Florida Tech’s Allsky Camera Catches a Very Bright UFO – July 16, 2011

Florida Tech’s Allsky Camera catches a very bright object.  The distance is unknown but its size might be measured in miles across!

It’s moving slowly, is it the ISS? But the ISS appear and dissappear over the horizon within 20 seconds or is this bright light just a satellite or other man made object. What do you think.

Site: http://www.fltech-allsky-camera.com/Data.html

Source and author: Sheilaaliens (youtube)

5 responses to “Florida Tech’s Allsky Camera Catches a Very Bright UFO – July 16, 2011

  1. I watched it four times. I’m completely underwhelmed.

    Jo Dee


  2. It is a good video too bad it cannot zoom in or can it?
    I wonder what the distant is of that object compared to the moon as its looks huge and strange flashing lights at the top and left sides of the horizons throughout its journey.


  3. i see an ufo near sky of my house, close the airport, são paulo (brazil), on july 16, 6 pm. I live hear long time and this isn’t airplane or thing like this. First one moving south to north and desapear, another one moving west to east slouly, white light continous and after, red, and desapear too.


  4. i just seen 5 up in d sky in galway, ireland dey looked like stars but goin way too fast and some were bit slower. no flashing lights just a bright one. they are here everynite but 2nite i seen so many in only a few minutes. some passing eachother going the oppisite direction. i wish my camera was good enough to capture it so people could see for themselves