dimensions.
      On a different tho possibly related note, many years later an identical craft was reported crashed in the USA, not only similar in size and shape, but in the unusual markings as well.
      I have long been interested in what the iluminati were doing at these time periods. were they behind much of it, or were they left behind by hitler because they did not take as an agressive action based stratagy?
      Either way, i suspect like drug dealers and gun runners, the extra dimensional beings contacted by the vril were dealing thier wares to both sides. German and iluminati.


  41. I have good pictures myself over new Lenox Illinois


  42. With so many sightnings one would ask……..why are they here ???……what do they wantt ???…..are they friend or foe, it would be nice to get some answers and suport from someone or two who know’s the story…………


  43. I saw a red/orange orb on the fourth of july glide past my party and I, it was NOT any kind of firework. It came out from behind a hill, gently glided behind us and drifted off to the south and slowly faded into the sunset. We are in the Hannibal MO/Quincy IL area. What upset/concerned me about this isn’t that so MANY people seem to have seen this that night, is that my down to earth no BS parents in Saint Louis MO saw and experienced the EXACT same thing on the 4th in their backyard at approx. the same time. The same orb, the same flying pattern, the exact same phenomena happened to them. It is intelligent, this cannot be denied unless thousands and thousands of hoaxers were collaborating that evening. If they are intelligent, they can be many of different things, but the fact is…something is trying to contact us. It isn’t a fairytale anymore friends. Something is freaking here! Why hasn’t the news talked about this at ALL?!


  44. I too have seen these glowing orbs. they sit in the skys above my house almost every night…..they move very fast and since i have been watching i have noticed there are 2 or 3 that seem to just hover up in the sky. The government must know they are there because airplanes and helicopters fly right by them without stopping…..its strange and i want answers as most of us do. Why should us american citizens not know this information….because our government is so corrupt.


  45. I too seen what everyone else seen! I was standing outside and I happened to look up in the sky and I seen eight floating orange lights! I knew that they were not fireworks,planes, or anything I had ever seen before. The guy I was dating at the time seen the same thing! we thought we were trippen until we found out others had seen the same thing. I was in seattle, wa when I seen this