Neumayer Station Antarctica Personal witness of Strange Phenomena in the Sky? – July 14, 2011

Shadows over Antarctica landmass and Neumayer Station Antarctica Personal witness of Strange Phenomena in the Sky? – July 14, 2011

Listen to the analysis of the author and tell us what you think?

Neumayer Station Webcam Link:

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  1. Just finished watching your latest posting from Antarctica and am amazed (but not surprised). I have seen similar in the sky from Australia.
    I have photos I took the night before the full moon in June. I was woken up by the immense silver/white light shining throughout my home! Are you interested in seeing some of these photos?
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thats just the moon rising but I not sure what the object is below it and whatever they pointing at is still a question we will never know and I looked at the webcam site and it is not a livestream feed so anyone can edit or remove events as the steps are in 10 minutes slots so we are never going to see anything out of the ordinary there!


  3. What seems to be a planet/brown dwarf is just a solar flare. On other footage on the website this is clearly visible.



  4. In this video at about 13:12 he shows how the moon- like object follows the sun before suddenly going off camera. It also shows it superimposed on the base it’s self. I think the object is a spot on the lense or a lense flare. An extra planetary body wouldn’t be visible through the base


  5. OK, This is a better video than the first one of the same material. it shows more over a longer time.

    To explain a couple things Very clearly…
    First the crescent shaped thing that follows the huge bright orb in the sky IS clearly a lens flare of that orb because it can be seen in its dim stage as over lapping the fascility it self, almost like you can see it through the fascility. Thats lens flare. Lens flare of WHAT how ever that huge lit ball is, I couldnt say, because it doesnt seem like the sun to me or Every thing would be lit up like crazy.

    Next, We can clearly see that there is Much Much more to the fascility than meets the eye. As a Huge panel opens up to allow large vehicles in and out from an underground enclosure.
    This means it is Obviouse that there is a great deal of hollowed out space under the fascility, which is being used for More than merely parking vehicles. The base on the surface is what we are supposed to know about. We arent supposed to know that there is much more going on Under that fascility underground.
    Next, Lets get into the round shadow that pass’s at the bottom of the screen that the narator wants to Very mistakenly call a ship or a planet shadow. BZZZT wrong!
    There is another large dome shaped structure “Behind” the camera that we arent supposed to know about. its possible that the camera may even be a part of that structure tho not likely as in one place you can see that the camera was disturbed and every thing goes off by a few inches compared to previouse viewing.
    How can I tell that it is a stationary ground based structure and not the shadow of a ship or planet?
    First, a planet would darken most of the continent, not a tiny patch less than a hundred feet across in the range of the camera. sheesh.
    Then if you compare Its shadow drift with the shadow drift of the main fascility, you can see that they move in unison which tells you that the shadow is cast by the same light source and Both objects are stationary.
    Quite simply we have a domed building that is also there by the main fascility, and we arent supposed to know about the dome. another tellescope? some thing else?
    Now lest moved onto the 3rd man that isnt suited.
    He isnt a freaking Giant fer Gawd sake. He IS wearing warm-ish heavey cloths, which look typically earth made “IMO”.
    If there is an underground fascility and a domed building and who knows what else as well, then we will obviously have More than 3 people stationed at this location to do what ever work there is to do. a fourth guy isnt rediculouse.

    I cannot account for the bright flaring that goes on seemingly beneath the building at times, but can only assume it has to do with the work going on beneath. Same with any other flaring at any point in the picture. Work going on in the area.
    I do feel that the entire video is supsisciouse.
    the 3 guys pointing in unison, the ship like object seen at the bottom right corner of the Large bright orb, the stationary bright pin points, (satalites?) in the sky that dont move with the planetary rotation.
    And more.
    But, lets not call a duck a horse where we dont need to and read crap into Other things that arent there. hmmm?


  6. its very hard to belive


    • PhaxxM @youtube

      The sircle-like shadow rolling over the ground is not a planet, it seems to me as if it’s some kind of buildning, maybe the buildning that the camera is attached to. Just look at the live video from Neumayer Station 2011-08-14.


  7. I really do not that the guy in this video (and Vara’s video). He keeps saying that the webcam is showing planets and Nibiru and blah blah blah. The shadow behing the cam could be any type of domed casting a shadow. The “planets” could be stars in the sky. His “Nibiru” is most likely some effect caused by the interaction of the camera and the brighly lit object (lens flare?).

    It seems like he is making unreasonable assumptions without even considering other possible explanations.

    I agree that something suspicious is going on. There does seem to be an underground area and there are unexplained lights, but I just wish the narrator was more reasonable. In my opinion, he is biasing the content instead of looking at it in an objective way.


  8. Hi Vara

    Don’t bother to look at the you tube link. Go to the real McCoy link

    You should be proud of yourself, cause Nibiru does show up on the webcam itself

    Here is the link

    Congratulations Vara you finally got your proof. I do admit your persistence in the matter did get me to think twice and there you go.

    Its actually right under our feet!!!!!

    not out at some distant area beyond pluto.

    At least I think so, cause a real webcam viewing does not lie.



  9. Also take notice of this mysterious triangle in the background as its faint but enough to see it.

    As of the light under that building Vara now that is a myster


  10. By the way folks this webcam is live real time and yes you can see Nibiru show up. As to those lights under that building and how it comes up from under the ground without a human around is indeed a mystery itself.

    I am actually stunned by this conclusive evidence.



  11. This is the stuff NASA was trying to hide from us for a very long time.



  12. Actually it just dawned on me that this Nibiru is really not a planet but the main Alien MOTHERSHIP that has cloaking capabilities to appear and disappear at will, >similar to like the Death Star in the Jedi Movie. This is the only logical explanation of why NO ONE can find this Nibiru from telescopes.

    It may be that this Elenin that is arriving > with this Nibiru > are going to meet> and what is next??? 3 more Asteroids are due to pay us a visit before the end of the year following awful close time wise.


    Now we can start putting the dots together here.



  13. Daveyo… If you watch that live link that you posted you can clearly see that the second circle is a reflection of the sun/moon from the webcam lens because if you look at steps 108, 109, 110, 111 & 112 the circle is on the side of the building yet you can see all of the side of the building and then in step 113 its too the left above the building. As for the lights they are the rover buggy car spot lights as at first it moved behind the building to the right then returned from the left of the building and 3 or 4 times all those bright lights are deflecting around and underneath the building as the building is on stilts.
    If people really study these things then the reality really shows so I am sorry to say that you and Vara are wrong about this!


    • Pete.
      I agree that the flaring light reflection is Likely the buggies Lights shining off the building in places and from underneath it and behind.
      The Triangle thing in the distance was never a question for me. It is standard at Any polar research fascility. It is the radio tower antanea, and the cables that keep it stationary and supported in arctic storm weather conditions.


  14. This is very interesting but I really am skeptical arctic conditions are abnormal to us all and contrasting an image usually is useless. I believe something weird is going on but I’d much rather have you review this with someone familiar in some way with arctic weather and the base itself for all I now theyr looking at a amazing natural occurrence


    • I am forced to agree with you on That one Taco.
      I “want” to claim that if the large luminous orb were the sun, that it would light up the land like the rest of the daylight scenes later on, even when it is lower to the horizon in the scene.
      But cold conditions, extra Ozone or chemicals and other unknown factors could be curving the light in an effect Not allow as much to iliminate the scene where and when I think it should.
      I know that which is following the sun like orb is a flare, as at its earlier dimmer point it over laps the upper edge of the fascility.

      The only thing here that remains truely unexplainable to me is the object that can be seen at the lower right of the sun like orb (assuming its the sun) which clearly seems like a craft.
      But, there is also definately More to this research station than meets the camera or eye.


      • It’s a very secluded place who knows the weird stuff they see or are involved with. Someone should look up their Facebook profiles maybe their status was updated to give a clue about what it was haha


  15. I agree with Taco also as nobody here is expert on Arctic explorations and condiitions.
    The sun and moon positions are much different there and they can create much different shadows and rays especially shining against snow and ice.
    I guess were going to be watching more of the webcams from now at the arctic but again like I said earlier that these 24 hour webcam views are only showing 10 minute slides so there being looked at first by someone and then edited in time slots to suit the website.
    The 3 men wearing the “space suits” these are just thermal suits because its sub zero temperatures and there face mask(visors) are to protect them from snow storms there and they are probably the ones using the rover buggie and in the video at “step 79” at 13:00 you can actually see someone come out of the building at the top centre. i
    We are all again assuming something and unless we can sit and watch a live 24 hour streaming of this arctic webcam then were only going to ever see what we are supposed to see.


  16. Vara,

    This live webcam shows the alleged Nibiru and I don’t think its a planet either. I think its the main alien Mothership that is capable of using a cloaking device or is able to render itself invisible at will. Now you know very well if such was a planet or lets say a brown dwarf or even a dead star etc., as you have pointed out in the past it will for the most part be always visible like our planet is when seen from space.

    This thing can appear and then can disappear. We got 20 minutes of it showing on this webcam. I am not talking about the you tube deal that was posted here. I am talking of the real live webcam from the link I gave ya. OK

    When you view the entire 24 hours, and see what you see from that webcam, I am very surprised that you are debunking this, in spite of your persistence saying there has to be a Nibiru from the many posts you have given.

    I was the one that was always against the idea. When I let the film role for the 24 hours, I saw things that duh this is a live webcam showing that alleged planet appear, and the strange light coming straight up from the ground, and I see in the background which might be some distance some lines forming a pyramid.

    Normally at this time of the year its dark down there and the sun will barely show itself until August. Have you ever seen weather that for 10 minutes it would be like low daylight, and on the next 10 minutes be very dark???? Something very strange is happening around that station, and no its not being manipulated because you are seeing it live.

    The shadow you saw moving below the camera regarding its speed is impossible to be from the sun. It moves very fast. If you look at your shadow on the ground with the sun outside it does not move that much in a 10 minute span!!!!! This one move clear across very quickly.

    You can see the smoke obviously coming from the stack. The flow is the snow blowing over the building because its windy down there and 30 below zero. But the lights (not from the vehicles) the lights coming from the ground near the front side of that building where the row of windows are is the mystery.

    Now have you ever seen lights appear right from the ground since you have been born??? I haven’t till I saw this webcam.

    I don’t trust you tube very much as a lot of those videos are doctored and tampered with.

    I trust the primary source and in this case that webcam down there broadcasting it live out to us.

    I gave you credit for your efforts and now it seems you don’t want it. Is this spooking you??? hehehehehehehe.



  17. I also would like to interject here that I have seen on many occassions coming from others claiming strange things happening down at the South Pole. For the most part I kept saying to myself naw its not true. Now maybe I think that its very much possible something definitely very strange is happening down there at that section since there is very few humans in that region.

    Consider about the ISS station showing UFO’s moving about all around the station, of which NASA is trying its darnest to conceal as much as possible. A planet simply does not appear and then disappear in 20 minutes. We have seen on SOHO one of those UFO ships with a enormous length registering thousands of miles make a 90 degree turn in 10 minutes.

    So I gave this some thought with all the evidence from various sources such as SOHO, NASA, this webcam and several others, and also seeing UFO’s personally myself live for 6 solid hours right above my house, this stuff cannot be some illusion cause my UFO incident was real, and seeing this webcam has to be real, seeing UFO’s around the ISS station is real and so on and so forth.

    There is only one answer for all this and possibly more. Its for real. The Jerusalem incident is another one that was done live right over the dome. You cannot deny all this kind of evidence that appears in front of your own two eyes. How much more real do you folks want this to get????? If I told you there is water ahead and you say to me no its a mirage, and we both continue towards the target and then hear splashing of water on our feet, how much more real do you want it to be to believe.

    Sure many will want more proof, so much proof it will overflow and come out of their ears. The only time a debunker will admit defeat is when a 2 by 4 hits them over the head and then the person says hello this stuff is real.

    The only thing I will say for myself to all here, we are definitely living in perilous times, and I have a feeling something is about to give us one hell of a wake up call within the near future. I dread to know or hear of it when the time arrives.

    I do believe the Aliens are indeed sending us a message. The message is this> We are doing all this to let you know we are for real, giving and showing you many different scenarios so you can believe and not be spooked or be in fear, and we will force this upon you one way or another and leave you no more room for doubt. At that time then we will appear and show ourselves to all.

    The aliens have been making a lot of noise all around us and doing so more and more, and slowly we are beginning to notice them more and more. They are around the Sun, on the Moon, and all around us be it of day or night. They have lots of time on their side and will continue until we finally accept the notion or belief that they are who they are and not some kind of illusion itself.



  18. oh Taco, I think there is Lots to monitor and research down there.
    From alien machines and structures perhaps hidden deep in the ice, to lost german base which they escaped to at the end of the war. or if you prefer, Vortex’s and even portals to other dimensional places that some would believe to be a hollow earth. ( a theory which i dispise)
    Lost expeditions, planes, and numerouse UFO sightings.
    Entire fleets came down there after the second world war and were warned away.
    I for one have No doubt that it hides among the largest alien bases on our world, or, at least the entrance to it.


  19. @ Daveyo: This isn’t Nibiru. And Vara doesn’t just try to grab every opportunity to prove her theories. Vara calls it like she sees it, and tries to find out the truth! I’m unsure why you would be “very surprised that [she is] debunking this.”

    You are so far left field on this one. Nibiru is a planet, and in my opinion, the one mentioned as Tyche in the article of another post. IF it is a spaceship with a cloaking device, then it’s obviously not Nibiru. And let’s get real, there is no pyramid. I can’t even continue because I know from previous experience that you don’t listen to others.


    I thought this link to be relevant and it contains hours of Sunlight throughout the course of a year:

    I found that the latitude of the Neumayer Station is 70° 39’ S. Thus, the closest graph in the link above would be the one labeled “Davis.” If you look at mid-July, there is only a small amount of daylight, which I believe to be the time frame where you can see color. If you look at the webcam, the color last for about 2.5 hours, which is reasonable to presume that those are the hours of sunlight.

    SOOO, what is the bright ball of light?

    This website:

    describes the moon as a “beatiful glowing ball.”

    Makes sense to me. The following “planet”/orb/whatever is some type of lens flare mentioned by posters above.

    I also found this on Wiki: “A garage and further technical equipment are located within a snow cavern below snow level at the front of the station.” Now we know to where the snow rovers were disappearing, but really knows how extensive the underground “snow cavern” really is!

    So, with all that cleared up, what are the bright flashes of light near the horizon under the base? What were those men pointing at? What is the disc shaped object following the moon, as shown in the video? And what was the domed shadow passing behind the camera?

    THESE are all suspicious to me.



  20. I for one would like to see what the web cam shows when we lose our magnetic south pole. This only happens for a short time so research must be done. Maybe my thinking will bring up nothing.

    Varakienen, Daveyo thank you both for your input. Together you will find the truth.

    Be safe


  21. for the answers to the lights from the ground and the ‘dome’ shadow see the official site


  22. whatever they are seeing going to see what transpires from the south african base in the south pole will get there co-oridinates and post it here and look at the time-line-whatever going on at the south pole is going to be in the scientific community will keep you posted here will look at this more clearly and enlarge it,we use smooting imaging software which smoothes images out so that it can be viewed more clearly various colour filters,a good starting point for general imaging analysis is IRFANVIEW


  23. Wow, I feel like I just passed some Junior investigators test finals.
    HAHAH I got every one of my answers Right!
    Thanx chris and Nate. for those extra materials that confirm things.
    And now that I have those puzzle pieces I will go the extra mile and Tell you Why the glowing orb looks SO much like a sun, and explain the bright explosion looking flares.

    Because there are polar nights that last months at the poles, we use Camera’s at those locations which are several times more sensative to Light. DUH. of course we would, wouldnt You?

    These camera make night settings look a little brighter, almost like day, and any bright objects or flashes look spectacularly iluminated.
    So, a moon can look even more sun like in such a dark setting. And buggy lights as they move around shining thier lights on the structure look super flared.
    Even the flare at the vary top when no other place is iluminated can be explained as th buggies have to climb little snow mounds or hills and thier lights get directed more up ward for thier efforts.
    Again, to me at least, the only thing that remains unexplained is the craft which is caught in the arctic moon glare which seems to be following the moon.
    Overly sensative camera’s, WHY didnt I think of that sooner? sheesh.( face palms )


  24. So between many of us we have put this one to bed as nothing out of the normal and it just proves that if you look at the bigger picture you see the reality around the theme.
    So to the next theme guys!


  25. Here is another link to this object;
    You can see sunrice about 08:00 and sunset about 17:00, after that completly darkness untill 18:30 and this objeck(moon?) disappears 23:10
    I dont really know if moon kan be this big in antarctica in july?
    Watch this webcam every day and we vill find out the truth.


  26. OBS this link:
    shows view from 17 july 2011, it´s from PALAOA observatory,
    ATKA BAY antartica, is it full moon or something else?
    We vill find out soon, if we watch this webcam every day.
    Take care!


  27. Wouldn’t the guys wearing the radioactive suits be doing so as there is above average levels of radiation at the South Pole?


  28. Boy, people are all over the place with this video. I was not concerned about the lights under the buildings or even on the side because they were either from the bulldozers clearing the snow from under it, and an entry light to the stairs, and when people walked by it caused it to alter its intensity. But I am having difficulty figuring out why the entire area becomes bathed in light, it would take a huge artificial light source to accomplish that feat. Not a helicopter search light I feel. And I have never seen the moon move so fast across the sky that bathed the area with light. I’m wondering if the Web Cam was on the outside of a dome shaped building and a light source from behind cast that shadow.
    Is it really someone that has got bored of their time at the station, that’s playing games and tricking the camera with their tom foolery? Probably.


  29. I would advise going DIRECTLY to AWI site which is home of the Neumeyer facility & other facilities around Antarctica. If the web cam video shows prohibited images,it would be censored. The entire facility appears to be completely open for info disemination to all on their site. There are photos of the surrounding area which show other structures & yes many weather balloons.The u-tube video by “UrsuAdams” is his speculative opinion.He knows nothing for certain & neither can anyone who is not an astrophysicist familiar with that specific area. To the agenda driven audience,you can’t trust anyone of “them” anyway.Nibiru,ufology,etc.,has become a religion as have science with its theories. I am like a catholic in a 7th day adventist arena; guilty before trial w/o peers. The AWI site can be contacted directly & questioned about the videos. Any takers?


  30. All astronomical objects at the South Pole must move to the left due to the earth’s rotation.
    Anything, specifically the star above that bench and the light beneath the right side of the station, are ground based. They are attached to the ground and are not heavenly bodies.
    Also if you saw the longer version of this video you would know that the moon had already risen and moved off screen to the left. The large bright object that rises behind the station and exits stage left is NOT the moon.
    Those are the basic facts. To move beyond that is speculation.


  31. As for the correctness of UrsuAdams’ videos, please see this blog regarding Neumayer and other things :


  32. Well now here is a strange theory… one that I’ve been watching for quite some time. I’ve been watching the whole 2011/2012 theory for some time and have been trying to figure it out forever. Now I should say that I am what I would consider myself to be a serious student of the subject even though what I’m about to say may sound ridiculous.

    I’m a firm believer in a basic tenant of the universe called “The Law of Correspondence” which says As Above, So Below. In my estimation, this law is as dependable as gravity. So in my attempt to figure this all out, it occurred to me that the Earth, when seen from a macro view, is really a cell in a larger God. Basically, we have cells within us and we are a cell in a larger body. If you think about it for a while, you’ll see that it is quite obvious.

    You’ll note that the earth is clearly alive and she is clearly going through a process that we are all a part of by virtue of the fact that we are an integral part of her.

    So to understand this process, we merely need to take a micro view and ask ourselves, “if earth is a cell in a larger body, what do cells do?” And then by studying the small cell, we can make assertions about the happenings on the larger cell.

    So what DO cells do? Hmm. Well, quite simply, they go through predictable processes until they reach maturity, at which point they divide. Sounds crazy, I know, but I honestly think that the earth is going through a cell division. It is literally birthing a baby earth.

    Cells, as you know, have life (chromosomes) within them and life on them as well. They have a nucleus (or great central sun) which manages the energy of the cell. When the cell reaches maturity it will go through predictable processes. For instance, the outer layer of the cell will weaken (global warming) and the population will rapidly increase (population explosion over the last 100 years.)

    Once this happens, the nucleus inside of the cell will divide. At that point the cell will experience growth pains as the new nucleus begins to form the new cell around it. Once the new cell is in ready, it will basically be born, creating a new cell.

    Anyway, I think this is what is happening. It isn’t so much a “Shift” as it is a “Split”. There will literally be, as the Biblical prophecy, Mayan Prophecy, and Hopi prophecy all dictate, a new heaven and a new earth. A baby earth is being born.

    I know this sounds insane, but the idea of a woman pushing a baby out of her nether region is insane as well. But a few very dramatic hours of contractions and, boom, out comes a small person. Then everything pretty much goes back to normal.

    I think the earth is growing to accommodate the pregnancy, accounting for the myriad earth quakes and other weather phenomena. And I also think that when the time of birth comes (around September 23 of this year?) we will experience some serious contractions as the new baby pops out, at which point there will be a “new dwelling place in the heavens.”

    So what does this have to do with Neumayer station? I personally think that Neumayer discovered the entrance to the South Pole during his explorations. He discovered it in the name of Germany. And I think that the Germans took tremendous pains to make sure that they kept this a secret. To keep the opening from being discovered by airplanes flying over or via satellite, etc, they basically built over the opening. I also think that they are in constant interaction with the center of the earth.

    If I’m willing to take it to the extreme, I think that Hitler and many of his followers may have escaped to this area at the end of WWII. The evidence certainly indicates that it COULD be possible. And yes, I agree, there is obviously a lot going on beneath ground that no one knows about. Just looking at the place, I can’t imagine that it only houses 9 people.

    So what does this have to do with the video? Well, I think that the earth probably has three entrances (as she is a female/mother). The entrance at the North Pole representing the metaphoric mouth and the entrances as the south pole representing the two exits (to put it delicately) that one would find in a woman. I think the one under Newmayer station is the “female exit.”

    Anyway, I think that the baby is in the process of being born and I think it is being born under Neumayer Station. And no matter what they do, it is a process of nature that will override any man-made interference. So here, at about the midpoint of the 9th Wave (aka Nine months…) of the Mayan Calendar, the process is showing itself. In my view, we are on a countdown to the birth of a new world and I think it is happening, on schedule, right before our eyes.


    • ThATS so………. cute.
      The funny part is, I can agree with almost every thing here, MINUS the plent giving birth to a baby planet like a dividing cell.
      No, there is a difference between biological cellular Mytosis and planetary bodies.
      But it was a Cute post. I giggled.
      ~ Varakienen.😉


    • The bible says the first earth will be destroyed (this earth) before the new earth is created. Back to Garden of Eden conditions and you must believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ crucifixion for atonement for your sins, as cover, or else your sins won’t be forgiven. And believing the resurrection is also crucial so that we can all resurrect and be given new bodies. (Romans 10:9, 1 Corinthians 15:52)




  34. Calling the theory cute and attempting to demean it in that way, does not, by the way, discount the potential validity of the assertions made. Even though it may be difficult to imagine that such a thing could be possible, doesn’t mean that it isn’t potentially accurate. The truth is that we don’t know how planets are born. We have scientists who make assertions in this direction but no one has seen it happen and therefore it is all just postulation. My assertion is that it is actually possible for our earth to be a cell and it is possible for the earth to go through the process of mitosis . The truth is that no one knows.


    • Deborah.
      It was not my intention to demean.
      I dont know if my vocabulary style is a cultural thing that keeps getting missinterpreted or if it may be some thing particular to my up bringing.
      I think I mentioned that I can agree with pretty much Every thing else you said, :”except” the mitosis of a planet birth.
      I infact Believe that planets and stars are like cells in a galaxy body which in it self is a cell of the universe which is a cell of dimensions, which are cells of seperate realities and so forth. Almost if not actually like a living thing, which comprises some thing akin to God.

      How ever. Just because I can think of it as cell like and living to a extent does Not mean I can subscribe to planets dividing like cells OR for that matter giving Birth. Just doesnt fly.
      So, I will apologise for any statements that You decided to take as demeaning. in my opinion they werent.
      But, they Were Cute.
      Have a gooder one.😉


  35. The truth is that your theory told knows water. Scientist know the specific mechanism of mitosis, and the Earth does not have the hardware to accomplish this. Everything on the Earth isn’t “life.” How are the rocks going to divide? The chemical bonds in nonorganic matter cannot simply replicate. This would be a direct conflict of the conservation of matter. Mitosis is a very complicated process that you are oversimplifying as you make an analogy to the Earth.

    Your theory is ludicrous, and I think it’s “cute” too. Ignorant of real science, but cute.

    While people don’t know 100%, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a fair idea as they test hypotheses through scientific experiments. They do so every day, and it’s insults them and their daily work to even come up with this. There is nothing scientific about your theory, as I would consider it fantastical.

    A woman giving birth happens in all chordates. There are thousands, if not millions of species where women give birth. Thus, it doesn’t sound “insane” to me. If planet divided or gave birth, I’m sure we would have evidence of this from the 500+ extrasolar planets that we have identified.

    If you would like to present a detailed scientific explanation for how the Earth could hold and develop another planet within itself, then the mechanism for which it would grow and finally be birthed, then I’d be happy to listen. Otherwise, I can’t even seriously consider such a ridiculous claim.


  36. While we certainly don’t agree on the validity of this theory, I am grateful for the opportunity to put pen to paper so-to-speak to actually speak to the scientific support for this idea.
    You said:
    “The truth is that your theory told knows water. Scientist know the specific mechanism of mitosis, and the Earth does not have the hardware to accomplish this.”
    Clearly, we agree that scientists know the specific mechanism of mitosis and meiosis. This is pretty clear. What I’m hearing you say is that the earth could not go through these specific mechanisms. In my research, however, I illustrate that earth not only CAN go through these processes but actually IS going through them.
    And I would also argue that earth very well COULD (and likely DOES) have the “hardware” to accomplish this.
    Let’s look at these two basic questions. Is it reasonable to convey that the earth is a cell? And if so, does she have the hardware to divide?
    To answer this question, let’s look at the common characteristics of a cell and see whether earth meets these criteria. Below is a list of four criteria as can be found at
    1. Cells are basic structural and functional units of living things that contain inheritable genetic material.
    Clearly earth is a basic structural and foundational unit of living things. Many also believe that she is alive (or at the very least she supports living things). To me, this is proven by the fact that I can look out the window and see things growing. That’s a no brainer to me and I don’t need a scientist to “prove” it. Does EARTH herself contain inheritable and genetic material? That’s the crux of the question and it is essentially unknowable. BUT we DO KNOW that everything that lives on the earth has “life” which contains inheritable and genetic material. Plants, trees, animals, humans…even rocks are known to be alive (if you look at them under a microscope you’ll see that there’s a lot going on in there). So we can assert that she certainly DOES contain the structural and functional units of living things and, using the Law of Correspondence as our guide, we can realistically assert that it would be difficult to PROVIDE life if she doesn’t have it herself.
    2. The activity of a cell is carried out by the sub-cellular structures it possesses.
    This is what I think you are referring to when you say that earth “does not have the hardware to accomplish this.” But the truth is that we don’t know what goes on at the sub-cellular structure of our earth (cell). Supposedly we’ve never been to the center of the earth. What we have instead are only suppositions that the earth is a solid mass that has a dynamo at the center that creates/manages the magnetic field of our earth. Ask any scientist and they will tell you that this is only theory as there is no way to really know what is going on inside of our planet. This takes me to the days when people all believed that the earth was flat. Many still believe that she is solid, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. I personally find that much evidence exists to support the idea of a hollow earth. I also believe that sacred geometry, which is found in all organic life in absolute terms, points in the direction of a hollow earth.
    So if the earth is hollow, what makes us believe that it doesn’t have “the hardware to divide”? This is very important information if you are going to discount this theory. When one realizes that the activity of a cell is carried out on the subcellular structures, one can only discount the possibility of cell-division by providing proof that the systems don’t exist within the cell itself. Without this proof, your entire argument falls to pieces. And since no one has actually been inside the earth, no one really knows, do they?
    What if the “dynamo” at the center of our earth is actually a nucleus? If it is a nucleus, could it divide? If that is true, one must at least consider the idea that this living being which provides the structure and foundation of inheritable genetically material COULD be a cell and it COULD have the actual mechanisms at the “subcellular” level to go through a division process.
    3. Cells posses an outer boundary layer, called a cell membrane and cytoplasm which contains organelles and genetic material.
    Well, it’s pretty clear that earth has a crust or a mantle which could be called an outer boundary layer, and the one could ascertain that nature is our human way of categorizing organelles and genetic material.
    4. There is considerable variety among living cells, including the function of membranes and sub-cellular structures and the different types of functions that cells carry out such as chemical transport, support, and other functions.
    I’m not going to spend any time on this as it’s obviously not relevant to the discussion. Obviously different cells carry out their functions differently.
    But what we can see by looking at these four criteria for “what is a cell?” that the earth clearly meets all of the criteria.
    We also know that cells meet two other general assumptions.
    A. Cells are alive. This means cells take energy, which can be found in the form of light, and building materials (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and use them to repair themselves and make new generations of cells (reproduction).
    B. The characteristics and needs of an organism are in reality the characteristics and needs of the cells that make up the organism. For example, you need water because your cells need water.
    Earth obviously fits within these general criteria as well in quite obvious ways.
    At issue here is obviously the second half of “A”. Can earth, who meets all of the other criteria for classification as a cell, repair itself and make new generations of cells (reproduction). If this is true, then cell division COULD be at work here.
    But that being said, it is very hard to envision, from our perspective, that something so HUGE could be taking place on a grand level. To us, it seems fantastic, impossible, and certainly outside of our frame of reference. BUT that doesn’t mean that it can’t be happening. It only means that is our reference makes it seem impossible.
    If we step outside of it for just a minute and look at it, we can see that the atmosphere around our cell HAS weakened. We can see that we HAVE undergone rapid population growth (as cells do in preparation for division), and more. The good news is that cell division is taking place every day on both the macro level and the micro level. It is an ordinary process to everyone but us because we don’t have a frame of reference for what it will be like. The other good news is that chromosomes and other organic life survive cell division! So IF, perchance, earth IS a cell and she IS dividing (giving birth?) then it really doesn’t have to mean the end of the world is at hand.


  37. Haha I totally meant “holds no water.” Sorry for my typos; I’m pretty terrible at editing my posts.

    I’m really glad you posted this, and it really shows me that you’ve given this more thought than I initially considered. And, I think it’s great!

    However, I still disagree, and I’ll try to number my points to correspond with yours.

    1) Cells are basic structural and functional units of living things that contain inheritable genetic material.

    – We have theories about how the Earth was formed. As the story goes, the sun was formed from an accretion disk that accumulated enough mass to initiate fusion and become a star. However, there was leftover material. The denser material orbited more closely to the sun and gathered together into the terrestrial planets, while the lighter elements formed the gas giants further out in the solar system. Because we can view many systems in various stages, they can sort of piece the puzzle together to surmise a timeline. These observations have led to the creation of this theory.

    Now, where would this so-called genetic material come from? And if is is inheritable, who is the one who passed the inheritable genes to the Earth? Rocks are inanimate. You say that when you look at rocks under the microscope, there is a lot going on. What the hell goes on in rocks? There is no life, no animation. If you look at a rock under a microscope, you can see molecular structure and bonding structures of the atoms that make up the rock. I don’t understand where you get “a lot going on” from.

    Also, one doesn’t need to contain life in order to provide it. The Earth supports life because of it’s size, distance from the Sun, the right building block, a stable atmosphere, and a couple other factors. This does not necessary mean that the Earth must be alive.

    2) Cells are basic structural and functional units of living things that contain inheritable genetic material.

    -I totally agree with your statements regarding the solid Earth as theory only. I personally also believe in the Hollow Earth Theory. But if there Earth is hollow, i.e. empty space with a central sun, then where is the “hardware” to divide? It is the central sun? In the cell there are many cascade of proteins, enzymes, and other signals used to activate and complete mitosis. Division also needs energy. Where would this energy come from? How can mitosis divide on a large scale? It would have to replicate itself from nothing or use energy to create a replica. There former is impossible due to the conservation of matter, and I don’t really don’t see a feasible reason to explain the latter.

    3 and 4) Not too worried about these two.

    For me, it comes down you this: your analogies are inherently illogical. One cannot compare population growth to cell division (I assume you are comparing it to chromosome replication) because they are not related. You cannot compare a cell to an Earth that contains trillions (probably more) of cells. Yes, they have some similarities, but they work in completely different ways. If every cell orbited some larger body and rotated, then maybe I could take more stock in your theory. But they are too different for anyone to draw conclusions that they function in these same ways.

    The universe is infinitely large and infinitely small. Many atoms make up many cells, make cells make up organisms that make up the biosphere, and this biosphere is a part of Earth, but only a part. There are too many other components of Earth that are totally different from properties of the cell. Thus, your theory just is not scientifically feasible.

    However, I will say this. Many talk about spiritual ascension as we emerge into the fifth world. I believe that the conscious is part of this spiritual realm, and that together, there is a totality of consciousness, or a collective consciousness. Perhaps we all are a part of a larger “mind”, and that all forms of life contribute to this to form the collective consciousness of Earth. Crazy I know, but in the physical realm, the physical division of Earth seems impossible to me. Yet, perhaps a spiritual birth could affect and change the Earth, or split and separate from the Earth.

    I don’t really know the answer to that, and I could talk more about this spiritual realm if anyone is interested, but as for your theory which pertains to the physical realm, it’s seems rather contrived.

    I’m sure I haven’t convinced you, so we’ll have to agree to disagree. But I did enjoy the thought you put into your response.

    “The easiest explanation is most often the most correction one” – Occam’s Razor.


    • “GASP”!
      Hollow Earth theory!?
      (Smacks Nate up side the head with the sacred bat of pure physics!)
      For Shame!
      ~ V😉


  38. I appreciate your thoughtful response and as you predicted, I’m still not convinced. I guess when you’ve studied an idea as long as I have you begin to build a relationship with it. This is actually helpful for me as I have started to produce videos on the subject and post them on YouTube. As I see the various patterns of resistance to the idea, I know what research is necessary to see if the theory really does hold water. I do try to keep an open-mind and to maintain a willingness to be proven wrong (though only time will ultimately tell) though I haven’t heard many credible reasons yet as to why it isn’t possible so I still maintain my perspective.
    Let’s look at your responses to the most basic premise—that the earth could actually be a cell in a larger body—one by one.
    I assert that cells are basic structural and functional units of living things that contain inheritable genetic material.
    Your first response, that scientists have a theory as to how the earth was formed, really doesn’t “hold much water.” To me, it’s a theory and that’s pretty much it. No one has seen a planet form or be born. Mostly someone put some pieces of information together, added perspective and probably some good credentials, and called it truth. When in actuality it isn’t truth. It’s a theory. Just because a planet COULD have been born according to this theory, doesn’t discount the possibility that it COULD have happened according to the Cell-Division Theory. This is really all that I’m saying.
    The way I see it, science is always evolving and often wrong. The very fact that many people still consider the Theory of Evolution as a serious theory is point in fact. Anyone who has seriously looked at this theory knows that it has holes the size of Swiss cheese. And yet, many people still present it (even in our educational system) as if it is supported by scientific fact, when in fact it isn’t.
    Next you ask, “Where could this genetic material come from? And if it is inheritable, where did it come from?”
    Well, that’s kind of like asking, “Who is God?” It is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, a question without a possible answer. Where did ANYTHING come from? …from the source, from an idea, from the mind of the creator. It is the classic chicken and the egg scenario and it is infinitely unanswerable. But because we don’t have an answer, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. If that were the case, none of US could exist, and yet, somehow, we do.
    The way I see it, all I have to do is to look out the window to see that the earth is alive. She at least supports inheritable genetic material from every living species “on” earth, so is it such a huge stretch to believe that she, herself, could contain replicatable material?
    I would suggest that the Pangaea theory actually supports the idea that the earth is a living being who is experiencing a predictable growth cycle, as do all organic beings. She is growing and she is alive.
    Pangaea theory states that all present continents were once together and collectively known as a ‘supercontinent’ called a Pangaea. If you take the earth and shrink it down, you will see that all of the continents actually fit together like giant pieces of a puzzle. This is only true, however, if you SHRINK the earth, as if she were once very small. The theory suggests that as the earth grew (presumably from its infancy) the continents drifted apart and the oceans revealed themselves. Even today, the shape of the Earth surface is still changing. So there is great evidence to support the idea that earth is alive and absolutely COULD have the capacity to replicate life. If it can grow, it can replicate.
    Next you ask, “What the hell goes on in rocks? There is no life, no animation. If you look at a rock under a microscope, you can see molecular structure and bonding structures of the atoms that make up the rock. I don’t understand where you get “a lot going on” from.”
    Well, I’m no experts on rocks, and frankly I’m not even sure it’s germane to the conversation. BUT that being said, rocks do have a molecular structure. They are made up of atoms which are the building blocks of all life. In the Native American traditions, they refer to the Stone People and regard rocks as ancestors and living beings who hold great knowledge. One post that I read actually asserted that rocks are MORE alive than anything else on the planet as they have the most stable structure allowing them to live for centuries. It is also notable that rocks grow. Crystals in particular are known to grow quite rapidly. And if you have ever been inside a cave you can see how the stalagmites have formed over time. In my estimation, the mineral kingdom is every bit as alive as the plant or animal kingdoms they are simply more stable and therefore less obviously animated. So this begs the question, does one need animation to contain life?
    Next you say, “Also, one doesn’t need to contain life in order to provide it. The Earth supports life because of its size, distance from the Sun, the right building block, a stable atmosphere, and a couple other factors. This does not necessary mean that the Earth must be alive.”
    So are you suggesting that the earth ISN’T alive? Do you think she is dead? Or just not alive?
    Next, it seems we agree with the idea of Hollow Earth theory, which is great.
    You go on to say, “But if the Earth is hollow, i.e. empty space with a central sun, then where is the “hardware” to divide?”
    Well, I would suggest that hollow and empty are not the same thing. Many, many cells are hollow but not empty. Inside the cells, which are largely empty, one will find all sorts of goodies (chromosomes, cromatids, organelles, spindles, centrioles, etc.) Why couldn’t the same be true of the earth?
    Next you say, “Division also needs energy. Where would this energy come from?”
    Well, it seems to me like the whole process is guided by consciousness itself as consciousness seems to manage (quite perfectly) all of the processes of life in a beautiful and predictable concert known as life. This consciousness IS a source of energy unto itself. It is the energy that animates all of life.
    Beyond that, the physical energy could easily be coming from within, from the nucleus itself, or from the external sun. It could also be coming from the various heavenly sources that seem to be showing up right on schedule. Elenin, Niburu, Honda, Levy, Red Kachina, Blue Kachina, etc. The list goes on.
    “How can mitosis divide on a large scale? It would have to replicate itself from nothing or use energy to create a replica. There former is impossible due to the conservation of matter, and I don’t really don’t see a feasible reason to explain the latter.”
    To this question I would simply ask, in response, how does ANY cell do it? Large scale or small scale, it is the same thing. All cells somehow manage to create a replica of themselves from what we perceive as nothing but which I would assert is consciousness. If earth is indeed a cell (and she quite realistically fits all of the criteria of a cell) then one can assert that she gets her energy from the same places that other cells get it, presumably from source itself. To answer this, you could simply ask, where does MY life force come from? I suspect it’s the same answer.
    Next you say, “For me, it comes down you this: your analogies are inherently illogical. One cannot compare population growth to cell division (I assume you are comparing it to chromosome replication) because they are not related.
    Well, actually I have to admit that I’m still looking for a clearer understanding of the role of chromosomes, presumably the human counterpart, in all of this. I look at this and am still unsure as to the role chromosomes play in cell division. I am watching, waiting, and learning. I feel quite certain that the analogy has more grit than I have been able to present but it isn’t clear yet. As I glean a deeper understanding, I will be sure to pass it along. And so yes, you’re right, my analogy lacks completion. It is a work in process.
    Next you say, “You cannot compare a cell to an Earth that contains trillions (probably more) of cells. Yes, they have some similarities, but they work in completely different ways. If every cell orbited some larger body and rotated, then maybe I could take more stock in your theory. But they are too different for anyone to draw conclusions that they function in these same ways.”
    In my estimation this is actually a near-perfect comparison. As above so below is clearly reflected here. I agree with you completely here. Our bodies DO contain millions of different cells. The universe herself contains millions of cells that we call stars and planets. And each of these individual beings has a different purpose and a different path. Obviously, they don’t all orbit around a larger body and rotate. The system just doesn’t work that way. So to assert that for our planet to be realistically be construed as a cell in a larger body somehow REQUIRES that every cell live according to this standard is actually faulty and inherently illogical. Instead we know that each cell has its own consciousness that guides it on its path as an integrated part of the whole. It is at integrated and seemingly independent (though I think it is all guided by magnetics). To assert that the earth cannot fit this model is, well, short sited to say the least.
    And finally, “However, I will say this. Many talk about spiritual ascension as we emerge into the fifth world. I believe that the conscious is part of this spiritual realm, and that together, there is a totality of consciousness, or a collective consciousness. Perhaps we all are a part of a larger “mind”, and that all forms of life contribute to this to form the collective consciousness of Earth. Crazy I know, but in the physical realm, the physical division of Earth seems impossible to me. Yet, perhaps a spiritual birth could affect and change the Earth, or split and separate from the Earth. “
    Here it seems we are finally on the same page. I too feel quite certain that a spiritual ascension is at work and that we are about to emerge into the fifth world. The larger mind, as you put it, is ready to ascend, and since we are all ruled by the larger mind (as the cells in my body are all ruled by MY thoughts), we must ascend as well.
    I will also say that even for me it is a huge stretch to think that the earth herself could be dividing but it is, in my estimation, the only possible way for this to manifest. In my myriad years as a student, a healer, and a teacher, I have learned that all of life expresses itself in all four realms of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Nothing happens that is exclusively one or the other. It simply isn’t possible.
    And so when I started to really examine the occurrences that are taking place on the planet, I KNEW that I had to include the physical expression in the equation or it simply could not “hold water.” An example of this is reincarnation. To me, when Jesus said, “You will be born again” it was pretty clear what he meant. But because people couldn’t wrap their minds around how this could PHYSICALLY happen, they had to create a nonsensical explanation and then pass it off as fact. And yet if anyone is paying attention, reincarnation DOES express itself physically, it just isn’t necessarily provable or obvious. One must be looking in order to see.
    Earth’s ascension process is the same way. YES, earth is going through a spiritual ascension. But to say that it is ONLY spiritual is, in my experience, merely a way protecting oneself from seeing what is right in front of you. It’s sort of like the Indians who couldn’t see the boats on the water because they simply didn’t have the paradigm to see it. Once the template was built, it was obvious. To me, Cell-Division Theory works the same way. When you are ready to see, it is right in front of you.
    Thanks for indulging me. I’m enjoying this tremendously.


    • Actually, “I” am enjoying it too.
      It reminds me of an argument we had in debate club in college.
      Each team had to debate a topic that was both impossible and that could not be proven and convince people that it was the only possibility.
      One team debated that worms could solve the dark matter problem of the universe faster than a colony of ants could build a space craft that could reach serius B inside a 24 hour limit each.
      My team won, because I proposed that the ants would steal the technology from the worms to accomplish thier feat. lol!

      …But no, really I am enjoying the dynamics of this similar debate.
      Many are the time I have wanted to chime in with face slapping logic and science. But I wont. I want to see where this goes.😉


  39. Funny, I too had a flashback to my own days on the college debate team circuit. Woudn’t it be funny to learn that we had actually debated each other at the time! lol!

    That being said, if you have some face-slapping logic and science, bring it on.🙂


    • METAL AND ROCKs are not organic.
      A pebble on the beach cannot divid or have a baby.
      There is Nothing in the make up of this planet that can support your theory.
      Your arguments are based soley on the notion that Living cells can divid or that complex organisms can reproduce.
      The earth is not a complex organism.
      Dispite the eligance and romantisism involved in the notion that the planet is a cell in our galaxy and part of a larger creature, it is not actually organic in and of it self.
      Thus, it cannot be contrued as a cell capable of reproduction.
      It has no means of gaining mass for the process. Not even photo synthesis.
      Gravity explains all mass accumulating to form bodies in space.
      The only way said bodies divide is from stress from an out side force either pulling it apart or coliding with it.
      There is Nothing at all in your arguments that can support a self sustained birth or division. Nothing at all.
      The earth is Not in fact an actual living cell, and thus any atempts to use that analogy or metaphor is flawed from the out set.
      That is the end of that story.

      You cannot make any further argument using that point any more than I can make an argument stating that the sky is Blue and thus worms Must be able to solve complex mathimatical equations.
      Simply because the sky is blue. (which it isnt actually.0


  40. Arline Smith

    Response to Varakienen and Nate and Deborah:
    !. Must think beyond the box,…or beyond the dimensions in which we live ourselves, now. (There are more than 22 for this neck of the woods.)
    2. Consider the Mother ship that has brought 2 othe giant ships along beside her. When your Planet dies, or is in process of dying, you bring everything but the , or maybe also – the Kitchen sink, as they have.
    3. Many years had been in the planning for this Civilization to emigrate out of their Solar System. They have reached us here.
    4. Now, have a Parking problem. Start saving your water in containers.
    If you believe, great, if not….I am used to this. Humans have a hard time accepting other realities and processes of doing things and think they are the only ones who exisit.
    5. Simian brains need to evolve…