Comet Elenina “smells” like bitter almonds

The discoverer of  Comet Elenin says: Comet Elenina “smells” like bitter almonds

Aug 7, 2011

The latest update and information about the comet Elenina available on the website of Leonid Elenina

M. Drahus, University of California at Los Angeles; Bin Yang,University of Hawaii; and J. Hoge, Joint Astronomy Centre, report the detection of HCN (Hydrogen cyanide) in comet C/2010 X1 on July 30….. Continue reading at:

Below a picture of Elenin made by Gustavo Muler, Obs. Nazaret (Lanzarote) MPC J47 on 2011-08-02

Source and author: * observadores-cometas

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