Local TV News – UFOs Spotted over El Cajon, California – August, 2011

“EL CAJON  – Stacey Gibson can’t tell you what she captured on home video, but she can tell you she’s never seen anything like it before.

“We were just, wow, this is weird, this is strange. What’s going on?” she said.

Just before 10 p.m. Sunday, Stacey’s husband Todd was walking the dogs when two bright orange and white lights appeared to be moving in sync across the sky.

“I’ve seen planes, I’ve seen satellites, there’s always tiny blinking lights, there wasn’t anything like that with this. It was solid, one color the entire time,” Todd said.

For five minutes, the mysterious lights shifted from north to south before they suddenly disappeared.

“I was trying to figure out, maybe it’s a plane, maybe it’s a satellite? But I was in awe, looking up at two orange objects in the sky I’ve never seen before,”

The FAA can’t explain what the family saw, and so far only a neighbor has reported a similar sighting.”

Mel Podell with the San Diego chapter of the Mutual UFO Network says dozens of UFO hoaxes have been documented in the El Cajon area over the years, but can’t say with any certainty if these are alien or fake.

While the family knows their story sounds out of this world, they are convinced they witnessed a close encounter, and will be keeping a watchful eye on the night sky.

“I think we’re definitely believers now,” Stacey said.”

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5 responses to “Local TV News – UFOs Spotted over El Cajon, California – August, 2011

  1. I live in El Cajon and every July 4th every year for the past 7 to 8 years, something shows up usually as two to three red orbs. If you look for them, they will be seen. July 4, 2011, without fail a reddish orange orb appeared but after the fireworks around 10 pm. It was a single one this time.

    I did not get a photo of it because I had mistakenly put my camera gear away feeling disappointed but as we left, there it was and by the time I got out my camera, it had slowly moved up into the upper atmosphere into too small a dot for me to get it on camera. Please don’t tell me these are Chinese lanterns, they are not (I know what C-lanterns look like and these are not C-lanterns.


  2. The government is the master of mind control. Whatever they say people believe in it. Of course they would say it’s a weather balloon or C-Lantern which causes any camera to freak out. But in reality those are UFO’s. Strange things in the night sky spotted by educated families and saying its not a plane. So if the government say that eating their stinking feces will make your life longer, would you? People need to open their mind. We have been controlled the first day we were born. We were taught conventional lessons that were written to hide the truth that we are not alone.


    • I suppose the question is Erick when someone terms it a UFO, I assume they would be referring to the fact that it’s an Unidentified Fly Object. Which is correct, however, I think it’s wrong to state that it’s a UFO of extraterrestrial origin. Have you seen that Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle? Looks very ‘outlandish’! I did hear they have lost contact with!! Hahaha. Gutted!
      Later Bro.


  3. How can you trust any goverment especially the US goverment even these videos here prove something big is about to happen!!!

    LOW Flying Military Choppers & Planes over Boston During Military Drills 8/5/11 (WW3 Coming?!)

    Low Flying Military Helicopters Over Boston Buzz Buildings During Training Exercise