Nibiru Insider Reveals: Nibiru arrives one month after Comet Elenin

The “Nibiru Insider” who viewed Nibiru from the Hubble years ago reveals, on the evening of 8/7 on, that he and his astronomers he works with in New Zealand have locked on to Nibiru…it’s slightly behind Elenin, he estimates that it will be here approximately one month after Elenin, maybe more than a month after or less than a month after Elenin gets here depending upon when Elenin gets here and how fast Nibiru is moving as it gets closer, but it is right behind Elenin.

He gives the approximate size, (4x as large as Jupiter) and current speed (26.000 miles a hour) and its location behind Elenin as well as the coordinates:



You need infra red to spot nibiru, that’s probably why many can’t find it.

Is it possible that this Nibiru is actually Nemesis?

Nemesis is just above the horizon right now in the West. Elenin is just below the horizon in the West. Nemesis is labeled an asteroid. It’s diameter is 188km, 0.01475 Earths

Or should we listen to the Hopi about the prophecy of the Blue Kachina (Elenin) and the Red kachina (Nibiru)

Here is the incredible interview where the Nibiru Insider reveals his discovery and decide for yourself whether it’s true or not what this man says.

Full credit to, listen to them at the following links:

Revolution Radio archives:

Source and author: crystalinks * freedomslips *  (youtube)

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  1. Well isn’t that interesting.

    He give the same coordinates as CW Leonis.
    The same image shown on Google sky for the
    past years. So is his hypothesis that CW Leonis
    is speeding at us in a straight line from 1983?

    A 4x size Jupiter planet only 2 months away?
    Pictures please? Sorry you don’t need infrared
    if it’s only 2 months away… The Sun would make
    it plenty bright enough to see by naked eye.

    This guy is a drunk hoaxer. Last week he said
    It’s coming from deep south… Then I told him about
    Starviewers report of 1 year after Elenin… Now he
    magically changes the story to 1 month, and now
    It’s behind Elenin like I told him?

    Sounds a little nutty to me. (Did I mention I actually
    believe in Nibiru? I just think this guy is an attention seeker.)


    • Tom. Wrong.
      IF it IS a Brown Dwarf it will be extreemly dark and still not visible to the naked eye till the last few weeks. What will be visible before the body of the object it self is, will be the fact that it is blotting out stars. It also has large bodies in tow, those will be more visible, but Not the Nibiru object it self till the last moments.


      • Clearly you have no understanding of basic science and astronomy. A Brown dwarf only 2 months away would be the brightest object in the sky… With or without infrared. Period, No arguments.

        The theory of brown dwarf being 1 year away I can partly accept, because it would make sense why we cannot see it right now… As it would be blocked out by the Sun as reported in Starviewer’s report.

        “Arizona” is another fringe theorist along with Terral and the rest of the gang. Nibiru cannot be only 2 months away, it is scientifically impossible.

        YOU are wrong. YOU should do research. YOU should stop posting this utter rubbish. Then October passes and you’re still alive, you will regret wasting your time in these stupid theories proposed by DRUNKS that can’t even say the word ASTRONOMERS correctly.


      • Scary how much this resembles Heaven’s Gate cult…

        I don’t know, but Starviewer’s report seems much more credible then some Radom guy. Why didn’t these “New Zealand astronomers” take pictures?

        They just don’t have the balls? Captian, we’ve locked on to CW Leonis, it’s bright in infrared.. I think Lit’s Nibiru! Lol

        Brown dwarf 2 months away would be visible by now… 26,000 mph isn’t fast… Earth is moving at 66,000 mph.

        Maybe one year away, but 2 months seems extreme. I’ve heard this guy say “astrominers” and we are supposed to believe he worked at hubble?

        Double Facepalm, IMO.


      • Oh Tommy, if you Knew every thing there was to know about every thing, then You could save us some time and re-write all our books. But you Dont.
        We have a extreemly limited knowlege of Brown dwarfs to begin with.
        There is information that says they may grow darker the further away from other gravitational sources they get, and heat up and grow a little brighter after spending time near other larger gravitational bodies. Hypothosis’s to be sure, but who can yet say.
        After all we have discovered Uber dark super gass giants with No good explainations as to Why they are so dark.
        And thus, a Brown dwarf only a few months away may Not yet BE the brightest object in the sky. You dont know that, and I dont know that. so lets not be claiming things as if they were fact that cannot be proven either way hmmm?
        Some thing is happening in late november that will likely have congress which is taking an unprecidented vacation at the time, and high ranking vatican members who are being recalled then, to go into hiding. Known astroid impact? Who can say?
        But do Not count out Nibiru which in ancient writings is not seen until the last minute, and in other writings “will come as a thief in the night”.
        I hope this has helped you to grow out of stereo typical thinking. You seemed to need it.
        Heh, people whom question My grasp on science. heh.😉 ~ Varakienen.


      • Okay let me rephrase. If CW Leonis was entering out solar system in 2012… A super giant red star… It would be visible. And that is the current claim.


        written in this article that nibiru will arrive in oct 2012, so you tell that will it arrive 1 month after elenin?


    • He gave the same coordinates as CW Leonis for the dwarf star because IT IS CW LEONIS!!! Cw. Leonis has been getting bigger and the lie is that its because its an Expanding Red Carbon Giant. Its not expanding.
      The only way one someone make the claim CW Leonis is expanding is if your sure of the its distance because its moving!
      Proof that it is moving:…

      proof its getting closer!
      When it was first found it was stated to be at 290 parsecs at 3.26 light years per parsec is 945 light years away.…

      In the late 80’s to mid 90’s the figure for the distance came down to an average of 200 pc
      1994 using 200 pc –…

      By the late 90’s, it had been revised to estimated 120-150 pc (e.g. Groenewegen et al. 1998) (391 light years)……

      Some current estimates were as low as 100 pc. Search out the term ‘distance to IRC +10216’

      Doesnt look like they not how far it is at all does it???

      Proof you cant use Red Shift to determine distance and thats what they used for CW Leonis!
      Here it explains how they used Red shift to determine distance and how its proven to be a failed technology!

      And Lastly
      Proof water was detected close to CW Leonis core where there should be none. Proving its not has hot as an Exanding Red giant should be.
      There’s something strange going on around the red giant star CW Leonis (a.k.a. IRC+10216). Deep within the star’s carbon-rich veil, astronomers have detected water vapor where no water should be.

      “Thanks to Herschel’s superb sensitivity and spectral resolution, we were able to identify more than 60 lines of water, corresponding to a whole series of energetic levels of the molecule,” explains Leen Decin from the University of Leuven and leader of the study. The newly-detected spectral lines indicate that the water vapor is not all in the cold outer envelope of the star. Some of it is much closer to the star, where temperatures reach 1000 K.

      Conclusion: CW Leonis not an expanding Red Giant but a Red Carbon Star thats coming closer and thats what they didnt want us to know!!!


  2. If Nibiru requires infra red you are saying it is a brown dwarf. Well, Nibiru it is not a brown dwarf, it is a planet that orbits with some others a brown dwarf. Get your story straight and stop dumping doom.


  3. Well I have notice the coordinates are wrong. It says FEET, hehehehehehe. Not only that I listened to this one, and subjects like 180 degree shift, the magnetic field will wipe out our memories and much more.

    Do you people want cold hard facts!!!!!!!!!!!! from all this viral mess now going super overload???

    If Earth shifts 180 degrees either by only magnetic pole shift or by geo planetery shift itself

    We all will be killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 180 degree flip is total extinction.

    Even a 45 degree sudden shift is deadly.

    Then they speak of the debris that follows, why worry about that???? We all are already dead. Why worry about the rest of the sequence, we are already dead.

    Then they speak of our planet being thrown out of its normal orbit which puts us out of habitual zone. We are already dead.

    Plus so many other things.

    Our survival chances is zip if the earth does the pole shift, or planetary shift. We are then dead. Long before we will ever see Nibiru finish up its task on this planet.

    Some say a month or two following Elenin, some say a year after Elenin.

    No matter what, for me it was a good life and I give peace to all.

    If we survive all this and nothing happens, then the scare was well worth it so we can get our shit together and make it a better world.

    Good luck

    I will however serve notice to all of you. This site will not be held responsible for your well being or thoughts to the matter. What you do you are responsible for yourself. Period. We hereby divest ourselves of any liability that may accrue due to your own actions, as its not our responsibility. So stay safe and use common sense. Hope to see ya on the other side.

    Daveyo – Moderator.


  4. Looks like fear porn to me.


  5. Daveyo I just hope there’s internet on the other side so we can keep diggin for the truth, but this time you can call it the truth after the big bang, and also to check who, of all the many who likes this site, made it to the other side. for sure I am one of them ” I been good ” 🙂
    Bless to all.


    • Logicly I know I am worthy to be taken to the other side during rapture. But In my heart I am insecure and dont believe i will be chosen for it.
      Le sigh.


  6. Daveyo

    For the planet to make a full 180 degree shift would require so much energy it would rip the planet apart from the initial inertia before it even began turning, Now i dont know what you understand of inertia, but it is the amount of force required to move something past the point of frictional resistance, now to make the earth ‘flip’ so to speak, would require so much of this force that when the earth began to move the resultant springboard effect would reverberate across the globe tearing continents in two until the point where the outer layers are ejected into space. So the likely hood of this occurring is slim to nil

    now a magnetic shift, that would be a different kettle of fish.

    In the case of a magnetic shift that would mean the angle of spin of the earths core would have had to revolve a full 180 degrees, as our magnetic field is generated by the motion of our iron core. now to science again the forces involved in making a sudden shift like this are preposterous in proportion and would also likely result in the destruction of the planet before the movements ceased (im working on some calcs to put here).

    Now you also state that we may move suddenly at a 45 degree angle again the forces involved would be staggering as it would take an object of 1/3 our planets size to have a notable hit like this.

    Now note that im a firm believer that Nibiru exists, but im not so sure for ELENIN. But it will take more than blurry imagery to convince me of their existence especially seeing as they are supposed to be nearing our orbit within the month, but i also find this hard to believe seeing as they said it was passing in April and in June as well hmmmm….

    @ Rod and Tom

    I agree that this thing would be visible easily with a telescope and without the need for infrared imaging, with the sort of detection programs available to observatories im pretty sure more than 1 or two would notice a large object blotting our stars each night. And not all of them are privately owned and operated by ‘The system’, there are many that are owned by people like us who are searching for answers and share the information they have collected.

    Also on a final note Daveyo; the local observatory got back to me on the moon situation, it all has to do with the massive earthquakes we have been having over the last few years 9.0’s and 8.0’s, the planets tilt combined with a 20 year cycle of lunar track changing have coincided to bring the moon into another state of alignment with the earth, so in other words, we moved, it hasn’t. Also to the sun debate, nothing has been noticed in NZ ive asked around and i think we are in the wrong place to notice any sort of change, were probably in the zone that wouldn’t be able to notice unless there was a massive sudden change in tilt, i think if i was further south i could give you an answer from the southern hemisphere, if you have any contacts in Tierra del Fuego or any surrounding area ear there they may be able to give the answers your looking for.




  7. It was meant to be a period of great chaos and it is; information, disinformation, fear taking over, violence, carelessness, more corruption and more lies etc.
    Now as the left hemisphere of our brains is programmed to detect danger and lives in the past or future, it is quite easy to freak out if you don’t work on yourself. You have more than two ways of reacting it doesn’t have to be panic or indifference. Curiosity and an open mind but we have to connect to our right brain hemisphere and be in the HERE AND NOW. Like they say it is not the destination but the climb that is important.
    Let’s wait and see. If this is all bull we will soon find out and if isn’t ,if nothing “miraculous” comes to save our asses, eg the extraterrestrials, we are done, over! A titled of the axis or a pole shift or major earthquakes of over 10. on the scale are very very serious events, I personally believe no one would survive but what do I know? Not much.
    But my gut feelings tells me that something really special is going on. All we can do is be as aware as much as possible and take it day by day. I think that there is more than meets the eye but none has the TRUTH with a capital T, we have only bits of pieces and it’s up to us to recreate the puzzle.


  8. I am calm…(?^) Why did I seem uptight to you?
    Anyway you may want to check the correlation between sun’s activity and human consciousness
    The subject of the sun, its increased activity and its possible impact on us is finally entering the mainstream media also in Europe.
    BILD emphasises the potential disruption that a gigantic solar storm could cause.

    It describes a “horror scenario” of “silence, darkness, chaos” as electricity grids, mobile phones, GPS navigation systems, TV and radio cease to function.
    But there is scientific evidence that the increase in the solar activity could give a significant boost to human consciousness and to spiritual evolution.
    It could open the door to a new era, argue some scientists.
    This is because we, human beings, constantly generate electromagnetic fields around us depending on the thoughts and feelings we have. And these fields in turn, are constantly interacting with many other electric and magnetic fields on the planet earth, in the solar system and in universe.
    The rest of the article


  9. Well , in the Bible God after Noa’s flood say he NEVER gonna destroy Earth by water again ! …. but earth are being holding to be destroy by FIRE and stones from heaven ! … and the sign before it are weater catastrophes quakes etc … and the Bible rupture means death and not be saved , be taken means their lifes be taken …no one go anywhere safe … who survives what’s is coming , Earth are the promised Paradise , not heaven , not inside a space ship at all , here , in this beautiful Blue Planet Earth , the planet itself it’s not to be destroy … but the humans world will . I’m referring the Bible not in a religion way but a valid History Book , as we reference the Mayan callendar or the Egypitians paints etc… rupture means , your life be taken , not save , are a big miss understanding in this subject by the Protestants so called cristhians . fake and hoax disinformation …. a waist of faith , distortion for the real Bible content . ok , know drop the stones …hahahahaha , and about ELEnin and Nibiru …. more information , more confusion ! and if the real thing are Yu55 ? and ELEnin are a decoy ? and to finish , if the pole shift happen , the Bible and God from it are a lie ! …he said no water next time , but fire ! so , still worst prepair for a Perfect Storn class X 20+ = Y .


    • Sonic buddy.
      The flood tale is universal to many cultures and differing religeons.
      But Only in the newer versions, (within the last 1200 yrs) do we find the notion that God promices no more floods.
      This is Mans writings my friend, Not Gods.
      Dont trust every thing you read, especially in the bible, and certainly dont Hold god to any man made promices.
      There WILL be massive coastal flooding, I Promice you.


    • ha ha ha ha ha you mean Rapture not Rupture muppet ha ha ha


  10. Haley’s comet was no big deal. We passed through the tail. No problems.
    Heaven’s Gate cult commits suicide over Hale Bopp comet. Earth safe.
    Now this comet. Not to mention Nibiru. They want our minds of of the real issues of the economy, martial law, new world order, etc.
    The earthquakes and Elenin alignment are interesting. Maybe true.
    August 31, Elenin comes into view with naked eye around the sun.
    We are likely to see a little ‘prick’ in the sky with a tail.
    Three weeks to see.


  11. Vara

    How massive will the coastal flooding be and to what extent meaning how far inland do you expect it to go? I am sure many would like to know for themselves.

    Take care



  12. Are these really coordinates of Nibiru?

    Could it be that the carbon star has actually been Nibiru this whole time and its traveling behind Elenin?


  13. I don’t agree with this guy. One or two months is way too soon…I believe that this planet is slower than that. It is probably still beyond Jupiter’s orbit, and we are on the opposite side so the sun is blocking any view of it. The Elenin comet marks its outer boundary of gravitational field, so when Elenin gets here, we can be assured that we will be feeling its effect more profoundly. It might take up to a year or so for it to reach its perihelion to the sun. Maybe later this year we could see it as our orbital path take us around…it probably would appear as a gold-reddish star to the side of the sun. Or maybe not…if it exists. We will see. I strongly suggest you check out the pdf file at….I think that the information in that file is well-thought out.


  14. There is not nor ever will be a rapture.Look it up.You will see who created that theory,cause it is not in the Bible.Keep reading past the verses that says “one taken,and the other one left”.They are food for the fouls of the air=DEAD.


  15. Thank you all but I’m none the wiser today.. Is anybody tellling us the truth about anything? I feel a bit better though since I have been to the markets and my food storage cupboaard is very full so my family will not go hungry! – protection from irridation in a concrete shelter I can’t provide. Upwards and onwards.


  16. Dude, Varakienen. You have a serious problem when it comes to deal with reality; and to admit mistakes- not to mention your weakness to anger management. I’m not saying that this whole shit is fake, I do believe there is some sort of “entity” in space coming towards us (maybe close, maybe hits, maybe passes by and that’s all of it) but our friend Tom here makes a much better, reasonable and logical point than you. Don’t make me point out how disrespectful you are towards others’ opinion and knowledge; which is blatenly wrong. You think you got all the answers to life kid. Let me tell you something, you know nothing kid. Your intellectuality reflects how closed-minded you actually are (despite your “scientifical knowledge”) and how you are a fear porn addict and a fearsome kid yourself. For the past months I’ve believed that your comments are funny, even logical at times…. You are just a kid who mixes your little accomplishment of knowledge with tons of gibberish spitting out of your own saliva. You think you actually know everything out in space… Discredit everyone, disrespect other opinions… Let me tell you something, Tom is a billion times more reasonable and CORRECT than you. You just repeat stuff that you read in other webpages “” , “” as well as other pages… and as well as 90% of the “articles” here are a blatent “copy-paste” of those webpages. So keep on playing God (entity whom you constantly disrespect, I reccomend you NOT) in your little webpage where the 10 same dudes listen to your gibberish crap. Word of an Astrophysicist and Doctor in Literature and Mathematics. Maybe you should do the same as me: Shut up for a while, study, and when you are ready to speak, do so. Meanwhile, please shut your trap with fantasy-like stories that only make your hormones flow faster.


    • Oh boy do I call BULL SH!T.
      I noticed You gave No argument to support your side of the science on this issue and so I feel pretty good about calling you a Liar to your face.
      Lets see how fast “I” can falsify make believe credintials to retaliate with. Now, if your friend is a Million times more correct than me, He and you wont mind proving that. But you Wont.
      Psychology tells me that clearly you feel threatened by my comments, and that is unfortunate. They are not meant to threaten or intimidate. They are meant to debate. And through the process of debate we weed out the inacuracies and false hoods till only the most likely or the utter truth remain. Feel free to try that some time. I am always open to helping you out with your “Edjumacation”.
      Psychology also tells me that you needed to drop some thing that you “hoped” others would find formidable and intimadating so as not to offer any return challenge to you. This would be your claim of holding doctorates in several fields, dispite that you did not use any supposed knowlege to back your claims in the science portion of this thread. In fact, you have offered Nothing here at all. You have Only lashed out at Me in the exact manor that you would claim i do to others. not very advanced of you mate, especially when you are attempting to take the higher ground and make an example of me.
      Ever notice how people want to point out in others the things that in all actuality, they do not know how to face or deal with in them selves? This would be a prime example and is rather text book at that.
      It further tells me that though you Claim you will not waste another minute here, you will in Fact read “This” comment weather you respond to it or not. lol.
      I dont disrespect the opinions of others, so long as they have some thing to back it with and do not try to pass off conjecture as fact.
      “Word of an Astrophysicist and Doctor in Literature and Mathematics, My Arse!”
      Thanks for coming out mate. It was fun, but I’ld like to get back to the actual real topic now rather than address your silly and poorly implemented out burst any further.
      I welcome any debate you have on the actual issue that this thread was meant for and look for ward to hearing from you. hahaha.
      ~ VARAKIENEN. (Some times Not so much passive agressive, but just plain agressive instead, lol.😉 wink.


  17. Get a grip kid. And I’m not wasting a single more minute on this “shit-page”. I’ll be back in November posting all around how you second-level geeks were wrong. Greetings from Spain.


  18. In the last 3 days there has been no better evidence shown here or anywhere of any major breakthrough despite the many youtube and website claims.
    There must be many amateur astrologists who can see something that is of concern but still we have not seen anything.
    The natural disasters on Earth seemed to of ceased and one would think they would increase more and more if there is some influence of a celestial body.
    I have been researching patiently and throwing in the odd threads with videos and debates but nobody ever seems to even debate them so all i am seeing here now is argumentative school kid actions and I do think the moderators should be letting us see the valuable comments and research.
    Maybe set up a forum for the those who want to fight and argue as then we can follow our imputs on the main topics more easily and maybe learn more too.
    Getting back to this topic then I do agree with Tom and maybe there is other smaller things right behind this comet but we cannot see them and just maybe Nibiru is a long way behind as to say it could be a mirrored solar system to ours so Elenin is like Pluto and then other planets follow it as thats not impossible to rule out is it?


    • Hi pete.
      I was away camping for the weekend. dunno if any one has given you a decent response yet.
      Nibiru and elenin are matching earths pace through the time of late july to early september. the tug from a alrge body is niether growing nor disipating during that time, thus there is no added stress for a few months in the summer. But as september closes they will come closer to parogee (fuck spelling) and over take us you will see an increse by mid to late september at the latest in activity if my calculations are correct. we shall see.
      ~ VARA.


  19. “Patience” is the key word from my point of view.


  20. What if we tried not to turn each topic about Elenin or NIbiru into a war of egos? I like this website it is just too bad that there is so much agressivity regardless who is right or wrong. Anyway if you think this is all bullshit, there is no need to be angry, just move on, it is that simple!
    Peace to all!


  21. Pretty good juancho…It seems Vara gets carried away sometimes and has answers for everything , but ends upsounding like a douchebag.Just be cool and say what you wana say without tryna run others down.
    Ill still read what you say coz information is information but its the attitude that makes me shake my head and want to discontinue reading your posts.




  22. Hi Pete

    Hmmm, you mention the disasters seem to have calmed down. Well I would think this is the calm before the storm. So far from what I have read as I continue to research, especially of the stones that were left behind showing picture designs, all indicate bad news.

    Incidently in Texas they have found on the strata rock a shoe imprint that was stitched and its 80 million years old because next to it was a fossilized dino!!!!!!!! They have found evidence in Kansas, Oklahoma and in St. Louis Missouri and even in Wisconsin. Also they have found human feet!!!! among the dino bones.

    On two stones shows two hemispheres one north and one south, and on those stones show exactly how the earth was 13 million years ago.

    On one of those stones show Anarctica exactly how it looked during the Dino age, as this part of the continent was not covered in Ice like it is today. Based on the recent surveys that went deep into the ice caps as they were mapping out Anarctica as it is today, matched what it was over 80 million years ago. Not to forget on these same kind of stone pic designs is open heart surgery with instructions on how to do it.

    Additionally they have found green glass which can only be done by a nuclear explosion and they have found it in Saudi Arabia, Africa and South America, India.

    Based on a lot of evidence which many do not want to have it put into the mainstream because it will re-write history completely, and also many will lose face.

    So what am I saying here. Obviously aliens were here which is undisputable, and obviously human and neanderthals existed for much longer than it is alleged, even to the Dino era and possibly much earlier than that. So why do we not know about it, and why are we not more advanced intelligence wise if we existed millions of years ago.

    Quite simple. The ancient civilizations got wiped out and with the nuclear glass discovered, besides uncovering cities also wiped out still having high Radiation which was setting off the Geiger counters those archaeologists had to leave as it still was a red zone. But they had enough time to determine that the city existed several million years ago. They found metallic objects that defy belief and we don’t know its composition because they cannot determine it since nothing of what we have today can breach its outer shell.

    At the same token they also have the records showing Nibiru does make its pass and according to that, Earth is in great peril and a lot of destruction takes place. The last pass by Nibiru wiped out 65 million and only 2 million survived it according to those stones. The survivors did not have the scientific knowledge and those that did, were taken off the earth and witnessed such destruction, and then transported to another star system. The aliens do not want us to advance ourselves beyond a point to their knowledge and level. Therefore in doing so it stunted all that intelligence and basically we had to restart all over again.

    If all this is true based on what was found in South America, and us now seeing Nibiru from our infared telescopes, we only have a very short time before it happens all over again.

    If you ask me how short, its quite short indeed.

    When it arrives I can only say if the data and information is correct, we will lose our communication means and have a blackout world wide. None of us is going to know what the other side is doing or what is happening. Everything we have here that runs on any electronic means or contains electronic items is going to be fried literally by Nibiru’s powerful magnetic field.

    To keep the peace Nibiru’s gravitational pull is going to rip the earth apart.

    Can we escape, hell no. Its our last ride and hoorah for humanity. >>>>> Provided if all is true based on ancient records. So since we can’t do a damn thing about it, just sit tight soak in the life you have now, and get ready cause one way or another Nibiru is going to kill you.

    Another person here says it will not be that bad. I say bullshit it will be the worst humanity has ever seen.

    Only 1 hope is possible. The aliens can stop it and save us. They are the only ones who have the capability to do so. Bottom line. That is why they were appearing all over the globe. They were scanning us and recording everything. They were not here to just say hello. They had a reason to show themselves.

    I finally put the 3 things together. Now we know why they are here and of the reason.

    What should we do?? I think we should go to them and not wait for them to come to us. We don’t have much time. We need them now more than ever.

    Peace to all of you. Good luck. See you on the other side.



    • They are certainly finding things that belie many of our current beliefs, for all we truly know we could be the 5th edition of mankinds creation, with many more to come.
      As immense as we assume the universe or multiverse is we could very well discover that we & what surrounds are so minute we virtually don’t exist, at least as far as other being are concerned, some believe we are a mere experiment that’s created to fail. Who knows what the future will hold except to say if there are objects with our names on them that are going to devestate the Earth we just have to accept it & enjoy what time we have left, not turn on each other declaring someone is stupid because they disagree with someone else particularly at a time when many of our beliefs are being questioned.
      To me it would make much more sense to use the time to try to unite mankind & resolve many of the squabbles & inequalities that truly exist just in case we are not obliterated.
      Good luck all.


  23. To all members:

    I am well aware of what was said here. Giving leeway in the dispute because the pressure is beginning to build upon us all. It has nothing to do with egos or psychology. No one has to give proof to support their argument. It has everything to do with stress and strain and each of us is now are on different levels regarding the pressure. Emotions will also play a role on many of us.

    Please read my post as I suggested, and maybe perhaps we should go to the aliens and ask them to help us and save humanity rather than wait for them to come to us. They are the only ones who have the capability to do so as we got nothing else left to work with saving us from Nibiru.

    If you find them do approach them in a very peaceful manner. Any signs of aggression or a thought of aggression you will doom any chance of dialogue with them.

    Should they ask us the inevitable question: Who should we save on Earth??? You best give it a good long hard thought because if you say the wrong answer they will not consider the request. Keep in mind they can see right thru you and even read your thoughts because they do have psychic ability. I do believe I have the right answer for that question cause I hope I can tell them that face to face in all honesty.

    Daveyo – Global Moderator


  24. Daveyo we do know that many millions of years ago a comet or asteroid hit Earth & wiped out the dinosaurs & probably any form of human life and then there would of been an atomic radioactive aftermath thus producing the green glass (fused sand) around the planet & that would of meant no life would of been present again for many millions of years as radiation can take this long to disperse so its hard to put a case together to suggest there may of been any nuclear warfare in the past.
    As for the stones of Ica I read so much about this and many were fake as the imfamous Dr Cabrera paid good money for stones and we are talking about the 1960s where even the poorest people were smart enough to carve images from books.
    There is a lot to digest & work out but always there is too many possibilities of how, why, where & when & we always take these scientists word that rock is so many millions of years old because goverments want us to as they are funding them.
    Why have never found any time capsules that contain cds, tapes, memory data if there was advanced life here?
    It is not hard to hide in a rock and why do we never seem to dig up metalic structures from ancient times if they were so intelligent they would have transportation machines made of super metals?
    I am sure if our planet tilted many times then metals etc would still remain scattered around the planet but we do not seem to see any signs of this through research do we?
    I could think maybe the reason is that maybe all metals & structures would/could be sucked up & float into space if and I say if the earths gravity failed through a past impact as there is so much space debris.
    I remain open minded but still need to see more evidence but I will keep looking & debating here🙂


  25. “The natural disasters on Earth seemed to of ceased and one would think they would increase more and more if there is some influence of a celestial body.” Well, Nibiru might be right behind the sun and the sun’s magnetic field is blocking its effects. If it exists, we will soon see an increase of disasters as it comes closer and the Earth swings around, away from the sun’s protection. It may have entered our system undetected mainly because it is surrounded by a dust cloud or its gravity is so strong that light is bent around it. I have to agree that there is very little proof that can’t be disputed, but we will have to wait and see.
    There is abundance of evidence that our solar system have had a run-in (or several) with an extra solar body. For one, Uranus is flipped over on its axis, and where there should be a planet between Mars and Jupiter, we have asteroid field. And Venus orbits backwards, defying logic. On earth, we have the Genesis flood stories and the sinking of Atlantis. The fossil record shows evidence of a disaster so enormous and sudden that it destroyed perhaps 90% or more of life. The human civilization has existed for much longer than what most scientists would want to know, and there is plenty of evidence to show that they achieved a level of technology roughly comparable to ours (or at least World War II level). The evidence is all around us if you know where to look.


  26. Perception of an individual cannot bring changes to earth on his will. It is foolishness to claim that i am right and he is wrong on this. To bring earth to an extinction level through an single event needs hard core scientific proof, and it is beyond the capacity of the present day science. Changes here on earth is imminent there is no second thaught on this, but not in to extinction level.


  27. not nesserialy with the naked eye as yet but with infrared-or thermal imaging if we take thermal imaging solution we might just get an insight as to whats hiding behind elenin?we got a few 20inch amateur astronomers locked into these co-ordinates-gona see what cooks here-with infrared as well even if we need to do some modifications to the ccd equipment-definately lota radio-signatures-on that the update mostly radio-echoes- according to sources-if any reader monitoring in the 1420mhz band spectrum-lets us know from the northern hemisphere-please-but here is something interesting-cluster?ufos?tagging behind elenin-there enough space debris behind elenin to give off false echoes if you using amateur radio telescopes but if you plugged into a more dedicated RT-we might get answers sooner than than anticipated-gona see who got some sources higher up in the radio-astronomy frequencies spectrum-and run a spectra-analysis-on these items-there something here that aint right somewhere-just know we looking past something-so we gona go look again and do some investigations again-something missing here-in these reports that is being overlooked


  28. @theboldcorsicanflame… I have researched many of the ancient civilisations in depth as its always interest me but still never any metallic structures found which seems strange that all we can find is megalithic rocks with precision cuts etc so I ask myself where did all these advanced tools & metallic structures go or did ancient civilisations never use metals then if so there must be signs of crystal/diamond power perhaps used from the solar energy or just maybe thermal energy from underground.
    I mean if they were advanced as us then metal would of been used first right?
    Where are the signs of technology as electricity leads to engine power then machines leading to hi tech devices so where are these signs?


  29. Hi Friends
    We think we found an interssting answer due to the new Sun of the Hopi Indians…if watch the webcam at the antarctis from the neumayer station,you will notice that there is a new solarsystem still here…maybe this is the new sun from which the hopi Indians speak…so could it be that our earth becomes part of this new solar system and is leaving our old one…if this idea from our side is maybe true it will really explain a lot of things..also the days of total darkness in different prophethies…because if the earth will leave its posistion to become a part of the new sunsystem than there will happen a lot…and again this sunsystem is NOW here doubt about it…maybe this is nibiru…here is the link to the actual webcam pics of the last 24 hours…if you watch them you will see that we tell you the truth…
    Bye Norrin
    The other interssting links for this stuff we posted around the 10 of August under nibru fact or fiction…but we get no answers from your side…but never mind if you watch it now yourself…:)


    • Thanks for your contribution. It is actually fitting what the Elder of the Mayas says in this video, it could well be a New Sun…..That’s why I think that even if we try to foresee what is coming, it is impossible because it is quite extra…ordinary.


  30. Some additional note from ouside…we show you now who we are..because we promised this to you all here in another post here, when it is the right time…and now it is the right time…there was a shaman/nagual which we never meet in our life..due to some surfing in the net in january 2011 we found a gallery wz a lot of interessting paintings from him (we are at this time very fascinated about the objects at and around the sun..there are also some paintings from him which are given proof to this strange things)..his name was don pablo ameringo…he leaved our woeld in the year 2009…and this nagual makes really a painting fron us in the year 2002…think you can understand if we saw ourself, that we are flashed a little while…so here is the link to the painting…and from this painting you can click to the word list and you can watch all the other paintings from him in this gallery…if you do that you will notice that all other paintings a different to this one which he makes from us:
    this man looks in the painting looks like 100% as we are looking in reality…same style of clothes included…so it is up to you if you want to believe us or not..but we have no reason to cheat you all here…so anyway
    Love, Peace, Power and Wisdom to us all now
    Norrin Radd or ( the name was given from Don Pablo Ameringo to us) El Arponero El Pescador


    • the Future is Now!

      Hi just watched the painting. Nice but your message is not clear to me. What are you trying to say clearly?
      I quote you: this man looks in the painting looks like 100% as we are looking in reality…same style of clothes included…so it is up to you if you want to believe us or not..but we have no reason to cheat you all here

      Doesn’t make sense to me

      as for I quote : (we are at this time very fascinated about the objects at and around the sun..there are also some paintings from him which are given proof to this strange things)

      where are the images, I saw only paiting with red skies, red mood
      please be more specific


  31. here is is something being overlooked here definately getting the same ideas from my sources-its in the south pole-will run these co-ordinates with the south african base people and see what they make of it-but something else have reviewed many images-avi,s-etc-something way further back is causing a magnetic pull greater than what is stated-so we going to go back in timeline and see where the various stars-planets-etc would have been based on the the various predictions-phrophesies etc as in these latest events another celestial object way further back is definately got our attention almost certain its a brown dwarf star coming this way but something isnt right with the latest events like distraction away from something else-so we pulling all our global contacts into a global think-tank for possible answers


  32. look at this site write-up on solar-storm gas cloud is…/Earth-under-attack-from-Death-Star.=clue2-any celestial object like comets-astroids that have space debris going to light up-you cant see it visually-but via radio-infrared astronomy you can-this is just an opinion thats come up,we think that the space agencies been tracking an unknown comet for sometime-until the russian astronomer via a remote controlled telescope by chance spots this unknown comet-so what a better way to get instant distraction away from whats behind it-behind?nearby to the sun?so the trajectory is taken on elen?but not what is further back,opinion is that somewhere unkown at this stage that this comet came trought part of this interstellar gas cloud which is highly charged up-and everything thats coming throught it is going to light up very quickly-the question where is this interstellar gas cloud located?the opinion is that elenin-is the distraction for what is coming up behind elenin-that the comet elenin-blindsided viewing from earth?unknown until the russian astronomer announces his observartions?-there is a planetary alignment coming up 2011-2012-soloar storm warning?-we do know that nihbru was in the solar neighbourhood in noachs flood bibilical era BC-that has been confirmed-we know that as the christain folks bible christ crucifiction-the earth was cast in a shadow there was a planetary alignment-the timeline backtracked gives an indication-the next all planets alignment is due in 2-39,more or less-then this comes into effect-NEAR-EARTH ASTEROIDS AND THE KOZAI-MECHANISM–the kozai mechanism has some intetresting facts worth taking into account-also take a listern to frre mp3 downloads at
    and general some answers-clues are coming into effect now-this jigsaw puzzle of uncertaintity is slowly being put together-piece-piece-


  33. The more we look into this the less we know
    Check ou tthis video from this guy that I personally respect


  34. Hi All

    I am going to cover as much as I can on one post here

    The stones itself is quite mysterious. First there is no frickin way that the person selling those could have known how antarctica looked like 13 million years ago because we have only now been able to map the continent underneath the ice by some instruments and we just got a very rough idea on it, and since it came out just recently it was compared to what some of those stones showed there was a match. The person selling it has no idea of what it really looked like overall.

    Next there is no way he would know anything about medical procedures, let alone be able to describe it step to step process and those stones described it step to step and it baffles many how such can be on the stone as we all know today heart surgery still has a long way to go and the partial that we do know matches on those stones..

    Another is the finds and discovery of human feet!!!! and shoe imprints!!!!! on rock strata that is over 80 million years old and next to it is Dino fossilized bones!!!!! On those stones in Peru, it showed humans on top of them. As I said human existence during this time period has been found now in many different places especially all over in USA.

    You gonna tell me its not possible???? This kind of evidence practically blows the idea of human existence being only 6,000 years ago, blows the idea of human existence 30,000 and Neanderthals way way back a hell of a lot further than just 4-5 million years ago.

    Ancient writings even spoke of the lost city of Atlantis. There is a hell of a story behind that one as well.

    The quarry that was discovered in Jerusalem where those stones were used to build their Temple shows absolutely no holes drilled or tool usage. Those stones were cracked by another means and that was of sound levitation means and they weighed well over 300 tons each. Then on top of it, those stones were place with such precision Jerusalem has had earthquakes over the course of time and they still remained intact. The tools that were used and its instructions was placed in the hollow sections inside the two entrance pillars to the temple and were so named. The Romans were not aware of it at all as it was the Jewish secret taken from the Egyptians and such was privy only to their priests. When the Romans were destroying the second temple that information and secrets also got destroyed at the same time. You need to examine the western wall very carefully and also take a good hard look at the quarry of where it came from and you will slowly begin to see what I am talking about here.

    Add to this on how they built those massive Pyramids!!!!! Some of the secrets are practiced today deep around the Himalayas as they are able to build big temples high up in those mountains.

    To further add to this, Did you notice the temple on how it was built in Peru??? on top of one of their highest mountain areas, and those stones weighed well over 300 tons????

    Machinery, I don’t think they needed that at all. What they had was the ancient technology so passed down over time from the Aliens many multi millions of years ago before the Dino era, who were here and gave them the means and the ends for them to accomplish what they did, and the use of crystals for their power and energy means.

    How about this folks for you to consider some thought into it> The aliens themselves had their own rebellions and had their own power struggles and had their own disputes and traitors and etc just like we have now today. The aliens are really not that much better overall when such a thought is in place. They had their wars and destructions as well. No denying that they created us thru scientific means, because of their intelligence, and of their ability to move about in space that we today now see with our very own two eyes, so they have been around watching us for a very long time. Because of all their past experiences they have learned of their mistakes when their own kind got wiped out here and there. Yes the green glass that can only be made is by some fusion means – not by volcanic means. We have not detonated any nuclear device in Africa or in Saudi Arabia folks, even in India or South America yet its found in these places.

    Therefore now today I suspect the Aliens now have a council and are in agreement albeit most likely temporary, after all they went thru and learned and they have set up some rules which cannot be broken. What those rules are I do not know, but one of those rules I suspect is to not interfere with the advances and development of man that they created. They also fear and see the same thing now happenning to all of us of what we do today, we have wars, riots, dissention, and fight among ourselves the quest for power and dominance which to these people is like sweet candy and so attractive yet they go absolutely blind and dive right into it. The aliens already know how far we have progressed and there is cause for them to be concerned and to worry. We are doing the same mistakes they themselves made in the past and they suffered dire severe consequences as a result of it. In fact so bad that they destroyed a planet in the process which now is that asteroid belt we have circling around us and our other second moon.

    Some of the Aliens knew how deadly and dangerous this technology and power was to them and some of them breached their own oaths and promises. These same aliens became desperate to save themselves from the corruption and planned it over the course of time in secret manner. When the time was right, they activated their devices and it exploded and imploded at various places and most of them got wiped out. The survivors were long gone and had safety when this happened.

    As a matter of fact, we have discovered some of this evidence under the sea around the Bahamas very well still intact and free of water inside and it has baffled even the military and the best of minds we have today.

    So this Nibiru as we now know, and maybe have seen coming at us being 4 times the size of Jupiter is one of their planets that they tried to save eons ago. The only thing we can say at this moment of time it possesses a very deadly strong magnetic field. As to the rest of its composition its only a guess based on what we have instrument wise. As to why its on this particular orbit and trajectory is unknown, and whether or not it has survivors. Why I say that is because its prudent to not under estimate the technology the aliens have within themselves. We do know somewhat of this part that every time this object comes around it brings great destruction upon planet earth. In comparing to its size and to us, we are just a tiny little peanut to this massive giant. I do believe the Aliens are very well aware of this object. They have been trying to tell us in so many different ways but due to our lack of knowledge and intelligence we cannot understand their messages.

    That is why I suggest we go to the Aliens NOW, and not wait for them to come to us. We need their help most profoundly if this Nibiru is true and heading our way. We have nothing to lose but our own lives regarding this issue. If this Nibiru is really true as told, none of us is going to survive its wrath. Period. Means NONE. We will end up being again an ancient species if and when another species is built on this planet in the future. Everything we know now will also get wiped out and hidden in the strata rocks and be discovered again by the future archaeologist and geologists etc. like we do now. Based on the earlier calculations, its path its headed for Jupiter after it passes us, and Jupiter will be severely damaged and barely escape (maybe) from its clutches. So if you ask me what its timeline orbit path is, I can only guess but based on the evidence given I would say more likely every 26-28 thousand years. It could be more or less. Don’t know. Why because those who are the experts in their fields and have the knowledge are keeping their mouths shut. If they would at least speak it would be more beneficial for man but they don’t see it that way. You can pretty much guess why – Human Pandemonium and everything goes out of control. Control is what they want till the very last minute.

    Uranus and Neptune had serious perturbations and such was noted. Saturn had a tilt take place. Many will claim this is not so. Yet these same people who claim not so, never bothered to check the past photos and information and compared it to the exact time sequence of today. Had they done so they too would have noticed the same. Well we have also tilted and so did the Moon. And this information is confirmed. Earth tilted more than what was reported and its quite obvious on the moon as somehow it also changed its orbit around us.

    Last but not the least The Aliens took a picture of the temple mount not long ago and such was witnessed and verified. They have done the same at several other places but such was not captured as well as it was done in Jerusalem. Each and every single one of us has been scanned and and even our cities and technology so recorded by the Aliens. Why, cause they are preserving our history for the future and for other purposes. Someday eventually they will tell the whole story to somebody worthy enough to be told. Who I have no idea. But they will someday in the future.

    Believe what you want to believe but I say this because to me its the most plausible and possible scenario that has indeed taken place.

    Good luck to you all



    • I don’t dispute your post but when you write I quote :

      “That is why I suggest we go to the Aliens NOW, and not wait for them to come to us. “.

      How could we contact aliens now, do you have any idea? Don’t you think it is up to them to contact us since we are not as advanded as they are?


  35. Interesting C 2010 X1 (Elenin) timeline here where many events & coincidences show up!


  36. We can go to them. They have been landing in many various places but I suspect the reason why we cannot see their base area cause its cloaked. Sure its up to them but as I said before if Nibiru is true, hell why wait for them to come to us?? Consider this possibility that they may never do it?? Do you still want to wait??? and think about it or perhaps maybe go to them before it be too late?? I don’t know where your at, but where I am at, I am far from them but if close, absolutely I would take that chance.

    A good example is the upteemph times I see being reported in Pennsyvania and at that field. Yet residents living there do not see them but they do see them land using their night scopes. Go figure.

    Also if one was to really do a check on the background of about aliens, please do as I did some reading and come to that conclusion. For every cause there has to be an effect. For every effect there is a cause.

    Nibiru according to the ancient documents is the home for the Aliens. They did have a revolt among themselves. Astronomers think there was a planetary collision which gives us that asteroid belt. Also some astronomers think there was a second moon here around earth and that too got destroyed. But the ancients tell of them doing the destruction.

    So ask yourself who brought the problem upon us??? Did we do it or did they do it?? I don’t know cause I was not around when it happened. I can only guess.

    As of the rest I have mentioned here yes being a mod I have to also tell you true when it comes to a major axis tilt. A lot of people are saying its not so. Again take a bowl and put some water on it and have it leveled OK. Now tilt it fast that bowl and see where the water goes. It will keep going until the axis stop and watch the rebound. The wave will come back. This is just a little simple demonstration not costing you any money but to give you some idea what to expect in a term and sense being reality.

    Can you trust the Aliens I don’t know. I do know its good to know they are around and I would wish that they do take the responsibility for all their actions but it does not seem to me that they will now or the future. If we are merely an experimental project to them we are also expendable to them and they may also have a better project in mind. Who knows, as this is pure speculation.. Pure and simple. Never the less they are the only ones who have the ability to save or fix the problem that appears to have been caused by them eons ago. Can I prove this, probably since there is actual human footprints and shoe prints on strata rock that is over 80 million years old.

    I viewed the video for over 1 hour about the pyramids and engineers were showing some incredible findings and even they wondered how the Egyptians could have been able to match the stones so well and so tight not even air can go thru it let alone have curved or slanted granite so smooth and not have a hump or bump on it, let alone be straight, squared and completely leveled to absolute precision. A lot of those stones weighed over 300 tons.

    I don’t think any human should be defending the aliens at this point of time and stress. Nobody has seen them doing something positive now to contradict it let alone doing something to help save us if this Nibiru is true. They may have done something in the past about the pyramids, but what about now????

    Just trying to let you know my two cents, and its up to you whether or not to believe. Each one of us has a choice.

    I am aware that many have sold everything that they have and already has fled to the mountains. Again that is why I do applaud those who have a cool head and its good to have some around. But sooner or later many will reach that breaking point and perhaps we all might but it will happen at different times different places and not all at once. Based on some reports its already started. What scares me myself this fear can turn viral and go out of control. Seems the elite are already doing that with their DUMBS.



  37. I quote you: “if Nibiru is true, hell why wait for them to come to us?? Consider this possibility that they may never do it?? Do you still want to wait??? And think about it or perhaps maybe go to them before it be too late?? I don’t know where you’re at, but where I am at, I am far from them but if close, absolutely I would take that chance.”

    To me Nibiru is real and many researchers do believe also it is. But what people don’t agree on is when this “red dwarf” (?) or planet came around our solar system. It can’t be every 3600 years. So less than 13 000 years because of the deluge (half of the precession of the equinoxes)? I don’t know but what I found out is that the last polar shift happened 800 000 years ago. This planet did not cause polar shifts every 3600 years.

    Now I do not doubt about the earth axes tilting and the effects upon us, the Mayans talk about it but as much as I believe in action, I don’t see what I can do or you or anybody about that. Sometimes in life there is no where to hide…..

    My understanding but this is limited like most of us is that the top of the pyramid of Consciousness is about the return of the People of the stars, it is an ascension to a higher dimension, higher frequency, providing you can take the shock and stand the light. I do think there will be a kind of “Judgment day” where the darkness will fall upon us and we will be faced with our own demons. Fear being one of them. Then the Light will come back and the 5th World will start…

    I have a strong feeling about the 3/5 days of darkness but I am not trying to convince anyone. I also do think that the photon belt is real. From Google sky Infrared I saw a big ball of gamma rays behind the sun.

    Photons are causing a shift of consciousness; even the most retarded person on this planet has had some kind of “Evolution”. Light is the major element. Now the Mayans said that this red dwarf Nibiru is “supposed” to pull so much on our gravity that our frequency will increase we will be between dimensions (most likely the 3rd and the 5th if you consider TIME as a dimension we are already in the 4th dimension) ; they say people will lose their minds for they will see unusual beings, beasts from previous eras and others, they will die of fear and if not they will see the DAWN of a NEW WORLD (not to be mistaken with a New World Order lol) , the 5th Sun.

    Strangely the Book of Revelation talks about the 3 days of darkness and demands that no one should look outside…..

    Scientists do agree that the dimensions have different frequencies and this is why we can’t see them.

    The promise made to Abraham (I have no religion but there is a common thread to all religions) of a world of Peace for 2000 years, (hard to imagine when you are born in a world full of wars), of higher consciousness and bliss! I can picture that world and I believe it is possible.

    As for aliens being responsible for what happened in the past, maybe. I do think that in the near future we are promised an APOCALYPSE that means a “REVELATION”. I do think that the Medias and Hollywood are trying to make people afraid of Aliens and I think it is bullshit. They had the power until now to destroy us totally. We don’t need aliens to fuck up the planet and kill ourselves. I believe them to be benevolent.

    Now you say we can contact them in some locations, I do live in France and I don’t know where to go to meet them but I do think that they will come to us.

    I do not say that I have the TRUTH far from it. We are in an era of Mass information and Mass disinformation so what you gather has to be in accordance to the knowledge you have gathered during your lifetime and secondly we must realize that we have great limitations.

    As for fear going viral yes I think it will and that’s when the shit hits the fan for we have many proofs that when people freak out they do harm a lot of people. I remember vividly this sentence that said regarding the coming events : “Don’t make negative assumptions” And I am trying hard to do this.. There is something wonderful coming but like when you give birth it is very painful…. Don’t think it is easy for some of us to keep cool but it is a conscious effort not to give in to fear and it is a daily task in a world out of control.

    If you take out aliens, Nibiru, Elenin from the general picture, you will agree that even without any of these impending dangers we have 10 years before complete destruction of our World and it doesn’t seem to scare a lot of people lol! Even that MEGA NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE in Japan does not bother many people. Since March 11th 2011 not a day goes by without me thinking of these poor people in Japan being killed by contamination and irradiation with their government consent.

    Now to finish this long post, I hope I didn’t bore you here the rest of the Rabbit Medicine. Rabbit as a power animal is concerned with fears and anxieties. Rabbit provides the ability to know that something is wrong. You may have been attracted to Rabbit because you are the kind of person who hopes for the best, but fears the worst. Rabbit is showing you that it is not a matter of pretending such fears do not exist, or even of trying to resist them. You need to burrow down to bring them to the surface and then get rid of them – give them to the Universe.

    One way of revealing them is to write them down on a piece of paper, then conduct a little fire ceremony and set light to the paper. You can see your fears and anxieties vanish into the universe before your very eyes. Let the ashes of the burning paper fall into a small metal container or bowl. Then go outdoors, dig a small hole in the ground and bury them. This symbolic act shows that your worries no longer have a place in your life. Nearly all your fears are imaginary; now they are buried and you can have faith in the future. Rabbit, you see, can turn the weakness of fear into the strength of faith if you will accept its challenge. Strength from weakness. Banish fear. Move beyond fear’s stagnation. Listen to your heart.



  38. I am not so sure that ANY of you know what the hell your talking about….!!!! I have my beliefs and think something “earth-changing” is coming. Personally, I do believe in ” Nibiru”, but who knows. I have alot more faith in ancient multiple texts and teachings than I do you people. To figuire out those teachings, I look eleswhere, not here. All of these websites pertaining to earths “calamaty” are crap nowadays. If we die, we die, nothing we can do about it, maybe we should ALL think more about death and what might happen to our souls if the earth is “sterilized”.


  39. Wow….Daveyo said “each and everyone of us has been scanned.
    Ok but could one outline how this was done and when ( maybe i might remember any recent experiences! ) Like did it happen on May21 2011. thanks.


    • Actually Tho there is obviously No proof what so ever, I can support the belief that we have each and every human, been scanned at some point in thier life, Possibly tagged in ways that we cannot discern.
      I wont even Try to get into the technologies capable of doing such at the disposal of those doing so.
      BUT, I would Never propose it as if it were a Fact.

      By the way, Most Alien abductee’s have been given some form of treatment that dissallows them to remember the experience.
      I suspect a period of sleep would be the best time to take a scan.
      Some thing to KEEP some one in that state of sleep while it is being done. And they would Never know it has happened. Hell, it may even be accomplished from an different dimension, or from orbit. no one can say.
      Yay, now I sound like a nut ccase too. lol
      ~VARAKIENEN. 😉


      • Compared to what i am going to say no one here sounds like a nut case.
        You can judge me any way you like. You can believe me or think I am full of it.
        I don’t see myself as being an abductee but some of you may.
        I honestly don’t know how long this has been happening.
        My last personal visit as i call it, I woke up. Since this experience I have had what some people call visions. It’s this experience and the visions that led me here to this site.

        These visions come at any time.
        I have had many and some i don’t understand.
        One vision I am looking at a giant white board and on it is a maths equation with circles and letters on it. What am I supposed to do with that? I don’t know what it means or even how to try and work it out.

        Another vision I am in an open area and there are people everywhere. We are all looking towards the sky. Clouds are moving, twisting so fast. I look around again and those people around me are having trouble breathing. They are falling to the ground gasping for air. The next minute I am in space looking down on our planet and I see a shadow move slowly across the earth. I hear a word like a whisper. Compression.
        What does that mean?

        I have also seen a date 8th November and then the whisper again saying look up. Is something supposed to happen on this date?

        There is so much more but will leave it there for now.
        I do not want to upset anyone.

        Stay safe



      • Jay. If your story is Real, it is interesting.
        My own odd dreams led me to my researches and thus here, among many sites I haunt. So, your story is believable. To me at least.
        But, the skeptic in me will take it with a grain of salt and ponder on it a while.
        Be well.
        ~ VARAKIENEN.


      • A few things have already come to pass but then I have no proof of that and even when you have proof you are shot down in flames.

        Most think you are nuts but when something happens that you have warned about they treat you like you have a contagious disease.

        There is more than just visions.

        I am having trouble getting on this site and a few others.
        I have had some files removed from my pc. I have been watched. By who I don’t know. Strange thing is they all have very short hair very much like military . Next time I will take pics.
        Scared sure am. My family and friends are waiting for me to get arrested or taken away some place. I say *#! them.
        So to me it very real.

        I would like nothing more than to sit down with someone that has nothing to do with government ect and just tell all. I know this can never happen so I try to find other ways to get the message out. Emails I can send but not many go through.

        Time can’t be wasted.

        Stay safe


      • Jay

        I too have been watched when i was researching into crystalline metals and their application into anti gravity propulsion,i found some stuff (no longer have links) detailing American aircraft using crystalline based metals to coat the interior of the jet engines resulting in them having little need for coolants below a certain operating temperature. I also was looking through some more stuff detailing centrifugal motion generating localized gravitational fields and began pondering how this sort of stuff could be used in conjunction with the crystalline metal. Blah Blah Blah

        I’m getting off topic…..

        anyways after looking through some of this stuff i had a visit to my house by a random guy who looked really Military/Government and just asked me directions to some place that was down the road from me (bear in mind there are plenty of roadside houses along my street yet my house is down a long long driveway), then i told him where it was and he turned around and went on his way. Now i know this could just be nothing but i always follow what my instincts tell me, and they told me that this wasn’t normal. The guy just had a walk about him that seemed disciplined, not relaxed yet he was just driving around in a Holden sedan… anyway it was just weird and made me a bit jumpy for the rest of the day



      • Luke

        Your post does interest me.
        Crystalline metal, generating localized gravitational fields. This makes me think about the two visitors I had. I have searched high and low for anything similar to what I have seen and come up with nothing.
        They had a shimmering flowing sort of electrical pulse running all around them. Not like they were in a bubble but on their skin. When one of them touched me I was afraid of getting zapped but didn’t. Has to be some sort of protection. Reminds me of the moons light on the ocean. Quite beautiful.
        I will admit I was terrified when one of them was like an inch from my face.
        They were telling me it was ok.

        Maybe you were close to finding something with your research. I’d look back into it.

        Being watched seems to be part of the norm.
        Always follow your instinct.

        Stay safe


  40. Probably more likely scanned all thru 2010, and thru the Jerusalem incident as when they took a pic of it, and probably a little more after that point. I have a strong feeling that they did this based on the Jerusalem incident which sort of tipped me off, and of them hanging all around thailand for over 6 hours. They did this all around the world. So my guess is they know something is about to happen and it does make sense to record and keep a history of us more or less.

    Again this is my guess and hypothesis and not a factual fact. If you consider what they did in Jerusalem the actions of what they did that nite more or less sort of points it in that direction. Ok



  41. As we all know planet X might be coming around for its 3600 year cycle this could have devastating plantary effects on our earth. Ask yourselves can you prepare in time? Will you be ready and do you have a safe place to go? The time is now to act! Check out


  42. Did you all see the huge solar flare that appeared to go right through Venus at 10.36 on the SOHO LASCO 2 on the 16th I wonder if that was the time it was alligned to Earth but it sure looked a huge flare that went right through Venus!


  43. The coordinates of the star CW Leonis are not the coordinates of Nibiru. The star CW Leonis is not Nibiru.


  44. The reasons of Arizona arguing CW Leonis is Nibiru are absolutely derisory.

    1-CW Leonis is Nibiru because this carbon star is next to the Elenin tracker.

    2-CW Leonis is Nibiru because it’s red and Nibiru it’s supposed to be color red too.

    Now I ask if…

    Is there any significant blue shift observed in CW Leonis that could indicate that this star is next to our Sun and that it’s inbound to Earth?

    How one person could affirm that a star is Nibiru making use of such a reason’s weakness! I can’t understand how can some people dare. That’s all.

    Best regards.


  45. Just to let you folks know, there was an asteroid in 1908 that almost was an ELE. Known as the Tunguska event. The only thing on this is I question the size of this asteroid. My gawd 120 miles diameter. Its been said in quiet terms Elenin is indeed 120 miles in diameter

    Based on all the data they collected if you all would stop for just a moment to realize just how close humanity came to facing the ELE. Had that asteroid hit earth with full force it would have created a hole 800 miles and final hole will be nearly 2 miles deep. The scale gives max 41 miles a second. Below is 558 miles a sec.

    The Tunguska Event, as it came to be known, was a puzzle, a trauma of inexpressible magnitude in which not a single human life was lost. In 2008, NASA suggested the cause was an asteroid, 120 miles across, weighing 220 million pounds,<< (I think they meant tons) entering the Earth's atmosphere at 33,500 miles per hour, heating the surrounding air to 44,500 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the asteroid to explode 28,000 feet above the surface of the Earth, setting off seismographs in England, where Londoners could read a newspaper by the light of the night sky.
    The night sky lit up, as if in flames. The ground trembled. As NASA would describe the scene a century later, 800 square miles of forest were felled, and 80 million trees were lain out in a circle like the spokes of a bicycle, each tree pointing away from a central hub in an area so remote that scientists would not inspect the site until 19 years later.

    Or it might have been a benevolent race of aliens intercepting a meteor to save the Earth from certain destruction, as a Russian scientist named Dr. Yuri Lavbin asserted, to considerable international press coverage, in 2009.

    Interesting that NASA thinks the aliens intervened on this asteroid.



  46. Daveyo’s facts on the tunguska event are… “”WRONG””.


  47. I point to Tesla for the Tunguska explosion.
    Ha, I had read that the explosion may have been the result of an experiment by Nikola Tesla using the Wardenclyffe Tower as he was looking to impress Theodore Roosevelt. He had hoped to show him lights much like the Aurora Borealis.
    Since there little to no proof, I sleep well at night with a wink towards Tesla.

    Just my opinion…but I am probably “WRONG”. lol

    …btw, Venus, Mars, Earth and the Sun should line up today/tomorrow…and my mystic friends tell me that the 5th night of the 9th something starts tomorrow…for epic doom on us…hang tight…Im calling their bluff.


  48. The best place to survive such events is underground the ancients knew we should too.


  49. Food for thoughts
    Enormous CME reaching Venus
    Planet X or Red Dwarf behind the sun
    The Mayan had an obsession about Venus…
    Don’t shoot the messenger just trying to bring elements

    gigantic cme on venus animation

    CHECK OUT Venus and the Mayans………………..

    The mayans were watching Venus very closely
    there is a relation between venus, nibiru, The Return of the People of the Stars, the 5th dimension shift of consciousness etc

    Evidence has recently been uncovered providing a far more intimate connection between the planet Venus and the Maya culture
    Long understood to be closely connected with Venus, owing to the more than 350 Venus-related glyphs adorning its architecture, the Palace of the Governor was also built with its long-axis skewed nineteen degrees with respect to the primary orientation of other Uxmal structures.To the calendar-conscious Maya–well aware of the Earth’s 365-day annual cycle–this must have provided a compelling demonstration of Venus’ divine connections.

    THE NASA is freaking out:

    — WASHINGTON, DC – Increasing solar activity and the threat that coronal mass ejections (CME) pose to Earth has prompted NASA to convene a news briefing at its Headquarter building in Washington on Thursday afternoon. Thursday’s briefing has been arranged, space agency officials say, in light of new information coming from NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), spacecraft and other NASA probes. The briefing will feature new details about the structure of solar storms and the impact they have on Earth. The briefing panellists are Madhulika Guhathakurta, STEREO program scientist; Craig DeForest, staff scientist, Southwest Research Institute, David Webb, research physicist, Institute for Scientific Research, Boston College; and Alysha Reinard, research scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Colorado. The briefing will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website at 2:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM GMT)


  50. To Vara

    No I am not wrong Vara. I only quoted the information from your most wonderful friend called NASA. If you think its wrong, please you are welcome to tell NASA that they are wrong about the Tunguska event..

    I (<<<<put this in their remarks questioning the size, but they say it was a 120 mile diameter asteroid. As a matter of interest to you, 800 miles in diameter of trees got wiped out. They have images of it today.

    Scientists did not go to investigate this area until 19 years later after it happened which was in 1937!!!!. Obviously (I believe) today they must have taken satellite images, examined the ground, did an air view from a plane and some other things and ran the information to their computers and that is what they come up with in regards to their statement. It was also reported by wonderful BBC.

    An asteroid of that size does not simply explode in the air!!!! Maybe a smaller one yes, and of interest the dino rock was around 25 miles in diameter and that one hit the ground. So, if this is true, 25 miles could hit the ground surely a 120 miles diameter should have impacted Earth, and this is what NASA is wondering why it never made contact to the ground.

    It is only speculation BY NASA that the Aliens might have done something at that time and blew the asteroid apart before it hit. They have found evidence of the asteroid material 800 miles from ground zero. This is the only explanation they can come up with when comparing all their information and knowledge on the matter.

    Interesting to note, the military has seen and such was recorded the aliens playing around missiles high up in the atmosphere using their laser beams and deactivating all the circuits and ruing the tests by the military. So if they can do that which was recorded on film by the military, the speculation and hypothesis by NASA regarding Tunguska event gives a very strong high probability that they too intervened during that time in 1908.

    Had it hit the ground the crater itself would have been 800 miles in diameter and the final crater would have been almost 2 miles in DEPTH. Approximately 1.8 miles according to their figures.

    This asteroid if true regarding its size Vara, you and I and most people today would not be alive let alone exist, cause this one is 5 times the size of the Dino rock!!!. If a 25 mile diameter rock can kill off and extinct the Dinos, what makes you think that a 120 mile diameter rock will not extinct humans at that time period?????

    And by the way folks the Chicago Cubs were playing their world series and the only world series they ever won in the last 103 years!!!!!! Only 6,800 people attended that game. Orval Overall was the winning pitcher when they won – I think. Some people think the Chicago Cubs recruited Aliens as baseball players, and it was Detroit they were playing against at that time. hehehehehehehehehehe.



  51. Anonymos BP Corexit Hater

    You Guys have another real big big problem in your country…which you all still had forgotten….the corexit microbes from BP…they are invading your country…and a lot of other countries on this Planet…that is a real problem you are not noticing anymore…and that is what they want…they are preparing the genocid of all life on this planet…..


  52. Latest Official dimensions of “Elenin” : 235 000 kms, 16 times the Earth, 61 times the moon, full of debris, gaz and a long long tail. It’s not the type to argue but to be AWARE


  53. @ Bingo. . . Provide us a link if it is not your theory or calculation.


    • You write as if I had made this up! Why would I do that? It’s amazing how these posts there is so much aggressivity and ego problems. Doesn’t make you want to participate


  54. I posted this yesterday but for some reason it does not show so here is the proof from the man himself and it proves this comet is growing bigger & bigger each time its assessed!
    The diameter of the comet Elenin’s coma confirmed by visual observations from the Earth as 213,500 km & the length of the tail is more than 3,000,000 km!


  55. I know everyone needs a hobby and this is as good as any but if it really is the ‘end of days’ or whatever, so what? Those that die first will probably be better off, so if it comes I’m taking a good bottle of wine to the highest hill and having a drink while I watch it happen.


  56. Wow,what can I say,I be following for 5yrs,it’s a lot closer than I thought,about late November this year,I think man kind be lucky to survive this


  57. This video has important elements about the shift from 3rd to 4th dimension. To watch at least once even if you dont believe it, it may save your life

    The Nibiru Dream, Time, & The Dimensional Shift(1/4)


    • yeah, uhmmm…… How exactly is watching this supposed to save my Life?


      • Maybe you don’t need to save your life, stay as you are and hope for the best. You could find out if you watch but you don’t seem interested and I am not here to convince people. It takes a good heart and a clear mind to comprehend…..


    • No no. I watched all 4 segments before I commented and learned nothing new. More than that I didnt find any thing in it that was potentially “Life saving”. So, thus I asked you. quote:
      How is watching this supposed to save my life?


  58. Funny how people see or read into things what they WANT to, rather than what is actually there.
    There is No ego thing in our discussion hun. I simply posed a question to you.
    And you have deemed not to answer.


    • Very rarely on this blog do people have a nice attitude, I am not saying you were nasty but the way you wrote clearly shows that you don’t get the message in the 4 videos, why should I bother explaining. It’s not your cup of tea that’s all. Lets leave it at that


    • But you SHOULD bother explaining simply because she asked. Maybe you see something she doesn’t. Simply saying that everyone has an ego trip and that you can’t be bothered to explain it if someone disagrees is pitiful. It shows me that you probably can’t explain yourself if you choose to blame one’s ego or that you are trying to “be above” explaining, which is unnecessarily pretentious. If you don’t wish to spread the facts that you know and explain your reasoning, then why post at all?

      Stop using people’s egos as a scapegoat and explain yourself! What have you got to lose? We don’t have egos, we just want to know the truth. To me, refusing to explain yourself and stating that to do so would be a waste of time is egotistical.


  59. Hey Peace! I don’t have to do anything but I will because I am not here to argue.

    The video is there for everyone interested to watch. The passage about the shift of dimension is what I am referring to. Now I didn’t want to go into explaining because I realize it is far-fetched for many people .

    It talks about when the shift of dimension happens while the magnetic grid is down you start having visions of objects of the 3rd dimension disappearing. This is something that can drive anybody insane if they don’t know what is going on.

    It says that it is best to be on earth as all that is manufactured would disappear little by little before your eyes because it they are manufactured and not naturally found in Nature.That’s why if it ever happened it’s best to know this. It says also that when you start seeing objects,of 4th dimension not to touch them or even look too much at them. It says that most people would actually sleep through the process…Now I don’t say this is true but I thought it was worth sharing.

    There is a lot more to it and the video is in 4 parts.
    Again I am not saying it is the Truth but it is worth listening to.
    Hope I gave a satisfying answer :)?


    • theboldcorsicanflame…………..very interesting, i would love to know more about all of this I am just a newbie breaking out of conventional though and coming into the power of now, could many strange sightings around the world be just 3D beings viewing 4D beings in our space time?


    • Thank you. that is what I was looking for with my question. When I saw it, I did not take the notion of dimensional shifting as life threatening. I percieved it as making a choice. that if you touched, reached out to, or looked to long at said materials that you would be pulled into the realm that it enhabits, not actually killed, just trapped there.
      Not that I believe that any how. But thank you for clearifying, as I did not percieve that aspect as actually life threatening and thus did not understand your statement saying it could save life.
      I Do believe that if we have a space time rupture, that if we are experiencing altra intense magnetic and other radiations that we will be given to halucination, seeing things that are pan dimensional etc. I do not believe that the process will be deadly how ever. And I dont actually think we would be able to cross dimensions at the critical juncture.
      Originally I believed the notion of 3 days of darkness to be an massive eclipse. perhaps Nibiru passing by and blocking the sun. Now I am entertaining the notion that the magnetic fields, space time shifting or other anomalies may be too much for our neurosystems to handle, and we may temporarily lose the ability to neurologicly assimilate visual sight.
      People under cat scans have temporarily lost visual with over exposure. It just makes a little sense. I am not saying that this will be the case, I am merely entertaining it as a possability.


      • sorry I tend to believe you underestimate the effects of visions and reality shifting, if such an event happened, I think a lot of people would go insane and kill themselves; It’s strange because the mayans talk about people dying from their own fear. Thanks for the answer. Have a good day.


  60. Hi, I am tempted to say yes but again I don’t have the Truth.
    Please watch the videos as I only wrote only a small part.
    Nibiru or whatever could be coming after Elenin or we could have the galactic alignment with the center of our galaxy as the Mayans predicted
    An extraordinary event could have an impact on TIME as we perceive it.

    Nobody knows but thinking out of the box is great!

    If you are interested you could listen to this:


  61. Ubunchofchickenlittles

    Whole lot of brain damage going on here.


  62. Thank you to….

    THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES and all that have posted informative information and opinions.

    I do appreciate all your hard work.

    If this site makes one new person each day aware of what is happening to our world and beyond then you may be partly responsible for saving that persons life in up coming events.

    Isn’t this site for this reason. To make more aware. To reveal the truth.

    Hold your heads up high and be proud! Keep the information coming in!

    Stay safe


    PS The RAAF base that has been quiet lately has awoken. Chemtrails everywhere today! What don’t they want us to see?


  63. Most astrominers agree though.j.


  64. What if i said we are inside Nibiru already & everything in the sky is fake ,, well Dr Goodgreens on you tube seems to see things that took me forever to see myself ,,but i’m afraid he’s right , we have orbs making all we see ,,the moon ,, i don’t even think is real & its phasing cycle is not what it should be at all , the sun rises are all screwed up too, take a photo of the sun & decrease the reflection of light & watch what u see in the middle of the sun..a black orb ,,if we’re dead,,bring it on already !!


  65. Well we are all still here.


  66. jackallenmyersj.a.m.

    hey ! we ARE still alive . post me if the planet explodes, cause its obvious no-one wants to admit to any incoming planet killers . who would? .j.