Strange UFOs By Our Sun!

NOTICE: The 2nd half of this video is very exciting so be sure and watch the entire thing… This video shows both the Stereo Behind and Ahead COR 2 telescopes.

Best watched in full screen paying close attention to all of the activity that is taking place.

I am just amazed at the escalation in intensity and also by the various UFOs.

Watch: 1.20 to 4.32 / 11.18 to 12.45 / 17.14 to 24.46 (end )

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3 responses to “Strange UFOs By Our Sun!


    Jolly good stuff.
    Now, near the end he goes on about how the large object may be changing shapes, but I strongly dissagree.
    My own contention is that with the large object we are seeing, it is not in fact a singular large solid object, but more likely several large objects in extreemly tight formation moving about each other closely.
    The light reflects off them as the light sources change in intensity or direction depending on the flares. But I believe as the objects closely move about each other, the reflection from thier surfaces so close together may give the apearance of one object that is changing shape.
    What he see’s as UFOs shooting out from it in perhaps a beam, may well be some of those indevidual objects breaking formation and moving ahead.

    Now, let me direct your attention to an earlier segment of the video. You must understand that you arent actually watching a soho or radio tellescope film. but that you are actually watching indevidual photos taken as much as ten mins apart and strung together in quick succession to make what we would percieve as a continuous film.
    IF you STOP the footage on the individual fram seen at the 3 minute and 6 seconds point, you will see some thing captured that is VERY well foccused and distinctive, but remains in the footage Only for that film frame. go ahead, stop it at 3:06 and tell me what You see. 😉
    ~ Varakienen.


  2. Pete3003uk

    Very interesting activity around the sun there and also this link here shows a large comet smashing into the sun


  3. It looks like pizza cooking