Captured on Hawaii Telescope, Nibiru, 3 Planets, Strange Moon, UFOs?

The CFH Telescope became operational in 1979 and  The observatory is located atop the summit of Mauna Kea, a 4200 meter, dormant volcano located on the island of Hawaii. The mission of CFHT is to provide for its user community a versatile and state-of-the-art astronomical observing facility which is well matched to the scientific goals of that community and which fully exploits the potential of the Mauna Kea site.

Besides the telescopes, they are ‘cloud cameras’ and cams.

The cloud camera on the picture is pointed towards Hilo, Hawaii.

In our previous post Mysterious exploding ball of light in space  we reported that on June 22, 2011 the telescope captured a strange like bubble-like burst of light.

Last week, the telescope and a ‘cloud camera captured another strange phenomena.

video 1: Is it a second planet, nibiru or just the moon?

At 02:17 (followed by the Sun) – Video captured by The CFH observatory that hosts a world-class, 3.6 meter optical/infrared telescope.

Video 2: Group of planets or UFOs seen before sunrise. Captured with ‘cloud camera’ or is it just a plane?

Video 3: Asteroid,UFO or just a natural phenomenon?

Video 4: Strange Moon above Hawaii or maybe a natural phenomenon?

Four different strange phenomena or is it simply explained. If you have an explanation for these observations, please let us know.

Source and author: BeePeeOilDisaster * 

32 responses to “Captured on Hawaii Telescope, Nibiru, 3 Planets, Strange Moon, UFOs?

  1. The first two vids are useful. But I can’t say I understand what I am looking at in the last two. Nore do I understand Why they were even included.


  2. It certainly seems like any sighting you see posted on this site can be instantly explained as being either the oncoming Nibiru, or impending asteroids, cloaked UFOs, or anti-Chinese lanterns… whatever description that vaguely fits the poorly made video clips.


  3. I keep hoping to see a smoking gun video of a UFO that is not a pie tin on a string fake. The same goes for the Niburu videos that look more like lens flares and dusty lenses.

    I do believe that there is something to the UFO stuff but nobody has ever shown a conclusive video proving it.

    As for Niburu, I am still withholding judgement on that one until there is even a small modicum of proof that it is real.


    • Hi Dennis.
      I agree.
      How ever, there is SO much minor evidence, and I dont mean pie plates and sun dogs, that it leads me to believe it is a strong likely hood.
      The problem with holding out for hard incontravertable evidence is, that by the time we have it, especially in Nibiru’s case, it will be to late to do any thing to save your self if you wait.
      Prophecy and ancient scripture suggest that it will be incontravertably visible to the naked eye for 7 days when the time is upon us. And at that time its way to late.
      It doesnt hurt just to put together a very large survival package that will last you months or longer, BEFORE you have your answer.


  4. Sorry GOD boy. this is a science based site and thread.
    We wont be wiped out entirely, and the anunaki of old are what we mistook for angels.
    I dont mind a bit of religeon mixxed in now and then, but only exact details from holy scriptures, Not peoples indevidual interpretations of what they actually mean.
    If you want to preach jusdgement day and god you are on the wrong site.
    Why do I think My opinion is more important than yours here?
    Cuz I was born and raised a catholic, and found to Many inconsistancies and contradictions in the Bible, so I started reading the history of where scripture came from, the original translations and the parts that have been left out of the most recent versions of the bible. OH what the churches and governments DONT want us knowing. its shame full.
    Please preech else where.


  5. actually dude. I do believe in god.
    a universal consciousness that does not interfere, desire worship, or even acknowlegement from us. We are extensions of its consciousness and being, forgetting our divine origin and past experiences so that we / God / can fully experience This level of reality with out that encumbrance.
    I Do believe in god. I DONT believe in religeon.
    Religeon is the Worst thing that Ever happened to Faith.


  6. Gag me with a spoon!


  7. Actually, not gag me, but gag you with a spoon, you self-centered pseudo-religious kook. GodSend? Return to sender!


  8. @Godsend: I agree with Vara that institutionalized religion is bad. In one prime example, they are the SOLE reason why homosexuality is perceived as immoral, a sin, and a choice. This is why you have closeted priests raping little boys because they have no other outlet and are living lies. This is why you have children committing suicide because they are ridiculed by others for being unable to express who they are. Gay people don’t choose a life of ridicule and discrimination, and I think it’s SICK that Christians who supposedly preach love and understanding would treat homosexuals in the way that they do today.

    And how is atheism bad? That is a matter of opinion. I consider myself an apatheist. Morals are inherent in everyday society and we do not need religion to be good people. There are some that use religion as an excuse to use HATE, and they believe that even though they can hate others, they will still get into heaven simply because they are Christian. What a paradoxical way of thinking. I have met many more agnostics/atheists who are MUCH better people than many self proclaimed Christians.

    Instead of trying to convert every person on the planet, people of faith should RESPECT the religious beliefs of others. While sharing your own beliefs is great, trying to convince others to follow your way of thinking is a major problem in today’s society.

    By trying to convince others that their values and morals are inherently worse than yours only serves to DIVIDE people, causing conflict and wars. A prime example was the “mosque” being building by the 9/11 site that people were up in arms about. People said it was un-american, yet this country was founded on freedom of religion. AND terrorism has NOTHING to do with Islam.

    Also, you are wrong about another thing. ANYONE has the right to create their own religion. Even within the realm of Christianity, not everyone interprets their faith in the same way. Many people have made makeshift religions to apply to their own set of morals and values, and NO ONE has the right to tell someone that they cannot form their own beliefs. People only need to look within their own hearts for validation of their beliefs. They don’t need anyone’s approval, NOR do they need basis on historical fact!

    Your form of religion does not seem one of love, understanding, and open-mindedness, but instead seems to be one of control, conversion, and conformity. I’m sorry, but I think that is TERRIBLE.

    And then you post something like, “As for you, Rat Serum, it appears that you have already gagged yourself with a spoon of home-made Rat Poison.:o Bon appetit!”

    How holy of you.


    • Holy Crap NATE.
      You said Every thing I wanted to say but of late cannot find the eloquence of words for.
      Until I get my proper vocabulary back, (ie: settle my mental chemical Bi-polar imbalance problem) You are my new HERO.
      ~ Varakienen.


  9. Did I claim to be the fountain of Truth? No.

    Are you calling my arguments about respect, understanding, and open-mindedness lame? Yes

    This is NOT a science-based blog. It’s a blog about the TRUTH behind the scenes. And how do you cut an argue to ribbons when they are a matter of opinion?

    I know who I am. I know that I am a good person and I don’t need religion to tell me that. I only ridicule you because you are ridiculing people of different beliefs. I consider an attempt to convert a form of ridicule against those who believe differently, for you inherently assume that they are inferior.

    It’s not ABOUT religion. It’s about being a good person.

    By attempting to “be above” refuting my post, you only show your idiocy and incompetent you refute.

    Also, that’s not a rebuttal, it’s a sermon.

    I have also perused your sight. It seems poorly organized, redundant, and childish. Again, my opinion.

    I might as well tell you know that I actually believe Jesus was a human/alien hybrid. His miracles were advanced technology that were incomprehensible to the people of that era. The immaculate conception is available as artificial insemination in today’s society. The wheel of Ezekiel was a spaceship. The Nefilim were members of the extraterrestrial race that created humans. The pillar of smoke by day and fire by night during the Exodus of the Jews is a cloaked spaceship. The Revelation is true.

    Now THAT is science-based.

    Christianity is simply a religion fighting for control, and at one point in time, MURDERED people with differing beliefs. In 2011, they just make people conform through the fear of hell and non-salvation.

    Peace, even to the ignorant and the misguided.


  10. Oh, you are making this fun for me at least. While I prattle on at great length, all you have been doing is try to portray me as “looney” while announcing that everything I say is rubbish. You have not defended anything I have said in my previous posts, which is a little lame, and make it seem like you are either lacking in reading comprehension, or you are a poor debater. Also, how am I a fraud? Everything I have said is in agreement with my beliefs. You simply aren’t making any sense to me.

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t Vara’s blog (sorry if I’m wong). And random question to Vara: are you guy or girl? I’m not assuming, I was just wondering! Your tag name is quite androgynous.

    Vara only wanted you to bring up scientific-based facts when discussing the material at hand.

    If the owner does wish for me to discontinue this discussion, then I will gladly do so. You are honestly boring me when you simply try to attack me without attacking what I’ve actually said.

    Ok ok, while what I said is not mainstream, it is more realistic than what I presume you believe, which is as follows. Jesus is the son of some “God,” whom no one has seen, but yet he is omniscient and omnipresent. Jesus had CRAZY magic that could heal anyone, and after being killed, he came back to life. He could even walk on water! There are real people with wings that fly around and give message to the prophets of old. Moses actually parted the Red Sea long enough for them to cross. God created a massive flood and somehow Noah collected every single animal to place in his ark, and had the food and time to feed them all.

    Yea, I guess I’m crazy and just because you have the mainstream opinion, that makes you correct. Other popular mainstream opinions: the earth of flat and the earth was the center of the universe. AND the Christians killed Giordano Bruno when he believed these two things. Galileo only lived because he renounced his beliefs to the church.

    When plate tectonics was introduced, no one believed it. When Einstein first published his 1905 papers, no one believed him. Just because I sound crazy doesn’t mean that my theories are unfounded or that they are inherently false. I have done a lot of research and have read my fair share of books. I believe that my views have a more realistic and scientific explanation for “supernatural” occurrences told in the Bible.

    If you wish to refute what I’ve said, then I’ll gladly debate. If you continue to attack me as a person or my mentality, then I’m just going to ignore you because it will show your lack of intelligence and reasoning skills.

    However, I do believe that Jesus and God actually represent the good ETs that create the crop circles and are trying to help us save ourselves from destruction. I do believe in the soul and the spirit. The existence of souls and spirits allows ghosts to be explained. I believe in the afterlife and I believe in reincarnation. While you read the Bible, I have read multiple sources (Bible included) from which to draw my conclusions.

    Peace, even to those who insult me.


  11. No one is Creating a religeon or a new god here, where do you get this crap from? sheesh.
    My god is Your god and always has been.
    Ive just come to a deep revelation that over the millenia, People have created God, in thier OWN image. Insecure, needy, biased, controling, and many worse things.
    I just cannot fathom a god that is any of those things. a God that judges, condescends, feels anger or frustration, or needs our attention, our worship? WRONG.
    Or Needs ANY thing at all for that matter. In any way what so ever.
    You, were born and raised in an environment that tells you what you should think or believe god IS, wants, needs, commands.
    I put My self in gods shoes and realised that all our concerns and fears and insecurities fears and more are simply Beneath God.
    Hell, I wont even call god a Him. calling God by the term HE is ludicrouse, and was born of the male human control institution over women. God doesnt need a penis, or shoot semen etc. God is neither father nor mother.
    God simply IS. And may well have always been, tho I am still debating that part. Its not a new religeon. its a new level of understanding.
    The problem with your beliefs is that You feel you need to convince others that Your way is the right way, the only way. Gods chosen way.
    Unfortunately, 30 other religeons feel exactly the same way about it, so WHO is actually right? Every one claims god is on thier side and calls down his wrath on thier infidel evil enemies that opose thier beliefs. Dont you think GOD might be just a little sick of being called on to choose a side, to satisfy OUR rediculouse notions and problems? What if we have ALL been right all along, on all sides. or, All Wrong? does it matter?
    God may be watching, but I dont think its for the reasons YOU think it is. I think god is curling on the ice that is all of gods creation. But with Out sweepers. God set it all up, let go of the curling rock, and then lets the chips fall where they may with Out interfering.
    Even better, since we are all part of god, extensions of god, If we forget our divine origin for this incarnation what better way to have a more fulfiling and learning experience before we return to god?
    Not a new religeon. Im Not even the first to come up with these Notions, tho I did come up with it completely on my own.
    This tells me that since I have met others whom have come to the same conclusions completely on There own, that some truths are universal and eventual. That all roads will lead to the same destination.
    Tho, i may have imparted some of my beliefs here for You God-send, I do Not actually go out of my way to tell most people. I do Not preech.
    I dont need to because I firmly believe that when THEY are at last ready, they shall come to that universal truth as well.

    Thanx Nate. Im beginning to get my Vocab groove back😉
    ~ VARAKIENEN !!!


  12. Well said Nate.
    No, this isnt My site, blog or even My thread.
    tho, I do tend to post to much and try to Own it all. hahaha.
    I concur. Christ was a special Hybrid. Ive believed that for quite a long time actually.
    But then, we are a tampered species our selves.
    We have apendix’s which serve No purpose, and are but vestigil remnants of…. what? NO other animal, not even apes have apendix’s.
    We have Blue and green eyes some of us.
    Geneticly speaking its not possible if we are descended from apes alone. Because there is No DNA in our cousins that allows for it.
    We some of us have Psychic talents and potential. Nothing in the animal kingdom can demonstrate the same. Im not talking sensing earth quakes before they happen or smelling fear as pheromones here, thats scientificly accounted for. Im talking Real mental psychic abilities. And with some extra genetic tweeking, “Jebus” got the Evolved dose of it. that which we are All to become one day.
    Lord, I sure hope Godsend doesnt think that Jesus is a white man, OR that you pronounce his name properly as JEE-ZUSS instead of the Actual proper pronounciation of HEY-SOOS.
    I also hope he doesnt think we have winters here on earth because there are times that the earth gets farther away in its rotation from the sun.
    A Lot of people like to hold onto silly missconceptions like they are HOLY and untouchable.
    Not me. I prefer to QUESTION EVERY-F-ING THING.
    And i prefer to have evedince and proof, or as close as I can get it. and even then I question some more.
    So yeah, Not my blog.
    Things like this Belong to any one that has some thing substantial and worthy of contributing.
    VARA = ( an old Gailic term meaning : “The absence of.” )
    KIENEN = (an ancient Germanic term meaning literally: “nothing”. )



  13. “The Absense of Nothing!”




  15. God boy.
    My / OUR, universal consciousness doesnt need worship. I think I covered that already.
    AND, what makes you think Jesus said any of what you are claiming he said? Were you There? In person? Or are you trusting to documents that have been retranslated, re-written, edited, changed with each concquerer and king and papal adgenda? Your Book is your engraven Idol. and you seem to worship its with out learning of its origins and what its been through. whats been left outr of it. If I am not mistaken there are only 4 gospels left in the bible, yet there were more than 20 written. where are Those ones? If god only created adam and eve, and they had two sons, then where did the human race go from there? how did procreation continue unless those boys were snogging thier mommy? And, what happened to Lilith in the bible. she is there in very old versions, but completely gone from the new ones. You bible is fiulled with inconsistancies yet you cling to it like you cannot think for your self. which is true i should think. its funny that serpents used to mean healing and knowlege. and now they mean the devil. its funny that Jesus is portrayed as nailed to an up right cross by his hands when, in actuallity, they did not use Cross’s in that time and in That place of the world to crucify. they used large EX’s X. and they nailed you through the wrists not the hands, because the hands could Not support the wieght with out taring. Canibalism is wrong, and yet we are to symbolicly eat the flesh of christ and drink his blood? do you have ANY idea how many Other religeous foundations and properties from other religeons were brought Into and adopted by christianity JUST to get the pagans and heathens to come on board? Was Joseph really marries husband? dont tell me he never boinked his wife, AND in front of friends and family as consumation in those times must be witnessed.
    Good lord Godsend. the Hypocrasy of the Bible is astounding. but you go ahead and cling to its holow verses. I prefer to take the spirit of the bibles meaning, and not the indevidual words to heart. it meant we should share. we should love. we should work together. that we are part of some thing bigger than we realise. and that existance is the real reward. heaven and hell is what WE make it.

    ~ Varakienen.😉


    • I feel like you are my long lost brother/sister. If you happen to live next door to me, then I’m coming over and saying hello ASAP! Geez.


      • Can I come too??? I could be the 3rd wheel…… And just say ” yeah that’s what I think too”…..😉


  16. Oh. My. God.

    The same tactic. You FAILED to respond to anything I said and continued to ridicule me as a person. I’m shocked that a man of faith would so harshly criticize someone he doesn’t know because of differing beliefs.

    To all the other Christians reading these posts, I hope you feel ashamed that one among you would spread so much hate. There is no love or understanding in the posts of this man. There is only PRESSURE to convert and believe in Jesus Christ. There is only FEAR of damnation if one does not believe. Is that what this world has come to? I sincerely hope that this man is not representative of the Christian population in America.

    What have I done for you to “doubt” that I am a good person? Is it simply because I have differing beliefs than you? While I only refuted your beliefs, you attacked my beliefs, my sanity, and my morals. You attacked someone you hardly know, calling me “a fraud from looney-land.” What names have I called you?

    Where is the love? Where is the compassion? Why must we ridicule and personally attack those who differ from ourselves? I have read the New Testament, and this is NOT what Jesus wanted. During his lifetime, he spread peace, love, and understanding. He forgave even Judas, the man who betrayed him, and lived the life of a good man. Are his deeds now repaid with hate, unfair judgment, ridicule, and pressure to conform?

    We have come full circle GodSend. You have shown everyone firsthand the evil that hides behind the veil of institutionalized religion. And throughout it all, you never once refuted the evidence of my logic. You instead made a poor example of both yourself and your fellow believers.

    You can continue to crucify my morals and values, GodSend, but I no longer want a part of your hate. May God have mercy on your soul.


    PS- Vara: boy or girl? Everyone calls you a “he,” but I’m unsure and want confirmation, however petty. (I’m obviously a guy). I feel like you are a girl (or a boy similar to myself) from the way you write (I’m sorry if I’m wrong and I know gender biasing in 2011 is highly inaccurate!!!).


    • Ill tell You One thing Only about Me and my Online activities NATE.
      Because I have been erased on many different sites by government trolls bent on keeping things silent. I have taken to no longer using my Real name or real life details online in almost any capacity.
      So, even names I may have given here simply arent my real life one.
      As for girl or boy? tsk tsk, to bad my boy, you will just have to value me on the merrit of my words, and not on my lack or presence of a Va-JJ. 😉



      • Haha ok that’s fair. Varakienen, the Absence of Nothing! I can handle that. And I always value the merit of words. In the realm of intellect and debate, gender means nothing. But, I can still use my gut feeling.😉

        Until the next post.

        ~Nate (although my real name is Lindsay Lohan)


      • Mr Moon……????


  17. Hahaha. you caught me Adam.
    the greek translation for “Great” is Grant. And Moon is the name I use for my conspiracy theorist Identity.
    Which has an IP addresss all its own. I have other Identities and address’s for other purposes online.
    ~ Great Moon. wink wink.


  18. PPL PPL PPL…..listen guys….wateva dis stuff is …(im referin 2 de 1st video)
    its not fake.(duh) annd its more like a warning…
    a warning fr those who have an attitude of come-wat-may-i -can-tackle-everything.
    well…2 those who think that way…srry but …YOU CANT. u better….i repeat BETTER be ready fr wat is 2 come …be cozz der is no point in sitting and moaning l8r…wat r we gona lose in preparing??? we all know dat the gov. guys are not gona knock on ur front door and explain 2 u over a cup of coffee about a worldwide cataclysm ..coming soon…sooooo instead of closing your eyes and pretending its not der wont really stop it from coming…soooo if ure still not convinced….annnd wen nibiru finally dawns on u …

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!


  19. Regalo del Cielo tiene razon. Lo peor del ser humano es la soberbia, y creerse mas que Dios, como los Angeles caidos. a Dios no hay que “razonarlo”, solo creer en El.El ser humano, solo con la razon no es completo;necesita de Dios.
    En muy poquito tiempo, la humanidad tendra un Aviso del Cielo. Todas las personas que poblamos este planeta, sin distincion. En el, Dios nos hara ver que El existe, y veremos nuestro interior como lo ve El. Es el Aviso de Garabandal. Y tambien, los secretos de Medjugorje.Estos, y muchos otros como el de Fatima, Akita, Kibeho, etc. fueron mensajes que dio la Virgen Maria.Chicos, les recomiendo que los lean, son lindisimos, fuera de algunas cosas que no nos gustan pero que son reales. Aunque no crean en El, se manisfestara igual.


  20. I think that’s the main point morris. I believe that people like godsend are really just taking our eyes off the goal by talking about off topic subject matter. People like godsend won’t listen to other people as we know they are just make a distraction. Although it was enjoyable  to see him flounder in his own debate/ranting…..


    • If you are implying that I am from New Zealand you are incorrect, like most of your statements. But I do enjoy fish thank you for asking.


  21. Hahahahahahahaha………..


  22. You will continue, My children, with the prayers of atonement. And I must tell you the time is, in earth time, growing short. There will be a great Chastisement sent upon mankind. You will recognize this when you find out in the atmosphere a huge, immense ball of light. Do not be affrighted, My child. Your scientists will be bewildered. It is the little people who will know the truth.