ABC News Phoenix on the Dust Storm UFOs are Aircraft

Phoenix dust storm UFO phenomenon

We refer to a broadcast of ABC News.

During this broadcast, they explain that the alleged UFOs were in fact aircraft as well as they refer to various international UFO sites, including ‘The Truth Behind The Scenes’ ( video clip: 1.12 ) who have published articles about the alleged UFOs.

If ABC News had done their homework, they must have noticed that we never have published an article about the alleged ufo’s.

After watching and analyzing the various clips, we concluded that UFO 1 is a helicopter and UFO 2 an approaching aircraft, which can be seen at the video, so we have decided NOT to publish and in fact now confirmed by the analysis of ABC News.

What we have published?

We have published an article about an alleged cloaked UFO during the dust storm

Cloaked UFO in Clouds over Phoenix during Dust Storm 2011?

This cloaked ufo is an entirely different phenomenon and is not related to the alleged UFOs.

The phenomenon remains a mystery, perhaps we should ask ABC News.

Source: Sheilaaliens (youtube)

7 responses to “ABC News Phoenix on the Dust Storm UFOs are Aircraft

  1. Pete3003uk

    It is like I have said many times until something is clear and conclusive then all these lights in the skies are simply “unidentified objects”.
    I also think this and many other websites posting these snaps and videos should check more thoroughly before posting as in the case of this video we never saw the end of the video which varifies that these were simple planes.
    Its hard to know who or what to believe but for sure a lot of these news networks will cover up or be afraid to admit anything bizzare as they are all controlled by goverments etc.
    Photos and videos are easily edited and faked by all and I guess untill 100+ or more people can post same conclusive sightings from different locations then were all going to be sceptical.
    The last 7 nights I have observed the night sky often as I go outside for a smoke and seen nothing out of the ordinary here in the UK but I remain open minded🙂



    I dont actually recall any one regular to this site “saying or claiming” that we were looking at Alien crafts.
    In fact, I specificly remember spelling out to some one what the terminology of U-F-O means.
    Of Course, not Every phenominon we see is Not an Alien space craft.
    Much of it still qualifies as UFO how ever.
    People need to chill.


  3. WOW your sight was on the News … congratulation, you must be doing something right … and such an added end to the video will prove nothing to those who know the truth …

    The orb of light surrounding the air crafts … are their cloaking fields of energy … at a distant being effected by the sand and dust particles .. the field of energy lit up like a ball of light ….

    Once the cloaking field of energy cleared the reflecting dust particles … the illusion of the plane broke through …

    What we seen then is what the mind control signals are programmed to tell our brain to see … and we will see that programmed image whenever looking at a certain celestial craft …

    What actually gave the celestial craft’s disguise away was the cloaking shield reflecting in the sand and dust particles …

    The masters of disguise are very clever in their tricks, deceptions and lies …

    Remember the black helicopters often seen when there are UFO sightings … the helicopters are the illusion programmed by the satanic mind control negative energy signals …

    These negative energy signals are how renegades reptilians walk among humanity …. not only the renegade celestials … but visiting, vacationing exterritorial, as well as those registered to stay …


  4. We see what we see with our own eyes and we are intelligent enough to know the truth!


  5. Very amusing. The ABC news were talking about those lights that were flying around in the front of the dust cloud…we knew that they were aircrafts. They missed the part in the earlier posting that the “UFO” was the oddly-shaped cloud, not the flashing lights. Of course, I agree with most people here that it was nothing more than a strange cloud.