BBC reporter spotted Disc Shaped Craft circling near Stansted UK – Aug 3, 2011

A UFO was spotted circling near Stansted in United Kingdom by a British news reporter Mike Sewell today, Aug 3, 2011.

Perhaps even more interesting is the explanation of the UFO expert.

Listen to the reporter and the UFO expert

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6 responses to “BBC reporter spotted Disc Shaped Craft circling near Stansted UK – Aug 3, 2011

  1. john l sullivan

    I listened to this program live, as it was going out. The reporter sounded convincing enough to believe, it was a shame though that the people in the radio station did not seem too impressed. And there UFO expert was also less than impressive. Another annoying point was that the program itself only ran for an hour, and with about ten minutes to go, they announced they had Nick Pope there, and in the time left, he was only allowed to make a small contribution.
    I have asked this station (radio 5 live) on many occasions to have a frank and open debate on this type of issue, to date, they have ignored me. And if this was there attempt at an honest debate, it was woeful


  2. I am amazed that Mike Sewell did not stop and use his camera or cell fone camera to snap shot or video it as even as he is a BBC reporter then its just his observations only and like with any individual its just brushed under the carpet as just another sighting without any evidence so be it!


  3. I Wholeheartedly agree, stop the car man!!! Then stop any other cars or people that may be passing by. Then start talking to the craft and its controllers, tell them you are ready, tell them we, (humanity), is ready to meet face to face.

    Then tell them you/we love them, tell them not to be afraid of us anymore as we are not afraid of them. Tell them we have risen above our barbarism and are ready for full contact and disclosure!!!

    Tell them we, (humanity), are ready for inclusion into the wonderful next level, please let’s get this done finally…


  4. may be it’s the Rapture !


  5. How ludricrous and annoying, that a presumably professional reporter fails to document the event!! Geeez!!

    MrVooDoo, your comment reminded me of the message “Do you wish that we show up?” It’s time we ask them to YES please show up and soon! I assume most readers on this site are well aware of the message and are doing their bit, but just in case, here’s a link to it and PLEASE pass it on to everyone you know. Spread it far and wide!


  6. it’s something manmade.