NASA says it is Mercury, REALLY?

Mercury or UFO? on NASA Sun images
Nasa says it is Mercury at the Sun really or what is it ?
Ahead cor1 ahead cor2

Images from July 6 to July 7, 2011

The following interesting video clip shows an possible interaction between two Unknown Objects near the Sun.

Remarkable is the visible beam fired from the largest object.

Images from July 3, 2011

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6 responses to “NASA says it is Mercury, REALLY?

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  2. Fascinating videos … thanks


  3. hi,mecury geez what next,those objects are ufo,s-most probably harnessing the suns energy,


  4. What was that? its just a CD well then we’ve all seen UfO’s theyre inside our cases they are music! Musica ALIen lov3


  5. Yeh, whatever. The Nasa was cutting out pixels first from the videos, photos to hide this objects, now it said it is mercury. Give me a break! We have documents, recorded conversation between houston and astronauts about sightings, videos when u can see lights, orbs, or ufos everywhere around the international space station , it is so obvious aliens are exsist even a CIA confirmed. So why Nasa thinks everyone is idiot and lying, covering up still?
    They lying to us from 70s but using our tax money to play around with their ” toys”, bombing the moon, and destroyed evidences. With a $2000 scope u can see and follow movements on the moon so it is obvious something is going on. I can’t wait when china or india will land on the moon, and they will tell to us what is the truth about our spicies. Then Nasa can go to the hell…


    • NASA knows it cannot hide the truth entirely. Not from those whom Want to believe.
      Unfortunately, it doesnt actually Have to do so in its entirety.
      It only needs to Cloud the issue enough so that there is no smoking gun proof beyond any shadow of a doubt.
      Because the greater majority of the mass’s will believe what they TELL them to believe and be happy to do so.
      They are what I refer to as taking the Blue pill kinda people, from the Matrix.
      (Blue pill people)
      Thier lives revolve around keeping it simple and following the herd.
      They dont WANT to know or believe in any thing that disturbs thier bubble of reality, and they are the Majority.
      Any one whom thinks out side the majority is easy to label as loony toons.
      They are also the mass’s that will be caught with thier pants down and the sh!t hits the fan. And if you have supplies and they dont, you can expect them to try to take what You have. Be prepaired.