NIBIRU Facts of Truth

NIBIRU the Planet of the Crossing – Facts of Truth

Many say Elenin is not dangerous.  I think it is a very dangerous Asteroid and its packed with a magnetic field so powerful we will obviously get a small taste of things to come when Nibiru arrives around the corner about a year after Elenin.

Recently I have come across some very strong evidence of a Nibiru existence. The planets of Uranus and Neptune having their orbits change and wobble and perturbed is not a joke. They indeed were affected by an unseen force. The proof in the pudding here and its very obvious is about Saturn. This planet tilted a full 90 degrees when Nibiru passed by it. The rings of Saturn is the dead give-a-way to something causing it to tilt to the extreme rather suddenly from its normal expected position.

Elenin is not only an asteroid its packed with a powerful magnetism like a neutron dead star. We are about to experience a small prelude of things to come. Nibiru is approximately 8 AU behind it. The findings by the Russians and the Chinese saying something is behind it (Elenin) is quite true. Only they did not know what was truly behind it.

Nibiru is a magnetic star only of giant means and can only be seen by infared. The sun itself will protect us only for a short period of time because we will have the Sun in front of it and eventually because of our orbit, we will eventually encounter this Nibiru face to face. Things will be getting worse. At the moment its approaching us rather discreetly.

When Elenin swings around the sun and is at approximately Venus orbit plane, Nibirus magnet field will be reaching the suns vicinity and it will finally let go of Saturn. When Elenin passes us by, we will be experiencing some dangerous time periods because Earths own magnetic field will be fighting off Elenins powerful punch and our moon will also experience its effects.  But Earth and the Moon will win on this event and escape so to speak.   Elenin will not impact us.  Nibirus magnetic field also will be now reaching earths vicinity.

Nibiru will be in our vicinity 1 year later and the date of our mercy with Nibiru is October 27, 2012.  Nibiru will be in between us and the Sun, thus we will lose the Suns protection for approximately 1 week. During this time period Earth itself will have a battle and it will lose to Nibiru as its magnetic sphere goes into disarray, and Earth can do a flip and go upside down or be tilted 278 degrees off of its current axis.  Our Sun behind Nibiru will take about 70% of Nibirus power as it fights it.  So we will be exposed to approximately 30% of Nibirus magnetic effects.   If this happens the oceans and the waters has to go someplace. Also earth will experience a crust displacement at the same time globally.  As for humanity? possible extinction can take place but some will survive. As of our moon it will also have a huge battle and its possible it can be stripped away from us. What will we see, we will see a RED HAZE all around the sky including the Moon. This is the magnetic field and radiation field from Nibiru. Yes Nibiru will try to rip us out of our current orbit.

Remember Nibiru is 4 times the size of Jupiter, and we are just a tiny peanut compared to Nibiru!

According to the trajectory if we survive this encounter, Nibiru is slated to hit Jupiter head on based on its present course.  Not a solid to solid impact since Nibirus solid core will pass dangerously close to Jupiter.   Yes Jupiter is going to get the full brunt hit of Nibiru and its a no contest. Based on the evidence from Saturn one can only imagine what will happen to Jupiter itself. Jupiter will be assisted by our Sun as it makes its efforts to escape from Nibiru. Eventually it will but Jupiter will sustain horrific damage and as of its moons it probably will lose its moons and be stripped of it because Jupiter will have entered the inner magnetic part of Nibiru where its extremely very strong.

Once Nibiru again reaches Saturns orbit range (Saturn will be completely well away from its range) its magnetic field will let go of Earth approximately around 2018 or 2019. Elenin at that point will again be in front of Nibiru roughly 8 AU ahead of it and both will be leaving our solar system and might return another 3,600 years later- unless something happens to it after it leaves our solar system.

Right now we should be watching what happens to Mars as it is trying to run away from Nibiru because Nibiru is approaching it. The magnetic field is already at Mars at present time and there is some evidence that Mars is being perturbed a lot. As evidence from Saturn and of its tilt, I wonder just how much it will affect Mars. What we see from Mars is going to tell us in some way of what it will do to us.  Remember Mars is running away from it, and we will be encountering it awful close in cosmic terms.

The earth tilts to the extreme in a rather short time period, the ocean water is going to move and at the same token a crust displacement is going to take place. Fleeing to space is not an option cause if one does Nibiru’s magnetic pull will take you with it.  If we build an ark it will have to be a massive structure and well built to sustain mountain and ground impacts due to the rush of water.  Similar to like the 2012 movie.

I recommend to read this in-depth analysis on Elenin/Nibiru!!!

Below the link to read and its 92 pages of data with all the figures included and Pics of Nibiru itself and all the evidence that NASA did not want you to see or to know about hence their warning to their own employees.

Link Nibiru Article:

Nibiru Article in PDF: NIbiru Facts of Truth

Source: Author: Vinsons

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  1. I want to tell something about Earth. We spend I cannottellyou how much money on wars and other unnnecessary things, We are not able to feed our brothers and sisters in Africa: What Nubiru means for at least 1/3 people in agony? Freedom!
    I hope it is time for awaking. I am tired of this “world”. Nubiru will change it. It is a very good new.


    • I have thought this too. the world is so corrupt and evil. so many people suffering. I’d say population control as well as destroying all current systems is best for the future. otherwise we will choke on the smoke of our own fires. Call me a cynic, but i would hate to bring another soul into this hell of a world


      • I am forced to agree with you Breezy.
        The question is, when it comes down to crunch time…. will I fight and kill to survive, or will I lay down and die, sacrificing up my human slot placement so that this can be a better world for others?:/


      • IT is human nature to want for every last breath of life as is with every other creature, we simply want to survive. I know myself that if faced with death i would rather go out fighting than sitting idly by as i watched the carnage around me, and yet im a supporter of the cleansing, it is necessary and i dont even think that they would keep anyone over the age of 10 alive, they would want clean minds untainted by greed, gluttony and malice. And so they should i myself can remember being a10year old and race/color was no problem, you could play with all your friends, then BANG high school, segregation. the same thing for kids with money and kids without, smart kids being picked on for intelligence this stuff is all building blocks toward our current society and the horrid state is in…. and yet we let it slide. your past defines the future.



    • the Future is Now!

      Just wanted to say, Somaly is a muslim country, none of the other muslim countries did something for them. Believe it or not we are sending money to Somaly but the country is corrupted and the money you send goes to feed terrorism against non muslim countries. We cannot feed a country, we can teach them to fish instead of giving them fish but they have no structure and no education and we are not responsible for that sorry. Africa is becoming totally muslim and an Egyptian University Professor says that Islam is going to destroy itself because :
      Absence of eoonomical structures assuring a real development
      Absence of an efficient educational system
      Severe Limitation of intellectual creativity.
      So needless to say we are not responsible for this and everyone has their own path of evolution. If Somaly wants to grow and feed their people they have either to abandon Islam or they will die! Nothing we can do about it sorry, I don’t feel guilty.


  2. My understanding is that this posted appraisal of events coming is very accurate to how things will likely play out…

    …another good post from TTBTS😉


  3. je pense que l’approche de Nibiru sera positif pour la terre mais par contre difficile pour l’humanité.


  4. Now Nibiru is a magnetic star. What happended to being just a planet orbiting a failed star (brown dwarf)???


  5. Are you Effing kidding me?
    Who Wrote this?
    What the hell are they using for data to support thier claims?
    Magnetic star? Elenin is a magnetic asteroid?
    “Saturn. This planet tilted a full 90 degrees when Nibiru passed by it.”
    Say what? since when? where’s this data that I have yet to see?
    MUST people keep posting thier Hypothesis’s and doing so as if they were written in stone fact?
    How did this get its own thread?
    Give me Data or give me death.
    . . . Where’s my Effing Meds!?
    ~ VARAKIENEN with a Capitol V!


    • i love the last line 3 lines haha

      im also agreed, but as with everything on here i take it with a grain of salt, The unimaginable is sometimes only that because we cannot comprehend the magnitude of what lies before us…



    • Recent storm on Saturn is 500 times the biggest storm detected recently. Google search for the article. Confirmed.


  6. Norrin Radd

    Very good Article…thank you very much..but you forget one very important thing…every planet, sun, brown dwarft, meteor etc… is a own liveform itself…and Nibiru is a very very special liveform itself…watch the movie SPHERE or that told me Nibiru last night in a lucid dream the Movie SOLARIS…than you can better understand the nature of this “Object”. and here a link which correspondet very well to the article above:
    Norrin Radd


  7. Very interisting and detailed which opens the minds even more now as I have read and seen so much today as more and more reports seem to flooding in both from news agencies and estazblishments.
    I do like the the Swiss bank notes cryptic hints which seem predictive events and we all know the Swiss have been the neutrals of our world that they would be then ones to be honest about the truth.
    Something is stirring now more and more each day and I read this article here
    Maybe martial law is soon to be put in place in the USA and for what reasons?


  8. Some thing is there in store for all of us. Yet without facts & figures nothing is concrete. Pl. Bring that kind of knowledge here.


  9. Look this video:


    • Not likely Nibiru.
      There have been large spheracle objects possitioned between us and the sun for at least 7 years now. They have Not moved closer to us, so, they are not nibiru. Thier presense is constant, and they are truely enormouse.
      Other topics on this web site cover it in more detail.


  10. The true purpose of Nibiru has been lost in antiquity or buried by scholars. I can’t believe if it comes around every 3,600 years that major upheaval is always the result. If so, civilisation would be at an impasse and would have never progressed beyond the Bronze Age and if Nibiru caused so much havoc within the Solar system, it would no doubt have sent lots of large space objects impacting into Earth over the millenia causing even less chance for humans to advance and evolve.


    • sorry but you are seeing the plant mercury!!!!!


    • i fully concur

      we wouldn’t even be here today if every time it approached it practically redrew the lines of our solar system, the earth would probably be one by now if it was to do this much damage each time it passed


    • right on morris, i am starting to understand and respect your views more and more..


      But, remember. the solar system is like a giant clock work. cogs and wheels with timing pieces.
      Many of nibiru’s pass’s are farther away from earth, and many are close. This one is expected to be close.
      we have indeed experienced entire cultures decimated by natural disaster that can be attributed to this timing.


  11. What do you think these videos below?
    NEW FOOTAGE!! PLANET X aka NIBIRU and UFO hide behind the MOON in St Paul, MN on 7/11/2011

    UPDATES 32º of Insanity Blog 7/27/2011 – Nibiru, ELENIN, Neumeyer Station, SOHO & STEREO and more!

    I have been regularly watching this live webcam site of the sky in Pinneburg and this black dot has been showing for over a week see for yourself The Sky above Pinneberg right now


    • yeah pete. Good vids.
      Of course, the dark spot vids are sister to all the twin sun vids you have seen over the last 7 ish years. In this case the object is merely passing Directly in front of the sun.
      Is it Nibiru? Hell no.
      Nibiru will come and will Go, ONCE in our life time. what ever we have here is constant.
      See, objects near the sun else where on This web site.
      Now, the Trains section of the video is what scares the shit outa ME.
      Erie music aside, it is truely ominouse.
      Clearly those cars are for Live cargo. You can tell by the air holes and grates in the floor for waste.
      But they are so clean and New and just sitting there waiting, earning no profit for the moment and doing nothing to pay for them selves or the track they are taking up.
      Ive been inside livestock cargo cars before and they are a MESS! even after only a couple uses. These are definately Never used before.
      They scare the Shit outa me.


    • I agree with Vara, and if what the Sumerians said about Nibiru, it will eventually be seen in the sky. It will be able to be see with the naked eye during the day! If they are right, everyone will know when Nibiru has come. It was simply be impossible to miss and impossible for anyone to cover up or deny.


  12. Did you even look at Saturn? It’s not tilted… Verified last night.

    So why would you post this if the #1 fact he used to prove his theory has been debunked? Do you realize if Saturn tilted 90 degrees every amateur astronomer in the world would report it?

    That’s my only problem with this document… Is that the very basis of it has already been disproved… So does that disqualify the rest?

    I’m calling BS… Not Nibiru bs… Not Elenin bs… This document is BS… Written by Astropatriot, a known hoaxes and fear mongering POS.

    People, please verify claims before accepting then as fact… Saturn is NOT Tilted or every amateur astronomer would be shitting their pants including me.


    • yes Joe, Thank you! I Knew I was forgetting one aspect when I wrote my own long winded comment earlier. If saturns tilt was Unusual Every amature astronomer in the world would be all over it. Its visible to the naked eye for Gawd sake, and very Clearly visible with most average tellescopes. simply no way to hide it.
      Thats what I fergots to say. Thanx.😉


  13. Thanks for keeping up the good stuff; It’s amazing how we could find some information about what they called Planet X, Tyche, Nibiru, Hercobulus, Marduk, you name it! As the days go by no information about this 10th Planet they really did find and told us about in the early 80s.
    Did you see this video with the different flyby scenarios, taking in account it could be an asteroid, comet or a whole solar system coming upon us?


  14. Did you even look at Saturn? It’s not tilted what so ever except for a normal 3 degrees as it appears from Earth.

    I took a picture of Saturn last night and used astroMETRY to determine if it was accurate.

    Guess what? It’s perfectly in the right place… Can you explain this?


  15. Somebody drink too much caffeine.Like you said Varakienen pass the Meds.


  16. @VAL.. I laughing here as I found some MEDS for you🙂 have a look at the post I just put in the Crop Circles topic as it is a formula for melatonin or Entheogen haha that will put your mind at rest and give you a lift haha🙂
    Here is the link


    • Yes, that was an interesting circle. (crop anomaly)
      I wish we had a fool proof way of reading them as I hold many Many so called expert translations as suspect and in question.


  17. Varakienen –
    I had a few questions on the “planet vs. Saturn when the alignment was said to occur a few weeks back. You had answered my questions as I focused on Saturn and the the celestial body affects on the planet. There was a large storm that was taking place for a few months…but other than that…nothing. I had wondered aloud that IF Saturn was in fact disrupted by the Deathstar, that its rings would disperse.

    The topics “The proof in the pudding here and its very obvious is about Saturn. This planet tilted a full 90 degrees when Nibiru passed by it. The rings of Saturn is the dead give-a-way to something causing it to tilt to the extreme rather suddenly from its normal expected position.”

    Is there any proof to this happening? I have yet to find a picture of Saturn with its rings being disrupted as once speculated or anything showing anything like it.

    Thank you,


  18. Are you people so blind??? go to the link and click on it, and give it a chance to load up. All the evidence and information is there and fasten your seatbelts because you will see all the proof.



  19. Vara

    Go to the link that we have provided for you, CLICK ON IT, and give it a chance to load up and it will supply you your much needed medications.



  20. The website run by Leonid Elenin, the discoverer of Comet Elenin, has apparently disappeared from the Web.
    The site was called and, upon visiting site now, you get.:Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /en/ on this server.


  21. —————- VARAKIENENS Input ——————
    OK Dav.
    Thanks for leading me back to the link to the article that I some how missed.
    Now I know why the statement of saturns tilt was so familiar to me, and why I formerly did not give it much credit. And I shall explain.
    You see, I already Have this article and its link stored on my computer from my internet searches. Admitedly, I did Not read the article in its entirety at the time nore crunch any math then either, but instead scanned over it loosely looking for key references to my own research. Yes, it holds a fair amount of some what circumstantial evidence, but unfortunately little confirmable data and no actual Proof.
    And now Ill tell you Why I didnt give the article much credit.
    Lets start with Saturns tilt of a supposed 90 degree’s.

    Saturn apearantly has a cycle of tilting that is not entirely part of its normal axis wobble. It runs a decade or two then corrects it self.
    Our view is also compromised at these times by our Own wobble which can make it apear even more extreem.
    Now, far be it from me to slam down info with out some thing of my Own to help back it up, so here you go Dav. About 3 or 4 out of about 16 items i have on my hard drive.
    saturn tilt photo’s mixxed.
    saturn tilt.
    saturn tilt.
    Saturn tilt dissinfo?
    Lets move on now.
    Through the Entire article there is No evidence that Elenin is NOT a comet but instead, an astroid, Unless we count its gravity or magnetic field alone, which unfortunately does not constitute either evidence or proof. Why, because we dont have proof that it actually HAS a greater gravity/ magnetic field than it should for a comet. Yes yes, I looked at the material with the stars dimming near by.
    Unfortunately thats not enough for me personally. other people with Less know might be swayed by the dimming of the stars alone but not I. Let me teach you Why.
    First, dimming Can occure when light is bent around a gravitational force, BUT… it is usually accompanied by other things as well. Those are, a displacement of the star being dimmed entirely as the bent light seems to be moving the possition of the visible object, AND or, this next one is more common, the apearant visible illusion of elongation of the star as its light is being bent.
    Niether of these are apearant in the dimming of the stars view we have here, which personal lends my to suspect that the dimming of stars in the back ground is being caused by Dust in the comets field of trajectory and gravity. None of this, yours OR mine, is proof unfortunately either way. it is merely my own mind working the problem.
    I have No problem with the article starting out in the spectrum of the ‘Electric” universe theory over a gravity based universe therory, as the electric one solves more problems than it creates as oposed to the gravity one. I have always maintained any way that you cannot Have gravity with Out electromagnatism.
    One thing that leads me to suspect that Elenin is Not a core fragment or mass of unusual proportion to its size is that it does not display any polar ejections. None that I have yet seen recorded.
    Objects of extreem mass or magnetics invariably Always seem to exibit polar ejections even to a small degree. even small moons and dwarf planets do. and if These calculations are to be correct then elenin would have mass greater than a drawrf planet.
    I still maintain that though elenin May have an unusually higher grav or magnetic field than is common for a comet, that it is Not of a size or power to be equal to what is being put forth in this article.
    Next, lets get onto Nibiru it self, which of course is the Grand prize behind the hidden door, and what All the hooplah and concern is actually about, and rightly so!

    I heartily concure with nearly Every thing this article states about Nibiru in and of it self! My own researches suggest Exactly the same over the last 7 years.
    How ever, My one problem with information and math in this article concerning Nibiru is that as yet we do NOT have a confirmable possition or Speed or actually completely accurate trajectory for Nibiru, which renders almost all related math Moot concerning this subject.
    I know for a Fact that the authors of the article them Selves do Not have a fix on Nibiru’s precise location or speed because they cannot tell you when it will pass us within a year or two years or what ever.
    There is No proof or confirmable info beyond a shadow of a doubt as to Nibiru’s possition speed or precice trajectory in this article. And claims that IT was the cause of saturns tilt cannot be confirmed, nore, its possition in concert with the timing of the tilt.
    In effect, most of the article remains UP in the air for me, just as it did when I first read it a while ago.
    Am I TRYING to debunk Nibiru or Elenin in and of them selves?
    Hell NO. I firmly believe in Both objects and I believe we have catastrophic events in our very Near future because of nibiru’s passing.
    Unfortunately, I have seen NO solid evidence as to exactly WHEN or Where that passing will be precisely. In fact, I have turned Much of my Own attentions away from trying to find those details in the skys, and instead towards our own governments / bunkers / etc to find the nearest dates for these.
    Because even if WE cant figure it out past the viel of the cover up, those in power DO know exactly when where and how, and if we watch their maneuverings we will come very close to the event date that way. I believe they are having a “Planned black out” (power grid) across north america, And a congressional unprecidented vacation, in november of this year? Lets think about that a moment….
    And then think about it some more when the power does not come Back on, and congress does not bother to Resume, while we are watching a large rusty object blot out the sun.
    Again, Just personal Hypothesis. And I truely Hope I am wrong.
    I’m sure I have missed some thing that I meant to post here. but I am tired.


  22. And now for my two cents

    This article is PISSING ME OFF! Nowhere in the article is gravity mentioned. Gravity is the CENTRAL player in all of this. Magnetic fields have NOTHING to do with anything. Magnetic fields do not cause planets to shift their rotational axis (magnetic field axes are a different story). Magnetic fields do not perturb orbits, they do not cause earthquakes, and they do not ANYTHING that would physically destroy a planet. They only thing a magnetic field could do is destroy the power grid and our world of electricity, much like a massive solar flare (which can also be thought of as an intense course of electromagnetism).

    Think about it this way. Say you had a powerful magnet is your hand. Can you attract water with it? How bout a rock? Oxygen? Hydrogen? Carbon? NO! If the power of the magnetic field was as large as a neutron star, these non-magnetic objects can be attracted (as all atoms have electrons), but it would be negligible when compared to the neutron star’s gravity. Also because of the range, magnetic fields disperse much more quickly than gravitational fields in terms of distance.

    What this article means (and needs to be changed) instead of the magnetic field is the gravitational field! Gravitational fields are NOT magnetic fields.

    Aside: @Vara, even if you believe in the Electric Universe Theory, the observational effects of gravity and magnetism do not change. In this theory, Gravity is thought of as a residual effect of the motional electric forces caused by the electrons orbit around the proton .

    The gravitational effects could flip saturn’s axis. It could throw Earth off it’s orbit and seize the moon from us. I can cause deadly earthquake, massive tsunamis, and global floods. PLEASE CHANGE THIS.

    Also, Nibiru isn’t 4 times the SIZE of the Jupiter, but 4 times the MASS. It is most likely not more than twice the size of Jupiter because as a planet Jupiter’s size accrues more mass, it increases in density much more quickly than it increases in volume. This is explained in a link posted in a previous article: “NIBIRU (TYCHE) PLANET X Admitted by Scientists – NASA shuts down Space Telescope ‘WISE’!!”

    AND, I highly doubt that Elenin has a “massive” magnetic field, even if it is an asteroid, unless it is spinning rapidly. There is no other reason for the large magnetic field to be large. However, I can’t rule out that you confused magnetic fields with gravitational fields, especially if it is larger then we have been told or more dense than originally thought.

    If you have ANY questions regarding the physics side of this, please feel free to contact me: (<- don't judge lol). I have take various college level courses in physics, so my knowledge is first-hand.

    All that aside, some of this does make sense! I'll be keeping close tabs on both Elenin and Nibiru/Tyche



  23. So in my previous response, I had not read the foreword of the link in this article, called “Link Nibiru Article”

    Everyone should be aware that this information is NOT supported by mainstream physics. Almost all physics researchers consider magnetism and gravity as two distinct and seperate phenomenon.

    The foreword says that “gravity doesn’t exist.” While this may be true, as many new theories now consider gravity a pseudoforce, gravity and magnetism cannot be categorized as one, especially when speaking about fields of celestial bodies.

    A magnetic field and a gravitational field are completely separate fields in physics. Gravity is correlated with mass, but magnetic fields are not. Magnetic fields are derived from different properties, such as type of matter (esp if it is metallic) and rotation rate.

    They have differing, non correlating values. For example, Venus is roughly the same size and Earth and therefore has similar value for gravity, and in other terms have similar magnitudes of gravitational fields. However, while the Earth’s magnetic field (compasses are not effected by gravitational fields) is substantial enough to protect us from coronal mass ejections, Venus has almost no magnetic field at all.

    Please realize that the paper in the link incorrectly substitutes magnetic fields for gravitational fields. EVEN IF gravity was derived from magnetism, they are still two distinct phenomenon with independent properties.

    Moreover, this paper is in direct conflict with Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, which claims gravity is a property of space-time. Magnetic fields are not and will never be considered properties of space-time. Throwing out this fact is a bold claims by the writers of this paper, who have no data supporting the idea that gravity is magnetism.

    I, personally, believe in the Electrogravity Theory. Look it up, it’s quite fascinating, and attempts to explains many of the phenomena on Earth, such as the endless amount of energy for lightning strikes. While Einstein’s considered gravity was a mysterious geometric property of space-time, the EG Theory attempts to derive a source for gravity, namely the motional electric field caused by the electron revolving around the proton. This makes it a residual electromagnetic force whose source is the atom.

    Even in my own preferred theory, gravity is an electromagnetic force, but that does not mean the two terms are interchangeable. Magnetic fields are not gravitational fields.

    Hope this helps!


  24. Nate
    In regards to about gravity Nate, as previously said in another thread, no one has been able to really explain how or where gravity comes from or how such is created or produced. OK. Those in physics have been debating this subject for years and still have not come to an agreement or conclusion because its one very elusive answer.

    Here is my theory. We are held down by a magnet which is created by the Earths core which in turn creates our magnetic field. Additionally you claim that Venus has no gravity and no magnetic field. We have only begun to do a survey on the planets surface and have not yet done any gravitational or magnetic exploration. Our atmoshere has particles which keeps it around us. If not for the particles the atmosphere will escape to space. You have already explained about Lightning, so therefore the gas state of our atmosphere has particles. So how is the atmosphere held to our planet? Bingo. Magnetism. Gravity plays no role in this at all because up to now no one can explain how gravity is created or produced or where it comes from. The air is a gas state, but in this gaseous state it has particles which keeps it down to us by a magnetic field..

    Another I can pose to you is does space itself have gravity??? How come we all float sort of in space if gravity exists and if such exists, we will not float unless it is considered zero G. hehehehehehee, people can toss you many different questions and scenarios. How come the Aliens can defy gravity and zip right out without causing a sonic boom. Obviously air has to be pushed aside, yet they are able to not cause a sonic boom.

    Therefore I have said before Alien physics vs Earth (human physics) is two different beasts. To learn Alien physics it will take years to understand it even though you are an expert in physics in the human sense.



    • I would say that Venus still has a magnetic field purely based on the presence of an Atmosphere. From my understanding, an Atmosphere is retained by Gravity and a Magnetic field. The magnetic field prevents the atmospheric particles being accelerated to escape velocity (a function of gravity) by the solar wind and blown into space. A good example of this is Mars. Mars does not have a global magnetic field which was proved the Mars global Surveyor which has been attributed to the lack of Atmosphere and water. The current theory of the generation of the Magnetic field is by the molten metal (Iron and Nickle) spinning around at high temperatures.
      This process generates the Warth’s Magnetic field and also heats up the planet keeping our magmatic and tectonic processes in operation. We know that Venus is very magmatically active which would suggest these processes are also in operation. (While of course I am using earth as an analogue, the increased activity on Venus can possibly be attributed by tidal forces due to its proximity to the sun such as the Jupiter – Io system).
      Based on this, I would say since Venus still has a very thick atmosphere and given its proximity the sun would certainly have stronger solar winds (inverse distance law) and would therefore still have a magnetic field otherwise such an atmosphere would not be present.
      I would argue that Alien physics is no different from Human Physics! The laws of the universe are universal; we are not just as advanced. This is assuming of course that Extra-terrestrials are more advanced..


  25. Norrin Radd

    last night we had another lucid dream…it says we cannot trust nasadates and we cannot trust all the statistics. they are manpulated….in our dream last night we get the info that you must predate the events elenin and nibiru one year. that means elenin passed earth in dec//jan 2010/11 and now nibiru is on the way to us. that correspondate to something we see wz our own eyes in germany in the beginning of january 2011..there was the nightsky in the for about one week every night bloodred…also the mass dying of birds and fishes and other animals correspondate to this pass by of the socalled elenin object…and it correspondate also to the date 28.10.2011 instead of 21.12.2012…but that is only our own opinion…no real verifaction possible for that dreams and our thinking…but if you remember that the sun in the artic comes up two days later than normal last winter..its worth about to think of. for shure is one thing, a lot of strange events happens at the moment…something extraordinary is going on for shure…and we all are a part of it. it is really a absolut miracolus time we live in.
    Norrin Radd


  26. Additionally everybody,

    What makes you think you can see Nibiru with your own eyes??? If Nibiru can only be seen using a infared unit, you will need infared goggles to see Nibiru if it is in visible range. Secondly since Nibiru can only be seen by infared it is packed with magnetic radiation and if you looked at it without any protection it will burn your eyes due to the intense magnetic radiation field it has within. How much of a dose will we all get and receive remains to be seen so prudence is of essence here to protect yourselves against that radiation.

    I don’t think people really understand what they are about to encounter, but as for me I certainly is fearful of the radiation itself, because I don’t want to die of Radiation poisoning and that might be what will cause us our extinction. You will need four elements to block out as much radiation as possible,> Steel, Lead, Concrete, and Earth. If your bunker is built with 3 of those elements, and its thick enough and you are deep enough in the ground then you stand a chance to survive the encounter. You have the gamma, alpha and beta rays to deal with to stop it before it enters your body.

    With that said I think only the rich and the military top brass and the powers that be will be able to afford such construction.



    • Dav.
      Be calm.
      Scriptures say that Nibiru has passed us time and again through out history. This is why we know its ancient names and discriptions.
      If we have discriptions, then there is a point where it is close enough that we do not need infra red to see its big ass.
      It also does not apearantly give off enough of the kinds of radiation that are extinction level in potency. In Most cases even electro magnetism is Not dangerous. Electromagnetic radiation is usually in a class called … Non-ionizing radiation.
      This may well be among the worst pass’s in recorded or even Non recorded history due to the likely proximity to occure, but it has still happened before. We as a species will be OK.
      Its the cataclysmic effects, and things like the yellowstone culdera that we truely need to worry about. Not so much the radiation.
      chill dude. get some rest.


  27. Steel, concrete and Earth is not expensive. It is Lead that is expensive, and its very heavy indeed.



  28. well this answers my question,why set up the new federation of nation world gov’t if were all leaving this year from the arrival of planet-x ,elenin. when i completed my book 1st of the year.i thought it would be 30% destruction this year and 70 next ear. then that changed to 50-50 and now its back to 30-70. all because Nibiru is not the brn dwarf star now called ELEnin. Nibiru is the death star that is 8 EU behind the contact and landing of ET’s will still take place and the change of gov’ that the rescue plan will my book 2012 new earth or blogs on F B and this is a very important safe. ADONAI


  29. I cannot believe so many people are believing this. Are you people that bored!? So Saturn was tilted through 90 degrees!!! Lol. One thing that has always interested me about Nibiru. If this Star object has been in a orbit throughout our solar system then how come our Solar System orbits a central point (i.e our sun) rather than the barycentre of the Sun-Nibiru system? Explain that!?
    Also, apparently Saturn and its rings just flipped (I wet myself laughing at the thought). I’m sure if they were affected by a ‘magnetic field’ and flipped, why would they suddenly flip back? Do you know anything about Magnetic theory? (but then again I’m sure you will say Science is just what the government want you to think, lol)..


    • Hey Mortus.
      I just love when people like you sound in with out a little bit of knowlege on the matter to back you.
      First, when it comes to a Binary system, the more Powerful body of gravity between the two will invariably claim the majority of the larger objects, lets call them planets, over time.
      Second, we cannot be sure that the second body Doesnt have planets of its own, and I’m Not even refering to Nibiru at this point which most people believe my be a brown drawrf. but…
      A failed star is still a gass Giant, and that makes IT a planet not a sun.
      IF we are in a binary system which IS likely, then it is probably a dead star Much MUCH further out. perhaps even up to a light year.
      Nibiru, btw, IS believed to have moons on a planetary size scale.
      In case you didnt know, pretty much ALL the planets have an oval shaped orbit, which strongly suggests they are pulled towards a , as You put it so eliquently, a “Barycenter”.🙂
      Lastly, if you read the majority of the comments under this thread, you will actually find that the common consensus is that jupiter is Not likely flipped after all.
      See, thats what these discussions are for, trying to get to the truth.
      Not actually ridicule, but sorting out the facts from the missconceptions and the dissinformations.
      So honestly, if YOU dont have any thing valid to contribute, …uhmm…..Why are you here again…?


      • A good rant my friend. My reason for being here is purely out of interest on the subject matter. I do love the fact that this ‘object’ seems to have a lot known about it yet has never been seen. I know there are many ‘photographic’ evidence of this object such as from the South Pole, and that NASA is covering it up etc. But what evidence is there? Perturbations in the outer planets orbits? Interpretations The titles of these ‘articles’ claim truth on the matter which fuels my scepticism.
        Now, I like your replies to this Article and cannot refute your comments at all. But I think you understand my motives, it was purely a comment on the main article which to be honest is ludicrous which you have also basically noted so many replies to previous comments. I would like to ask exactly why you think this object has its own system of satellites? Another quick question while im here, what would you reckon the likely orbital period of this object to be?
        Also, while of course I understand that most orbitals are non-circular but have an elliptical orbit, but to put that down to a brown dwarf! I would say it’s easier to explain (and makes less assumptions as per Occam’s razor) by the combined gravitational effects of the outer planets (and Oort Cloud)?


  30. @ Nate… I agree with you on the GRAVITY law but there is some effect explained in this Video about the corkscrew effect which to me is the best detailed explanation about video to date so good viewing and look forward to your comment after watching this..


    • This vid is some fascinating controvercial stuff pete.
      I wish I was more of a physycist so I could reserch, confirm or deny these theories.
      It bothers me that he claims they are proven, because I happen to know they are not accepted part of normal scientific theorum yet.


    • Hmm… very interesting. I personally don’t believe all of it, and it would takes pages to explain why, but I do agree about gluon, antineutrinos, and even photons as being made up. Maybe he is correct, but it is just my opinion that he is not.

      He relies very heavily on the orbit of the electron around a proton in a hydrogen atom, but quantum physics predicts that the electron cloud is even in magnitude in all directions simultaneously. This brings into the question his entire theory.

      This is my preferred theory on gravity, the Electrogravity Theory:

      The link is a little intense, but I can jive more with this theory that with the video.

      AND THEN, there is the advent of the Wave Structure of Matter:

      Again, really intense. I do believe in the Wave Structure of Matter, which basically says that electrons and quarks are made up of waves! This throws out the particle theory altogether, and if this is true, it would make the theory in the video obsolete.

      In the end, WHO KNOWS! It will take much testing to figure out what describe our actual universe. I’ve done a lot of research on both of these theories, and back them completely.

      Also @Pete, I wasn’t trying to devise a gravity law (but thanks for agreeing!!). I was simply trying to point out that gravity and magnetic fields are different! This is simple physics. The apple falls from the tree because of gravity. The magnet sticks to the refrigerator because of magnetism. They may work in concert, but they are two different fields, with different properties and different values.

      That, good sir, is not theory, but fact. Thanks for the video! it’s always nice to be cognizant of differing views so you can challenge them to your own beliefs!


  31. Id just like to add into this that the only reason the each has a magnetic field is because of its iron core, no object can create a magnetic field without a large metallic composition and even then it has to have a magnetic charge or be spinning rapidly to create such an effect. A centrifuge is such a machine that needs this rotation as are turbines, turbines rely on the motion of water to move their iron core around a copper ring which then collects energy from the magnetic field generated by the iron cores movement.

    Gravity however is in part tied in to magnetic forces but it is instead created by perpetual circular motion. This perpetual motion is instigated by movement on a large scale (it is what begins this movement that is still puzzling), think of it like this if you will; if you pull a rope with a weighted end along a straight road you would eventually come to an end and simply fall off but if that road curved, you motion would both be in the x and y direction, now to counter this another motion must be initiated to counter this motion as, to our known physics, all things must be in equilibrium. Or to put is as Isaac newton explained ‘all actions must have an equal and opposite reaction’.

    So to quickly recap both EMF’s and Gravity are created through motion but gravity is driven in a circular motion, No one can or will ever know where these two forces came from as we can only hazard a guess, its almost like trying to predict why some galaxies rotate clockwise while other rotate anticlockwise, now many may disagree but the fact of the matter is that we have no clue where the known elements, forces and energies came from in the beginning. all we do know is that ‘energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only changed from one form into another’



  32. Daveyo,

    Correct. No one really knows where gravity comes from. Thus why I mentioned theories (not scientific facts) about gravity. However, it IS fact that magnetic fields and gravitational fields are different, a point which you failed to mention in your response.

    You also mentioned that I stated that Venus has no gravity and no magnetic field. Let me quote myself:

    “They have differing, non correlating values. For example, Venus is roughly the same size and Earth and therefore has similar value for gravity, and in other terms have similar magnitudes of gravitational fields. However, while the Earth’s magnetic field (compasses are not effected by gravitational fields) is substantial enough to protect us from coronal mass ejections, Venus has almost no magnetic field at all.”

    It seems you have low reading comprehension skills, because in the above paragraph, I stated that Earth and Venus have similar values of gravity. I DID state, however, that Venus has no intrinsic magnetic field. If you don’t believe me, go on WIKI and do some simple preliminary research. And in the future, please do not put words in my mouth.

    You feel weightlessness in space not because of zero gravity, but the free fall effect experienced by the shuttle moving at high velocities in it’s orbit around Earth. Astronauts use the “vomit comet” in order to train for weightlessness. This vomit comet is a plane that flies into the sky, cuts off it’s engine, and free falls back to Earth. The astronauts inside experience the free fall effect (not zero gravity, but the perception of zero gravity). The engine obviously is turned back on before they hit the ground! Look it up!

    As for sonic booms, I don’t know, but it is irrelevant.

    The atmosphere on Venus is held by it’s gravity. It has no intrinsic magnetic field (once again LOOK IT UP). The atmosphere of Venus is much more dense and heavier than that of Earth, so it’s gravitational field can keep it’s atmosphere. However, the lighter elements, like hydrogen, are easily scattered because of the lack of magnetic field.

    The atmosphere of Earth is held by both the gravitational field and the magnetic field. Gravity keeps in close to Earth, and the magnetic field protects the elements like hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen from escaping into space.

    And Daveyo, we HAVE no gravitational and magnetic tests for Venus. You don’t need to land, you only need an orbiting satellite, which he HAVE sent at least once.

    I’m sorry, but I hope everyone will do their own research instead of listening to the false ramblings of Daveyo. I’m not going to continue arguing with you Daveyo because you don’t listen to others, but you won’t do the research to gain a proper understanding of physics.

    I NEVER claimed to know the source of gravity. But even without knowing the source, we can still observe the phenomenon. All I am trying to get across is that gravitational fields are different than magnetic fields. You failed to address this ONE fact, which was my main premise. You might spout off all the nonsense you want, but until you’ve consulted with a physics professor or physics researcher, you will always be incorrect and I will not heed a word you say.

    I can’t continue to comment on this. Just go to wikipedia and read about Venus’s atmosphere and magnetic field. Research why astronauts feel weightless in space. Research the differences between gravitational fields (which is a fancy way of saying gravity) and magnetic fields.

    DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Stop making your own conclusions due to your own ignorance. You are misleading EVERYONE who read this, and that makes me angry.

    Physics is physics. It is the natural order of the physical universe. There is no alien physics or human physics. Note that I mentioned the PHYSICAL universe. There could still be a higher dimension where other laws exist, such as spiritual existences.

    @Mortus – You can’t just “say” that Venus has a magnetic field. Well you can, but you run the risk of being incorrect without doing proper research. Venus has an small induced magnetic field, but negligible when compared to the magnitude of Earth’s.

    Look it up people.


    • Well said Nate. I have also read Wikipedia, and i know it does not attribute Venus’s magentic field to the dynamo effect and but to interactions between the Ionosphere and solar wind. However, from previous talks I have had with Astrophysics professors they told me that it was also under debate..


      • I agree with you about the Venus debate! The possible volcanic activity, as you mentioned, may call into question the movement of the inner layers of Venus. And of course, it is theorized that this movement contributes to the magnetic field!

        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see after more research is done.

        Thank, Mortus!


  33. So … at the END we became BACK to the same .. we know something Big it’s out there and approaching , but we still DONT KNOW WHEN ….. ELEnin it’s coming FIRST , so …focus on IT and what may CAUSE TO EARTH it’s the priority NOW in my thinking , cause we have to deal with ELEnin FIRST , will be more smart to share info about ELEnin effects and what we can do about to save lifes , than fighting in science subject , we still learning … many calculations based in our understanding can fail cause still doubt here and there , but by the facts we see happens on Earth as ELENIN get closer , FOCUS on ELENIN and EFFECTS and SURVIVE tips it’s the most important , and also when NIBIRU suppose to arrive and what the best SURVIVE tips TOO , NOW …Quick Fast and Flash , u people forget that we can loose electricity in September by SOLAR FLARES due to ELENin be the opposite side , or mostly accurate , will be the same SIDE Earth it’s , if you and I believe do follow the SUN SOLAR FLARES CME Behavior on SOHO and STereo A B know the had 2 MONTERS CME on the opposite SAFE side , but September to november we can lose ITERNET , so FOCUS ON THE SUBJECT 1 and 2 and how to deal with and dates , and not who are the Smart Ass , cause is a waist time for US ALL , Unite the Force , not Divide , put the EGO AWAY , Focus on SURVIVE AND SHARE , TIME is VITAL TIME is ALL … USE IT IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION NOW .
    1- ELENIN dates Efeects and SURVIVE GUIDE
    2- NIBIRU approach date and effects and SURVIVE GUIDE


  34. What I cannot understand is that most of us including myself are accepting the Mayan prophecies that have told us this happens every 3600 years so when it last happened did it wipe out the Mayan race because there does not seem to be much being told about the after life of 3599/3600 years ago as Elenin would of come past with Niburu 12 months later?
    I can understand that if this event has happened every 3600 then maybe each time its eliptical path has changed which could mean its nearer to Earth or to our Sun each time.
    I can only guess like we all seem to be doing about this/these events that last time it happened there must of been some days of darkness and possible tilt etc but not so destructive as the rocks and sedimentation analysis prove this so where are the writings from those who survived that give sufficient evidence that this event is minor effect or major effect on our planet.
    We have to remember this 3600 years event could of happened 360 times or more in the past but only the Mayans prophesised this in steps after they evolved in 5000+BC but they do not tell us too much about what happened before there time other than the big bang, first animals, first humans etc which were guestimations as were the future steps that we seem to be focussed on.


  35. Hi Sonic

    By gawd you said it correct, Bravo. hehehehehehehee. However, some here totally misinterpret my statements. Until Gravity can be answered and proven of where it comes from, how its produced there is no such thing as gravity because the word gravity is a misnomer and the least understood even by physics.

    I also have read from a comment saying there is no alien physics since all laws of physics are universal. Again in my opinion wrong. Alien physics is a totally different beeswax and they can do things in front of us that defies our own physics and knowledge. How come they can be so close to the Sun and not be destroyed let alone be sucked into the Suns so called gravitational field?

    Two things come into mind. Gravity and Gravitational effects. Neither can be explained by our own experts in physics.

    The introductory forward puts it quite bluntly and so explained. Now lets move on to more important things on hand as Sonic says.

    Now back to the subject. Elenin. I believe it has some form of a magnetic field, but then again not so sure because during its journey towards us it was in front of Nibiru below the center near the bottom which was 8 AU further back. We do know Nibiru can only be seen via Infared> period because normal telescopes cannot see this hidden radioactive and magnetic field. Nibiru is not a planet either as some believe it to be. Just as NASA said they don’t know what it is which is the correct assumption and until we encounter this Nibiru, only then will we know just what it is.

    So for now what does Elenin pose for us danger wise? We do not know until it swings around the sun which it is doing right now as I type here. Will a CME blast change its orbit. It is possible if Elenin is hit somehow. As of the CME it is a blast containing magnetic particles so strong it can wipe out our electronics here on Earth. Another term known as Electromagnetic Pulse. EMP which is already proven to knock out electronics. Will this create a stronger field on Elenin. Again we do not know until it appears on our side.

    Subject Nibiru. We do know once Elenin appears from our side, we can no longer use Elenin as a bases for computations regarding Nibiru and we have to sort of follow based on the given data that we do know about overall. Right now Nibiru is around the Jupiter orbit approaching Mars orbit which is about 8 AU back from Elenin. Mars is already experiencing some perturbations from this Nibiru. Mars on the other hand is going away from Nibirus last known path trajectory, and Earth is going to meet Nibiru itself based on Earths trajectory, when Nibiru itself comes around.

    Will Elenin pose a danger to us? We don’t know but will know in about 30 some days from now. If it does then whatever the danger is presented to us will dictate our course of action. If it doesn’t, then we must prepare for this possible Nibiru encounter.

    How big is Nibirus threat wise to us. I would say its a very high threat. Since Nibiru is packing a wallop based on infared readings that is known to date, it will indeed disturb our own magnetic field without a doubt. If it can disturb Saturn, then its a no brainer of what it can do to us. Simple as that.

    Here is the point > I don’t care to get into any contest of science here. One of us is going to be correct at the end but will any of us be alive to give the congratulations???? Each of us has our own thoughts to the matter that is being presented before us, and each has their own opinions and interpretations on the subject at hand. It does not matter what Nate says, it does not matter what Vara says, it does not matter what I say, it does not matter what Luke says or anyone else here in this forum. Whatever we say will not change the cosmos to our way of thinking because the cosmos is going to dictate things itself and we are at the mercy of the cosmos like it or not. With this said I refuse to get into any debate itself.

    What we need to do is figure out how to survive if the threat becomes real and what preparations is needed to be done to survive. Each one is going to look at things differently and once their minds are set upon it you will end up talking till your blue in the face. So common sense has to be dictated here cause if you rely on ancient data, you are good as dead.

    What if they do cut the power grid around the world???? Internet goes dead, everything goes silent??? What to do then??? As Sonic here specifically points out. Can you live by candlelight. Where to go to get survival food, where to go to get water? etc and so forth. With power out, all the pumps are dead. Fuel will stop flowing. Everything comes to a grinding halt.

    Can you ride a horse??? I can but most don’t know how to ride a horse. When winter comes how will you survive to stay warm without freezing to death since the expected encounter is going to take place around winter time???

    These are the things we need to discuss now, and not the BS that is going on. We already got the warning and some strong indications of things to come, so now is the time to get our asses in gear and work out the details of survival.



    • Your post makes sense, thanks for sharing.


    • Dav old boy, I couldnt agree with your last 3 paragraphs more.
      We should indeed start talking survival methods tactics etc. now. Its not a debate as to weather it will happen or not any more. Its not really even a debate about When, cuz the word SOON says more than enough now.
      Its now time to debate what we are up against when the power go’s off, when fuel is gone, and desperate people pick up boards with rusty nails in them because they are starving.

      But, before that actually happens, I would like to discuss the very first stages of what is likely.
      And that is, “Martial Law” will be declared.
      This means if you are caught out of your home at any time the law deems inapropriate you can be shot by whats left of the police and by military on sight, No questions asked. If you are caught looting etc, you WILL be shot as a rule of thumb.
      This obviously means that if you are caught with your pants down with no supplies and you become desparate you WILL try to break the rules during this fragile time before even martial law collapses.
      During these times I also believe there will be forced inoculations for some desease scare, and that the inoculations Wont be what they are telling you they are for. so DONT let yer self get needled. Next, there will likely also be internment camps. They will feed and shelter you for a very short time till those minimal supplies run out. But, you will be a prisoner, forced to get inoculated, split up from loved ones and friends and more than likely killed when that system begins to collapse as well. exterminated for good measure.
      There will be what I call rape gangs. that go from house to house looting and raiding. raping and pillaging and burning houses behind them in a scorched earth polocy so people will not have a place to hide and thus become easier prey. They will acquire better weapons as they go.
      So, weapons and supplies are an absolute MUST.
      Next, environmental conditions. if we have world wide earth quake problems you can be SURE that Yellow stone national park volcanic Cauldera Will be set off.
      This is a super volcano people, and the last one that went off 600 thousand years ago caused a short ice age and extinction of more than 80% of all land based life on earth.
      And just so you under stand, yellow stone is more than twice the size of the one that went off 600k yrs ago.
      It will have a direct impact in a 1000 mile radius in the form of Pyroclastic flow. this is super heated dust exploding out ward in a truely massive radius not unlike an large astroid impacting the earth.
      It will ignite the atmosphere within its radius. thats right, up to 1000 miles in ALL directions. Give or take based upon other unknown conditions at the time.
      What you also do not know about yellow stone is that its lava rock is highly obsidious. this is volcanic glass. when it is vaporised and poured into the atmosphere it will be as near microscopic glass particals. in hale them and they will lodge and never come free.
      Know what fiber glass poisoning is like, or asbestos? same thing but worse.
      People with glass lung will develope pnemonia like conditions of thier bodies attacking the glass, and drown in thier own fluids.
      You will need googles, and reasonable means of breathing filter.
      protect your eyes and lungs.
      The world temperature will increase dramaticly for a time. Months at least like an over accesive green house effect. then as it cools with all the dust still blocking the sun, we will plunge into a short ice age.
      Though this is likely to last only a couple of years it is Possible to last more, even a few decades. What ever survival gear and foods you concider getting, take these things into account. filters, water purifiers, solar panels (yes) and believe it or not Extra socks.
      Socks you say? Yes.
      Any one in the army will tell you that if you are on foot you Will get blisters, this is minimalised by getting boods just a tad to big, and wearing extra socks to make up the space as an all around cushion.
      People who say? blister? big deal, are dead waieght idiots.
      Blisters if left untended or forced to walk on past the bleeding point will become infected. did you forget this is Now a world with no antibiotics?
      Blisteres will slow you And your group down or even bring it to a halt. where in dangerous conditions you will fall prey to despairate humans or environmental conditions putting the entire group at risk or forcing them to leave you behind.
      Lets talk about those infections now.
      Be sure to have really sturdy long lasting Hiking, or military, or construction boots. steel toe prefered. make sure you have very good quality durable work gloves for your hands. protect your feet and hands from cuts and abrasions. infection is now Death!

      Ok, well, i have started off the conver sation on survival. lets hear from others and then I will get back to my own version again.
      In the mean time, GO look up yellowstone disaster projections and find out where the danger zones are and where You are. and learn about the fall out and after effects.


  36. The Truth Behind The Scenes is the name of this wordpress. From what I can gather, its goal is to let people know the TRUTH. It attempts to post articles that will inform people of what is going on behind the scenes.

    By posting erroneous data and incorrect terminology, it lowers the credibility of this site. Educated people who stumble upon this site and this post will see the term “magnetic field,” realize that the posters don’t know what they are talking about, and will move on. They will not stop to consider the possibility of such a scenario because the physics behind it is inherently wrong.

    It is important to maintain accurate information in order to convince as many as we can that these subjects are to be taken seriously!

    By disregarding the basic physics in this post, it makes the entire thing look like a joke. People who do not believe the information about ETs and Nibiru and Elenin judge paranormal information very harshly. Thus, accurate descriptions will have a greater impact and larger chance to alter the opinions of others!

    I am not trying to divide. I am trying to unite through education! There is no ego here, only a desire to spread the TRUTH. I left this thread plenty of opportunities to do their own research, and if you did the research, you would all see that I am trying to educate everyone about the truth. Others, however, are spouting nonsense that is not backed by scientific data. They are simultaneously misleading current and future readers and lowering the credibility and appeal of this site.

    Note: It was mentioned that gravity does not exist, at least as a phenomenon, and the gravity is a misnomer. If you told this to any physics expert, they would laugh in your face. They would also laugh if you attempted to tell them that magnetic fields and gravitational fields were the same thing….

    This is all I will say on the subject: accuracy is important. And if you won’t listen to someone who has taken many college level physics courses at the University of Virginia, then all I can say is EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    I won’t press this any further, so don’t worry about any more of my physics rants about this inaccuracy of this thread. But I urge you all to think about this site’s future readers.



    • Again, I have to say.. Well said Nate!


    • I agree with you completely Nate. I began to post on this site a while back but found that my input was basically useless to most of the people here. Maybe my posts were too long, or maybe they were too cerebral and required too much thought for the types of people that read this junk and post here. Virtually no one was interested in actual facts, science, and physics, but was instead only interested in propagating hearsay and radical theories with no proof to back them up. Some said they had undeniable proof of their claims such as radio waves, alien signals, special information that NASA didn’t even have etc. etc., but never shared this information with others publicly in this site. Others post bilge like this ‘piece’ with no facts or links to prove their preposterous claims. Still more just come up with formulas and numbers out of nowhere in a poor attempt to try and prove their point scientifically. I’m still waiting for the undeniable ‘physics’ that were to prove Comet Elenin has enough mass or gravitational pull to cause earthquakes from as far away as the orbit of Jupiter, or to significantly affect the Earth at all (read the article on this site called “The possibility of comet ELENIN being ‘pushed’ into a collision path with earth” to see what I mean). Too many ridiculous things are said here with no backup to their validity. To me it seems that most of the people here just want to spread fear, or their own crazy opinions. I wonder if all these fear-mongerers will be brave enough to admit they were wrong when September, October, November, and December of 2011 come and go without any significant impact from this miniscule comet C/2010 X1 Elenin. I, for one, will be sure to post that I was wrong if the Earth is in fact significantly affected by C/2010 X1 at any time in 2011 as stated by MANY of the posts on this site and elsewhere. I am man enough to admit I am wrong and that others are right, if that is in fact the case. Let’s see if my position is reciprocated.

      I don’t even know why I am writing this now, to be honest.

      Anyway, where is the REAL information about ‘Nibiru’? You would think that if a celestial body had a mass twice as great as Jupiter it would have to be significantly larger than the Earth, or at least much denser than the Earth. If it can so easily affect the axis of Saturn then it can surely affect the much smaller planets and dwarf planets like Mars, Earth, Venus, Pluto, Ceres or Eris, and even larger gas planets like Uranus and Neptune, and affect them significantly. How about the Asteroid belt or the Oort cloud? Where are the disturbances in these fields of asteroids and other flotsam? You would figure a planet with the size and mass of Nibiru would basically plow a path through both of them, or that these rocks would be sucked in by Nibiru’s excessive gravitational field and be obliterated, yet we do not have evidence of this either. We have instruments that can see virtually to the end of the universe, looking at galaxies that existed billions of years in the past, that can view objects in all the ultraviolet, infrared and radio spectrums, yet we do not have concrete proof of Nibiru besides some stone tablets written in Sumerian? If it has affected Saturn so much as it is stated here, how can we possibly NOT see Nibiru by now in the night sky even with a low-powered telescope? Why would it affect Saturn’s axis and rings, but not Jupiter? Is it a planet? Is it a star, brown dwarf, magnetic star, etc.? If the Sumerians are right, it can’t possibly be a star because creatures LIVE on Nibiru! Who can live on a star?!?! Therefore it must be a planet. Does anyone know when Nibiru last passed the Earth? According to Zecharia Sitchin (who deciphered the Nibiru legend from the Sumerian tablets) in his book The End of Days the last time that Nibiru passed the Earth was in 556 B.C.E. Taking into account the assumption that Nibiru has a 3,600 Earth-year orbit, this means that it will not return until approximately 3000 A.D. This means that if the Nibiru legend is true, then we can’t possibly be seeing it anywhere near us at this time. We need to wait another 1000 years for it to happen. No one has thought of this simple fact as of yet, or do we just not want to see what is so obvious that it hurts?


      • Aloha faceless.
        Unfortunately there is Little proof to offer, but circumstantial evidence. I my self am a proof whore if you’ve read any of my comments you’ll know. But what we have is tidbits of data, and not all of it holds water. the trick is to Not ignore all things out right but to sift through the plethora of data and do some research behind many of each. If you do not, you will be stuck where You are now. But if you DO you will find the giant puzzle forming for which many of the tid bits make up the pieces.
        I can give you likely informations, but I cannot give you absolute unquivical proof to support them. just tons of things leading towards it. For instance. we have No proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are being visited by Aliens, and have been for thousands of years. But the tid bit evidence, from roswell cover ups, to video’s to crop circles and so on and so much more lend to an undeniable truth here which supports it, IF you do the research. You simply Cannot call it ALL a hoax, nor explain it off as swamp gass and ball lightening etc as project blue book would try to have you believe.
        The same is said for Nibiru.
        For example. That which has been comonly identified as Nibiru may well be a missunderstanding. Nibiru is in ancient writing believed to have moons in tow for which the Anunaki MAY have come from rather than the rusty brown drawrf which tows them. in fact, one of those Moons may actually be nibiru by proper name and Not the brown dwarf at all. there is so much bad translation and missinterpretation in ancient writings. you have to do extra research and broaden your thinking just a little.
        Elenin may not be able to support the notion of a massive grav field, But The likely brown dwarf is sure as hell causing stellar heads to roll through out the solar system with its aproach, and That part IS undeniable with a little research.
        Greater wobbles, planetary storms, magnetic field variation unprecidented, increased volcanic and siesmic activities on most worlds, (not to mention Ours) The outer magnetic field and gravity of its aproach is causing massive perturberances from a good distance indeed. Increased solar activity above and beyond the norm for our solar cycle.
        Now we do some MORE research into other area’s and find other puzzle pieces and patterns emerging.
        Governments stealing thier own money in the trillions. Super bunkers being built. govs buying billion dollar stock piles of dried rations. Seed vaults. and so, SO much more.
        Those in power Know its comming. they do not WANT You to know, and if you think about that even a little the reasons become obvious. they Cannot save us all. and our knowing ahead of time will compromise thier plans to save even a few.
        This now lends to things like, “dispite all out advanced instroments we can see the ends of the universe but cannot see a brown dwarf aproaching.” They wont allow us to detect it. they have shut down telloscopes, blacked out star map area’s shut down a space program which cannot continue to oporate in the disaster times soon ahead and more. if you factor government involvement and dissinformation campaigns into the equations, much more become clear. Aaaaaalll the way back to JFK making a speech about uncovering clandestine organisations which run things behind the scenes with out accountability, and his intentions to expose them, and then soon after his assassination.
        I could go on for quite some time mate. But, I will leave it to you to step up your Own researches, rather than try to wait for one fell swoop bombs of truth to come to YOU in a pretty bow tied hand basket.
        ~ VARAKIENEN.



        Thank you for the reply. However, you are not telling me anything I do not already know. I do research these topics, but apparently come to different conclusions than most conspiracy theorists, even though I am labeled one myself. We are given small bits of information that different people connect in different ways to come to their own personal conclusions. To me, it seems that all these magnetic, gravitational, and physical anomalies cannot be the work of a singular body travelling through our solar system, whether that body is a comet, planet, or star. It is much more likely that these changes are being caused by other astronomical factors much greater than the effects of a comet or planet, factors that we do not completely understand yet today. Some say it is a time for us to cross the Galactic Plane, some say we are in for a planetary alignment in 2012. Others refute both of these theories. Basically you are saying we really don’t know what is happening or what will happen, and with this I do agree with you. However, I disagree strongly with your statement that we do not have conclusive proof of aliens, alien craft, or alien contact. We do have conclusive proof of all three of these phenomena. Many world governments and even the U.S. government (quietly) have released proof of this information. It is just more of a fact that people do not want to believe it, or that it interferes with their already long established religious beliefs.


      • Faceless.
        Good to see we ARE on the same page after all.
        Indeed. I should Not be claiming that the changes and purterberances in our solar system are conclusively caused by the aproach of Nibiru. that in it self is scientificly inacurate simply because I have no proof solid to back it. I LIKE your thinking process!
        What I have is my circumstantial evidences which for the time being at least, Bend me in the direction of a Brown drawf interloper on a repeat time and course. It is for me at least simply the theory to date which holds the most water.
        I do Not discount the notion of external solar system forces like massive energy fields from a collapsed star or from the center of our galaxy etc, causing or at least contributing to the phenomina.
        I am simply Leading with the apropriately realistic and measurable most likely theory.
        Note my lack of attempts to slam you in my response as i do “some” others when they do not use in my opinion reasonable judgement or calculations, and instead simly try to dismiss, debunk out of hand, or even cloud the issue with theories which are a little beyond outlandish and not so well researched? This is a sign of VARAKIENEN respect my dear. Keep it comming.
        ~ V.


  37. Reading these posts tells me that you all agree a change is coming.
    Only a handful of people worldwide know whats what. The rest of us are digging desperately to find any evidence of truth. Ask yourselves this why are you so desperate to find the truth? The answer is we all want a chance to survive.

    Just a thought….
    If we all from different countries post what the military, army, navy and governments are doing and put it all on one website page we could compare dates, times and maybe get a few answers as to what they are up too.
    There has to be other things we can work on together too.

    I have said this before “follow your instinct”. This is something that can’t be controlled. Use it.

    Stay safe, be aware and never give up.


  38. I been trying to keep up with everything on the internet thats been going on in the world lately, however, it is very differcult to know who to believe because there so much information out there. For instance, I have read several of Zecharia Sitchin books and I believe in what he has written about and I believe in what Richard C. Hoagland and Bob Dean had talked about, and lets not forget David Ickle and the list goes on. Also, it seems several people on this web site has done their research also. So, the question is who should people consider the most knowledgeable about whats going in the world cause the governments are very knowledgeable but they aren’t going to tell every body what they need to know. In my opinion, I wish every one that is very knowledgeable about whats been going on around us in the world would just come together and say this is what happening and this is what it going to lead to.


  39. I agreed with you Jay; that’s why I’m posting this.
    I wonder why there’s so much military exercise being held in different countries in nearly the same month (june-july) they say they are preparing for natural disasters but this is its too much coincidense – having NIBIRU -ELENIN- ONDA-YU55 on its way this year. (this is happening in Australia).

    AND in Chile the same thing – read the below link
    Chile Opens International Military Exercise
    Chilean Defense Ministry

    Six hundred military personnel from Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, the United States, Uruguay, and Chile are participating in the “Huemul” multinational exercise. (Chilean Defense Ministry)
    With the formation of a joint force of six hundred military personnel, members of the armies of Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, the United States, Uruguay, and Chile began the “Huemul” multinational military peace operations exercise at Peldehue Military Base on 11 July.

    The international training exercise, which includes forces from Conference of American Armies (CAA) member countries, is the first of its kind and simulates a crisis situation, with the aim of having existing regulations, manuals, and procedures put into practice by the squads or forces of the participating militaries, as proposed by the Chilean Army at the CAA’s twenty-ninth conference in Peru in 2010.

    Apropos of the occasion, the Secretary of State indicated that “having such a major presence from the armies of the Americas is very significant, and first, the government would like to express its thanks, and second, these exercises, which have as their context the new tasks that armies are taking on – that is, a very strong commitment to humanitarian-aid tasks, to peacekeeping tasks and going out to help the community, in order to manage natural-disaster situations – are of the greatest importance.”

    He also emphasized that “the magnitude of these challenges is going to increasingly demand more joint actions by armies, but that is going to entail the need for shared, accepted, and validated norms and procedures,” all of which will be needed, he added, in order to act in coordination with other armies of the Americas, when necessary and requested by the international community.

    The countries participating in the multinational military exercise will operate in coordination until 15 July, with forces deployed according to a plan that has the objective of validating the CAA standards, defined by the conference’s member countries.

    The exercise, organized by the Chilean Army, addresses the development of multiple types of training in communications and planning in the area of peacekeeping operations and disaster aid, in accordance with the Conference’s standards, which can make it possible to originate coordinated actions in such a way as to make progress in studying the advantageousness of unifying procedures, to take action in response to crisis situations, and to promote scientific, technological, and environmental research.


  40. When antibiotics can’t be found.
    1.Garlic has a natural compound Allicin which is very good for fighting infection. Internal Eat it any way you want, uncooked is better.
    External, grind it into a poultice and apply to the a
    infected area.
    2. Echinacea, blood purifier, effective antiobiotic.
    Parts used .. the root. Liquid extract or dried and ground up.
    Make a tea.. let boiled water cool a little before adding. Let it steep for a few minutes.
    3. Make your own penicillin.
    I avoid all meat products. I use a citrus rind. My favorite is cantaloupe rind.
    Make sure all flesh has been removed. Place into a large sealed jar/ container. Put a couple holes in the lid. Place it in a dark warm place. Let the mold grow. You will see a bluish grey mold with whit ends.
    You can scrape the mold off and dry it out or use it fresh on open wounds.
    How to use…
    Make a poultice out of the mold. Clean infected area and place poultice directly onto the would. Wrap it and leave it for a few days.
    Dry it and grind it into a powder. Take 1 teaspoon twice a day for an adult halve it for children. If no change in a couple days double the dose. If no change after this then penicillin can’t help you.

    If unsure if allergic or not put a very small amount inside bottom lip leave it for awhile, if you have a reaction do not take.
    Also do not inject it as it hasn’t been purified.

    I have been using this when needed for some time.

    4. Kombusha tea is good also.
    Anyone anywhere can grow these things.

    I do hope now Vara doesn’t have death by infection!


  41. We should all create little bit of patience to understand the future. There are many theories & all of them are important & it can’t be neglected. The indication and instincts from our earth will be queit enough to judge all these theories. Major earthquake pattern is the one to watch out for. During these coming months if we see major earthquakes linking up to the alignments. We can conclude that we all are on the right track.


  42. Thank you Camila.


  43. Norrin Radd

    If you really want to find truth…vistt the Hopi Indians and pls do all what you can to protect them…theyre the most important people of this Time..and there you can find the answers about what you all are looking for.
    Norrin Radd


  44. Seems the world military are really getting together!

    @ Camila . Couldn’t open your link but found the above one. Hope this one works.

    There are quite a few military bases owned and run by Americans in Australia.
    I would really like to get my hands on the new military manual.


  45. I could not spfff say it better than Vara here. Damn. OK Here is some items we need to consider as well based on some of the things Vara has mentioned.

    Even if people read this, most people will not have the funds or the ability to even meet the survival criteria halfway. Those who cannot stock up huge piles of dry food must have at least 3-5 years supply, or build under the ground shelters, have your own fuel stocked up, water stocked up and generators (the quiet ones) weapons to protect yourself, and trust me no law on the land will exist, so its either you kill your opponent or they kill you, > you might have a 50% chance to make it thru the calamity.

    Martial law!!!! Has anyone ever experienced martial law?? I have and its really nasty. Where in the Philippines under Marcos. It was so dangerous that even if you had a political opinion and if someone overheard you and they did not agree they went to the police and had you arrested for speaking against fuckin Marcos. So many got put to prison and were never tried and to this day I don’t even know if those people ever got released!!!!! I do know many died in the prison jails because I have seen them (the jails) myself. There was roving gangs robbing people who took jeep cabs to travel from one place to another. My wifes family got robbed one day while riding the jeep with me in it, and I took care of the problem. The robber got killed after being runned over by a truck behind us.

    THE BIGGEST KEY IS TO WATCH THE KEY GOVERNMENT PEOPLE AND THE RICH and TOP PHYSICS, ENGINEERS, TOP MEDICAL PERSONNEL (like the CDC) and so forth. Sorry about the caps but I am trying to emphasize my point. All their activities will be a tip off should they somehow gradually start to disappear and not be seen anymore that means something is soon going to happen. Soon means within a short time frame.

    Ok so I am thinking that the Government will do several things first (uncover of course) before martial law is announced.

    1. They will obviously secure all the weapons from the gun shops to prevent people of obtaining them.
    2. The police obviously will be involved in securing all the weapons, and main infrastructures such as banks, credit Unions, even gold etc and move all of it to another secret location. Even Brinks will be involved in such project.
    3. The military then will position itself for rapid deployment including the National Guard.
    4. When martial law is announced, Internet and phones and general communications such as TV, Radio stations and the power grids will be blacked out except certain channels between the Government, Police and Military and they will do it via radio waves.
    5. Many people will be making a mad dash to grab food, water and anything they can get their hands on before the military and police secure the area down.
    6. Traveling will be prohibited anywhere even on the highways as a means to control the masses of people.
    7. They might even deploy in many sections like a virus is out wearing sanitized suits (FEMA) etc and gathering everybody for quarantine and isolation and give you shots which will eventually kill you later on after they leave.

    VARA any others I missed here add to the number.

    This above is the more likely prelude before the people begin to realize what the hell is happening and why regarding Martial Law.

    Once people begin to realize all their supplies are starting to run low, now the engagement begins against the police which will be the first targets itself and things will begin to get really nasty.

    If the police barriers break down, then its the National Guard that will stand in your way, and if that breaks down then it will be the genuine military jocks you will have to deal with and when you get to this phase you better know military tactics if you want to succeed.

    So the key on this matter>>> is the National Guard which are part timers and they have access to military weapons!!! Would they know where the weapons stockpile is located. More likely yes and usually high ranking commanders will know of this classified info. If these soldiers begin to realize they got duped into the role against the public, and when they realize of the danger soon to arrive, yes they can go AWOL and join the public against the miltary jocks.

    Ok we more likely will have roving gangs of people looking for any means to survive, trying to find food, trying to find items and things to stay warm, even they might get to the point that they will kill your dogs or cats so they can eat and even execute you if you get in their way.

    With this in mind, police is not an option, military intervention is not an option. So how to get the weapons without being shot or arrested by some gung ho stupid police turd etc. Most people don’t know what kind of gun to get let alone know how to fire such weapon unless you had some prior training. You also have to remember if you ever have to fire the gun, its going to make a hell of a lot of noise which obviously will catch the attention of others that may be nearby which can draw them towards your area. This you do not want to do otherwise you put yourselves in danger security wise. As you know its human nature that people will want to know what its all about etc. So you will need weapons that have silencers. I could give a shit if its illegal or not, but by having those you increase your chances of survival a good 70% without attracting anybody within hearing range.

    If you encounter or see a gang of people nearby, please for your own sake seek cover and stay hidden. Don’t let them see you. If they come close or say a person comes so close to you don’t breathe lest they hear you, and if necessary Kill the SOB quietly. Grab the mouth and slice the throat quickly. Stay hiding after such is done and when you have a chance to get the hell out without being seen do so because eventually they will come back to look for their missing guy. You don’t want to be around when they discover everything. OK

    I have had the enemy stand almost inches away from me yet very camo (for short) I looked just like the tree. Yes I took them out as I had no choice or I had to breathe and the enemy would have heard my breath.

    Keep in mind I am not advocating killing but when in such a situation that survival is essential and in martial law, and gawd help us facing possible extinction etc and so forth, then you have to kill and do away with your frickin emotions otherwise you will not survive for long.

    I also don’t recommend anyone to join a gang. Gangs can turn on you for survival as well. Example BladeRunner movie. OK so give it hard thought. You are better off being by yourself fighting only for yourself and nothing else.

    If you got a hefty supply of food, fuel, water etc and is under the ground, make sure you have some CCTV’s above the ground (very well hidden and not seen easily well spread out to cover a large territory) scanning the area quietly. If someone approaches your area at least you can turn off the generators and close the exhaust vent. If they smell the exhaust they will track it down. Eventually they will leave so stay put and be quiet like geecko is all the time. As of the exhaust vent make sure its well away from your generator and location and well hidden. Like 100 feet or 200 feet from where you are at. For safety reasons OK.

    If anybody is in the city or some large city or towns etc, get the hell out of there and go to the countryside as quickly as you can. Being in a city or large town is a death trap. If you got time rent some heavy equipment and do your own digging into the ground and build your own bunker as fast as you can. Then get your supplies and stay put. The other option is look for a cave if possible that the public is not aware of or know about. If you can burrow into the mountains you can survive most anything that comes your way. Again here is your candlelight evenings while you conserve your fuel supply for your generators etc. You will need at least a fridge and another one purely an icebox. You can buy large water tanks and hook them up and use gravity (again the stupid word) meaning keep them high above you. You will also need to replenish your water supply so hopefully you can use snow, or some clear water stream nearby to pump it up to you.

    I can tell you so many things on survival but all of us is limited financially unless you decide to go for broke and max out all your credit cards as when the shit hits the fan, so does your credit which goes to the garbage can. They will be dead and so will be your card. Will they come back to collect, hardly as the odds are in your favor as everything got wiped out.

    As for VARA’s warning about Yellowstone BELIEVE IT. Anyone within a thousand miles from that volcano, is guaranteed DEAD. Anyone outside its range DO NOT INHALE the ash dust that will fall. or you also will die.

    So stock up on antibiotics and all first aid equipment of all kinds if you can find it and I mean as much as possible for yourself. And stock up on INDUSTRIAL made shoes (steel toes), gloves and clothing and of course SOCKS!!!!!!! Buy jeans and jean material shirts and underwear, jean material jackets with insulation and stocking caps against the frigid cold weather.

    Now I leave for VARA to continue. GO FOR IT VARA MY MAIN MAN!!!!!!!!



    • Daveyo.
      Thank you for some of those insights into martial law which I had Not concidered due to my personal lack of any experience or point of real reference for the subject. It seems I will have to now research into the complications rules and tactics of martial law before I can continue to comment on survival material here.
      But, Before I move on….
      I want You Daveyo to note that I am comunicating with you again.
      I am Not doing so because I have in any way forgiven you for your past transgression towards me in attempts to assume authority over me or judge me. As far as I am concerned, you owe me a rather Large apology for that matter still. (Just as You have demanded apologies from Others in the past)
      I am communicating with you on This subject matter because it is Valuable input that you have produced. And for No other reason!
      Until you have done some growing and can assume responsability for your behavior towards me or others when YOU transgress, please do Not be “MY MAIN MAN-ing ME.”
      ~ Im off to do that martial research, Ill be back hopefully in a day or so with some more survivalist input. In the mean time, please keep up the Logical side of your own information disclosure, with one suggestion…
      Try Not to elaborate on things like cutting throats quietly. at THIS stage of the game, such statements tho likely realistic and truth ful can do more harm on this web site than good if they atract the wrong attentions.


  46. The next subject involving survival is Crust displacement, or ocean rise and earthquakes.

    As most of you don’t understand crust displacement I will explain it briefly. Its considered a theory in general terms, but in reality, yes crust displacement can occur when the tectonic plates heave and move more rapidly than normal. Those who live in Islands like the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Hawaiian Islands and many others you are dead ducks as there is no chance to survive should a crust displacement take place of which the ocean floor comes up towards the surface. The water has to go someplace as the water will come as say hello to you rather fast. Example the 2012 movie scenario.

    Those on the coastal areas of USA, China, UK and Europe and Africa, and India, all are in extreme danger if the oceans rise up as it will come with a rush and be a huge Tsunami itself.

    Earthquakes will also take place, which will and might trigger the super volcanos into action. Ancient faults might come alive that have remained dormant for millions of years. Many volcanos might erupt which will add further the problems we might be faced with etc.

    If you are in any of these locations, your chances of survival is zero!!!! unless you get to high ground and stable ground like in the middle or Russia or some large land mass that is well above present day sea levels and be higher than say 500 feet above sea level or more.

    Some continents will sink and some will rise. Example Most of India is almost at sea level. Same for Thailand and Indonesia and a few other well known places. These will sink into the ocean. My only chance to escape is to head north and west towards the Himalayas on the Chinese side heading towards Russia. How to get there quickly is via airplane if it can be done by stealing one of them cause I can fly them as well.

    How far can the ocean go inward if the crust comes up??? Depends maybe perhaps 500 miles inland and again depends on the land mass itself (the large one) if it is 500 feet higher than present day sea levels. Example> Los Angeles, San Fran, San Diego and others along that coast line can fracture and sink into the pacific, Same for the East coast line because there is an ancient fault just west of New York and D.C and goes down near to Florida.

    Most of todays population resides all along the coast lines around the world. If you not believe me take a look at the globe map.

    Then you got a fresh water problem if the oceans rise and starts to infect our fresh water source. Again another damn problem. Not much one can do if the ocean water contaminates it. We might have to go looking for some Pepsi or Coke Cola to drink or maybe some 7up ehhhh. Might have to use that to clean ourselves or use salt water. Take your pick.

    Anybody in a city if an earthquake happens that has skyscrapers like L.A for example well your chances of making it is less than 50%. If possible get to a clear opened area, but then again look west to see if a Tsunami is heading your way etc and so forth. Best to get out of harms way ahead of time. You also don’t want to be anywhere near the Yellowstone location. So where to go, at least 1,000 miles or more from Yellowstone which maybe you best look towards Canada for your best bet to survive. USA for the most part will almost be literally destoryed both ends and only part of the middle is feasible yet again if yellowstone erupts you got all that damn ash to deal with. So I say Canada is your best bet overall.

    VARA and anybody else, any suggestions for those around Europe please chime in and put your two cents worth for them as well.



  47. Research volcanoes and fault lines in your area or in an area you intend to go. Be aware of rivers and flood zones.
    Daveyo has given some extremely important information. Do not take what he says lightly. Remember it. Especially the martial law.
    There will be some highly toxic substances in our air.
    Protect yourself any way you can. This is vital for survival.
    stock up on seeds. Research the ones that don’t need a lot of light and don’t take too long to grow. Also baby formula is full of vitamins ect.
    Kelp is very good for iodine.
    Distill water when you can.

    That’s enough for now
    Stock up people.
    We are all going through this together.


  48. building a bunker is gunna be a useless endeavor. In my mind i would much rather be on the road when the big change comes, i myself have got a Toyota ‘Prado’ 4wd, doubled the fuel tank (ive rigged together a secondary one and ripped out the very back 2 seats, its not street legal so dont tell the police pls). Ive got 2months worth of food for 2 people (gotta take my babe along or shed be a bit mad lol ), 2 propane tanks, a small gas operated range grill. a car lighter operated mini fridge, it doesn’t keep everything super cool but it stops it goin off too fast, a dynamo; torch, radio and mp3 player (in case im bored while cruising lol). Ive got plenty of camping gear, tent etc, im also looking at rigging a folding bed into the rear of the truck. and im looking into some water or salt water purifiers and solar panels like people have on RV’s. And of course liters of water and fuel in the shed. Also im trying to find a way to reinforce the doors etc internally without adding heaps of weight to an already 2 tonne truck lol

    Ive nicknamed it the ‘doomsday truck’ lol it just needs bigger bull-bars in case of people setting up ambush roadblocks or for some off road hunting, of course that stuff wont be added until this stuff occurs, i don’t think they’d give me a WOF with most of this stuff…

    As for weapons ive got a .22 with 101 rounds (you always need one more lol) it take a 5 round mag or single round in the breach lock, im hoping to get a .303 aswel, ive also got a die cast AK47 full metal slug gun that wont do much damage but would scare the shit out some guy who tried me on, i live in a semi bad area so having something that looks and feels like a gun is a big deterant for any home invaders, my .22′s at my uncles farm as you aren’t allowed guns in the suburbs and i dont really wanna have to sell all this stuff ive got to pay the fines if they found it here. Another thing you may want to do that im designing is a big old set of spikes that you can attach and detach from your bullbars, you gotta eat meat and the meat is best served skewered if you know what i mean. Also make sure youve got flood lights rigged to the front, back and roof of your car you dont want to be snuk up on in the dark, also a .38 snub nose in the glove box is always a safe addition. also a taser (if you can get one, its almost impossible in NZ).

    What else do people think i should have prepared? i think ive covered most things but there’s always more



  49. From earth’s population, how many of them will read this post? 5000? 10,000 or say 50,000? And the REST ????


  50. Hi Luke

    Nice to know what you have been doing. However you are in no mans land!!!!! The last place I would want to be is in New Zealand as that Island is a death trap. You are right about the bunker deal if the oceans rise and you got ahem the super volcano to deal with and if it blows you are good as dead. You got no place to go except to oblivion.

    You best plan to leave New Zealand and head to a large stable land mass that is closest to you via air. Finish up your schooling ASAP and plan to take a trip with your passport and your gal, and settle at a safe place or be near one for survival. I have already suggested two places. Russia and Canada. If you are north of the Himalayas you will be pretty safe as long as you keep going towards Russia but not too far up. Remember altitude is the key, the higher you are the better your odds against a sea rise or a continent sinking. Those are the two factors one has to consider. Since Africa is sitting on top of a super duper massive ancient magma plume Africa will not sink but rise!!!!

    Forget Australia, as it is almost sea level all around.

    Someone once said that its impossible for the sea level to rise 6 miles up. Well its possible if the crust displacement takes place and the ocean floor rises up, and some continents sink, the water is going to have to go somewhere ehhh.

    Again folks it all depends on future scenarios should we begin to see the obvious signs of things happening, and of what the Richie Rich folks are doing and what the top echleons are doing and what the government is doing etc and so forth. They are the ones who will provide us some clues and early warning etc.



  51. You have to look at the places from ancient times such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Aztec & Mayan regions as these places obviously survived the last events and there must be some clues to these especially with the crop circles that regularly appear around Stonehenge here in the UK.
    I for sure would be heading there as those lumps of rock never moved last time so any events are going to be similar and the only concern of survival then would be the cold as if I survie the waters and the fires then there is probably going to be a block out of the sun with days, weeks maybe months even a year of ice age weather so stock up on those matches, candles, charcoal and your woolies.


  52. HVara
    Do me a favor please. Take over as I gotta get some sleep and continue on the list for survival for everybody. OK

    Good nite

    Daveyoi Luke

    Nice to know what you have been doing. However you are in no mans land!!!!! The last place I would want to be is in New Zealand as that Island is a death trap. You are right about the bunker deal if the oceans rise and you got ahem the super volcano to deal with and if it blows you are good as dead. You got no place to go except to oblivion.

    You best plan to leave New Zealand and head to a large stable land mass that is closest to you via air. Finish up your schooling ASAP and plan to take a trip with your passport and your gal, and settle at a safe place or be near one for survival. I have already suggested two places. Russia and Canada. If you are north of the Himalayas you will be pretty safe as long as you keep going towards Russia but not too far up. Remember altitude is the key, the higher you are the better your odds against a sea rise or a continent sinking. Those are the two factors one has to consider. Since Africa is sitting on top of a super duper massive ancient magma plume Africa will not sink but rise!!!!

    Forget Australia, as it is almost sea level all around.

    Someone once said that its impossible for the sea level to rise 6 miles up. Well its possible if the crust displacement takes place and the ocean floor rises up, and some continents sink, the water is going to have to go somewhere ehhh.

    Again folks it all depends on future scenarios should we begin to see the obvious signs of things happening, and of what the Richie Rich folks are doing and what the top echleons are doing and what the government is doing etc and so forth. They are the ones who will provide us some clues and early warning etc.



  53. Like

  54. I think this whole Nibiru and Elinin whatever thing is pure speculation and nonsense. We’ve been here before, Y2K anyone? There is no publically verifyable scientifically acurate proof that these bodies exist or that they are anywhere near our solar system. Saying you know something without being able to show it is a lie. If you can’t show it, then you don’t know it. They say “Oh well it’s invisible” How convenient. There are many more obvious and real things to be concerned with.

    When I can look outside and see 2 suns, then I’ll crap my pants, until then I’ll remain a sceptic.


  55. Our World is changing most of us know this. Weather patterns are erratic. Quakes are intensifying, thermal hot spots emerging or growing, magnetosphere showing signs of stress at times, solar flares, UFO’s and the list goes on.
    Doesn’t matter what you believe. We all have our own minds and choose what we want to believe.
    It is better to be on higher ground. The Japan quake itself shows you this.
    So many have died already this year due to flooding and tsunami. Let alone heat waves and starvation.
    I would rather have a chance to prepare and help others to do so if they choose than sit around and do nothing. At least your chances of survival will increase even by a little.
    I will not waste my time and others by asking for solid proof. If there is a slight chance that all this will come to pass then at least I want to be as ready as I can be.

    I have endured bush fires, flash flooding and extreme storms. All cause panic and are very dangerous.
    The smell of burning flesh is one you will never forget. I lost many I know because they waited too long.
    Again the choice is up to you and only you.

    Stay safe


  56. Vara

    In receipt of your message. Time to call it a truce OK as we both got better things to do, so let it go fair enough. I am not one to hold grudges forever and I don’t want to skew this topic especially with another you said this or I said this argument. Neither of us can change it and its done as we all make mistakes be it from emotions or anger. I have given you the respect by not mentioning it again so please do the same for me. Obviously you were not aware of the powers I have, and I care not to flaunt it either. So lets move on and be a team of which I am willing to do, but the rest is up to you. You do have a right not to speak to me or to respond to me at all. Like anyone else. I already see some here have slammed me but I make no comment cause they are entitled to their own opinion.

    As to Ivan, this Nibiru can only be seen by infared at its present position. You cannot see it with your main two human eyes. None of us have that capability but certain instruments do and we have posted those pics here for you to see. Up to you to decide to believe it or not. Now whether or not we will see it when we are face to face with it remains to be seen, as I cannot say yes or no because none of us have ever experienced such cosmos event.

    Back to topic:

    Someone mentioned why Jupiter is not affected now, and the answer is Jupiter is completely on the opposite side of Nibirus approach. Jupiter will eventually have a humdinger with Nibiru as it makes its way out of the solar system with Elenin ahead of it by 8 AU. Nibiru will collide with Jupiter according to its current path and trajectory.

    Some folks here seem to be confused about Elenin and Nibiru being one or both of the same. Elenin is one object by itself, and it is the front man, or leader or point man etc whatever you want to call it to Nibiru. Nibiru follows Elenin which is 8 AU further back. Nibiru is the puppy that the powers that be and the top echleons are most concerned about mainly. Elenin is not the threat, its Nibiru. Uranus and Neptune’s orbits were perturbed by Nibiru causing a wobble in their orbits. Saturn had a 90 degree tilt done on it plus a storm as well. Now Mars is showing some perturbations as recent indications tells us.

    What do you make of it, is up to you. To me in my opinion, its a very high cause for concern because Earth is going to be facing Nibiru a little over a year from now. What will it do to the Asteroid belt? I have no idea. I was not alive to witness this in the past as well as anyone else here. All we can do is simply wait and see what happens and keep our fingers crossed that we somehow escape the full brunt of what is to come upon us.

    Why is FEMA preparing for an emergency drill plus stocking huge amounts of dry food??, Why is the military moving their equipment north towards the Canadian border?? Plus Congress taking a holiday in November (a very rare event), and why is so many thousands of bunkers being done and put into the ground in various countries???, Why is NASA so desperate to pixel and obscure photos, or videos, and sent e-mails of emergency prep plans to their employees?? These are some of the things that should make you wonder and say whoa, what the hell is going on. What do they know that we don’t know??? etc and so forth. My gut feeling is they will tell us, but at the last damn minute to minimize anarchy and chaos, so they can maintain mass crowd control. By then it will be too late to do anything about it let alone save your own life from those SOB’s

    So right now all of this is a whole new ballgame for every person on Earth in Modern Times. The ancients of the past, keep in mind did not have the capability of what we have today, so whatever info they left behind for us and what we have discovered from past archaeology digs, we should consider ourselves lucky and most fortunate to get some information out of it from those experts.



    • Dav. since you are incapable of taking responsability for your transgressions towards others, and admit wrong doing and apologise, I can only conclude that you have learned nothing, and are still capable of repeating your mistakes.
      I gave you a chance, and you could not live up to the maturity recquired.
      It takes a Lot for me to hold a grudge. And You have Given me that lot over time.
      I close with this…
      I still believe you have NO power over this site ultimately.
      And, I do not care to speak to or respond to such an imature indevidual any further.



  57. Hope we get to read ALL the updates as it unfolds. The information here is the key to every one’s future. Also hope that we are able to communicate & pass on the message to masses on this subject well before our computer & laptop screen goes blank & dead.


  58. Hello everyone,

    I have searched the link above to the paper from which this post is based. Someone on this thread pointed out that the “experts” who wrote this had their names in this paper, yet I have not found them. The only thing I have found is the “Author” named Vinsons, but I’m not sure if he is simply the one who uploaded this paper or the one who actually wrote it. Can someone please help me find these names, so that I may contact them about the validity of their claims?

    Thank you.


  59. Nate

    Not sure if I want to tell you because we got this information freely with a ton of mathematical data etc., and I would hate for you to go and badger them and argue with them regarding your theorys etc and so forth. It would not be very professional on our part to be one of those who will run to them and give them hell demanding proof, proof, proof and more proof, otherwise they will clam up and not give us any further information thus dooming our chances to get more information from them.

    So my advice is LEAVE THEM ALONE. I have already seen how you have slammed me regarding gravity and gravitational pull etc. and knowing how some members are in this forum I will not post out their names.

    Be thankful we got this much and I am trying now to find out about the crust displacement capabilities and what to expect from that alone.

    Here is the scary part folks on October 16, 2012 that really gives us a huge concern of the danger we face.

    Prior to what is below an estimate was given about Nibirus magnetic strength!!!!!. It is all documented.

    On October 16, 2012 Nibiru’s distance to the Earth will be more or less the same as Elenin being 0.232 AU, which is 1.39 times the distance it needs to reach to equal the Suns grip> at that distance it will only be able to exert about 0.72 or 72% of the magnetic power of the Sun, relatively speaking, on the Earth. This means it should potentially be able to tilt the Earth by an angle up to 72% away from its natural inclination duing that time period (72% of 360 degrees is 259.2 degrees). In addition, bearing in mind Nibirus black magnetic shell has a radius of 13,726,245km means on that date the Earth could come within 20,980,491km of it or 13,036,672.706387648 miles >> perilously close by astronomical standards.

    Do you realize what this means people???? If the Earth TILTS 259.2 DEGREES, from its natural inclination that we now have, we will have a massive ocean water shift completely around the world!!!!!!!!! The ocean water will MOVE ACCORDING TO THE SHIFT TILT!!!!!! Similar to the goddamn 2012 movie!!!!!!!!!! This is not a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! This goddamn water has to go someplace OK.

    This is the reason WHY we are issuing out this RED ALERT WARNING to everybody who reads this topic so please inform as many as you can of the danger we are facing next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are in a bunker and this water comes on top of you, you will eventually suffocate for lack of air. You have to be flexible and be able to move away from the ocean waters direction. Which way will the earth tilt???? This we have to specifically watch VERY CLOSELY THE DIRECTION EARTH TAKES PRIOR TO ITS ARRIVAL. Example. If the earth tilts to the left the ocean will move to the left in the direction of the tilt. Take a bowl and fill it say a quarter of water. Then do the tilting of that bowl. Watch where the water goes. Also watch very closely the coasts around the world. This will also tip you off.

    In order for you to survive, you have to go OPPOSITE of the tilt to avoid the waters from the ocean. At the same token when this happens it will also cause a crust displacement around the world!!!!! How bad will it get I don’t know because when the ocean shifts, the weight from that water will also shift and we have tectonic plates (that move and shift as well), something has to give regarding the tectonic plates. Some will rise and some will sink and also will move quite dramatically causing very severe earthquakes. A massive fracture along the coasts (the fault lines be it active or ancient) will happen). The poles will also shift opposite of what it is now. Where will the poles end up is unknown depending on how far the earth tilts!!!!!!

    REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO SATURN OK. It went from -45 degrees and ended up being +45 degrees tilt wise.



  60. Vara

    I will give you the apology and proof of my powers later. In fact the proof will be for 3 days or a week. You tell me how long you will not have access to this site before you are convinced.

    Right now things are critical and your participation is essential for everyone. If you not want to talk with me fine not a problem as its no loss for me.

    take care Vara



  61. if its gona tilt that way then also mountains are no safe , it wont be only water around , high mountains are volcanoes there ll be quakes and animals will flood em.
    i do hope that nibiru is a planet that have a normal orbit around sun or a binary dead star of our system. it has intelligent being and the idea that it visit us every 3600 a cover up just so ppl dont ask too many question.


  62. The words of Daveyo in response to my previous post about speaking with the authors:

    “If you go to Nibiru Facts of Truth, look for the link and notice the author. Inside that link you will see 92 pages to read. Now there are names of the experts in those pages, and you free to contact them if you can locate them. They are the ones who figured out everything and crossed checked everything.”

    Sooo… Daveyo lied about the names of the experts being in the paper. What else is he lying about? AND he is now he is “Not sure if [he] want[s] to tell [me] because [they] got this information freely with a ton of mathematical data etc., and [he] would hate for [me] to go and badger them and argue with them regarding [my] theorys etc and so forth.”

    Wow ok, so let’s not advance science by sharing our ideals and growing as a scientific community. Let’s just accept what these people say in the paper as truth. Let’s just accept that they are experts and they know everything and they are correct in all of the their statements. Let’s not question their validity, especially when it blatantly contradicts physics today. Let’s just throw out of the observational data regarding gravity because we don’t know it’s source. Let’s merge gravitational fields and magnetic fields into one (because Daveyo says gravity doesn’t exist), and teach our kids that magnetism makes the apple fall from the tree.

    I am clearly here to badger the experts and slam Daveyo, instead of enlighten others by sharing REAL physics theories. Daveyo clearly knows nothing about physics, yet states all of his ideas as fact. However, they are neither fact nor theory, but are simply false statements.

    Those who are educated in the field of physics know that gravitational fields and magnetic fields are different and separate phenomenon, a point that Daveyo has never discussed. He only uses tactics which play me as the bad guy and vaguely mention that “gravity is a misnomer,” instead of taking a scientific approach to disprove my scientific views.

    AND he’s making enemies, flaunting his “power” by banning VARA simply because she didn’t believe he held authority. How mature of him. The bad guy isn’t me. The bad guy is the one who tries to convince people of things that aren’t true, tries to “change the subject” as if what he brings to the table has ended the discussion, tells us to “argue between ourselves” because he is above argument, and bans people because they doubt his authority.

    Part of me would rather deal with GODSEND than than someone like that.

    Links: :

    “In contrast to electric and magnetic fields, the gravitational field exhibits a most remarkable property, which is of fundamental importance for what follows. Bodies which are moving under the sole influence of a gravitational field receive an acceleration, which does not in the least depend either on the material or on the physical state of the body. For instance, a piece of lead and a piece of wood fall in exactly the same manner in a gravitational field (in vacuo), when they start off from rest or with the same initial velocity. This law, which holds most accurately, can be expressed in a different form in the light of the following consideration.”

    If you want more, let me know.


  63. That is too bad. There is no person in physics alive today that can explain where gravity comes from and how its produced.

    Say all you want and folks if you not believe the above statement, google it and see if any well known physicist can explain where gravity comes from and how its produced. You will not find one and if you do, hopefully they can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.



  64. And before anyone argues this, I emphasize the points clearly

    Where does it come from???

    How is it produced???



  65. No one should be arguing on this subject! Naughty!
    Instead of letting anger and other emotions rule you why not try to work together. Send each other the information you have.
    If there is anything you don’t agree on put a ? mark on it and send it back. Note why you have doubts about this.
    If you read something that you don’t understand then ask for an explanation! Be civil to one another.
    Now is the time to work together!
    I come here to read information not witness aggression or smug responses.

    Will it hurt anyone to work together?

    Now I have a few questions!

    Will the earths rotation stop even for a short while?
    What about Nibiru’s moons? How close will they come to us?

    Please keep answers simple. Some that visit this site are not from the scientific world!

    Peace to all


    • No the earths rotation wouldn’t stop, to our knowledge, an object would have to pass closer than the moon to affect the earths orbit as the moon itself is on the very boundaries of our planets pull

      Also we have no proof Nibiru has any moons to speak of although if it is a dead planet it may have remains of itself stuck in its own gravity field that could cause problems for us, a meteor the size of a Volkswagen Bettle can create a 1/2 km crater in the ground so anything heading our way is a problem.



  66. Yeah. Let me clear this up.
    Saturn didnt tilt from Nibiru influence. in fact its tilt isnt abnormal for its current cycle at all. If you google “saturn tilt” you will find out that it goes through cycles every 15-ish years.
    IF, it had a sudden and Unusual tilt due to UN-known origin, it would be ALL over the internet via amature astronomers world wide who would be bouncing all over the internet about it. But, the Only source on the internet that says Saturn was tilted, (By Nibiru or other-wise) happens to be This article.
    So, enough about Saturn already till some new and Real evidence rears its head.
    Next. Nibiru has passed time and again with OUT the world coming off its axis or its moons coming to close to earth. There is NO reason what so ever to believe this pass will be different.
    CAN the earth flip on its axis? sure. but it wont happen over night no matter what pass’s. It will be as a tiny push of a Large metal ball across the floor. it will move slowly untill the momentum inhierant in its mass is exhausted. The earth will Not stop or reverse in its rotation. AND if there is a full on physical axis reversal it will take weeks if not months to accomplish.
    I my self do NOT believe this will be the case for a very good reason.
    Gravity does Not effect axis tilt. Only Magnetism opulling on the poles. Which we can already see as our magnetic poles have been migrating for a few years now at well over 40 miles per year. google it and see. ONLY the magnetic poles have been shifting, Not the axis it self.
    Because the earths core has liquid metal wrapped around its solid center core, and it is in fact the Center core that is being pulled. Not the mantel, not the crust.
    It is the central and liquid metal core which produce our magnetic fields and poles. Any magnetic effect for pulling on axis’s will be done to them, and less so to the outer portions of the planet. Simple-as-That.
    The seas will Not do as has been suggested above because of axis shifting. they WILL how ever be pulled out of thier beds by Gravity.
    Just as our own moon pulls them to creat high tides. When Nibiru’s passing is at its strongest its gravity will pull on the sea’s as well. But like to a more catastrophic effect thatn the moon tides. But, it will not be a massive wave moving across the land it will be a gradual tsunami that builds and flood land regeons. Just like watching tsunamis crawl up the streets of japan in videos. only it will Keep going up the land scapes further than we fear. there just wont be thousand foot waves caused by That. Giant waves caused by other sources is a different matter entirely.
    Im in a MOOD as I write this. Mostly cuz I keep comming across poor generic physics and theory and even poorer conclusions drawn from them. Gawd people, Crack a f-cking BOOK!
    Next, IF you believe in Aliens then Belive This.
    They will Not let thier investment in this planet be destroyed. Not utterly. I cannot Prove that they are not inately hostile, and that they Are helping. All I have is circumstantial evidence.
    Lastly. WHO says that Gravity has Not been explained? I saw a little link on this site just recently that gives some pretty good theory as to how gravity works and has proof to Back it. Just because the scientific community has not yet embraced it Doesnt make it Untrue. The world was still Flat for nearly a century after Columbus made his trip and proved it was round instead. the rest of the world just haddnt caught UP yet.

    ~ VARA-KIENEN ! Has Spoken Muthuh F–kuhs!


  67. Can we please get back to topic here people, this isn’t a day care center so suck it up people and get back off each others ego’s


    Gravity is produced to counter movement, no one can ever know where it comes from because it exists solely to maintain equilibrium. Planets have centrifugal movements that create torsional stress on the x and y axis, gravity is a countermeasure to make sure that those torsional stresses are kept inert and do not multiply into waves of motion. Put simply if gravity did not exist the spinning of the earth would eventually result in its destruction as wave upon wave of potential energies met along fault lines eventually ripping the plates apart and ejecting matter into space…

    gravity must exist to keep the balance, it is not created, it has no known origin it merely exists to counter forces and keep them in equilibrium,

    heed my words here daveyo as im the one studying material sciences, mechanical engineering and ive got 2 years of physics to my name.

    Now guys can we desist with this nonsense and get back to actual fact finding here



  68. If Elenin is a comet, check out what they have found out about comets :

    Electric Comets: The “dirty snowball theory” of quackademia easily debunked as nonsense!


    • That was Fascinating as all hell.
      This vid and the one I recently saw redefining and explaining Gravity are truely changing my perspective on the universe. There seem to be a great Many components of the electric universe theory which I simply cannot ignore. I am going to have to study it in more depth.
      I can see why mainstream science is terrified to adapt to an electric universe theory, as it would make a great deal of thier foundations about physics irelivant and obsolete. But, wrong theorums can only take one SO far on the branch of expanded study and developement until they reach a platue where the data no longer supports the evidences or vice versa, as we see happening more and more in modern science. the trunk of the tree of the branch we have been following is petering off and reaching dead ends. the only solution is to find the Correct tree trunk to support the branches. not try to re-inforce the weak structure by attempting to force square pegs into round holes.
      Thanx for this “Bold Flame.”


  69. nothing much happening in south africa here just the normal strikes-politics-if there anything going on the general public here aint aware of it neither the media here saying anything-and as regards info in general every1 im chatting to kinda sort of lets wait and see whats happening on the time frame august-october-november-december-2011-i guess we just going to watch an see what going to happen-although have noticed some very large metorites comimg in over capetown at night some real big chunks glowing red hot and quite low down-around 100.000ft+-


  70. Thank you.


  71. Thank you VARAKIENEN.

    Well, I still do not understand how this event can be considered the arrival of Nibiru. Nibiru, according to Sitchin last passed Earth in 556 B.C.E. and will not be around until approximately 2900 AD. This is based on Nibiru’s theoretical 3,600 year orbit. This anomaly, which goes by several names by now, most commonly called ‘Nemesis’, or the much more benign ‘Tyche’, would most likely be a sister star companion to our own Sun entering our solar system for the first time in modern astronomy. Walter Cruttenden believes that there is a strong possibility of our solar system having a missing piece to it, an extra star that may in fact be a Brown Dwarf. He believes that this Nemesis is orbiting through the Oort cloud into our solar system once every 26,000 years. Cruttenden states that not only does this explain the excess of angular momentum in the orbits of planets in our solar system, but also explains the abundance of new comets lately heading towards Earth, being displaced by Nemesis, or Tyche. Richard C. Hoagland also believes that due to angular momentum and other torsional measurements that our solar system is incomplete, and mathematically has room for an extra star or planet. This could include Nemesis/Tyche and/or Nibiru.

    Nibiru, which I do believe exists, cannot be this current astronomical event we are experiencing. And the fact that supposedly this anomaly can “only be seen in infrared” would also suggest a star as opposed to a planet. Planets are visible in the infrared, ultraviolet, as well as visible spectrums. The WISE Explorer used by NASA was used to find dark asteroids and cool stars using infrared wavelengths to view them. They have scanned they sky and found what they believe is most likely a Brown Dwarf star. IF this object is in our solar system, and is a planet, we should be able to see it with just about any significant telescope here on Earth, not just an infrared one. As far as the ‘spaceships’ following the comet Elenin, this is highly unlikely also. It is more plausible that they are just extra pieces of C/2010 X1 Elenin following behind it after some collision in space. In order for a comet to produce a tail, there would need to be frozen gas on the surface of the comet, or within the comet, for the sun to heat up into a gaseous form. This burning gas is what forms the comet’s tail. When comet Elenin collided (my assumption made) in deep space, these pieces were ejected from the center of the comet, not the surface and do not have any frozen gas in them anymore. Or if they did, it has already been melted away somehow. If the smaller pieces of rock following comet Elenin did not have any frozen gas on their surface, or in them, they would not produce a tail like the main piece would. The sun is not strong enough to melt solid matter at the distances these comets travel. If this was the case, all asteroids would have tails also when they get closer to the sun, and as far as I know, asteroids do not have vapor tails.


    • Faceless.
      I believe you are making a poor conclusion of what defines a star from a planet here.
      there is certainly Nothing in the books that Defines planets as “always visible with out infra red”.
      We are reclassifying what constitutes a planet or a star yearly these days.
      A brown dwarf is a “FAILED” star. it never got to BE a star.
      it is an over sized gass giant. This still makes it a planet.
      It cannot be seen by normal tellescopes or the naked eye at great distances only because of its current composition and effect. But when it gets close enough, it Will be visible to Both I assure you.
      “Invisible” has been a Poorly chosen word to use in association with our inability to detect it by normal means to date.
      It did ignite temporarily in its past. this does not make it a star how ever.
      Its now cold lighter surface gass’s are sooty and dark tending to absorb light rather than reflect it. There are certainly other plenets in the universe with dark absorbant compositions that would be difficult to detect by normal vision at great distances as well.



        I don’t think it’s a poor conclusion or definition I gave at all. I do think it was misunderstood though. First, I did not state that planets can only be a planet if they can be seen “without infrared” as you claimed. What I did state was that planets can be seen in multiple spectrums, not just infrared, and if one was close enough to Earth, at least in this solar system, we would be able to see it with more than just infrared telescopes. I recall reading here somewhere that this Nibiru imposter can only be seen in the infrared spectrum. This is why I made that comment.

        However, it is difficult to detect a Brown Dwarf without the use of infrared, and is virtually impossible to detect a Brown Dwarf visually even if you know where it is. Also, whether or not a Brown Dwarf STAR, ever got to be ignited properly or not, it is still a star and is classified as a star by astronomers. Otherwise it would be called a Brown Dwarf planet, and we know that is not what they are called. It may resemble a Gas Giant planet, but it is not classified as such. The main distinctions between these Brown Dwarfs and MegaJovians, are mass, orbital environment, and history. I quote from; “Brown dwarfs form like other stars in the fragmentation and collapse of hydrogen clouds – perhaps in the accretion disks surrounding pre-main sequence binary stars (Jiang et al. 2004) – while gas giants assemble by accretion of solids and gases in a circumstellar disk, during or after the last stage of star formation. In theory these mutually exclusive histories could provide a foolproof criterion, but in practice it is impossible to know the precise evolutionary history of any given substellar-mass object.” Therefore it is a poor conclusion to consider Brown Dwarf stars to be a Gas Giant, or even MegaJovian planet.

        Here is the full page from about some differences between Brown Dwarf’s and Gas Giants:

        So no one here cares about the date discrepancy of approximately 1000 years from this event until the time Sitchin says Nibiru is to return? 2900 A.D. anyone??


      • Faceless.
        I gave up on dates when I found out just how poorly we translate ancient hieroglyphs texts and what not, and…. How much we have screwed up our own ability to track time through our history. we have lost more than hours, we have lost weeks months and years. We can No longer tell when a long ago written date was supposed to come to fruition. How many times have we reset calendars to zero in different cultures through history? Or adjusted time in our time keepings?
        As for the differentiation between a planet and a star…. I think i said it before. We change our definitions of these things yearly now adays. I believe in the long run, Brown dwarfs wont be classed as a star. Just a big unusual gass giant.
        Just how many dwarf planets and counting DO we have in the solar system now, any way? sheesh.


  72. Some interesting links:

    Some interesting Links:
    6-Reasons the Sun is part of a Binary Star system:

    Getting WISE about Nemesis:

    WISE Explorer Flash Presentation (very cool):

    Evidence mounts for sun’s companion star:


  73. Sitchin wrote also a lot of things that do not strike me as being close to the “Truth”.
    I think the point is not to convince people for we get a war of “egos” and it leads nowhere. Anyway most people are in denial and “they don’t have time for this shit”….; Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about what happened, what is happening and what will happen according to their own research on the topic. But I cannot help to think that in these trouble times (even without celestial bodies) where we should be sticking with each other but we have never been so divided!
    Now what is real and we cannot deny is that 4 comets from mid-august 2011 to beginning of january 2012 will come real close and it is not usual. Plus the asteroids.,,,,That is already out of the ordinary even if you are blasé!


    • Add this to the Ancient text from all religions and cultures, and you get the Mayan calendar ending 10/28/2011, the bible thumpers code of the end at 10/21/2011, and the last Hopi Prophecy being announced last weekend with the ISS being intentionally crashed at the end of the life. The Hopi prophecy states we will learn of a dwelling place in the heavens that will crash to the Earth, it will be seen as a Blue Star. It does not say that it crashes, which will be done intentionally in 2020 if we are still around, it says that we will hear of it. The final prediction is done. Face it, we cannot figure out everything with science and proof, because we simply cannot comprehend it all. We have to take tidbits of everything from science, ancients, religions, news, songs, our own observations and what we know and feel to piece together something we can hold as tangible, I for one am going to read Carl Calleman’s last book, as the Mayan calendar seems to be the closest thing to non-fiction that I can currently accept. I know there is something out in space that is going to cause something very soon. I know that the Mayan calendar ends very soon, this is not a reset of a Great Cycle, it ENDS, period. No more… I know that Revelations and other religions describe similar events, although I have not studied them enough to understand. AND I know my gut is telling me that this is real, times are changing, things are different, and I am in a desparate search for the answers, even though in the end, I know that I will not have them and whatever is going to occur, is going to occur with/without my understanding as to why…


  74. My understanding is something of a huge mass is going to pass the earth. It will cause tectonic plate movement, volcanoes to become active, the earth to tilt. Ok I get that. I understand that. I am prepared for that. What concerns me is static electricity, lightening. This is something I am not prepared for.
    I do believe in Aliens 100%. I know nothing is going to hit the earth and destroy it.

    I work with the general public everyday. Everyone is talking about how much the weather is different and how our sunrise and sunset is different. How the birds and other animals are behaving. Land slips and sinkholes. Plants blooming early. The list goes on. People are talking and are starting to take notice. Then they go home and look things up. They get confused.
    This is why we need sites like this so they can post things they are concerned about and maybe get the answers they were looking for.

    Help some become more aware of the changes that are happening already.

    Stay safe


  75. Now play nice🙂


  76. WHERE ….WHERE is the PICTURE from “Comet” ELENIN from Stereo B , suppose to pass between Stereo B and SUN July 31 to agoust 3 !? ….. Where is the Danm picture ? ….. PICTURE PLEASE !!!!


  77. Sonic B: here you’ll find all about the latest picture of Elenin
    Latest Picture of Comet Elenin, STEREO-B Will Capture First Today ..
    here is the link;


  78. Karl Battams, one of the STEREO team members confirmed the successful test roll of the spacecraft to 135 degrees. Carl noted that the angle of roll is chosen very well. From 1 to August 5, the comet will be visible in the instrument HI-2B, then observations will be continue with HI-1B camera. The first data will be transmitted to Earth on August 2-3 and will be available from August 4. The comet may be a very bright and one of the main objectives of the observations will be study the effect of forward scattering. This effect can increase the brightness of comet by several magnitudes and we will see this effect from SOHO spacecraft, in late September.


  79. Observation’s shedule
    Scheduled activities for Week 31:

    M Aug 01 (213) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    Ahead: 480 kbps downlink on station 14
    T Aug 02 (214) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    Ahead: 480 kbps downlink on station 14
    W Aug 03 (215) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    Ahead: 480 kbps downlink on station 63
    T Aug 04 (216) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    Ahead: 480 kbps downlink on station 43
    Behind: 480 kbps downlink on station 14
    F Aug 05 (217) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 10-12 UT
    Behind: 480 kbps downlink on station 43
    S Aug 06 (218) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    S Aug 07 (219) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT


    * Aug 1-12 Behind: Spacecraft rolls to observe comet Elenin

    Scheduled activities for Week 32:

    M Aug 08 (220) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    T Aug 09 (221) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    Behind: 480 kbps downlink on stations 14 and 63
    W Aug 10 (222) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    T Aug 11 (223) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 8-10 UT
    Behind: 480 kbps downlink on station 63
    F Aug 12 (224) Behind: 135 degree roll to observe comet Elenin, 10-12 UT
    Ahead: 480 kbps downlink on station 14
    S Aug 13 (225) Ahead: 480 kbps downlink on station 63
    S Aug 14 (226) Ahead: 480 kbps downlink on station 14


    * Aug 1-12 Behind: Spacecraft rolls to observe comet Elenin


  80. We all are quiet hungry to taste these events… aren’t we? Relax, have patience, there is plenty of stock in store !!!


  81. Maybe this I found is relevant as I have not seen anything on this site in the discussions…

    Brian Geoffrey Marsden wass born August 5, 1937, he died November 18, 2010. He was an American-British astronomer; he was since 1978 the director of the Minor Planet Center of the SAO situated in Cambridge in Massachusetts. The Minor Planet Center, under auspices of the union Astronomical Internationale, it’s the official organism charged of the collection of the observation data for the small planets (asteroids) and the comets, the calculation of their orbit and the publication of this information via the Minor Planet Circulars…

    Allan Rex Sandage wass born June 18, 1926 in Iowa city, Iowa (United States), and died in San Gabriel (California) November 13, 2010; he counted among the biggest contemporary American astronomers. Born in a Jewish family, he converts toward the end of his life to Christianity. Sandage worked in the observatory of the Mount Palomar. This observatory belongs and is controlled by the California Institue of technology (Caltech). One of the important programs assigned to the Palomar mount is the program of research of the comets and asteroids near-Earth objects named Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT). the asteroids near-Earth objects are the asteroids evolving close by or earth-bound. To name them one uses the ECA abbreviation, of the English Earth-Crossing Asteroids, asteroids whose orbit crosses the one of the Earth, often. Some of these objects being susceptible to knock the Earth, they are the subject of a research and a particular follow-up…

    The two astronomers died within 5 days of each other of the same illness (Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis), which is an extremely rare illness. They were specialized in the observation and the research of comets. Threatened with death by the American government not to reveal anything on their discoveries concerning the trajectory and the real size of the Elenin comet, they persisted to want to reveal the facts to the general public but in vain. Some weeks later, the trajectory that is given to the general public officially by the NASA will be evidently false. The works of Marsden and Sandages demonstrated a proximity many too important. The consequences would be a bursting of the terrestrial crust of it on the totality of the globe. A real cataclysm. The half of the humanity will be decimated.

    The info is from a French site : _


    • Thanks for the info, I found out about this a couple of weeks ago and it did make me sad, then furious. This is one more proof if need be that we are sailing dangerous waters but if this could be the end of corruption, murders, power, money over everything it would be great!. It is sickening to see what goes on today,. Thanks for sharing anyway.


  82. Here is an interesting article today from the CNN i report…,_Earthquakes,_And_YOU..html

    If we keep adding the pieces of the puzzle then we can see the answers!


  83. Flipped my tv to MTV,MSNBC-GE,CNN,ABC,NBC,CBS evening ‘national’ news…Your right ….Time for God to flush his comode again!

    Can’t afford to move to the high grounds, or build a shelter, or buy a ak47 to protect your family from the drunk , high ,criminal’s thugs that will roaming ,raping, stealing and burning everything in sight… the one’s that our ‘bleeding heart Democratic socialist liberal’s’ have allowed to immigrate and stay in this nation..from day one! The one’s you have been supporting with your hard earned money and why you don’t have any money,NOW!

    Don’t forget to thank a liberal before you go..It’s not going to be anything like the movie “Day After Tomorrow” >>a total joke. More like the LA riots and New Orlean Hurricane..Better get a plan..better get in shape or you and your family will be a sitting duck!
    Don’t worry about your Illegal , lying POUS and the 70 congressional memebers of the Socialist Party of America..They will be safely tucked away in the Western White House under the Denver airport.


  84. As of many of you not like reading my posts, please make sure you are wearing your tin foil hats as its the new club I have formed.

    As this hunny rounded post leg #9 it surely caused 2 super massive CME eruptions is a sight to behold.

    Elenins orbit has been calculated to round its nice bottom out over here every 11,750 years. Gawd is that ever nice and chiseled to perfection.

    So the theory of 3,600 years is now bye bye. Huh duh??? Where is this puppy or did we miss it while egos was the hot topic as several were trying hard to do exceptional slam dunks to best our beloved Michael Jordans infamous flight trajectories so they can get their 2 points without being called for a offensive foul..

    More news to come my tin foil hat people.



    • Are you afraid that this all thing comes true ? Do you have a bad hair day? Or you just like to come to websites to be sarcastic and try to ridicule people? I don’t see your purpose but maybe letting out the steam for you helps.
      Have a good day and in my opinion you should’nt be wasting your time with tin foil hat people, you obviously have more “intelligent” things to do.
      Who told you Elenin’s Orbit is 11 750 years? Nasa? The men in Black? Or even Obama?


  85. The Cry of the Shofar (Sound the great trumpet)

    “For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:27).

    As the last month of the Jewish year, Elul is traditionally a time of introspection and stocktaking — a time to review one’s deeds and spiritual progress over the past year and prepare for the upcoming “Days of Awe” of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.

    King David was anguished when he prophetically foresaw the destruction of the Holy Temple and the cessation of the offering of the sacrifices. “How will the Jews atone for their sins?” he wondered.

    God replied: “When suffering will befall the Jews because of their sins, they should gather before me in complete unity. Together they shall confess their sins and recite the order of the Selichot, and I will answer their prayers” — Midrash.

    With the imminent approach of the new year and the Days of Awe, our preparations for the High Holidays move into highest gear. Several days before Rosh Hashanah we begin to recite the Selichot, a series of penitential prayers and liturgy.

    Christ’s coming will be terrible as lightning to His enemies. Nothing is more terrific than the lightning. It is so powerful, so sudden, so deadly in its stroke. The strongest man is like a straw before it. Much more terrible will Christ’s appearing be to all unbelievers. To His own dear people it will be like the approach of summer. When they see the signs of His coming, they will say to one another, “the summer is nigh” (verse 32). “He shall come down like rain on the mown grass, as showers that water the earth” (Psalm 72:6). To poor waiting believers “He shall be as the light of the morning when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds” (2 Samuel 23:4). To those that fear God’s name in this dark world, “The Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in his wings” (Malachi 4:2). The cry shall be one of ineffable joy to them, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh”.

    How different that day shall be to unconverted souls! “Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord. To what end is it for you? The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light” (Amos 5:18). That day shall burn as an oven to you. “The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel” (2 Thessalonians 1: 7-8). Then will be fulfilled that awful word, “All kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him” (Revelation 1:7), O! thou that obeyest not the gospel, where wilt thou hide from the lightning of His eye? Thou wilt say, Ah! there He is—the crucified One—whom I lightly esteemed. O! mountains and rocks fall on me and hide me from Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.

    2. Christ’s coming shall be sudden as lightning. What can be more awfully sudden than the lightning? A curtain of dark lowering clouds is hung over the sky. A death-like silence reigns over all nature. Not a leaf is stirred by the wind. When suddenly, “the voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire”. “The lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west.” And the loud pealing thunder shakes the wilderness. So shall the coming of the Son of man be. Whenever that glorious event shall take place, one thing is certain, that it shall be awfully sudden. A thief does not send word what hour he is coming to break up the house. “The day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” It shall come “like travail on a woman with child”. “As a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.” Many will be saying, I think the Saviour will not come at such and such a time. What says the word? “The Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.” Am I ready to meet him? Would it be a grief and terror to me, if what some Christians think were true, that Christ may come even now? Do I love His appearing? Do I obey that command, Song 3:11? Am I a wise or foolish virgin? Have I not only a lamp, and wick, and flame, but oil in the lamp? All these are infinitely momentous questions. Happy the soul that can answer, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”.

    3. Christ’s coming shall be conspicuous as lightning. Lightning cannot be hid. By all it is seen at the same moment. The labourer in the field, the artizan in the workshop, the servant of the mill—all see the flash; but in a far more perfect manner shall be the coming of the Son of man. “Behold he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him.” Jesus said to the high priest and all his accusers, “Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven” (Matthew 26:64). And again it is written, “they shall look on him whom they pierced”. O amazing truth! Those who will not look to Christ now must look then. Those who will not “behold the Lamb of God”, to be saved by Him, must behold the Lamb coming in wrath to destroy them. O happy believer, you shall cry in that day, “This is our God, we have waited for him”. “This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend.” “My Lord and my God.”
    Fred Bloggs on August 1, 2011 at 6:22 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Metatonic Cycles 2011 qualifies 2012 does not



    Gavin Finley MD

    Number of moons in
    7 Years beginning on
    Rosh Hoshanah 2011

    for 70th week)


    • God Save us from religeons and thier people whom cloud the truth.


    • Wow.
      I think I can say in all honesty, that people whom are so afraid and empty whom need to turn to religeous quotes and read into them what ever is needed to make them less empty andy fearful, and THEN preach them to convince others to come on over to the same empty state of mind, well….. they just scare me far more than Nibiru does Im afraid.
      When disaster strikes they will be the first to point fingers in the name of a god that has forsaken them, and, Burn the witches and evil doer inocents whom surely brought this calamitty upon them all.
      IIts like watching the fanatics in the silent hill movie.
      They were Far scarier than the Demon.


    • Or, its like watching Stephen Kings, “The Mist”. Same fanatascism


      • life as we know it is threatened by the arrival of Evil. Only the Fifth Element can stop the Evil from extinguishing life, as it tries to do every five thousand years. She is assisted by a former elite commando turned cab driver, Korben Dallas, who is, in turn, helped, Ruby Rhod. Unfortunately, Evil is being assisted by Mr. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, who seeks to profit from the chaos that Evil will bring, with the help of his alien mercenaries.

        There are cycles in the Universe when great evil threatens all life in the Universe. The Ultimate weapon against evil, devised long ago, is called “The Fifth Element”, stored on Earth for safekeeping. When a Professor discovered it in the 1910’s, he found it very astonishing. However, a group of beings known as the Monascheiwans came to Earth to take the fifth element to utilize it for their own well-being, promising to return it in time for the next cycle. In the distant future of the 2200’s, the Earth is a very different place, yet much the same… People smoke, break laws, make messes. In the megalopolis of New York, a former elite commando named Korban Dallas is now a taxi driver. As the Monascheiwans were returning the Fifth Element to Earth to fend of the rising evil, they are destroyed by a ruthless race of beings known as Mangalores. Discovered in the remains of the Monascheiwans’ ship, is a remnant of the Fifth Element, from which they re-create “the perfect being”, The Fifth Element, named “Leeloo”, who drops in on Korban Dallas in his cab… literally. Dallas keeps her free from government control and brings her to a priest named Vito Cornillius, who, seeing the coming Evil in the prophecies, is attempting to find the Elemental Stones needed to power the Fifth Element. He is getting in the way of a ruthless businessman named Zorg, who is already operating under the sway of Evil.

        Geeks crack me up…


      • Important update on Elenin from Richard C. Hoagland

        Note: there is a disinfo campaign going on to spread the word that Elenin is disintegrating… this is not true!!!

        From Richard C. Hoagland

        “Stereo-B is one of two unmanned spacecraft NASA launched several years ago to study solar phenomenon; it is currently trailing about 90 degrees BEHIND the Earth … just outside the Earth’s solar orbit. Its companion spacecraft, Stereo-A, is about 90 degrees AHEAD of the Earth, slightly inside its orbit.

        Elenin itself was at the orbit of Venus, and visually passing close to the Sun as seen from the vantage point of Stereo-B, when these images were taken.

        This close (physically) to the Sun, Elenin is already strongly interacting with the “solar wind” — the very low-density stream of highly-charged particles (mostly protons and electrons — “solar plasma”), ejected at immense speed from the Sun’s surface (and seen during total solar eclipses as “the solar corona”). The solar wind usually blows outward through the solar system at an average speed of ~500 miles per second!

        Occassional CMEs (coronal mass ejections) can dramatically enhance the local density and speed of the solar wind, which can then interact with comets in very visible and spectacular ways … usually greatly distorting their normally-straight “ion tails” (created by gases evaporating off the comet) into vivid “kinks” … “corkscrews” … and even “90-degree bends.”

        The attached NASA images reveals what happened to Elenin as a sudden CME interacted with it, just a few days ago.

        It shows that AROUND the actual “nucleus” of Elenin suddenly appeared a stunning GEOMETRIC shape … created by some kind of “force field.” This field, interacting with the stream of charged protons and electrons in the CME, made this Elenin “field” suddenly, strikingly visible–

        As an unmistakable, 3-D TETRAHEDRON!

        This precise geometric shape is total confirmation of, and entirely consistent with, all the “19.5′s” I’ve been analyzing over the past several months … re Elenin’s ~13,000-year orbital trajectory into the inner solar system!

        The sudden visibility of this immense “geometric structure” (which is obviously NOT a “physical object,” but only a “geometric field of force … over 300,000 miles across (!) … seen strongly interacting with the highly charged solar wind”) is only possible because Elenin is VERY close to the Sun itself now, where the density of the solar wind is high enough to make this “structure” briefly visible, especially during the density enhancement of a CME ….

        Needless to say, such a “tetrahedral force field,” coupled with Elenin’s “tetrahedrally-defined” orbital parameters, removes ALL remaining scientific doubt that Elenin is NOT “natural” — but is, in fact, an Artificial Object (some kind of “ship”)–

        Sent into the inner solar system ~13,000 years ago (our model) … on some kind of “directed interplanetary Mission.”

        It is, as Arthur C. Clarke wrote so many years ago, “something Wonderful ….” possibly (as I said on “Coast” the last time I was on …) some kind of “ark” or “time capsule” … sent to us at this crucially-important time to give us the means to (literally) “save the Earth.”

        Obviously, this latest discovery increases the urgency to get as many “hams and radio astronomers as possible” involved, to see if there are actual radio (or laser) TRANSMISSIONS currently coming from this object!

        The future is about to get VERY, VERY interesting in the next few days and weeks ….🙂


    • The Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) is the first of the three great feasts of autumn, in the Jewish religious calendar.

      As the four springtime feasts corresponded to the first time Jesus came, the three autumn feasts ought to correspond to the Second Coming of the Lord.

      These two series of feasts are separated by a long period of four to five months, a period that corresponds to the time of the Church. It is a time of harvest ripening and it is also a time a great dryness in Israel.

      The Feast of Trumpets is the only one to be celebrated on a day of the new moon. It must be celebrated for two days, which form one “long day”. It is known as the feast “that we know neither the day nor the hour”.

      As soon as the first quarter of the moon was observed by two witnesses entrusted with this mission, they sounded the trumpet 100 times: 11 series of nine brief blasts followed by one long powerful blast, that of the “last trumpet.” This is the “last trumpet” that the apostle Paul spoke about in 1 Corinthians 15: 51-53. It does not have to do with the last of the seven trumpets in Revelations, which Paul would not have known about at the time he wrote to the Corinthians.


  86. Not a bad hair day, hehehehehehehaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa, the men in black, hahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaa, oh man me afraid, hell no, lost that years ago and it hasn’t been back since, heheheheheheheheeee.

    Hmmm, to answer to the question, well only tin foil hat members will now get to see the data as it jumps out of the gate and theh’reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee offfffff!!!!!!!!!!! .

    heheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeee. If anybody can find me a can of steam let me know.



    • The Future is Now!

      So what’s the point in coming here to read articles about the topic if you think it is bullshit?


  87. Oh gawd, I do believe someone already has provided the answer to yourquestion, hehehehehehehehehe



  88. Thanks to all of you for your often insightful ramblings – I now need to separate the wheat from the chaff to plan for my family’s future welfare.
    With no official information (unless you are a NASA employee) I shall continue to tune in.


    • At least someone is planning for the future of there family. Good to see.
      Even if you have doubts this doesn’t mean it won’t come to pass. Better to be prepared than well just waiting.


  89. @daveyo thats the point you seek the truth,the truth is giving yet you fail to understand.


  90. @ Daveyo

    Dude Chill… Take a break mate, sit down have a cup of coffee and collect yourself. this website is made to inform people about the truth when the media and powers at be will not…. making it only available to the select few is exactly what they’re doing, keeping the worlds knowledge to the few.

    Everybody has opposing views on all the topics here and we are all prone to attack each other at some point in time (me included), but were all adults so BUCK THE HELL UP AND GET ON WITH LIFE! life’s to short for grudges.

    Can we get back to the TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES people and not a power struggle between daveyo, vara and nate and several others (sorry i cant remember every name).



  91. The input on this site by each and every person is truly appreciable. Bravo! you people are simply gr8! keep it up & keep going for the true meaning of “The truth behind the scenes”.


  92. If this is the panic going on now about the possibilities of what Elenin might bring and the nature of Nibiru, if it exists, then just imagine how crazy things will be this time next year.
    Elenin poses the greatest threat I believe based on the lack of info forthcoming from Nasa etc about what is coming our way.
    Unless, this is a smokescreen for something larger entering the solar system? Who knows. There is very little absolute evidence out there.
    In terms of cataclysms, if these objects have been passing us by for millenia and bringing destruction, structures such as the Pyramids would not still be standing. Writers such as Sitchin makes a good arguement with his apparent ability to decipher ancient tablets etc but he is still relating all his theories to the Old Testament, a text devoted to the worship of one God, written thousands of years later and more like a parable for the human condition than a believable historical document.
    Sitchin and others may have been right about the interference of ET in our past but no one, not even he, could predict exactly when Nibiru would return in its orbit. To me, its more like a good sci-fi yarn whereas Elenin is real, very large and is closing in on this planet.
    I hope someone else comes along who can decipher the Sumerian tablets because, although intrigued by the possible translations of their meaning, I’m not convinced.
    I think if people want answers relating to Nibiru, the controversy surrounding these ancient writings is the place to research and try and find answers because the scientific community is saying nothing on the subject.


    • Morris.
      Of Course the pyramids would still be standing. And the sphinx and stone henge etc. Cataclysm and catastrophy doesnt have to mean flattening every thing on the surface of the world to a pancake to kill millions. We have found cities hundreds of feet below sea level, Pompei has people encased in ash, frozen in the pose they died in. Starvation, plague, flooding, ice age.
      Its pretty hard to detroy a massive pile of rocks wieghing tons each stacked on top of one another. (Pyramids.)



      • They just released information from Stereo B which they have been using to take a look at Elenin, their figures now are a coma diameter of 200,000km, if it comes as close as 21 million miles in Sept/Oct it will appear 2/3 the size of the moon and sun in the sky. Facinating!

        Also, there was magnitude 9.3 solar flare last night and CME on the way to Earth tomorrow morning.

        We have been in close alingment with Comet Honda the last couple of days.

        Keep piecing it together!


  93. Fair point Vara.
    Maybe pyramids should become the new house-building method, hehe.


  94. I agree people scare me far more than anything else.
    I have also been waiting for the stock market to fall. Times I feel are going to become a lot harder. If you are on medication and are able to stock up on them now then do so. I fear these things will be harder to get very soon.
    I hope I am wrong.
    So dates are matching up?

    Stay safe


  95. All religions are man made. Having said that i also beleive that all religions came from some inspiration. One crop cirle depicts this fact. If we furthur investigate, either one of these facts has to be true. 1) Crop circles are alien made. 2) Crop circles are man made. 3) It is all computer generated trick. Suppose if it is alien made, have no clue as to what does this crop circle depicts and convey. Here is the link:


  96. @ Jay

    I too am worried about the impending double dip recession, times will get tougher than they currently are and as more and more people are out of work, opportunists and criminals grow in number as more people fight out in desperation. Were in for more dark days ahead people and i think we need to worry more about the ground level goings on than what could be heading at us from space.

    these next few months could the be the crucial point in our worlds economy and i think we will see whole nations collapse before its over, just look at the state Greece is already in and also how whole towns are being sold in America. But, as ive said before we are always misunderstanding the ancient texts which correctly say: “the world, as we know it, will change/end (debated)”



    • @Luke

      We know it’s very busy out there in space and honestly we can’t do much about that.
      Ancient texts from all over the globe have warnings for us. Your head will start spinning when you read all the different interpretations of these.
      Put them all together and find the connection. A warning. No point in debating or arguing specific dates ect. Time has been lost.

      We as the people have to be alert for the signs. Military, the elite and economy movements. I know myself if I was one of the elite and had a high investment in a country that would most likely fall due to disaster that I would sell all my stocks/investment. Take the money while it’s still worth something. The only difference between myself and the elite is that I would try and help the people.

      So yes the world as we know it will change.
      I wonder when martial law will spread throughout our world.

      Stay safe


  97. elenin dwarf star warning sept. 26 2011

    Are you ready?


  98. This is excellent! I could not have put my thoughts into a video any better than this. Those that don’t like religion, get over it! It is part of the puzzle. Those that don’t like ancient text, get over it! Those that question science, get over it! Those that think science holds all of the answers, get OVER IT!!! They are all pieces to the puzzle that you have to accept and put all of them together.
    Piece to all!


  99. is this a site that debates religions. did a priest touch you in a bad place? why all the anger and vitriol at religion? Vara, i hate to tell you this, but in spite of some bad things being done in the name of religion(i.e., twin towers in new york, etc), much good has come out of it also. most of our social programs to help those in need arose out of “religion”. Many of our great scientific discoveries and advances came from men and women who happen to believe in “god”. To lump all religious people together and then call them empty and fearful is disingenuious at best. From my experience with the topics of ufos, ancient astronauts, etc., it is the “scientific” community that offers the greatest resistence to these beliefs, not religious. If your theories can only survive by you hurling insults at people who disagree with you, or with whom you disagree, then you must not have much of a solid foundation to rest them upon. Why not stay on topic with something you may actually know a little about, rather than tred into territory you obviously know little or nothing about. Just a helpful suggestion


    • chuck, the attacks are not aimed at religion itself in most cases, merely the way that people use quotations as facts, i do concede that many people use the same quotations for scientific proof but they are fewer in number, i guess its another case of a few radicals spoiling the general image of religion. Also i would like to point out that religions generally don’t look for answers and prefer to follow the word of scriptures, but science looks for the true answer and cause before asserting it as truth

      but that’s just my take on things


      (ps i was brought up in religious (christian) schools, so i do know what im talking about)


  100. I agree Chuck but up to a point. When they over do it, and cross the line, then its time to trim off the excess.

    Good post!!!



  101. To all members in this forum and on any topic::

    Please verify for all of us and we request each of you and make a report. While you are doing this, double check with residents in your area and ask them where the Sun should be rising and where it should be setting at this time of the year.

    Take out your compasses and verify it.

    If the sun is rising and setting differently please file your report here to us and not any other place. Your help is most appreciated.

    We have a suspicions of our planet right now and of the moon as well.

    Something is wrong and we are seeing something very much different than under normal means.

    Again report back here of your findings. Just take 5 mins of your time and double check with long term residents who have been in your area for many years and ask them where it normally should be at this time of the year.



    • nothing different here, same norm, only difference is the late winter chill which should have hit roughly 2months ago, but it has happened late before so no real cause for alarm there…

      ive noted that vara seems very quiet atm, haven’t heard anything from him in a while, maybe hes given up on this topic



      • So what you are saying you have not noticed anything different about the sun rising and setting??? I have noticed it over here. At this time of the year it should be rising almost due east but slightly northeast because the northern hemisphere should be tilted more towards the sun for their summer time and the southern hemisphere which I believe where you are located at, should show opposite.

        What I am seeing here is its rising on the southeast of the sky and ending up nearly on the northwest of the sky.( At this time of the year ) Totally different if my recollection serves me right from the earlier years at this same house where I have been the last 8 years.

        Can you re-check and verify your side and ask others around you if they feel the same???

        Another good one is about the moon. Its been cloudy over here and I cannot get a view on it, but others have reported it has changed as well even from Cornell University in USA who made a report to science journals of this issue that the moon flipped somewhere starting in February this year.



      • I can tell it most simply by how the sun enters my room in the morning, my house has an easterly facing plan so the sun rises right between my windows, I do however note that the moon has taken a rather shallow path through the sky as of late, im enquiring into the local observatory as to an explanation. Other than that its just weather anomalies that constantly hit here, look at New Zealand weather over the last month and you’ll see what I mean, lots of anti-cyclones and huge low pressure fronts coming up from Antarctica.

        I dont want to seem to crazy but in my opinion we are entering a cooling trim in the southern hemisphere, Australia is experiencing lows like never before and New Zealand is getting even colder than usual, in new Plymouth we had a frost that last through to midday and beyond, usually they would dissipate at the first sight of sunlight, but this stuff was just like pure ice on everything, even the water in the soil was frozen, apparently the temp dipped below -6 at one point, and were a coastal town (ie that shouldn’t happen), but also we had snow down to sea level which resulted in breaking Taranaki records for snow falls….. but on the bright side, the ski fields finally opened lol

        Weve also been having record high temps for winter, most of the time were having higher temps than Australia, which again is very odd…

        I know some people will read this and use the whole, how can global warming cool the planet, well you’re all probably gunna find out soon enough as in my opinion this strange weather is hinting at something big that’s on its way



    • I have noticed a difference down here in the south. I see the sunrise most mornings. Even the color of it is a topic for the locals.
      Have asked others to verify this as well and will get the info back to you.


  102. I say keep the biblical quotes off this site, There are other boards for religion.


  103. Hi Mike

    Your request and wish is granted. No problem

    To Luke and to everyone:

    I don’t have power struggles Luke, as my desires is not for power in this forum, but for fairness in this forum, and if its not a persons affair best let the staff on the site handle the matter. No one is above another in regards to opinions, thoughts, beliefs, knowledge as we are all human, and we argue here sometimes and even get into heated debates like a family, but no one has the right to dominate someone else or to slam them on a personal level especially on a public forum. That is why there is staff moderators on this forum, and I have spoken several times on this subject. Its not abuse at all, but when you have some people here not give respect to those in authority and to staff personnel, and continue to think otherwise, then something happens.

    We have several times requested off and on for those who like to give religious quotations to please spew it someplace else, as many in this forum are not interested in man made religious theological thoughts. Its fine to try to match a religious object or statement with science and to compare and debate on it, but don’t do it like Fred over here has done with long winded religious speak a thons!!!!!. I resent it quite a bit. Religious quotations have no substance in this forum. It does not matter what religion they are from as this refers to all religious entities. Therefore again I issue out this warning to those who will make such attempt as you will be moderated like a lightning strike.

    Last of all no one here on this forum should be posting their e-mails as its definitely against the TOS regulations. Its main purpose and reason is to protect you against spam, virus and possible attacks either towards you or your computers. If you wish to have a private conversation with someone, please make the request directly to the Admin, and the Admin will forward your request but do understand well and heed to my warning in doing so this forum shall not nor will not be held responsible to whatever happens after that point between you and the person you requested to converse with privately. If you get hit with a virus or spam or some problems with your computer YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBLITY, and not the Admin or this forum. We divest ourselves of any liability totally and completely.

    I do not claim to have full knowledge of many subjects, nor will I ever do so, but insert my thoughts and opinions, theorys and hypothesis irrespective whether or not it makes sense to others, and I welcome any correction deem worthy as long as the correction makes sense. Sure we can argue on it too, no problem. But> Calling me or anyone else an idiot or a slimeball or some other name because of some thoughts or opinion or theory or hypothesis not suitable to your thinking is in a sense slamming a person and it will not be tolerated.

    One message before I post this, and its for everyone. There is no requirement to provide proof to your thoughts, opinions, theorys or hypothesis, and if you give such proof, its done all voluntary. One can ask if the person has any and if their response is no, don’t badger them or cut them down because they don’t have it. If they do, wonderful and if they post it, this is superb as we can then see and understand what you are trying to say. This is essential for good communication among everybody.

    So to all members herein carry on my wayward people and lets solve the riddles and questions that confront us together as a team and as a family so we can hopefully escape if possible if any danger that comes upon us.

    Take care



  104. All I can say from my area is that the sun looks to rise later that normal, at least a bit…it was kind of a drastic change last week…and I noticed it…


  105. Hi Friends
    read this article and watch the video!
    and here the link towatch yourself live every day:
    and here you can watch the pics from the livewebcam the last 24 hours:
    there is nothing more to say.
    Norrin Radd


  106. An old document which gives us a better picture of nibiru. I will encourage everyone here to go through. The link is:;04.shtml


  107. Im just informing everybody that at this present time VARA and possibly NATE are unable to post to any comments.

    This is just to explain for their current absence, they both hope to be up and posting again soon



  108. And to show that I can “Almost” be a grown up, I wont even retaliate for the class slams directed at me while I was unable to post.
    Now, let me go back and review what I missed.
    ~ Vara 😉


  109. Hi Luke

    This morning I was able to see the Sun rise after all the clouds cleared out and wow, its rising slightly from the northeast side and settling on the northwest side. Hmmmm, Now this is a little off I do believe from the northern hemisphere side because we just had the summer equinox about what 40 days ago in which the northern hemisphere should have the longest day and shorter nights. I am sort of a little surprise this is the same even near the equator. I do believe Luke that you should be opposite then due to your location, shorter days, longer nights. Am I correct.

    Then it would mean that at the south pole there should be no sunlight at all. (We do know at the arctic region they do receive sunlight now.) From their webcam I see they get brief sunlight, but those other lights seen on their webcam is really weird and something is going on down there. They certainly do not have floodlights on top of that building or in the middle of the air!!!!!. Check it out yourself regarding that station of the light reflections on the ground etc.

    However the moon is really funky folks. I have seen the moon be almost top half dark and bottom light!!!!!!! on a few occasions but it never dawned on me till I read the report from Cornell University of which I stumbled upon. I don’t believe this is normal. Took a look at the normal moon phases and it does not match to their pictures.

    Still waiting for more reports from others if they can concur on their visual observations as well.

    Daveyo- Mod Squad.


  110. does any one knows what this big red X means:???

    Comet Elenin and Aleutian Islands: What NASA hide? A Big Red “X”!

    A Big RED “X” on the Bering Sea, right above the Aleutian Islands? A NASA link image 11133 kml. direclty on Google Earth? What the hell is this? Why a direct link with Comet Elenin? Is this an impact debris location or what?
    Please watch the video below and follow the same procedure…… Shocking!



    • Hi Camilla

      We have been aware of this for some time now and we have been investigating it. It has an extension known as cloak.z format which very few people use except for government use. Also its one very expensive program from Coral!!!! Costs over 400 bucks.

      So, yes we know about that RED X. We are not sure yet until somehow we can crack that extension and take a peek into those files. The probable factor of this X is ?????? not sure. That is why we are now desperate to find out the real size of Elenin especially which we need some official confirmation outside of some damn government entity. And to find out the size and official trajectory folks we are running out of TIME. None of us can trust NASA anymore.

      Therefore I ask everyone on this site and who visit this forum to please for gawd sakes if you are a reputable astronomer and astrophysist, please tell us the trajectory details, its official size and if possible what the other 5 nearby objects are and of their trajectory and if they will hit us or not. Do not fear of your jobs as you are protected by the whistleblower act mandated by congress which forbids anybody of retaliating against you.

      We the people, for the people and by the people hereby ask you experts to at least step up to the plate and tell us. If anyone has that program please let us know. We need your help!!!!!!!!!!

      Daveyo- Mod Squad.


  111. This information was gained from the internet from a PDF It was originally published by a scientist and then taken down and repost elsewhere. someone searched for it and found it in its original content – here is the link:
    here you’ll find the complete PDF is very interesting to read”


    • Camila.
      Ive seen this article before. I believe Daveyo may have published it some where on this site also, as well, I have had it on my comp for a while.
      I cannot speak for the entire artical, but it has a few inacuracies. Among the most prominant is the time line between elenin and Nibiru of a proposed 2 years.. You can more likely expect Nibiru a few months after elenin, not years.


  112. In regards to of my prior comments that gravity not existing per se, but that gravity itself is magnetism, this makes the most common sense when speaking of about this particular subject. This subject led to a heated debate from some members here in this forum. I still stand by my quote that physics has not really explained to the world of exactly where gravity comes from and how such is produced let alone prove gravitational pulls so much exists in regards to science and space.
    I believe magnetism is all involved and thru and by this such can be explained theorectically for most people.

    We do know as follows by which heavenly bodies out in space attract and repel one another. This we know as a given fact when compared to magnetism experiments. On Earth, much of the so-called gravity is simply atmospheric pressure that gives weight to small objects and alongside its magnetic field keeps them on its surface-much like underwater pressure in the ocean depth, which is the force of the sheer weight of the sea exerted in deep underwater objects such as submarines, atmospheric pressure is the weight of the volume of air above exerted on us here on the surface of the planet.

    Now if you notice on the topic of about Nibiru and its tug of war with the Sun and of its magnetic power and of it trying to strip us out of our current orbit, and additionally the poles being of magnetic means that keep us in tune direction wise plus other means. We use rockets to not only overcome the gravity inside the atmosphere, but use rockets to overcome the magnetic pull that keeps us close to earth. If they don’t escape from this, that rocket is going to be pulled back to earth by both forces.

    The sun has a magnetic field and that field is what keeps us in orbit or (supposingly) as well as the rest of the planets in the solar system and sets it in a balance way that if it was not so, planets would be crashing into one another etc and so forth as the solar system will be in total disarray.. Gravitational pull or gravity has nothing to do with this, so folks use some common sense here OK. When you see people speak of gravity do give it some thought regarding this subject as they are referring to magnetism, not gravity or gravitational pull.

    I rest my case to those who vehemently say and state otherwise.

    Daveyo – Mod Squad.


    • This is for everyone on this site. I do not wish to engage in a debate with anyone, for an attempt to spread the truth is only conceived by others as boosting my ego. Thus, this will be my only response to this falsification of physics. What is presented above is blatantly false and here’s why.

      While no one does know the source of gravity, the fact that is exists as an observational phenomenon cannot be denied. As an analogy, scientists do not know the connection between nerve impulses in the brain and the consciousness of the mind. Does this mean that the mind does not exist? No, it does not. This also fits with gravity. We do not know its source, yet the apple still falls from the tree.

      There are some key differences separating gravity and magnetism. Gravity is force proportional to the mass of an object (thus why the sun has “heavier” gravity that Earth). Gravity does not repel, it always attracts. Celestial bodies never repel one another, so magnetism cannot begin to explain the phenomenon of gravity. The planets orbit the sun in order to counteract the sun’s gravity, preventing their collapse into it. There is no repelling of celestial bodies.

      Discussing some of the points in the above post, I will try to clarify the proper reasoning behind why is happens. The atmosphere on Earth is “held down” by Earth’s gravity, not the magnetic field. However, the Earth’s magnetic fields prevents the atmosphere from scattering when disturbed by cosmic radiation from the sun. The radiation itself is termed electromagnetic radiation, which runs along the same vein as the Earth’s magnetic field, which is a property and result of electromagnetic radiation. It is theorized (people don’t really know what the source of the Earth’s magnetism is) that the conductive liquid iron in the outer core of the Earth rotates with the planet. This causes convection, creating an electric charge, which induces a magnetic field. This is called the Dynamo Theory, and here is an except from Wiki:

      “In the case of the Earth, the magnetic field is induced and constantly maintained by the convection of liquid iron in the outer core. A requirement for the induction of field is a rotating fluid. Rotation in the outer core is supplied by the Coriolis effect caused by the rotation of the Earth. The coriolis force tends to organize fluid motions and electric currents into columns (also see Taylor columns) aligned with the rotation axis. Induction or creation of magnetic field is described by the induction equation”

      Theoretically, if cosmic radiation did not exist, and Earth was never perturbed by any outside force, gravity alone would be sufficient to keep the atmosphere on Earth. The atmosphere is not magnetic, so the Earth’s magnetic field cannot attract the gaseous particle, which move the faster than other phases of matter, in order to keep them in place.

      Pressure underwater is caused by gravity, not magnetism. Without gravity (think of a space shuttle) the water would float around you, without causing any pressure. Water is not inherently magnetic, and so the Earth’s magnetism does not affect water pressure either. The “weight” of the water and the air is caused by gravity. I should clarify this point, gravity causes pressure, not the other way around.

      Talking about Nibiru, its large mass, which means that is exerts heavy gravity, is enough to perturb the orbits of other planets, and potentially alter the Earth’s axis tilt. Many people think the magnetic pole and pole about which the Earth rotates are one and the same, yet they are not:

      Nibiru’s magnetic field might alter the magnetic north and magnetic south, but it is Nibiru’s gravity only that can affect the tilt of the rotational axis.

      The sun has a gravitational field and that field is what keeps us in orbit or (supposingly) as well as the rest of the planets in the solar system and sets it in a balanced way that if it was not so, planets would be crashing into one another etc and so forth as the solar system will be in total disarray.. Magnetic pull or magnetism has nothing to do with this, so folks use some common sense here OK. When you see people speak of this do give it some thought regarding this subject as they are referring to gravity, not magnetism or magnetic pull.

      This above poster, I am sorry to say, is hopelessly confused. He will not do the research in order to correct his mistakes because he wholeheartedly believes he is correct. I believe that is he were to speak with a physics professor or researcher, his views on the subject would drastically change.

      Here are some links so help everyone in their research. (Note: while Wikipedia cannot always be trusted, most topics regarding mainstream science are almost always correct. Most of the material is sourced at the bottom of the page as well if you intend to research the subject further.) :

      “In contrast to electric and magnetic fields, the gravitational field exhibits a most remarkable property, which is of fundamental importance for what follows. Bodies which are moving under the sole influence of a gravitational field receive an acceleration, which does not in the least depend either on the material or on the physical state of the body. For instance, a piece of lead and a piece of wood fall in exactly the same manner in a gravitational field (in vacuo), when they start off from rest or with the same initial velocity. This law, which holds most accurately, can be expressed in a different form in the light of the following consideration.”

      Good Luck, and if you have ANY questions, I will help to the best of my ability. However, I won’t continue to debate my points with the above poster. This is the last time they will be said, and I will only help those who genuinely wish to know the truth about physics.

      As for my credentials, I graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in Biology. I took 4-5 classes in physics, both as pre-requisites for medical school and for my own interests. If you do not believe the sites that I posted, then I can quote directly from physics textbooks which are sitting on my bookshelf at home.

      Peace, everyone.


  113. It has been brought to our attention that VARA who has made many posts in this site has tendered his resignation with absolutely no ill will towards us saying he got enough information from our site to put all the pieces together of which tied up all the loose ends in his research quest for the truth.

    We wish him well and bon voyage in his future endeavors.

    Adios Vara and good luck

    Daveyo – Mod Squad


  114. VARAKIENEN, this is a perfect example of why the gov. or NASA should not release any bad info to the public. I too have the same thoughts about those who hold religion in the paradigm that encompasses fearful and retribution. I have often wondered why a group who says God is love is so quick to perform acts that are the opposite. Just look at history during the middle ages. The Spanish Inquisition officially lasted into the 1800s. Pat Robertson blamed the attack on 9/11 as a punishment from GOD on the US culture and its tolerance of gays, etc. So you are correct to be concerned on this matter. Once the cat is out of the bag for every Tom, Dick and Harry to come to conslusion that the end is near, that’s when it gets dicey.


    • Thank you Michael.
      And, I agree whole heartedly on all fronts.
      I dont tend to argue with the programmed Bible thumpers who dont seem to have the capacity for SELF thought any more with out some form of out side guidance to act as thier moral compass FOR them or safety net for that matter. Unless they Really cross the line that is. which reminds me, one did, and I should go back and address that. lol.
      Saddly, I know more about religeon than most who actually post about it. Ive studied the translated Torah, Quran, Old testement, new testiment, dead sea scrolls, and even Most of the Gospels which you will no longer Find in the bible because pHistorical propoganda has re-written it and certain gospels now clash with the new versions.
      I was Born and raised a catholic and know my psalms very well thank you. I even studied biblical history and theology from the non religious view point in college. Kind of a recquirement in my psychology courses actually.
      Am I an Expert on the subject? hah, NO thank God, pun intended. haha. But I dare say i usually know more than the average moron that questions why I have no religious anchor or if I have been touched by one priest to many. Priest No. Relative, Yes.
      I turned away from catholosism around 16-17 and turned to wicca. what an Enlightenement. But that wasnt enough, i needed to know More, I needed to know where religeon Came from and how it came to the point where it is now in many different cultures. Hindu, Bhuddist and more. How the “Cult” of christ came to power and why it did. Its pretty scary when you know the truths and Hypocracies!
      So yes, thanx for the support Michael.
      By the way, I Do believe in god. Just not the one most religeons want to convince you is what god IS.
      ps: Never was able to embrace Yom Kippur proporly. No one else but me ever seems willing to atone, and I cannot allow my bitterness to wane or forgive if They cannot.


  115. @ VARA, Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, it is always refreshing . Everyone here does have a chance to put forward his own ideas and thaughs, and to react on an theory if he felt it to be wrong. End of the day we all are here to face the reality. Yet our quest to draw a bottom line on such a complicated subject remains. Your valuable input along with others are required as we try & unfold these mysteries.


  116. INFORMATION OVERLOAD-that is what happening now-inside leaks-you name it-every1 got his-her astro-physics-astronomy ideas-theories-research-in this sector nothing is 100% conclusive-there is always the margin of error-in the asatro-physics-community-predictions-calculations-imaging-radio astronomy-visual astronomy-the list is endless if you right or wrong makes no diffirence-you just go on until you find a answer to the questions-problem is there more questions than answers-and it just like trying to put a fire with fuel-it aint going to stop the information being leaked out how you percieve that information-is it true?false?its up to every person to go find the answers you want-


  117. Again I have to disagree with the theory as presented by another member. The argument has nothing to do with two objects regardless of what they are one being a lead plate and the other being a pencil and if both were let go at the precise same time both will hit the ground at the same time. Newtons law already proved that part in classic fashion.

    Now in regards to the sun. OK lets give this some thought. If the sun has a gravitational field as the opponent of mine says it has and has gravity, is it a little wonder how a tiny itty bitty comet can go around the sun and still keep going without it being drawn to the sun itself. By the way folks the Sun is a huge massive star. Hmmmmmm, Ok with this in mind if such was the case according to the opponents theory, anything that gets close to the Sun will be drawn smacky right to the Sun and not be able to swing around due to the Suns huge massive mass and gravity and gravitational pull. Does this sound about right. Ok we also have seen on SOHO (unofficially confirmed) some massive size objects very close to the Sun yet they can stay in position and not move or see some massive size objects even make a 90 degree turn in 10 minutes. None of these objects by the way appear to get damaged by the million or higher kelvin degrees temps from our sun, let alone get sucked towards the sun by its gravity or gravitational pull of which our physics teacher says the sun has. Hmmmm. We have seen huge flares and CME ejections and some do escape and continue outward and some go up and then fall back into the sun. OK.

    Hmmm, Ok Now lets consider Jupiter here for a moment. We had a comet named Shoemaker 9 which was traveling in space on its way out. Jupiter pulled the comet and it broke it up to pieces and it slammed into Jupiter. Interesting huh. Now this same Shoemaker did make its way around the sun but the sun did not pull shoemaker into it??? Some thoughts here run thru my mind. ehhhh. The Sun is still hundreds of more times bigger than Jupiter. Does this make any sense?? We are in agreement on this part right. We also know the planet Jupiter has moons as well, yet with the massive gravitational pull Jupiter has due to is massive mass as our teacher says, the moons still stay in orbit and do not get pulled into Jupiter immense gravitational field. Is our teacher trying to tell us that those moons have anti-gravitational pull??? Shoemaker got drawn towards Jupiter much farther out than Jupiters moons and yet went smack towards it.

    Next we have two probes that are beyond Pluto OK. These probes are still reporting about the Suns magnetic field in our solar system. They are not reporting gravitational pull or gravity in our solar system. Hmmmm, Ok I suppose we also agree on this part, and the pioneer probes do verify that the sun has a magnetic field that is stretching to that distance.

    Next now we do know of about Mercury and that is the planet closest to the Sun. Wonderful isn’t it. Being so close to the Sun. Ok if the Sun has this massive size and mass and gravity and gravitational pull wouldn’t you think that the Sun would pull Mercury towards the Sun by now after what multi billions of years have gone by????

    Hmmmm, Ok, here is another one. The astronauts have reported that once they are back inside Earths magnetic field they begin to feel heavier and gravity as named returns back to the shuttle and hence once inside the magnetic field of earth they have gravity. Now lets go back a step huh. When the astronauts were out in space known as zero gravity again as they say, they are weightless and float around. Let go any object at the same time it stays put. Does not move. Give it a push and it moves to whatever direction it was pushed. Now they have tried to create gravity by spinning around and that does not work and they have reported dizziness and nausea and other factors. So the idea of spinning the shuttle was stopped and the theory got trashed to the garbage can. Now keep in mind that the shuttle is outside of Earths magnetic field and is subject to dangerous solar rays. The only thing protecting the crew is the Van Allen belt which keeps the dangerous radiation in check otherwise our astronauts would be coming back loaded with radiation that would set off the geiger counters to the extreme.

    Now lets go back a step. We do know the moon has a small magnetic field. Our astronauts landed on the moon and it has no air!!!!! Ok we can definitely know our moon has no air. Yet they have a certain amount of something called weight which kept them on the ground. We know that much right, and we have seen that on the camera videos of when they were there from the past visits. The astronauts hopped up and they came back down. Now ask yourself what did that??? How did they get back down to the ground if the moon has no air yet when they are on inside their spaceship between the earth and the moon they had no gravity???? hmmm, . Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Is this gravity or gravitational pull as one might say OK the moon has a mass etc and with a mass it will have gravity. Right as our physics teacher says on this forum. Ok we also know the Earth is much bigger regarding its mass than the Moon. Yet the moon is not drawn into earths gravitational pull by earth if there is such a thing. Ok so our teacher is saying two bodies having gravitational pull attract and hold each other???? I kinda wonder how this can be so, when its already proven if two objects having the same polarity repel and not attract. Again I must state polarity is magnetism not gravity. Just to be clear here. Is physics going against their theory here or what??? Lets pull out our textbooks here ehhhh.

    Now lets go to some asteroid and try the same thing. Asteroids have a small amount of mass. I wonder if a astronaut can still be able to go up and come back down and if the asteroid has gravity or not. We have yet to land a astronaut to some asteroid to find this out. Does this asteroid have a magnetic field??? We don’t know as we have not found that out either.

    Now we go back to this gravity and gravitational theory vs magnetism which gives us this theory called gravity. Classic argument ehh.

    I will continue to make another post on this subject to give you folks a chance to digest what I have said here and to give it some good hard thought. Ok Question mine vs question our physics teacher in this forum and then look at the answers given and then you decide who is right. Fair enough. Great, I just love this kind of debate, yet I must tell all of you, I am no physics expert but just an ordinary joey from the streets still talking heavy stuff ehhh. I profess to have no qualifications to the contrary to support my background so therefore you are looking at a classic debate by a person who is questioning the experts of their field to explain to me how gravity and gravitational theory came into existence and by whom??? Are we talking about a textbook here or some proven factual actual visual seeing theory. I have on this post made some points worthy for us to consider which is a factual actual visual seeing issue. Courtesy of our astronauts, and pioneer and asteroids and comets and our instruments that have detected these magnetic fields.

    Daveyo- Moderator


  118. Hello Together
    maybe you miss my post about the second sun which you can watch from the neumaier antarctic station..maybe this will take our planet within this new solar system which shows up now at the antarctic..remember the hopi prophethy about the 5th world and a new sun will shine for us all..maybe this is it, so pls watch the video inside the article unbelivable events in antarctica carefully
    amd it correspondate very well wz this video from an australian guy:

    and there is anther station un antarctica where you can watch also a interessting video:
    think this is really something very extraordinary and maybe nibiru is involved also.
    Norrin Radd


  119. Ok on this post I continue where I left off. Now lets give something a thought or two here. We have seen the UFO’s here and there and just about everywhere if people had bothered to look up at the sky. They go at incredible speeds, and can accellerate much faster than the speed of sound and not even a pencil can be heard but only maybe a wisp of air moving etc., or maybe have the capability to blend somehow with the air and not cause friction. Our teacher here says we have gravity and mass. Granted this is true from what we know from Newton, yet they can overcome this planets gravity with such relative ease and zip around so quietly they can be right on top of you and you not know it. Wow. Well now you ask what is my point here. My point here is they somehow have overcome our physics teacher beyond his knowledge that even I cannot explain because Alien physics is much different than human physics. They are defying all our laws of physics and we cannot explain how they did it. However now, lets just presume something which is just a hypothesis and a mere thought from a person with blanket zip qualifications OK. They must already have the means to create some form of again gravity while in space otherwise they will suffer the consequences of deadly radiation or bone loss or muscle degeneration if they were in space for long periods of time. My thinking is they somehow are able to create their own magnetic field to create their own personal gravity inside their ships yet their ships have the capability to blend with the air of ours to not create a boom out of the sound barrier, and can zip all over the place inside our atmosphere, and even go inside volcanos!!!! and come out unscathe without hardly a scratch, and do things beyond our own comprehension. We know the solar system coming from our Sun generates a magnetic field so its safe to presume other stars within the galaxies have the same format or genre if you wish. Therefore my guess is these ships are using some form of magnetism to make it happen as such is unlimited, and then again why hang around the Sun for days at a time. Is this their means for a power source. Or are they using the Sun for some kind of photosynthesis to create their energy. Small example is we have solar panels to create electric power. OK.

    Now, these same ships can also go twice the speed of light. Means to say 2 times the speed of light because they are known to reach their star system that is 38 light years away in 90 days. (not my opinion but from other sources that reported this information) However, Mr. Einstein says nothing can go faster than light. I wonder. Many in the early days said we had no capability to crack or break the sound barrier. Eventually we did. So now we got the light speed issue, so can we crack that and I suppose if we live long enough we might do it sometime in the future once we understand what makes this universe of ours tick tock like a clock.

    Even still we have a quest to have unlimited power like fusion which is the same thing our sun does so well and have such amount of energy to last several billion years till its fuel supply runs out. Of course there is no way any physics can prove any specific theory of what and how our sun operates since there is no way in hell we can ever set foot on it let alone determine if it has a mass inside its core. Great. However we do know the Sun creates massive huge amounts of magnetic energy and our instruments have detected it does have such. Fantastic huh. So since we cannot set foot on the sun or send some probe upon the sun, how in the hell can our physics experts tell us the Sun has gravity and or has a gravitational field. What gave them that idea???? Or is this a theoretical supposition conjured by the expert minds???? Lets face it OK, they cannot prove it, and there is no way in hell they can ever prove it unless they can test the Law of Newton upon it.

    There are many things that go against this particular theory and we all know what that is about don’t we?? If comets and asteroids can swing around it without a blip of some gravitational pull to take it inside the suns territory something is wrong and this issue raises a hell of a lot of questions regarding our physics teachers explanation.

    I am sure many of you if you sat back and gave all this some hard thought and think of in terms of common sense here shit if in doubt question it and don’t accept answers as a given textbook tells you. You can have a ton of books on the shelf and several million pages of all the physics man has known, but if it cannot answer the points I have brought up before you here in this forum on this particular debate, then well those books will require a complete overhaul.

    Its like saying the sky is blue but in space its black why??? Well the blue is caused by the light reflections which gives off a prism of many colors and it bounces back up to the atmosphere and this is what we see. The sky folks is actually black cause when the light sets out west what do you see next?? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok nice little answer given to a very simple question.

    I rest my case my fellow peers and no further witnesses to call at present time.

    Ok teacher your final turn to explain to the jury of our peers.

    Daveyo- Moderator.


  120. Elenin – More Mystery Every Day – SpaceObs Mistake ?


  121. If anyone would like for me to refute Daveyo’s post, please let me know. I don’t need to do it for myself, but I’ll gladly do it for someone interested in learning.



    • Nate

      Id be interested in hearing your side, and running my own comparison, there are a few points i would like to correct in daveyo’s posts also, but ill leave that for another time. right now Ive gotta get back to my calculus work, but ill leave a more elaborated reply tomorrow morning.



  122. Hi Guys
    Any clue on what is that HUGE BALL OF LIGHT ” this time in LASCO 2 –
    is in every picture starts on 2011/08/11 — 04:48
    please don’t tell me is VENUS again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  123. Gravity is only because we have an atmosphere its a vacuum system like our planet Earth is protected by a protective cloud its like cling film over a bowl and the atmosphere (air) is pressurised which forces us and objects to always remain on the ground.

    Water is pressurised from the vacuum created from the outer core.

    No other planet in our solar system has this hence thats why there is no life, plants, water etc.

    Scientists do not know enough about other planets or celestial objects as they have not been on them so they can only discuss the physics of our planet Earth.

    If these aliens are so much more intelligent than us then why are they playing hide and seek and why are they not communicating in English or Latin or which ever language suits them?

    If they are friendly then why are we not shaking their hands and if they are hostile then why are not destroying us in their undetectable stealth flying machines?

    The elements in the Universe can create many fantastic objects and maybe other fantastic life forms that maybe of Silicon or Carbon or whatever, maybe aliens are plant life or reptilian but what makes them so much more intelligent than us for them to create super flying machines that can travel so fast?

    Plants do not have a brain and reptiles such as those on Earth do not have arms/hands to create so only something cross bred from human/reptilian and/or plant life could be as creative as us.

    Remember there is no time or pressure in space so speed can be infinite and only the magnetic powers and energy released from the Suns could hinder unless intelligent life knew how to absorb that and use it to be beneficial.


  124. Ok Luke, I’m going to point out a few things I disagree with on his post. And Daveyo, I’m willing to have a friendly debate, and I apologize for my lack of patience in previous posts. Everyone is right in terms of we should all be united and friendly. I promise I won’t take anything personally, and I hope I can ask the same of you. Please don’t call me a teacher. While I do have some knowledge from my classes, I will tell you that I am far from knowing what my professors do.

    I’m going to number my objections, just because it’s easier for me to organize my thoughts.

    1) You are totally right about dropping a lead plate and a pencil at the same time and having them hit the ground at the same time, provided they are at the same height.

    2) The reason a comet doesn’t plummet into the sun due the the sun’s massive gravity is it’s motion. It is going fast enough in order to counteract the sun’s intense gravity and prevent itself from collapsing into the sun. This is true for all the planets, asteroids, and other objects orbiting the sun. If any of the them stopped, then they would fall into the sun. If they slow down, their orbit will become smaller and they will get closer to the sun. If they speed up, their orbit will increase and they will be farther from the sun. Comets will speed up in their orbits when they are near the sun in order to avoid falling into it. If you look at the Elenin JPL, you’ll notice how fast it’s moving about it’s perihelion, but once it reaches Jupiter’s orbit, it travels
    more slowly.

    3) As for the SOHO object that can stop in front of the Sun and do 90 degree turns, I have a theory, which I’ll talk about later, but they are probably counteracting the Sun’s gravity somehow…. I can only speculate on technology that surpasses ours. If they are spacecrafts, then they can handle the Sun’s heat because they most likely have heat shields, much like the ones we use in our shuttles upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. I assume that their heat shields are much more refined than ours. As for CMEs, some are ejected with enough force to escape the pull of the Sun, while some are not.

    4) For Shoemaker, I don’t know much about it, but I assume it was in a stable orbit with the Sun, so it wouldn’t fall into the Sun, but when it crossed Jupiter’s path, the large planet broke it apart and sucked it in. It probably approached Jupiter at an angle that allowed this to happen. If it had approached at another angle, it could have become a moon of Jupiter, which is a theory of some of the planet’s moons. Once the orbits become stable, the Jupiter moons’ motion counteracts the gravitational pull and thus prevents them from falling into the gas Giant.

    5) You are right about the probes. They are detecting magnetic field, but this is irrevelant to the gravity vs. magnetism debate.

    6) Mercury is in a 3:2 spin orbital resonance, which makes it very stable and it quickly runs about the Sun, preventing it’s fall into the Sun.

    7) Astronauts aren’t weightless in space because of zero gravity, it’s because of free fall (like sky diving, but without any air). I discussed this in a previous post, but the centrifugal force of the shuttles orbit around the Earth gives the result of zero gravity as it counteracts the Earth’s pull. This mechanism is why we don’t feel the Sun’s gravity on Earth (we only feel the pull of Earth) and why we don’t feel the Earth’s gravity on the Moon. If you google “why astronauts float in space,” you’ll easily find the answer.

    8) The Van Allen belts are actually pockets of radiation. Shuttle try to circumvent them in order to prevent traveling through the high amounts of radiation. They are not protective to astronauts; they are harmful to them.

    9) Yes the moon has gravity. The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere because it’s gravity isn’t large enough to hold fast moving gas particle, and the magnetic field is too small to protect said particles from scattering.

    That’s it for post number one. Know I’ll use another post to discuss points on the second post.


  125. Continuing on to your second post Daveyo:

    1) For a sonic boom to occur, you need both a speed faster than the speed of sound AND sound itself. If the UFO isn’t creating any sound, for none of them seem to use loud rocket propulsion, then no sonic boom will occur.

    2) I have no way to prove this, but I believe that in our dimension (our material world), all physics are the same. They apply to us and aliens. Now… many have talked about the next dimension and this spirit dimension where the ETs will come and help us ascend. If some other dimension exists, then perhaps other laws that we are unaware of may come into play. I can only discount them as I consider the material world, and when I am discussing the material world, the same laws of physics apply.

    3) I do wonder if ETs can travel faster than the speed of light. Einstein wasn’t right about everything. One study passed a beam of light through specially treated cesium gas, and it traveled faster than the speed of light (thought to be unbreakable). It created a length of “zero time” as the beam of the light traveled into the future. CRAZYYYY! It blew my mind when I read this. Whether the ETs can travel faster than light, I only wish I knew. (If anyone wants the link, I’ll look for it🙂

    4) The Sun has gravity. The prove is in all of the orbiting objects that the Sun holds in order to create the solar system. There is also a gravitational constant which can approximate all the mass of celestial object and compute their gravitational force. Because mass determines how large the gravity is, the Sun has a huge gravitational field.

    Ok, now the fun part. I believe that UFO use gravity in order to maneuver around the universe. There is a paper called “Guidelines to Anti-gravity” (I can find a link if you want one) which points out that if a substance if spun fast enough, that it can create it’s own artificial gravity. Thus, if there was a ring, in which a liquid was moving through it really fast, then it could provide a powerful artificial gravity that would allow a flying saucer to zoom around. This is why UFOs are saucer shaped, as they incorporate this ring along the outer border as their power source. If they used mercury, the heaviest liquid, charged it with energy, and moved it around the ring in a toroidal formation, then perhaps this could be feasible. PLEASE realize this is just my own theory, and based on something I read concerning a “secret” operation of the US Govt.

    Perhaps they are going to the sun in order to refuel. We have solar panels that can harness the Sun’s energy, so why can’t a space ship travel close to the Sun and obtain massive amounts of energy? Again, upgraded heat shields much like those used in our shuttles, could protect them from the heat.

    So there you have it. You have to realize that even though gravity’s source is unknown, it has been observed for years. There are many researchers that have dedicated their lives to explaining the phenomenon, and explaining it away in terms of magnetism makes no sense. Magnetism has different properties and if you noticed, I hardly had to mention magnetism in order to explain the properties of gravity.

    Gravity always attracts bodies to one another. Gravity never repels. The sheer mass of Earth is the determining factor of its gravity.

    Magnetism depends on the conductivity of electrons, which is prevalent in metals. High pressure liquid metals in the outer core are thought to be the source of Earth’s magnetic field. Magnetism can repel and attract depends on the orientation of the poles. Magnetism goes hand in hand with electricity, as there cannot be one without the other. This is why we have the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes visible light, x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and ultraviolet rays. The magnetic field of the Earth comes from the electricity produced when the highly conductive liquid metal rotates with the Earth. It’s motion causes convection, which induces the magnetic field.

    I will say that gravity could be a pseudo-force and a residual force of electromagnetism. But, this does not mean that their observational effects are vastly different and “caused” by different variables.

    Hope this clarifies things.


    • NATE.
      Good job mate.😉


    • Excellent explanations Nate! Electromagnetism and gravitation are not the same, but are two of the four fundamental interactions of nature (the others include the nuclear strong force and weak force). It is not possible for magnetism to influence attraction or repulsion in an object that is non-magnetic. The only magnetic substances we know of are iron, nickel, and cobalt (and any alloy comprised of any of these metals). If an object does not contain these metals then it will not be affected by a magnetic field. Gases (atmosphere), rocks (moons), plastics, etc. will not be affected by magnetism unless these substances contain magnetic materials like iron, nickel, or cobalt.
      Gravity is the reason that comets fly around the Sun instead of directly into it. If an asteroid/comet/meteorite contains iron, nickel, or cobalt, it will most definitely be affected by the magnetism of the Sun and other heavenly bodies. There would be an excellent chance of these objects crashing into the Sun, Jupiter, or the Earth because of the magnetic attraction of one object to another. Gravity would cause a comet to circle around the Sun, or for a moon to orbit a planet instead of being directly pulled into it. All objects are affected by gravity in some sense, but not all objects are affected by magnetism.

      As a physical equation: F = G m1 m2 / r2
      F=is the force due to gravity, G=the Universal Gravitational Constant (6.67×10-11 N.m2/kg2), m1 is the mass of object 1, m2 is the mass of object 2, and r=the distance between two objects.

      Another equation is: F=mg
      Again, F=is the force due to gravity, g=the acceleration due to gravity and m=mass.
      These equations prove that gravity requires mass and acceleration, not magnetic attraction. This is why a comet will go around the Sun, or a moon will orbit around a planet. The acceleration or momentum of the object (e.g. moon) wants to cause the object (e.g. moon) to go in a straight line. The gravitational pull of the planet wants the object (e.g. moon) to be pulled towards the planet. The interaction of these two forces cause the object (e.g. moon) to orbit the planet instead of shooting off into space or being pulled directly into the planet. Magnetism is not involved in this process, or is involved very minimally.

      However, I do not think that your point #1 about sonic booms is completely accurate. The sonic boom is caused by an object moving faster than the speed of sound. The “boom” itself it the wake, or waves of air that are displaced in front and behind the airplane, or other flying object. When the speed of the plane increases these waves get closer and closer together until they get compressed into one single wave. This is when the sonic boom occurs. It occurs only once at Mach 1. The sonic boom itself has nothing to do with the physical sound the plane or other object is making, it has to do with the air pressure around it. I would assume that the reason the UFO’s do not create sonic booms is because they do not physically displace any air around them, or that they do not displace it fast enough to cause the sonic boom. They most likely travel in some sort of electromagnetic or gravitational bubble in which they contain their own space/time. This could be the reason they are able to travel in space, planetary atmospheres, and water/liquid without having resistance or external pressures affect them. Lightning does not have a sound like a jet plane does, yet it causes thunder, and sometimes very loud thunder. The cause of this thunder is not fully known, but is probably a combination of a sonic boom, the sudden increase in temperature in the atmosphere right around the lightning bolt, and possibly the splitting and/or combining of molecules or atoms in the air. For example, there is an abundance of Ozone after a thunderstorm. This caused by the lightning splitting Oxygen (O2) atoms and then combining them into Ozone (O3). This formation of ozone is a byproduct of lightning, and may contribute to the sound of thunder also.


  126. Hi Nate

    Yea sure no problem as this is a friendly family rub a dub debate, hehehehehe, and even toss a few pillows at each other while at it, hehehehehe.

    I was surprised to see you reporting about that they have achieved something going faster than speed of light. Then how come those in Hong Kong say nothing can go faster than light? I believe this was reported not long ago? I still think one can go faster than the speed of light. I also think one can reach the time warp barrier too. Let me explain.

    The 100 is a scale in hundreds for speed OK. 10, 20, 30 just like a speedometer on a car OK. Ten of these make 100.

    Now to get to light speed there is a scale I will call it being hyper drive, like hyper drive 1 to hyper drive 2 etc.

    From 1 to 10. At 10 you are going light speed OK

    Now, We have speed of light right so we mark it warp speed.

    now we go faster to warp 1 which is 10 times faster than speed of light

    next is warp 2 or 20 times faster than speed of light. (this is the speed the aliens have done to reach their star system in 90 days that we know of at present time.

    Now if one goes faster than 10 times the speed of light I do believe this is the time speed or known as the time warp or known as Universe time. This is the speed of Universe as it expands from end to end..

    An idea brought to you by Star Trek, hehehehehehehe.

    This universe time is expanding and going faster than anything can catch up to it.

    Lets put it another way so folks here can understand. Say you have a large bowl of water sitting very still on the table top OK

    Now you hold a small round lead ball and hover it just about the middle of that large bowl of water. Then release it and you should see the waves expand to the bowl itself.

    According to some physics and theory, they call this the big bang. Hmmm I have to admit this Big Bang Theory does have a lot of holes theory wise. Of course one can go find some putty and plug a hole or two ehhhh, hehehehehehehehee..

    Now some might ask all of us this one question > where and whats holding this universe???? What created the Universe to begin with. Is there an end to Universe expansion??? The answers to these questions will never be solved by humanity ever.

    But it is interesting to note that my theory of Universe Time is the fastest anything can go cause light cannot catch up to it, nor can any kind of entity no matter how advanced they are let alone have such capability.

    But this is another subject for debate folks so stay tuned and bookmark the dial OK

    Now Nate, I have one question, and will continue on this tomorrow sound good.

    Does the sun have a liquid core???? Yikes but sorry but I had to ask cause tomorrow I will explain why I asked this question.

    I am too tired right now as its been a long day for me.



  127. OKAY!!! Has no one compared this article to the Book of Revelations? EVERYTHING MATCHES. As a Christian I can’t help but believe this is what is happening. I believe after the rapture non believers are going to blame our disappearance on the “magnetic field”. PLEASE PLEASE I URGE EVERYONE WHO HAS NEVER READ THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS TO PICK UP YOUR BIBLE AND READ IT!


    • Jazie. Oh indeedy, some of us have.
      It is biblical studies which led me on the search for answers to begin with. But by Biblical I do Not imply Religeous.
      Belief and faith has little to do with the science of my factual searches and researches.
      Yes, we are living in the revelations end times.
      All the signs are happening, and the list grows increasingly short as the itemised events are checked off.
      I check the news religeous and science papers daily looking for them.
      I’m still waiting for a certain temple to be fully rebuilt or restored, but replica’s have been already and that may qualify as well. God knows thay already have a perfect red cow lined up for the sacrifice.
      Any way, Yes. Some of us have read it.
      I just prefer the scientificly minded and grounded down to earth types to comment on the bible similarities, rather than the religeous once whom cant seem to think for them selves, whom want to try to Interpret religeous meanings in the scriptures and convince you that Thier interpretations are the right ones and you are doomed if you do not follow them. Holds her hands out in a strangulation like throttling mode. lol.
      Oh Rapture, where for art thou Rapture.


    • Honestly Vara, I agree with Jazie. Everyone should read the Bible because it’s a great piece of literature. It is very eye-opening to read the Book of Revelation in the context of extraterrestrials.

      Think about it: where did religion come from? Christians swear on their faith that God exists, Jesus was his son, and throw in the Holy Spirit for good measure. But just as the Sumerian Gods were ETs, so are the Christian god/gods. All gods of all religions are ETs. The stories of their interactions with humanity were passed down orally, slowly becoming mythified as they are changed into fantastic stories.

      People didn’t just make up religion out of thin air. There must have been something from which to base the thoughts about Christianity. Aliens are that something. Watch the 2001 remake of the Planet of the Apes for a correlation. Pay close attention to the religion of the Ape race (when I saw this movie recently my mind was blown).

      God is the head honcho, and his son is Jesus. His miracles are possible through advanced technology that were inconceivable to the people of that era. The immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary was artificial insemination. Ezekiel’s wheel is a spaceship. The pillar of smoke by day and fire by night that guided the Jews out of Egypt is a spaceship. Angels are aliens. They have flight technology. The Nefilim are aliens, who “laid with the daughters of man.”

      Also, the Sumerians referred to the first humans as ADAMU in their Epic of Creation. The Sumerians also said we are genetic hybrids, originally made to do physical labor. And then, the Bible says that we were created in his image. Yes, we were created in the image of the ETs because they created use as hybrids using some of their own DNA.

      I believe that the Rapture of the Book of Revelation will come true, as it was the ETs who told its author, John, about the apocalypse. He wrote down what he was shown/told, and the beings with advanced technology might have precognition technology.

      Read the bible, especially the first chapter of Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation, with these thoughts in mind. It’s almost surreal.

      But, I do agree with Vara. The Bible shouldn’t be used to explain why/how things will happen. Scientific data and research should be used, BUT there is nothing wrong with comparing the two sources and looking for correlation held within religious texts.


  128. Hey Daveyo,

    The article I mentioned about surpassing the speed of light was just one article. It takes many more studies and verification in order to allow this information to be taken as mainstream. Thus, mainstream scientists will continue to go along with Einstein and say that the speed of light cannot be broken until some study comes to light saying otherwise.

    I read many new article, and take what I’ve learned and come to my own conclusion. I DO believe that the speed of light can be passed. But let me try to explain my understanding of time.

    According to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, time slows down as one approaches the speed of light (3 x 10^8 m/s in a vacuum). In theory, time stops as well travels at the speed of light, which is why people think reaches this speed is impossible. If one travels faster than the speed of light, they travel into the future. When passing the speed of light, you essentially reach your destination before the light can…

    I know this is confusing. Our mind isn’t made to perceive changes in time, but they DO exist and are used often in particle physics.

    Everyone: time is motion. Every step you take alters time, but on such a small scale that it is negligible to our perception, to our senses. As linear motion increases, time slows down. If time stops at the speed of light, then this must mean that the speed of light is the upper limit that determines the flow of time.

    The tricky part is this: time is only slowed for the person who is observing the traveler. For the person traveling in a speed comparable to light, time flows at a “normal” pace. This is called relativity.

    If you have any questions, I’ll try to elaborate. This topic is still hard for me to wrap my mind around, even though I know it is true.

    As for the Universe, why do you assume it is expanding? I think the Big Bang Theory is one it’s way out because, as you said, it is full of hole. Why does there have to be a beginning?

    I believe in the Infinite Universe Theory. The universe isn’t expanding, but it INFINITE and has always existed. There is no need for a creator. The red shift could have DOZENS of other explanations that to confirm the expansion of the universe, so this isn’t reliable evidence toward the Big Bang.

    Your questions are good ones though, and ones that I can never have a definite answer. If the universe expands, DOES is have an end? And what sort of realm is the universe contained in? Or is it even contained in anything? (These questions are why I LOVE theoretical physics).

    I can’t comment on Universal Time because I don’t know anything about it, and I don’t believe in Universal expansion so it’s a moot point for me.

    Now for your question about whether or not the sun has a liquid core. The answer is kind of, but no. The sun is so hot and so dense that it is composed of the rarest and fourth phase of matter: plasma. Hydrogen fuses into helium in order to release all of the energy that keeps our planet alive! At the VERY center is the helium core, which is still plasma. Outside this “dead” helium shell is the fusing hydrogen.

    As for the Sun’s magnetic field, it is thought to be caused from the convection of the plasmic hydrogen, which is almost infinitely conductive. The rotation of this plasma with the Sun’s rotation creates an electric current which induces a massive magnetic field.


  129. Hi Nate

    Good Morning. Oh wow we have so much to talk about and its great cause I do have my own opinions and I do believe we are in agreement on some of the points given so far. I have a lot more to discuss hehehee, but some other matters of importance has come to mind etc and I will continue shortly on this discussion. If anyone is reading about this it is well worth learning as its like going back to class on the internet ehhh, hehehehehehe.

    Was thinking Nate maybe we should move all our discussions regarding the physics debate and make it a part of the main list and call it Physics and Theory unless you can come up with a better title. This stuff is quite informative and if all this is stuck in this Nibiru thread, many will miss it hence again a lot of misinformation etc and so forth. At the same token its going away from the main thread topic. What do you think Nate??

    At the same time, can you convince Vara to put a halt on having a grudge against me, and giving me the blackout??? Looks like we need an arbitrator sort of here. At the same token I have a proposal for him so he will need to contact the Admin OK. The same applies for you too. We all have had our bad days, and do say things that can stimulate each other to some nasty feelings. Apologizing is really not warranted. Its like a brother spews out some crap to you and is in a pissed off mood and might say things that make you mad and hence brothers split for long periods of time not speaking to each other but eventually do come back and sort of work it out without both losing their face. Understand what I am saying here.

    Obviously Vara and many others did not know my position here in this forum as I and the Admin never really wanted others to know, but the snap remarks made in the past exposed me and the Admin did tell my position eventually OK. I don’t want Vara to lose face either, and I don’t want to lose face either so we have this standoff ongoing now. Even though he has said some things, but I have never put him down and I have kept my opinions of him and others to myself. Same with the Admin as I have to respect the Admins orders when told and given and the powers the Admin vested upon me as I try to keep it to a bare minimum without exploiting it or flaunting it. At times when there is a flare up of heavy electricity ongoing with such a dispute, then I step in with the hammer and I cannot play favorites. Such decision applies for all in the forum.

    I have to take the heat cause its my job and comes with the Territory and at times I have to throw the hammer down, and some may like it and some may not like it regarding the decision, and I have tried to reach some neutral point where both can forgive and forget and move on without either having to say and its mutually agreed and be part of the family and continue to toss the pillows at each other as its called but still on speaking terms. The same applies even in the court of Law but that is a different matter. Without getting so technical or detailed on the issues, this is the best I will mention on open forum. Others need not know and it should be kept private.

    I have made some proposals to the Admin and is awaiting word on it. I will withhold any information pending his input. So at this point of time I am asking you Nate, and Vara to contact the Admin at your earliest convenience. There are others I have in mind and will mention it to them later.

    Now some may not understand and we have never mentioned to anyone the rules. I have mentioned some of it in various threads.

    So what I am going to do is also have these rules and protocols put on the main topic (page) so if members get nasty they can then refer to what the rules and protocols are on this site. It will be called TOU (terms of use). At current moment its not there for all to see. Granted we do have some bugs and the Admin and I will work out the bugs. Fair enough.

    Anyway will wait for your response and my thoughts on the physics theory topics be put on the mainstream home section.

    Daveyo – Mod Squad.


    • Sure we can move the topic if you want. I do agree that the debate on physics is taking away from the topic of this post.

      Also, admin has my email, so feel free to contact me with your proposal or if you need anything!


  130. Daveyo, whats your job?


  131. Hi Mortus

    hmm, not sure exactly what you mean on your question as its vague but I will try to cover the bases if possible.

    If its about this site I am a Global Moderator and will soon design the new website for the admin pending our decisions on the forum templates setup plus a lot of other things.

    If its about the everyday thing, I am retired with a lot of skills in many different fields of expertise.

    I also own my own website and is the admin and founder of such. I will not advertise my website here as it will be a clear violation between me and the Admin owner of this site. I cannot drop any hints of it or make any referances to it. This is all I can tell you. If I do the Admin can sue me. hehehehehehe.

    If its about the Admin on this site, I give him my total support and total respect. He is a good man and a good friend to have by your side. He knows me quite well. I’d give the shirt off my back for him anytime.

    Other than that, I hope this answers your question my friend



  132. I want nothing more than to find out what is happening to this planet and in our solar system.
    Time is vital, it can’t be wasted.
    I have questions but am afraid they will not be answered here.

    @Vara . I really enjoyed reading your posts. Never doubt yourself. You are a good soul and the other side would gladly take you.

    @Daveyo. You are quite interesting. A little confusing at times.

    Goodbye and good luck in the future.


  133. Hi Jay

    What questions you have??? Punch the keyboard and send it. Hopefully we will try to answer them the best we can.

    Sound good



  134. For those who are wondering about this Elenin and Nibiru, and yes so many have questions which are daunting to say the least, however keep in mind the little we do know is all that we know based from Ancient evidence and writings.

    In regards to the Sumerian information, I suspect a lot of that was passed on down thru time and the Sumerians themselves finally put it down on something that will stand thru the test of time hence we discovered it etc. The Sumerians have indicated that such does exist.

    We don’t see anything of such sort from the Egyptian side that I know of. We do see some of it from the Catholic Revelations etc., yet none can fully understand it at present time.

    We do see something coming from this Mayan Calendar of their writings but whether it was diciphered correctly still remains to be seen.

    We see something from google and microsoft sky. We know Elenin is approaching and coming towards us and will arrive shortly. We also saw something behind Elenin as well.

    Plus we also know things are happening which is unusual and to just name a few, Vatican calling all their Archbishops and Cardinals to Rome during October, Congress taking a recess late October to November etc and some others such as the military etc.

    Today being modern times none of us has ever experienced or know of what is soon to come. Maybe yes, and or maybe no. All of this is NEW to each of us.

    I do know from my research on this topic, with a strong degree of certainity, if this planet tilts suddenly for any reason regardless of what caused it, we are in deep trouble. The same applies to the sudden pole shift. How much trouble depends on how much and how fast the shift occurs. Maybe it will happen and again maybe not. No one knows for any degree of being positive on this subject.

    It is already confirmed that we being our planet has tilted far more than its being reported. Others are now mentioning about it. The moon is giving you the tip off.

    So this means something is obviously perturbing us. This tilt took place in February before the Japan quake. So it has to go back and be referred to the Chile quake.

    We also know the Sun has been reacting quite violently recently as Elenin gets closer to us. If this Nibiru is true then its magnetic field is reaching its vicinity.

    So many ifs but nothing solid here.

    NASA has clammed up and so did many reputable astronomers. WHY???

    D.U.M.B.S. are being built at a faster pace now than ever before.

    This is where we stand now. Take your pick. Who do you believe, what information is the correct one, which direction do we go??, etc and so forth. How bad will this get???< we don't know because we for the first time is going to experience it in modern times.

    So I ask myself hmmmmm, only 2 real sources coming from the ancient times reveal such existence. Why only two and what happen to the rest????????? Well we do know another thing. When Tambora blew its top only a small fraction of humanity survived. And guess what. It happened around 25 thousand years ago, and this Nibiru is supposingly on a 26,000 year trek pace due to its last known trajectory.

    Geologists have dug up soil deep inside the earth and it does show and tell that there was a pole shift, plus volcanic scenarios during that time period. They have also uncovered such from fossils that was found and it links to that time period.

    What to make of it???? I cannot say but it does give us something to think about indeed.

    Daveyo – Mod Squad.


  135. I would like to add further just from gleening a wee little bit on that subject> what happened to humanity during the 26,000 BC to around 8,500 BC. I don’t believe we do see anything during this time period so it makes you wonder what happened during those 15,000 missing years. If I am not mistaken the earliest I am aware of is the Sumerian findings and of the Pyramids that came right after them.



  136. Hmm, Vara is speaking about the Jewish temple that is supposed to be rebuilt. Not sure when that will be if we are supposingly facing great destruction, asteroid impact or something else. Lets take a look at something a bit further for study and investigation.

    Why would the Vatican be calling the Cardinals and all Archbishops to Rome and that they must arrive no later than October 10th??? If any come late they were told to stay with their clergy??? Very odd that such a directive be given to them with a pope still alive. This has as far as I can recall NEVER HAPPENED. The only time that they do such a thing is when the Pope dies to gather and decide who will be the next Pope, or if there is going to be a meeting to change the theological mandates, but if they did this they usually announce it to the public. Such as Pope John 23rd and Pope Paul. So I have to scratch this off the list..

    Now I will only just take a guess here and its just a guess or gut feeling so to speak. Is something happening inside the Vatican?? that has freaked out the Pope??? or is something already ongoing such as extra-terrestial power appearing inside the Vatican??? In other words the aliens are here and are appearing before them???? which means they have made contact, and something else is about to happen after the 10th to the 27th on the outside perhaps like Vara said asteroid impact, or of Lukes proposed Alien ships decending down upon all the cities etc. After this date supposingly nothing is mentioned if they will return back to their clergy.

    We need to check back to that source to find out if any have a return ticket???? If its an open ticket or no return ticket, then I would suspect something bad is about to happen. This might be one very important piece of information.

    Also it is interesting to take note that Congress does not have a date when they will return for their congressional sessions for the remaining part of the year.. Again something very odd happening here too. We know that late October and all November they will not be anywhere near D.C. December shows no activity either as far as I know, unless someone can interject here and give us a date when they return back to session in December. Normally their vacation takes place just before Xmas and they return after New Years, which starts when the President gives his State of the Union Address.

    Last of all if this is all true, then I suggest to everybody to tune in to their stations and watch the news reports closely from the 10th onward of October. I suspect a major announcement will be made after the 10th. Elenin makes its closest approach on the 17th of October or Elenin is the impact asteroid????? that NASA is so quiet about up to now. We still don’t even know its official size, which is rather very odd in spite of the fact its now on our side and visible by telescope.



  137. E.T just called back, they want to confirm your delivery, an extra large pepperoni with double cheese on top and a torpedo a mountain dew…

    alrighty then it on the way…lets watch that star trek TOS dvd again.


  138. Warp speed, are you sure its not decelerating, what if the jpl is wrong? and these objects once here decide to stop?


    • An alien phenomenon of unprecedented size and power is approaching Earth, destroying everything in its path. The only starship in range is the U.S.S. Enterprise–still in drydock after a major overhaul. As Captain Decker readies his ship and his crew to face this menace, the legendary Admiral James T. Kirk arrives with orders to take command of the Enterprise and intercept the intruder. But it has been three years since Kirk last commanded the Enterprise on its historic five year mission…is he up to the task of saving the Earth?



    Is this the start of News broadcasters becoming afraid now?


  140. Is PGC 1427054 on Nibiru?


  141. Check on Microsoft Worldwide Telescope the red planet is clear to see & very close!! YU55om/watch?v=JzNVOJ_XceY


  142. I’ve been fallowing this very closely for quite some time. There’s many other things happening as well along with this that’s not being spoken of anywhere. Since 1/11/11, (specific date) I myself have noticed significant changes in out direct environment. Even to this day. As more time passes, fewer people are able to disagree or discredit what I’m sayin. I am just south of the twin cities in Minnesota, and I can promise you this… As of 1/11/11 no living thing on this planet will ever live to see the seasons we remembered when we were younger. Nor those of just a few years ago. The rate of change and climactic irregularities are not on a pattern, but a direction. There is no yet sign on reversal. We can hope, but we know where hope has taken US so far. They know, they are planning. And they are NOT planning for you. I’ve seen their contingency plans, and its actually in existence on U.S. soil.


  143. Odd. Ive never seen it so slow on TBtS.
    No new comments in days, on most all the threads I watch.
    ~ V.


  144. More people are becoming aware of what is really happening around the world. They are starting to become a little nervous and afraid. So they should be.
    Most don’t know what to believe or who is telling the truth. Some go into denial. This is all normal human behavior.
    Look at the world with out putting an incoming huge body coming towards us that we won’t see until it’s nearly on top of us.
    Every country around the world is hurting.
    Religious wars are becoming more violent and intense.
    Greed has collapsed the world economy.
    So many more people homeless due to floods, earthquake, drought and storm. More of the population is starving. New diseases will soon spread which will cause even more panic.

    To tell the truth most human have become soft. They rely on others to do there bidding. Lazy. I am sick and tired of hearing winging when it only takes a little effort to do something for yourself.

    So saying that most will just sit back and wait for something bad to happen to them and then cry oh poor me when it does and expect someone else to help them.

    Get off your butt and do something useful. Go buy a tent or a pack of seeds. Shit even a water purifier might come in handy. Just do something instead of sitting online all day.

    Stay safe


  145. Very interesting discussion, I shall check back to see if there is anything new or a set time frame.


  146. I have 2 sons under 3 i will do whatever it takes to give them a chance at life so what the hell are we goin to do to atleast try and survive


  147. Be aware of what is happening around you.
    Just think what you will need if you have no home to go too.

    Stay safe


  148. Hmm, I’ve read the whole thing and in my research, understanding this as I try and my observation concluded that I think the mysterious body should have been seen with our current technology. It just to show people say what they want to believe. This message might get flamed however. I respect this findings though the proof is still in the pudding; hence no evidence. But this is all wait and see for me. Let the show go on as the earth still rotates.


  149. so did any of this happen? no, seriously, everyone was so sure. why are we still here?