Several Objects Inbound with Elenin – Two Observatories Confirm – Aug 2011

Several Objects Inbound with Elenin – 2 Observatories Confirm – Aug 2011

Youtube comments: Consider that Nasa might have already launched a deflection campaign which has turned the Comet into a “cluster”.

NASA confused about ‘cluster’ Comet Elenin

My concern with this is from jpl orbital diagram of elenin. They are showing the orbital of elenin and how earth’s orbit might be passing through the tail, but the other objects that seem to be traveling with elenin aren’t mapped, and if they are traveling at a different speed and a slightly different orbit, that could imply an impact with earth.

If it is of extraterrestrial origin then they probably have the ability to cloak like astroids or comets.

Scientists says Comet Elenin has massive UFO Fleet following in formation in it’s tail

Link to Animations 20110305 and 20110303 (several objects inbound with Elenin)Soulier Observatory

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  1. I hope there’s not another heaven’s Gate group in forming….


  2. No I doubt it. As a matter of fact a very good question has been raised. How can we trust NASA if they are confused of what they saw and additionally have not calculated the trajectories of these other objects unless they have done it and remain to be quiet as one or the other 4 that I saw might impact us hence the unusual activities regarding the powers that be during the Month of October and November which we need to observe and watch very carefully.

    I am going to go out and buy me a #10 welders glass and see if I can see something that the Indians claim to have seen and follow their instructions. If I see what they saw I will report it immediately to everyone here on this forum.

    Daveyo – Mod Squad.


  3. Exactly daveyo. Nasa, if they r aware, simply can’t and won’t tell us. Not sure where ur from but here in America if we were told something like that, the population would simply go mad…more mad than they already are….which is probably more scary than an earth impact. The people here r crazy. When joplin was hit by massive tornado one of the nog problems following was looting. Really? Leave it to America to take advantage of the distress, and try to male some money from it. All we can do is keep our head up and eyes open.


  4. A agree. I went to America in 2009 and got robbed twice. One trying to rent a car, and the other coming out of the bank right across from the courthouse.

    Daveyo – Mod Squad


  5. Keeping tabs.


  6. Have you checked out the latest STEREO behind videos etc from today?
    There was huge X Class solar flare at 08.05 today but they jump 4 hours from 07.05 to 11.05 on the images now so what have they hidden from us as something caused this huge X class flare
    Its clear to see the flare on the SOHO and the STEREO ahead images but they seem to of totaly jumped 4 hours viewing from the STEREO behind so something must of been in view they did not want us to see?


  7. They are all known asteroids and more. The Elenin in March passed through the asteroid belt and on many occasions has been framed with any of them. The Elenin is not retrograde and therefore moves in the same direction and all of the asteroids in the inner solar system bodies. The direction is slightly different, but for short stretches so you can not appreciate the difference. See New approach of a comet with an asteroid Elenin. Or view photos on the second It 'another comet cluster with her as well?


  8. get ready !


  9. looked the imaging very interesting whats coming with tagging along-have taking into account that we might just have some celestial objects than was originally anticipated-lets see as elenin gets closer to the timeline events and see what happens-but definately more objects tailing behind-so we wait and see


  10. Any observation showing more than (1) one is actually a man made / NASA controlled anomaly. Otherwise AKA trick photography. NASA learned from their mistakes with props used in the staged Moon landings. NASA will control what you view in order to demand more views. AKA “publicity”. Create a demand for viewing follows the same rules for marketing a product. No one will buy it unless you create a demand.

    Nothing wrong or illegal with the above mentioned method except you are hooked in an endless labyrinth of misinformation and answering questions with questions.

    Its a whatchamacallit, not a whatchamacallits. I always enjoyed watching SciFi shows and movies. With all this hype,, this is like a real live SciFi event and I’m part of the cast.

    I’m enjoying this so much.

    Thanks everyone,
    Leo D. Lion


  11. The Krulians are following alongside Elenin. Debris or other natural celestial bodies would not move at the same speed or big enough to show up in the same image data capture.

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  12. Hi Truthseeker.

    I will on Monday

    Every day it was very cloudy with monsoon rains even at night time for well over a month. The sky is only starting to clear up a bit now.

    Will let you know after I get it and do the simple experiment. If I do see it what the Hopi say they know, I will report it promptly.

    Hmmm, I took note on a brief comment from Vara here saying he keeping tabs. heheheheheheheheeeee. You are welcome to do so, cause psychology tells me you do want to participate in this site. Take care



  13. Free Electron


  14. Just wanted to post a video about Nibiru behind the sun


  15. strange sounds being heard around the globe are sonic waves of electric-magnetic vibration caused by the massive field or flux of so called comet cluster ELENIN they will increase and climax aprox. sept 25 2011 when they will be so strong every form of life on earth will feel them