UK Ministry Of Defence Not Interested In UFOs

Newly released government files on UFOs show a lack of will and resources to study thousands of reported sightings.

The Ministry of Defence files released by the National Archives cover reported sightings of UFOs from 1985 to 2007.

In one, a military officer predicts embarassment if the public discovered a “lack of funds and higher priorities” were stopping UFO investigations.

The 34 files include sightings of lights over Glastonbury and a “flying saucer” in Nottinghamshire.

They can be downloaded free of charge for a month from the National Archives website.

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6 responses to “UK Ministry Of Defence Not Interested In UFOs

  1. wow. thatsa lotta filage.


    • Check out the FBI Vault website and enter a search for UFO’s. Lots of filage there too!


      • Faceless, can you kindly provide a link to said web site to get us started, and any instructions for navigating? Many Thanx.


  2. Perhaps they don’t investigate them because the government already knows what they really are…..


  3. or this is just another misinformation, i bet you anything that they still have a hold of the really secret stuff, there’s no way they would release it all to the public, they’ve done the same thing in NZ in February 2011:

    but there is nothing in what they released that definitively proves anything, just lots of smoke and blurry pictures

    im sorry but this is just another lull of safety instigated by the top guys to try and put peoples minds at rest and to stop people looking for answers

    also a link to the NZ released files:



  4. I think that all the U.K. and the U.S. both carry out UFO investigations for their own personal interests to this day, not the interests of their citizens, or the planet Earth in general. Many governments know what they are and can do nothing about them. There are also reports of the U.S. having personal involvement in experiments with E.B.E.’s on Earth in various military bases. Many on this site know that this information is nothing new and is far from a revelation. What happens is you get a knucklehead reporter that doesn’t believe they exist, and they publish a disinformation piece, which the news media are much more likely to circulate than a news piece confirming they exist, which would only bring ridicule and would be akin to career suicide.