The seven wonders of the solar system

Wonders of the Solar System is an award-winning 2010 television series co-produced by the BBC and Science Channel.

The series comprises five episodes, each of which focuses on an aspect of the Solar System

“We live on a world of wonders. A place of astonishing beauty and complexity. We have vast oceans and incredible weather. Giant mountains and breath-taking landscapes.

If you think that this is all there is, that our planet exists in magnificent isolation, then you’re wrong. We’re part of a much wider ecosystem, that extends way beyond the top of our atmosphere.

As a physicist I’m fascinated by how the laws of nature that shaped all this, also shaped the worlds beyond our home planet.

I think we’re living through the greatest age of discovery our civilisation has known. We’ve voyaged to the farthest reaches of the Solar System. We’ve photographed strange new worlds, stood in unfamiliar landscapes, tasted alien air”. ( Professor Brian Cox )

Source:   (youtube) * wikipedia

4 responses to “The seven wonders of the solar system

  1. well actually they have discovered another planet that has a 80-90% probability of simple lifeforms as it has the same volumes of landmass and water as earth and also sits in the median area from the sun where it can support life.

    although it is roughly 250000 light years away so itll be a while before we can go and have a proper look at it.



  2. Seems to be alot of frustration and anger pent up Godsend, find peace in Jesus and GOD and let them judge Humanity……. 🙂


  3. Man will destroy it as they are destroying this planet. Man needs to stop destroying the planet and learn to live with the planet. Stop trying to control the growth of the planet and people, stop being greedy and stop the destruction of everything they touch and every living organism on the planet.


  4. its really awsmmmm