Giant UFO activity around the Sun – July 16-18, 2011

A summary of various images of very large unknown objects near the sun.

Images of large unknown objects in the 2 video’s below were recorded  by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory – SOHO


Link SOHO:

NASA has again censored and put a black dot on a SOHO image ( image from July 18, 2011).

The black dot is enlarged and color enhanced in an attempt to find out what NASA hides, still it remain a mystery, but it seems like a massive square object. Below the images. We would like to hear your opinion.

The following image is taken from the video below

Author: These are images I have downloaded and enhanced. I found a cube or square, which has a shadow or light reflection from it.

In the video below Sheilaaliens analysis about different unknown objects near the sun.

The different objects that appear in the stero images is not Nibiru because it is not a planet and they comes and goes as it wants.

It is not a second Sun, because it is not a Sun.

If the legend of Nibiru was referring to a giant UFO that was acting as a planet to bring Aliens to here, then I suppose it could be that.

There could still be some unseen (or seen) legitimate planet with inhabitants coming our way out of nowhere. Or the legend of Nibiru could have been referring to the comet (asteroid) Elenin. Time will tell.

Source and author: Sheilaaliens *  * 

18 responses to “Giant UFO activity around the Sun – July 16-18, 2011

  1. It is important to note that the Nibiru material at the bottom is NOT one of the things that is being covered up in connection to whats near the sun materials.
    Nibiru and its planet moons are too large for that tiny square.


    • they are god and his sons. there are very many enlighted boys milions and milions in the spice. i’m one of thier. they are jesus’s, buddas, muhameds. you strugle to believe me.


  2. I watched this on the SOHO site yesterday and I sent a question to them through the site but of course I got no reply as yet as I asked them why there is a big black square on the Ultra violet snap shot image but on the video you can see the bright star object thats was moving from right to left in the video! and the hourly snap shots in normal LASCO 03.
    Whatever this is for sure its huge as for the Sheilaalians video I am not convinced it is a space ship as its just to much planet shaped thats reflecting from the sun so could it be a Moon and whats to say something on that moon can control its movement or put shields up from it hence the “now you see it now you don’t see it” effect?
    She also says that anyone with a decent telescope should be seeing this now so come on where are the good guys out there with the truth?


    • My teacher was one of UFO’s. he was a hersman. but my teacher was connecting to UFO erery night. When he call ufo’s then ver many huge ufo’s drop on the clouds. My teacher told us what ufo’s are our brothers.


  3. EMVs, Sun control and the Solar Anvil – James Horak explains


    • RAK.
      Nice vid.
      I can agree with Every thing said here with the exception that once again, since we do not actually know the “Pricise” possition of the object, we cannot actually determine its size.
      It could be far closer to us than we think and not merely parked off to the right of the sun. The closer it is to Us, the smaller it will be.
      ….Of course there was No way that was a fiber.


  4. to determine position of such objects is to know the locational position of the various soho-solar telescopes aimed at the sun,to determine that position of the objects(ufo,s) is to look at the objects around the sun and correllate the nearest star closet to the sun-by using a standard skychart and gps positioning readings if you have access to a telesope or using web based telescopes,it will tell you the closet stars position to the sun,then you print out your chart,draw the lines that are the closet to the sun,it will give you an idea of the postion of these objects,another way is to use standard space mathematics astronomical units to measure the distance using au software a scale au ruler-size is a problem how do u determine size of these objects around the sun is to use standard mapping scales we use on earth or to use modelling scales to determine its size or to use the photo as a reference and super impose it over google earth in the scale magitude of view on google aerth which will tell you the distace-the width,that is done by many astronomers,globally,you must super impose the photo onto a earth object in the eaxt earth scale miles-kilometres-or even photos of cities-its a poor mans refence guide,we tend to use custom designed software to determine the size of celestial objects by using standard astro-physics mathematics,follow the example of the alienship found on the moon on this site as a starting place to give you an idea


  5. Norrin Radd

    I found some month ago a interessting painting in a gallery, hope you can watch the link bacause the paintings are for sale and such links will ormally not be wished..hope the people here know its not for spam or a selling story.. this painting is from a shaman/nagual who dies it is a prophthy painting, here is the link to it (in the left upper corner you can see one of the crosslike looking objects which are around the sun and at the sun (in meantime they build a city at the northpol of the sun, can now not be watched anymore on STEREO cause NASA makes the pictures now more unsharp), here the link:
    and here you can see the prophethie painting future for us all:


  6. Norrin Radd

    You are very welcome VARAKIENEN
    At the second link on my post above you also can see this crosslike looking objects in the left upper corner…just for info.
    so you nice people i have now another very interssting and for my pinion very important link for you..maybe you can make a own thread out of it…it is the story of the whingmakers…the first link go to some very strange but also very special paintings…threre is nothing like this found on this planet again till now, here is the link:
    and here is the link to all information you can get about it:
    Hope that is usefull stuff for you all
    Norrin Radd


  7. i found already this strange lasco c3 and c2 pics from today, here the links:
    SOHO lasco C2:

    SOHO Lasco C3:

    In all of this pics you can see cubeshape objects. and the pictures are to brightshining for normal lasco c3 pics….mayve pixtelfaults or something else?


  8. addendum to my post with the lasco pics.
    something very strange was also happening…the direction of the stream from the sun changes its position…maybe change of the magnetic field of the sun? watch the following 2 pics:

    between 14.18 and 19.37 no other pics from lasco c3 avalable.
    i never had seen the change of streamdirection before.


  9. Regarding the black object appearing as if it is near the Sun, sounds like the predictions in the Christian Bible. It states that this large City, they call the New Jerusalem, which is 1400×1400 x1400 km in our terminology . It will settle on Earth, and have fur entrances. You will be able to buy and sell , only if you have a mark on your hand or forehead. The streets are lined like glass (Gold) and it then explains a few other things.
    If it is true and the sizes match, then we all have a BINGO ! moment !
    This will be a very large spaceship sitting on earth. It could cause some problems regarding its height ?
    Oh, well, for what it was worth…. who knows ?


  10. Norrin Radd

    Hello again
    Another sries of SOHO Lasco C3 Pics…very strange, can anybody pls explain, whats going on here? The Links:

    Has this object an dark compainon???


  11. Norrin Radd

    If you wanna see a lot sunufo pictures (around 50 sites) about the different objects around the sun look at this cool blogg(i write there a lot, cause i am from germany) clic on objekte um die sonne,(also other interessting videos and pictures about planet x/elenin/ufos available just for info):

    Link Objekte um die Sonne:

    other interssting Stuff:

    My Idea:
    Lets connect the sunufo blogs all over the world and globale evolution is one of the best german blogs for this stuff….;)

    Norrin Radd


  12. Norrin Radd

    re the black twin objekt…it disappears in minutes…could that really be, or did NASA cheat us again?
    here the black twinobject is visible last time:

    and now it is gone inbetween of 12 minutes???!!!!:

    has somebody a explanation for that?
    Norrin Radd


  13. Does anyone have Steven Spielburgs Phone number to a office he may work at & his personal email ? A UFO landed in my father & mothers field in the country in the summer of 1977 or 1978 or 1979, alot of stuff happened I have alot of valuable info people want to know, I plan on going to the police dept in Illinois, when I get a chance and go under aggressive hypnosis and anything I can to proove what I say is the truth I want to write a movie with Spielburg to help people understand and get answers now to what UFO ALIENS really are because I know what they are now I have an answer, I actually spoke to the Alen we had a conversation that I only want Steeven Spielburg to know about so we can make a movie together I am a Christian and I am 53 years old. I will not answer questions if you email me because I want to save it for making a good movie.

    Debbie Nice Herlein
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  14. I wish I could upload the videos I have downloaded from the Helioviewer but I am posting them on my Youtube account at peterdisbury where you will find my postings. Has anyone wondered if the whole NASA sun program could be a CGI program put there to manipulate the masses into believing in something that is not real? Most of the footage we see looks fake to me. The concept that 2 satellites orbit just beyond earth sounds credible but who here actually knows? NASA is a part of the government anyway right?
    Anyway on the helioviewer program ( Stereo A, Secchi, Core – 2 setting )there is an object, of considerable size perhaps the size of Jupiter, that just happens to be orbiting very close to the sun. The illuminated side is shining away from the sun which is peculiar in the least.
    Has anyone seen this video on the Helioviewer? The date I have set is around 08/20/2012 check it out and let me know what you think please.

    Also in the green spectrum there are several large round objects, huge mind you, that seem to be in orbit close to the sun.

    Personally I think the whole program is fake – look at the images, look at the feed and then go an look at the sun through a telescope and you see, the sun, nothing more. The feed can be manipulated and in doing so they can dupe a lot of people into believing in something that isn’t and make a lot of money while they are at it.

    ( As far as the black dot against the sun ? )
    – either a manipulation from the programmer
    – a pixel caught in the picture
    – a glitch in the system
    – space dust caught on the lens and distorted into a square

    Why would NASA create something for the masses where there are strange anomalies only for people to get hyped up thinking they are UFO’s. To make money that is why, because humans are always wanting something like an alien intelligence to here on earth. If I were an alien race I would steer clear of this planet altogether.