NASA Photo – Space Debris?

Man Made Space Junk?

Space debris, also known as orbital debrisspace junk, and space waste, is the collection of objects in orbit around Earth that were created by humans but no longer serve any useful purpose. These objects consist of everything from spent rocket stages and defunctsatellites to explosion and collision fragments. The debris includes dust from solid rocket motors, surface degradation products such as paint flakes, coolant released by RORSAT nuclear powered satellites, clusters of small needles, and objects released due to the impact of micrometeoroids or fairly small debris onto spacecraft. As the orbits of these objects often overlap the trajectories of spacecraft, debris is a potential collision risk.

This unusual object on the NASA picture is much bigger than the vast majority of the estimated tens of millions of pieces of space debris are small particles.

Source and author: Streetcap1 (youtube)

7 responses to “NASA Photo – Space Debris?

  1. hahaha it looks like the monolith fom space oddysey (i think it was?). But as far as the size comparison goes, the other objects, aside from the larger one, are clearly far away. For them to be that size and have zoomed in quite far it seems to me that there’s possibly nothing out of the ordinary about it’s size. It kinda looks like a trunk of sorts to me. But I always keep an open mind so I don’t discredit or credit things without substantial proof.


  2. It’s obviously the Doctor’s TARDIS. 🙂 The first picture especially looks like a similar shape to an old fashioned call box.


  3. looking at this object it is defiantly 3 dimensional and comprises of parallel geometric shapes, it seems to be a rectangle with a rounded triangular top formed from a four point pyramid style base. It is symmetrical in nature and doesn’t appear to have any asymmetrical points which could indicate a coupling or attachment point however it is highly obscured so such observations are near impossible to determine from this picture.

    overall it just seems like some obscure piece of junk, either that or its some sort of satellite or space probe, although as it has no visible solar panels this seems unlikely.



  4. We Humans are composed of a Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen base. You might say that we are walking ,talking , thinking Carbohydrates.
    Could it be that there might be alien life forms that are based on entirely different elemental construction formula; like Asbestos for instance?
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    Jon Dee


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  6. about space debris lol can it be a bomb😛 lanced by usa..for incoming fleet of ufoos behind elenin?…why people always “think”the most easy way to explain things..why not look to the “bigger”picture

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  7. there are stories of the Apollo (!) missions bound for our too-much-solar-radiation-for-vinyl-suits moon being a cover up for the “race” the USSR and USA was in to get to the large rectangular satellite which was there before both countries sent up our ‘first’ satellites. hmmm, kinda like the new transformers movie in which the moon landing was a cover up for a space ship recon mission on the moon.
    This object could be the true origins of us entering the technological / space age….