Prepare now – Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States – plate slippage soon

Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States – plate slippage soon – July 17, 2011

Comments Youtube readers:  Living in Puerto Rico right in the north coast 5 mins from the beach here nobody is ready i been watching the seismic activity this couple of days Pretty active but i seen that before here are lot of prophets have come to the island to prepare us about a huche earthquake in the north part of the island that is gonna open the earth and a huge tsunami in the south area part of that plate cross but if the plate slip horizontally there will be no tsunami. The plates have to move vertically to cause a tsunami. that is why the earthquake in Haiti did not produce a tsumani, in spite of being over 8. on the Richter scale.

I have done my research and I think the Puerto Rico earthquake of 1918 will occur again sometime in August. If this does occur the earthquake will be a magnitude 8.0+ and look also off of Newfoundland and Greenland! the ocean in Intellicast is showing a spike in temperature along the mid atlantic ridge. that means its is split open and spewing magma into the ocean and its not just the east coast of the US that would be at risk, England and every western European/African country along the Atlantic ocean would be at risk as well. but again it depends on how large the quake is and the type of earth quake.

Source and author: dutchsinse (youtube)

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  1. No offense these videos are interesting but they’ve been wrong the vaaast majority of the time people sometimes abuse of the community for attention then if they get one lucky prediction they act like theyr amazing Dose anyone agree I know it seems like I’m always trying to discredit stuff on this site but just like the government puts out bs and I question it I do the same about truth sites like this if I believed everything the gov say I’d be anti whoever the gov says to hate and the contrails are unicorn dust of magicalness and If I believed everything truthers say I’d believe the moon is a hologram yet there are bases on it and that reptilians live underground in a hollow earth at war with demons and grays and that the gov will make a fake alien war funded by zionist illuminati who want to enslave humanity with haarp. Yea


  2. I a not so sure about the great quake, but as I have indicated before, look South of the Island and about 150 km. It is not a natural, it is square and almost like a flat surface. Not a Google mistake ! You can find one in the sea off the coast of New York, USA.It is known as Georges Valley on the bottom of the sea bed ?
    Hope you are never the less not right regarding the quake.


  3. If you were to also consider this, that region has a history of activity that occurs every 82 to 111 years. Right now it has been 93 years since the last strike. So its within the timescale of range of expectations so to speak.

    Also these quakes seem to produce a good size Tsunami on each event ranging anywhere between 20 feet to 350 feet.

    As of the Atlantic ridge below Greenland this is well known that the floor is opened up because the Atlantic is expanding and the Pacific is getting smaller. So there will be magma activity in this region. As of Newfoundland I suspect this is caused by the NAC belt being shut down (due to the oil spill) which means the warm waters is now going deeper.

    The thing everybody in the Gulf region, Florida and east coast region should worry more most particularly is of the hurricanes that is about to start. These are going to be vicious indeed because with the conveyor belt that is dead and that warm water is sitting on top and viola you got the prescription of a mega hurricane that will develop.

    However your analysis is interesting and lets hope the regions gets spared of such devastation.



  4. When predicting quakes, the Murphy’s law applies: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” No one can really say for when, but they will eventually happen.


  5. This guy in his last videos predicted something big around Yellowstone Park along the North America coast and on other videos along the North America coast he has suggested something big is inevitable so its just speculation, we have another guy who does the twisters and weather fronts who also predicts something big is going to hit an area but nothing happens so although these videos look creative with fancy software it still doesnt predict future events it just shows factual events that are just natural.
    Yesterday there over 25 earthquakes around Italy, Turkey & Greece many took place in short spaces of time then its quiet again for many days then again they will have another day with many but nothing big and this has been going on for years so it will just continue until a big one happens out of the blue!