Black Rain in Japan!

Black rain in Japan., July 19, 2011

Ex Japanese Nuclear Regulator Blames Radioactive Animal Feed on ‘Black Rain’

While many radioactive cattle have been discovered large distances from Fukushima, what is more important is where their feed is coming from.

“It’s not only about the radioactive cattle in Fukushima Prefecture; its also about the radioactive straw the cattle eat that was grown elsewhere”.

Straw found 45 miles from Fukushima is highly contaminated with radioactive cesium, which is an indication that radiation has contaminated large portions of Northern Japan. More than half a million disintegrations per second in a kilogram of straw are comparable to Chernobyl levels.

This proves that the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission was correct when it told Americans to evacuate beyond 50 miles and that the Japanese should have done the same.

An Ex-Secretariat of Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission blames this contamination on “Black Rain”. Rather than minimize the information the Japanese people receive, Gundersen suggests minimizing their radiation exposure.”

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  1. Its one of the modern poisoning a part of the human race because Satan simply wants to be sympathized with his spiritual death as judgement of God for being unnatural or ungodly.


  2. Cesium targets soft tissues and is responsible for grotesque deformities and birth defects. One hardly dares think of what fates future generations of children in Japan and elsewhere are going to have to suffer. Because of the cumulative effects of radiation, it’s truly devastating effects first really start to show up in the third generation. The adults affected today will look okay, but will of course accumulate genetic mutations. (They’ll “only” have to worry about getting struck by cancer years from now.) Their kids though, will likely have a multitude of different ailments. And their grandkids? OMG, they are really going to be badly affected. 😦

    Even if we shut down all nuke plants this very day, we’re going to be stuck with this legacy of death and the radioactive “excrement” of the human folly called nuclear power, for 10’s of 1000’s of years to come. Future generations will surely thanks us. NOT!!!


    • The land at Chernobyl alone will not be habitable for the next 10000 years…. and yet we still use this power because its cheaper than using something that would benefit the planet.

      also Chernobyl may yet again blow as its sarcophagus is crumbling away exposing the radiation yet again…



  3. So true, Luke. Chernobyl is a ticking time bomb. That disaster is not over by a long shot. Have you ever heard of Chelyabinsk? It’s one of the nuclear industry’s best kept secrets. It’s estimated that the people living there received an average of four times more radiation than the Chernobyl victims.–The-Most-Contaminated-Spot-on-the-Planet

    I can’t understand though, why people think that nuclear energy is cheap. It costs a lot of money just to mine the uranium and get it out of the ground. Then it has to be processed which is also expensive to do and building a nuclear power plants costs billions of dollars. Add to that the cost of sequestering and safeguarding the waste for untold millenia and the total price is simply staggering and that’s just the economic cost! The environmental cost is even higher, in all stages of the process and especially when things go wrong. And then there’s the production and use of depleted uranium munitions, a “convenient”, yet demonically lethal way for nations to turn their nuclear waste piles into somebody else’s problem. That willful release of radioactivity into the environment causes so much harm to ALL living creatures for what amounts to forever and ever. Depleted uranium has a half life of 4.5 BILLION years! Search Google for “Fallujah” and “depleted uranium” and look at the images. THAT is the true cost of nuclear energy.

    In my opinion, the price is too high. Far, far too high, not to mention it’s morally reprehensible. We don’t have the right to expose future generations to nuclear technology’s consequences. We don’t. It’s nothing more than generational genocide and ecocide… and for what? So we can boil water? It’s a crime against the universe, IMO. 😦


  4. Another fact to think about with Uranium, it takes over 4.5 BILLION Years for Uranium 238 to decay into non-radioactive Lead. that means this stuff will release alpha beta and gamma radiation for millenia after its been used in a reactor (after enrichment)

    look at this table to see just how many forms a chunk of uranium must go through before it is deemed a stable form

    Decay from Uranium 238 to stable.

    Uranium-238 ==>
    (half-life: 4.46 billion years)
    alpha decay

    Thorium-234 ==>
    (half-life: 24.1 days)
    beta decay

    Protactinium-234m ==>
    (half-life: 1.17 minutes)
    beta decay

    Uranium-234 ==>
    (half-life: 245,000 years)
    alpha decay

    Thorium-230 ==>
    (half-life: 75,400 years)
    alpha decay

    Radium-226 ==>
    (half-life: 1,600 years)
    alpha decay

    Radon-222 ==>
    (half-life: 3.82 days)
    alpha decay

    Polonium-218 ==>
    (half-life: 3.11 minutes)
    alpha decay

    Lead-214 ==>
    (half-life: 26.8 minutes)
    beta decay

    Bismuth-214 ==>
    (half-life: 19.9 minutes)
    beta decay

    Polonium-214 ==>
    (half-life: 163 microseconds)
    alpha decay

    Lead-210 ==>
    (half-life: 22.3 years)
    beta decay

    Bismuth-210 ==>
    (half-life: 5.01 days)
    beta decay

    Polonium-210 ==>
    (half-life: 138 days)
    alpha decay


    And yet we continue to use this as a ‘safe energy’ form.

    Also When you describe the safety precautions that these companies use you have to remember that most of these companies skip over the safety regulations as much as possible and will always push the boundaries as to what they can legally do with nuke waste and the safety levels. Also you’ve got the pay offs to think about….

    It is a little known fact as well that before nuke power became the big boy provider there was another energy source that was under testing that needed nothing but momentum to build energy, sort of like a gyro. all it needed was a starting push then it would supply an endless amount of energy as it spun up till it hit its maximum output, but since this energy could be produced cheaply and wouldn’t make much money they dumped it for nuke energy and now the original plans have disappeared and only in recent years have some people been trying to recreate this energy (it was based on Nikola Tesla’s work, look him up, he is one of the most under rated master minds in modern history and yet he disappeared without a trace).