The mysterious Black Cube around our Sun

NASA cut the pixels out! What is there to hide?

Let’s start with images taken from SOHO ( EIT171, LASCO 2, LASCO 3) from June 13, 2011 to July 23, 2011

June 13, 2011

June 20, 2011

June 28, 2011

June 30, 2011

July 18, 2011 ( black cube enlarged and enhanced )

July 23, 2011 ( position black cube EIT171 similar to position supposed mothership on LASCO 2 )

The (NASA) object is similar to an image on a Swiss banknote

It is possible that NASA hiding a giant spaceship behind the black cube?

Suppose, it is a spaceship, what is the objective of this spaceship and is it related to planets, comets or asteroids as shown on the Swiss Bank Note and is it related to the 3,600 years cycle?

Excerpt from Zecharia Sitchin’s speech:

There is one more planet in our own solar system, not light years away, that comes between Mars and Jupiter every 3,600 years. People from that planet came to Earth almost half a million years ago and did many of the things about which we read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis.
I prophetize the return of this planet called Nibiru, though I have no time frame. The planet is inhabited by intelligent human beings like us who will come and go between their planet and our planet. They created Homo sapiens. We look like them. I call them the Anunnaki.

Those who have come down to Earth from the heavens.

All the ancient scriptures, the Bible, the Greek myths, the Egyptian myth and texts, the pyramid texts, everything, led to the Sumerians, whose civilization was the first known one six thousand years ago. Those beings, whom the Sumerians called Anunnaki, came to earth from a planet called Nibiru. The planet was designated by the sign of the cross and Nibiru meant, planet of crossing.

Being able to go directly to those ancient sources, clay tablets and cuneiform scripts, it seemed to me that neither was right, because the description of Nibiru and its position when it nears the Sun indicated that it could not be Mars, and it could not be Jupiter. And then one night I woke up with the answer: Of course, it is one more planet that comes periodically between Mars and Jupiter; it is sometimes nearer to Mars and sometimes nearer to Jupiter, but it isn’t Mars or Jupiter.

Once I realized that this was the answer, that there is one more planet, everything else fell into place. The meaning of the Mesopotamian Epic of Creation on which the first chapters of Genesis are based and all details about the Anunnaki, who they were and who their leaders were and how they traveled from their planet to Earth and how they splashed down in the Persian Gulf and about their first settlement, their leaders and so on and so on, everything became clear! The Sumerians had immense knowledge.

If Nibiru exists, (and this is the planet that astronomers nowadays call ‘Planet X’ then the Anunnaki exist.

So the existence of Nibiru is not a matter of just one more globe in our solar system. This is different, because if Nibiru exists, and the Anunnaki exist, then the Sumerian claim that they come back to our vicinity every 3,600 years, at which times in the past they gave us civilization, then we are not alone and there are more advanced people than us in our solar system.


If we follow the analysis of Zecharia Sitchin and suppose he is right and suppose that the object behind the black cube is a (planet X – nibiru) mother ship of the Anunnaki / Sumerian, we would expect, we’re on the edge of the 3,600 year’s cycle and the Sumerian just waiting the time; (the arrival of the supposed comet Elenin or maybe other comet or asteroid), to then come to earth again to start up a new cycle of 3,600 years?

Zecharia Sitchin: So the question of free choice, of what is right, what is wrong, what should be done, what should not be done, is there all along.

Source:Zecharia Sitchin * nasa soho *

23 responses to “The mysterious Black Cube around our Sun

  1. There are two opposing views to the intentions of ET. One is that they are benevolent the other, intent on invasion and destruction.
    If there is a giant object biding its time near the Sun, is it there to help us or destroy us?
    If it is the Annunaki, maybe they are back to end their experiment or protect it from incoming danger.
    Could be a cool movie, lol.
    (gets out typewriter)


    • The Future is Now!

      I could be wrong but I don’t think they are here to harm us otherwise we would have been wiped out of the Universe long ago and it would have been not a bad thing since we are a violent, destructive species. The Aliens are aware of the cosmic changes taking place and they are helping us without knowing about the solar flares etc.


  2. Interesting anomaly here. NASA, in trying to hide the object, is shoving it right in our faces. Seems to me they would have simply erased the offending image rather than highlight its existence with a ridiculous black square. This looks more like planted disinfo than a serious attempt to obscure the elephant on the sun.


  3. NASA could of easily removed those slides as they must preview them first so why have they bothered to just put the black cubes there as they know it will create these discussions.
    I knew that the Swiss bank note had some clues also to recent events or even forseen events as I posted something yesterday about it so maybe goverments are giving us cryptic clues and hints now suddenly because were probably going to see with our own eyes the truth above and maybe its soon. I just think these things in front of the sun are big enough to be seen by the amateur astrologists so am sure we will see something clearer posted here or somewhere!


  4. I agree with the others about using a square. My question is: Why make it stupidly obvious by using an awkward and ugly square to mask something anomalous, if NASA is so graphically and technologically advanced? It doesn’t make any sense. To use a circle mask the exact size of the ‘spaceship’ would have been far less conspicuous and obvious. And anyone could easily fabricate their own solar censorship with the Photoshop square cut tool on a solar image, anybody after the fact could tamper with the image like that, but to make it more natural, it’s just as easy to use the clone tool to mask the ‘anomaly’ by copying the surface texture beside it. A big black square makes me seriously doubt the doctoring was actually done by NASA or that something hidden is actually ‘there’.


  5. Has NASA ever heard of content aware with Photoshop. Clearly it’s not hard to hide some thing. I think this is a fluke.


  6. Hal O Jumper

    it’s the borg ship


  7. check it out for yourselves people.. none of these images have a black square on them.. @rat serum… youre totally right


  8. In regard to the black squares, these also remind me of other space images such as with google, where there are parts of space similarly and obviously blacked out.
    Maybe they just want everyone looking in the wrong places.
    It does bother me though, that no amateur astronomers are coming forward with anything relating to a lot of the theories out there so maybe thats all we are ever going to have for now.


  9. Attila Cseh

    Nasa isn’t a conspiracy team, they don’t do black squares to move attention from somewhere else, or because they can’t use Photoshop. They did it because bunch of redneck idiot there, like everywhere else. And might be in the hurry , I don’t know. But I don’t care why they doing it, everything they did a last 40 years is a lie. They using our money to lie us, play their games, hiding the truth because “we wouldn’t handle it” Try me, I will handle it bunch of criminals! Because what they doing with humanity it is criminal. Robbing us, lying to us, faking data, and they aren’t warning us for purpose .


  10. Supposedly We have been getting, we are here to help you message for fifty odd years.I can’t say we have seen any help so far.If aliens should show up I don’t think it will be for our good. I agree that surly NASA could do better then a black cube in hiding whatever. But than again who knows how they really think.I sure don’t.All have a good day.


  11. Bottom line… dont bother putting too much faith or trust in NASA… they have their own agenda and it no longer concerns educating the average humanbeing…


  12. I don’t get why they put a black square over it, why not mirror over the images? ie copy paste one section from the clear photo over top of the anomaly in the follow up photo? i do it all the time in editing and it takes two clicks and you wouldnt even know the difference, they also do this in video restoration


    this is NASA imagery itself restored by copying clear frames over the ones with interference



  13. Watching.


  14. A time will come when they will be forced to put a much bigger cube than this one.


  15. well have looked this imaging and others before it believe you are looking at very classified info some1 doesnt1 want to have seen,enlarge it you can faintly see the outline of the image-coincides with similiar imaging of objects orbiting the sun


  16. look at this website imaging-this object co-incides with objects ive seen on on imaging enhanced on and this link coincidence there something sinister in those videos\frames-


  17. One more way of looking at this is that i feel NASA did it on purpose. May be they are plotting up for some conspiracy using this opportunity.


  18. It’s the borg ship. Resistence is futile.


  19. Hoops !!! the censor at the Soho site have missed one 2010-01-15 13.06
    20100115_1306_eit284_512.jpg 512 x 512.
    What is at the equator just to the left of the certer


  20. Here’s the thing I’d like to know about this … We have Hubble! Hello !!! Hubble takes way better pics of things way further away then the sun so why isn’t there images of whatever this black cube is in much closer and higher detail ???
    Which makes one think this black cube is made up.


  21. dana Mclaughlin

    go to the website super illumine 1 he talks about earth being in the configuration with Saturn he says that Saturn is the cube of satan and they are building these cubes around our sun he shows pictures of this.In latin satan is the word for Saturn and it’s not a good thing what’s happening here he is saying, that they are blocking the sun from us. I believe that these alian reptilians are behind this. he is saying that this planet Saturn is taking all of our bio energy from us. He was almost killed by the police I don’t know if it was because of the information he was putting out on he’s website or not but ‘ what a counistance of that happening right?


  22. dana Mclaughlin

    Go to super illumine 1 he talks about what nasa has suppressed about sun gazing; they are saying that sun gazing will make a super human out of us. He has been doing it for 7 months now and he is saying that he doesn’t have to eat any of satan’s food anymore I do honestly believe him.