Where Would You Go With 3 Days’ Notice

Where Would You Go With 3 Days’ Notice!

The bomb shelter business for private persons is booming, and for many years Governments, Organisations and Military building at an increased rate World Wide Underground Survival Bunkers.

What are the reasons for these booming?

The impending total collapse of the global financial system, WWIII, approaching Comets, Asteroids, Elenin, Nibiru, Planet X, predictions, Maya Calender, Hopi prophecy,  the end of the world in 2012?? For whatever reason..

People are becoming more aware and they starting to prepare, for what they believe to be a major change of Earth. The rise of Bunkers being built around the World be amost 700% in the past 3-4 years.

But what about the Deep Underground Bunkers and Facilities?

A quote from 2009 by a Norwegian politician: 

I would like to say that difficult things will happen from the year 2008 till the year 2012.

The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked, they simply say that it is for the protection of the people of Norway. When I enquire when they are due to be finished, they reply before 2011.

Israel is also doing the same and many other countries too.

My proof that what I am saying is true is in the photographs I have sent of myself and all the Prime Ministers and ministers I tend to meet and am acquainted with. They know all of this, but they dont want to alarm the people or create mass panic.

Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. 

As for me, I already know that I am going to leave before 2012 to go the area of Mosjøen where we have a deep underground military facility. There we are divided into sectors, red, blue and green. The signs of the Norwegian military are already given to them and the camps have already been built a long time ago.

The people that are going to be left on the surface and die with along the others will get no help whatsoever. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish into the night not knowing what to do.

How massive these bunkers are… >watch these 2008/2009 video’s (below) > Is it for the protection of the people? No, they will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on. They are not going to invite you.






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    Not much of a use if the whole planet will be underwater. good luck trying to rebuild things with no other living beings left, radiation and whatsoever. i’ll be watching from up there.


  2. Just worms are heading underground! Free man,Divine Soul need to see the sky over his head-doesn’t matter what color it would turn like!
    Who can be sure if those who will get deep into underground bases will not die as the first ones? Can you? Who can?
    Those who recognize themselves as an immortal Souls and aren’t attracted too much to their physical bodies are looking at any event to come from the different angle and with different understanding.
    If we would be certain that it is extremely important to us to remain in our physical bodies as long as we can,it would make a sense to strive for it. Otherwise all this panic of preparedness doesn’t make a sense at all!Just a panic and fear spreading!


  3. Honestly I wouldn’t go anywhere. The events about to take place will touch EVERY living organism on earth including plants and even rocks. NO need to run anywhere, when it is your time to go it is your time to go. I personally believe like they said in the mayan culture that many people will die of FEAR. So at the moment it is not to go anywhere that is important but to GO WITHIN and work on your fears. Everything will be alright regardless the issue for the Plan of Consciousness is PERFECT! That’s my humble opinion everyone is entitled to theirs


  4. Maybe lens flare,maybe not….


  5. john l sullivan

    Has the US Govt/Military given any other reason as to the purpose of these facilities?
    These are hardly Top Secret classified images. Its not as if they are trying to hide what they are doing! Slightly odd, don’t you think?


  6. James Mullen

    Human pride will be humbled,

    and human arrogance will be brought down.

    Only the Lord will be exalted

    on that day of judgment. Idols will completely disappear. When the Lord rises to shake the earth,

    his enemies will crawl into holes in the ground.

    They will hide in caves in the rocks

    from the terror of the Lord
    and the glory of his majesty. On that day of judgment they will abandon the gold and silver idols

    they made for themselves to worship.

    They will leave their gods to the rodents and bats, while they crawl away into caverns

    and hide among the jagged rocks in the cliffs.

    They will try to escape the terror of the Lord
    and the glory of his majesty

    as he rises to shake the earth. Don’t put your trust in mere humans.

    They are as frail as breath.

    What good are they? (Isaiah 2:17-22 NLT)


    • You make me sick. Show me proof of Jesus and God. Ever think that Jesus was an alien? No, seriously. Think about it. When you read the bible and comply it with astronomy. The bible makes TONS of references concerning the heavens which is just an interpretation for Space. If i’m going to believe in Jesus, than i believe he’s alien life far more technologically advanced than us.


  7. Just wanted to add if I was in a city I would go away but I live in the country.


  8. It is the duty of every countries goverment to build, construct & prepare for any disaster whereas they can save some of its population from either war, terrorist attack, nucleur fall out & celestial objects.
    During World War 1 and 2 here in the UK they evacuated the women & children to underground bomb shelters.
    it is just more advanced now as any war is advanced with more sever consequences but am sure these bunkers are multi purpose.


    • the Future is Now!

      The duty of every government is to Lie, Cheat and Prepare for anything while keeping the People in ignorance, we are just idiots for them. They only respect Power and Money. I envy your belief that these guys are merely preparing for any eventuality. They are trying to save their asses and let us die but maybe there will be a big surprise for them. They might be in even greater danger trying to save their asses by hook or by crook!


    • Where do you get your information from? During the first World War no-one in the Uk was “evacuated” and during the second World war most of the children and “some” of the women were evacuated to the countryside i.e. Devon, Cornwall etc. Many people built Anderson shelters in their gardens. And London used the underground network. Do youself a favour, keep your mouth shut.


  9. Where will we go with three days notice? We will be found within homes filled with love, family, and animals surrounded by trees in the forest even if it’s just one in the center of a crowded city. We will live happily with or without others in our little havens created upon the Earth in this day within the constraints of time or without it. We will bask in the knowledge that the best and brightest live in a state without fear, wherever they may be found and we will be found virtually everywhere.

    Governments in choosing those “worthy” of saving have cast their lot into the pits Earth’s deep crust where the bounty of Earth can not be found. Where their only supplies are limited and toxic before they were placed in these depths reflective of their own despair. Only Mother Earth can save them, if she will but this requires a change of heart for each of us.

    No matter how things may appear, it is a New Golden Age that has dawned on Earth and it is a time when Heaven joins and the Bounty of both is combined in the present day.

    We shall soon see who and which icons are left of those old systems that failed and took all the resources of Mother and sanctioned them for the few 1% over the rest of humanity, the other 99%. When it is said that “the Meek shall inherit the Earth” ~ we smile and we wonder which part of us, this will be? Much love to all surface dwellers and visitors coming up from inner Earth and out of Deep Space ~ all those advanced Celestial Beings ~ who we shall soon meet in love and admiration in the days ahead very much topside and out in the sunshine of a bright new day and Era. This one, filled with delights and promises being fulfilled now and in this present moment. xoxox


  10. Going underground if Nibiru is true and does exist is the VERY LAST PLACE I would be heading.

    Consider Earth Crust Displacement. Some continents will fall and some will rise, the tectonic plates will be crashing into each other with a lot of force, same for continents as well.

    You want to be under the ground when this happens. Hmmmm, the ground will crush them and they will be buried and sealed under the ground. If they do survive, and say this section does sink and you have ocean water on top of you and your 20,000 feet underwater, its bye bye. The minute they open a door if such still exists that water will implode them. Or if they survive and the ground and tectonic plates have moved you will be crushed if the plate hits your area.

    I see they plan to install their electronic toys there too. If Nibiru is true, the magnetic field of Nibiru is going to fry out all their circuits in a instant. I notice this on the DUMBS as well. No protection for their equipment.

    If Nibiru is true, the planet will have a world wide communication blackout, the satellites up in space as well as our telescopes and everything up there will be the very first to go before it hits the ground. When it hits the planet, everything will fry up including your computers, hard drives. All this will happen within minutes.

    The ancients put their records in stone. In stone it survived the last major event, cause the magnetic field cannot destroy that part.

    Anyway, like I said its the VERY LAST PLACE I would want to be

    Daveyo – Mod


  11. To bad that I can’t play the Youtube video’s. Al the ‘conspiracy’ and other video’s that are hot’ are blocked in my country, more and more. Some lame excuse that there MAYBE music in it that is copyrighted and not approved by GEMA. So many people have this problem in Europa not able to view these video’s. Maybe Anonymous should take those Youtube by government controlled site off the air for good and then they should start an open site like Youtube.

    Also all those video’s can’t be downloaded with Youtube grabber..
    Sorry for the offtopic but where else to go with this..

    video’s It’s say’s ‘maybe’ there is music in it which the GEMA has not Germany has no copyright of.


    • Ah dammit the text “video’s It’s say’s ‘maybe’ there is music in it which the GEMA has not Germany has no copyright of.” i forgot to remove, please mod


  12. By the way I forgot to also mention, this to you. All the events and destruction will be done within a 7 day period. Nibiru will take 3 days to pass us and then it will try to take earth out of its orbit but our Sun will win eventually and keep us hopefully in place.

    It will take about minimum 2 weeks for things to settle down, and longer for the plates to re-establish itself and this will be a slow process as the water will return to its origins depending on the magma movement below the crust. Some continents will not come back up completely and some will. However the position of where the continents are at that time will definitely be much different than what it is now. They can move as much as 1 to 5 thousand miles. As to the poles it will be at a different location due to the magnetic field causing such a shift.

    Example the South pole can be right over Mexico City and the North Pole somewhere around the Asia region. Just an example. Compasses will have to be reset and our magnetic items have to be reconfigured etc.

    So when someone asks how bad this can be, I have just gave you a small hint here on just how bad. Don’t forget about the huge Tsunami as well when the Earths Axis tilts suddenly. The water has to go someplace and it will pile up someplace and when the axis stops tilting the water will come back as a giant wave maybe a few miles high more like around 4-5 miles up. The other is the magma popping thru the emptied crust where the ocean once was. The pressure will be incredible on such a sudden shift.

    Bible mentions fire will come down. Well that is your magma that exploded thru the crust.

    That is why I said, we need to go to the Aliens for survival and make our plea to them. They are the only ones who can do and have such capability.

    Daveyo – Mod


  13. Oh just a quick some notes:

    Ancient records say out of 65 million that did perish the last time only 2 million survived. (Sumerian tablets?)

    Out of a biblical text pertaining to Noah, it stated that many days went by, perhaps minimum 90 days before the waters receded enough for their ark to land after the initial catastrophic event. It talks of 40 days and 40 nights before light showed up and more time after that before it came to rest someplace. So add minimum of 45 days from that point.

    So we got some hints on how long it will take before things settle back to normal and it will be a slow process and not a fast process.

    Just to give you some idea what may lie ahead of us to those who do survive.

    Daveyo – Mod


  14. Let them go underground….they will die because of their arrogance. The entire landscape will be changed– some places will sink and be underwater, and some will rise. No doubt, there will be serious earthquakes all over. If something like this happen, well, let it come…nothing we can do but to survive the best we or meet our fate calmly.
    Edgar Cayce, and many other people have predicted that the earth will shift, and many parts of the earth will be changed. It will happen, although it is not clear when…


  15. Also by the way the other part of the Riddle is this one:

    Those that expect it to happen such things will not happen at the time they expect it to occur.

    This will happen when they least expect it, and are caught off guard completely. That is the meaning of the remark:

    It will come as a thief of the night.

    So with this in mind, the governments are expecting all this right??? If so, it will not come. It also said to be vigilant and watch for the signs. The real signs will appear and those who are vigilant will see it. Not the governments or the powers that be, but to those who truly do deserve to see it.

    Don’t forget this other part of the Riddle that was left for us to ponder.

    Incidently such question was asked to one that is called the Christ and his answer is really astounding to say the least.

    He replied to this question as follows: Not even I or the angels or the heavens know of when this will happen but only his Father.

    Which means to say his Father has not even told him and its a reservation strictly only to his Father, and yet his Son does not know when it will take place even though he qualifies having the absolute right to know and such still was not told to him.

    go figure..



  16. There is one other clue I forgot to mention here:

    It also said which I believe is one of the clearest signs to watch for:

    The seasons will change to such a degree that everything we know as of seasons will not be when expected. Example Winter might be summer, and spring might be the fall or something to that effect. or it can end up merging quietly in such a way that fall starts to merge with winter and spring starts to merge with summer in such a way most of us not notice it and I suspect it will be a gradual process.

    I think it will be the second one and not the more rapid one like winter to summer.

    We are getting awful close to that point as we have seen certain weather changes now taking place around the world.

    This I believe is the one we should pay attention to the most.



  17. On another thread here, I saw the video where the person was showing that Elenin is not showing up where its supposed to be.?????? What happen or did it change its course and if so where is it now???

    That was a very bothersome video part indeed. I would hate to think that Elenin is sneaking up upon us.

    So folks lets band together and find Elenin. We need to know where its at and report back here as soon as you can.

    Daveyo – Mod


  18. Me Personally, in the beginning i would definitely take refuge in a bunker as its the safest spot to be for an initial event taking place (whatever that may be). Stock this bunker up with about 3months food (cans of fruit/vege etc) and at least 1years dehydrated foods, dynamo/battery electronics gear (radio, torch etc), a gas cooker (if you survive you cant exactly buy your meat precooked anymore…), and of course guns/weapons (weve all seen how people riot/rape/destroy in situations like this, its all about protecting you first).

    Then if i was to survive the initial event, i would want to stay highly mobile and remain out of large city centers as people would begin resorting to desperate measures to save their own skin. Staying mobile would mean getting yourself a large 4wd over 2-3 tonnes (you will need the weight to make sure it would get flipped easily if your in a hurry, also account for one with a lower center of gravity), with decent suspension and it must be easy for you to work on, in the event it breaks down. Make sure you have the min amount of seats needed eg if your keeping your family of 4 and it has 8 seats rip out the back 4 for added room.

    Stock your 4wd with everything from the bunker and also, some tools (maintenance), car lighter chargers (you can get multi-socket chargers that can be used for phones, mp3’s etc etc), spare parts for sections that are easily replaceable, extra fuel (secondary tank or fuel cans, make sure these stay inside your 4wd, also making some shelving or bracing to make sure everything isn’t loose and bouncing around always helps.

    Well this is my plan anyway and most of it has already been sorted including my vehicle, id be happy for some people to make some suggestions or modifications to my ideas that doesn’t involve telling me to move to another country or something as the ideas have to be realistic as not everybody is prepared to or can move to Tibet overnight.



  19. Pack what you can carry. vehicles may be out of action, traffic jams may be in place or road blocks ect.
    Head for high ground. Stay away from rivers, lakes, creeks. Populated areas.
    Find some sort of shelter even if you have to dig a hole to lay in and put something over it to protect you.
    You will want to wear clothing made from natural fibers, wool or even denim is good. Nylon won’t keep you warm when wet and in case of fire it’s the last thing you want to be wearing.
    You will want to have winter and summer clothing.
    Emergency blanket glued or taped to a tarp can reflect heat.
    Earmuffs or ear plugs will come in handy too. Keep noise down ect.
    I could go on but won’t bore you any longer.

    I feel that most won’t get 3 days but only hours.

    Our friends won’t let anything destroy our planet but they can’t interfere with the other stuff. Quakes, tidal waves, crust displacement, meteor showers ect. I truly hope none of this comes to pass.


  20. To Lacsap

    What is your problem. Are you able to see our videos or not. I understand you are maybe having trouble seeing from You Tube side.

    If you have trouble seeing it on our end, we will be able to help you out and send it down to you after it is converted.

    Download here this link: Save it to your puter OK What we will do is send it to you via e-mail in zip form.

    This one is You Tube:http://www.savevideodownload.com/download.php

    Then download just the FLV player save it to your puter and then run and install it and your set to go and you can see the FLV files that was converted from You Tube.

    Make a list of what you want to see OK. I won’t do this all the time for you, but if you can ask here and there, no problem.

    Daveyo – Mod


  21. I left the city three years ago and bought a little, relatively isolated property on high ground where I can (and do) grow my own food. That is ALL I intend to do to prepare for whatever is coming down the pike. After Fukushima, which is still spewing radioactivity like there’s no tomorrow, I have come to realize, that there is NO WHERE to run to. Be it Elenin, og crustal displacement, or CME’s or whatever, there are over 500 nuclear power plants scattered around the world. Any loss of electricity for more than a few hours at just a few of these death plants and every living thing on the face of the planet is toast. Literally. Sure, you can stay alive underground for 6 months, a year or two years and then what? The surface of the Earth and everything on it will contaminated for millenia. All water and food, after supplies run out, will be radioactively contaminated and what kind of life would it be to survive to? To me, living in the aftermath of any ELE level event, would not be worth living. I do not want to fight and claw to survive in such a world anyway. I do not want to be here to see the death and suffering of people and animals alike. Me and mine have decided to live our lives to the fullest, right here and right now and face whatever comes with the knowledge, that we did out best while here, to be good people. Helping the poor, saving homeless animals, living a life as non-polluting as possible and with respect for Mother Earth and so on. There is nothing more I can do. If the end is near, then I will not cower in fear. I will face it head on and smile and say to myself that living on planet Earth sure has been one hell of ride! Bring it on!

    What will be, will be.


  22. You know, I do applaud those who have made very calm statements here if and when the fateful end does take place. However I do know if you were to see suddenly a huge giant split of earth in front of you and you cannot see the depth of it or if you were to suddenly see in front of you a gigantic wave being 4-5 miles high bearing down upon you, the fear will overcome you and it will continue to go until you die.

    Whats most unfortunate about all this is we cannot tell the future generations of the fate we saw with our own two eyes.

    However lets take a step back here. I wish to touch a bit of something that the ancients so have recorded to the best of my knowledge and again I might be wrong so don’t crucify me for it.

    Its been said that Nibiru is the home of the aliens. Fine no problem. However I do have a beef with them and a hell of a good argument upon them if such is true. Why did they set the course of their planet to keep coming around and causing this destruction upon us. It is not our fault regarding their dispute that they have among themselves. And they know it too.

    They do have the capability to reset the course of this Nibiru and place it at another star system where it can orbit and sustain itself so they can live there. Why in the hell do they have to keep sending that SOB over here???? I don’t want it and neither do you.

    They must surely enjoy seeing our fate every now and then. I wonder how they would like it if their race was facing such and we are on the other side watching it take place.

    I do know aliens have no feelings. They have none. They don’t understand emotion like we do. Really they should be totally ashamed of themselves trying to make themselves like gods but they are not any better than you and I believe it or not.

    I also hear some people say they want to bring us to a higher concience. The hell with that. Why, we have to bother with all that bullshit. The aliens keep bringing us destruction every now and then. Damn, take that destruction and go someplace else and pry their wares upon themselves.

    If you take away their technology, they sure as hell have no chance to fight us. On the other hand its been reported certain alien races are giants. They can stand 20 feet tall and have the strength that will surprise us. There is a way to kill these too, if one of us uses our heads.

    If I had it my way I would place an ultimatum in front of them. Give me one of their Giants and I will do the battle myself and if I win, they must destroy Nibiru permanently. I wonder if they will take such chance and gamble. If I lose they get to continue to keep bringing Nibiru around. But if I win they have to destroy their HOME. Period and give us their technology and never come back to our solar system again.

    I would do for humanity regardless of who you are be it the poor, the unfortunate the middle class or the rich or the powers that be. My effort and goal is to save humanity from a massive total destruction that Nibiru can cause upon us. I don’t want any honors or praise or the riches that some will do. A simple Thank you is plenty for me. If I die doing this at least I died trying my best to save everyone on Earth.

    I am not trying to be noble here either. I would do this if I thought that for just a moment that they would ever ask why should we save Humanity???

    They started this mess and I sure would love to have the opportunity to end it somehow and someway. A one to one confrontation with all the stakes written in stone.

    However I don’t think the Aliens would agree to such challenge. On the other hand they might due to their own arrogance.



    • I totally disagree with your long message but I am not into long lenghy posts trying to prove someone is “wrong”. I think your projections of aliens is totally false but that’s my opinion. Did you ever meet an alien to say they have no feelings? Do you know that there are many species of aliens? I would be more careful in asserting what you write about them.
      Unless you met one and please share your knowledge about your encounter…..
      Af for keeping your calm, it is quite wise to master your emotions. I still haven’t seen yet a huge giant split of earth before my eyes, no doubt when I do I will be scared shitless but for now I am making efforts to keep it cool for what good panicking would do?
      No one really knows what is going to happen but when you have a website and you tell people what to think, you have a huge responsibility. Some people have already gone to the mountains, sold everything etc. Being calm is being centered in the HERE AND NOW, that’s all. Have a good day and if you meet your friend alien say hello for me lol


    • @ Daveyo

      Very clever of you.
      There is more than one race of as you say ALIEN.
      Back to subject.
      It’s better to have something packed now and have it on hand at all times, just in case.

      What would you have in your pack?

      Most of you would panic if you came face to face with an alien.


  23. Preparing for any natural disaster is impossible as still nobody can know or predict as those who keep posting predictions & phrophet dates are just crying wolf!
    When an major earthquake, volcanic eruption or weather front happens it just happens & there will be deaths and people know this but those who survive carry on with their lives because we/they were lucky so I think nobody on this Earth can predict or know what will or may happen with the any catastrophic celestial events (if any happen) so I really do think most people live for today and if something catastrophic does happen then we are all going to be blind to know what events will take place & preparing for it is impossible because nobody knows if we are safe on low or high ground or just staying put because it could be global or certain locations that are effected as it could just be “murphys law”
    Maybe just maybe aliens will be here to help us but they will come late and maybe those elite who are snugged up in their bunkers will miss out on the alien help but what I am trying to point out is simply NOBODY KNOWS so there is no need to spread fear & Daveyo you should be controlling your feelings here if you are a MOD as more people are visiting this website because its good content but we do not want fear spreading we just want to see the facts, proof and TRUTH!


    • I totally agree. The more we dig into this the less we know. Some people write books about surviving a pole shift! Meanwhile they make money but my opinion is that no one can escape from such E.L.E. The people who would survive would be in a world with no animals, no plants, radioactivity everywhere etc. When the shit hits the fan I am more “worried” about what humans would do for people running in fear like rabbits can be very dangerous.

      Here’s an entertaining story from the Medecine Cards, By David Carson. Teaching of the Native Americans about Animal medecines.

      When it comes to fear it is the rabbit that comes up. Here it is:

      A long time ago – no one really knows how long ago it was – Rabbit was a brave and fearless warrior. Rabbit was befriended by Eye Walker, a witch. The witch and Rabbit spent much time together sharing and talking. The two were very close.

      One day Eye Walker and Rabbit were walking along and they sat down on thetrail to rest. Rabbit said, “I’m thirsty.” Eye Walker picked up a leaf, blew on it, and then handed Rabbit a gourd of water. Rabbit drank the water but didn’t say anything. ThenRabbit said, “I’m hungry.” Eye Walker picked up a stone and blew on it and changed it to a turnip. She gave the turnip to Rabbit to eat. Rabbit tasted it and then ate the turnip with
      relish. But still Rabbit didn’t say anything.

      The two continued along the trail, which led into the mountains. Near the top, Rabbit tripped and fell and rolled almost to the bottom. Rabbit was in very sad condition when Eye Walker got to him. She used a magic salve on Rabbit to heal his great pain and mend his broken bones. Rabbit didn’t say anything.

      Several days later Eye Walker went searching for her friend. She searched high and low but Rabbit was nowhere to be found.
      Finally, Eye Walker gave up. She met Rabbit quite by accident one day.

      “Rabbit, why are you hiding and avoiding me?” the witch asked.
      “Because I am afraid of you. I am afraid of your magic,” answered Rabbit,
      cowering. “Leave me alone!”
      “I see,” said Eye Walker. “I have used my magical powers on your behalf and now you turn on me and refuse my friendship.”
      “I want nothing more to do with you or your powers,” Rabbit countered. Rabbit did not even see the tears his words were bringing to Eye Walker’s eyes. “I hope we never meet and that I never see you again,” Rabbit continued.
      “Rabbit,” Eye Walker said, “We once were great friends and companions, but no more. It is within my power to destroy you, but because of the past and the medicines we have shared together I will not do this. But from this day forward I lay a curse on you and
      your tribe. From now on, you will call your fears and your fears will come to you. Be on your way, for the sweet medicines that bound us together as friends are broken.”

      Now Rabbit is the Fear Caller. He goes out and shouts, “Eagle, I am so afraid ofyou.” If Eagle doesn’t hear him, Rabbit calls louder, “Eagle, stay away from me!” Eagle,now hearing Rabbit, comes and eats him. Rabbit calls bobcats, wolves, coyotes, and even snakes until they come.

      As this story shows, what you resist will persist! What you fear most is what you will become.


  24. Hm, interesting:

    How about you being a 94 year old lady who wakes up from a nice restful sleep and opens up the drapes from her bedroom window and sees a UFO gently coming down from a parachute and lands on her back yard and a door opens and an alien comes out holding a can, and says Hi, sorry to have bothered you miss human, but we ran out of gas up there, and was wondering if you can spare some fuel from your transport over there? So surprised as she can only nod her head yes.

    What would you think would be going go thru her mind?? In the meantime the husband sees his wife’s eyes lit up like a xmas tree and he asks are you OK. The wife replies hell yes you old fart, the aliens just said hello to me as she shuffles her feet out of the room. Duh, husband scratching his head and double checks her pills on the table and says it can’t be. Goes out to the window nothing there. So he too shuffles out of the room to see his wife outside the house and as he sees his wife, he freezes with his mouth wide open. and his wife waving at him saying> Honey, look at our new transport here, and zoooooms around in the air!!!!.


    Don’t you people just love old folks, hehehehehehe.



  25. Dear Daveyo,

    Thank you for the support. The problem is GEMA some copyright guard i guess that blocks certain video’s on Youtube in Germany (The message i get: There MAYBE some music in this video not freed by GEMA in Germany). I have the same problem with some youtube movies from japan (about fukushima).
    Unfortunately i am also unable to download these video’s with the tool you provide. I tried to use youtubegrabber with no success also. I am able to download video’s that play normal on Youtube (non blocked ones)…
    So for me this concludes that certain movies are blocked by ip (land) on youtube on behave of the (in this case) US government (Not able to play them nor possible to download them).
    Well only the first video on this topic is blocked the others below it work. If you could send me the first video i would appreciate very much.


    Pascal (Lacsap)


  26. To Lacsap

    Please contact Admin and he will send you a copy of the video which will be converted to FLV since YouTube is blocking you seeing it. Under Flv, you can watch it. But you need to install that program on your hard drive. Hit the search engines and find the free version of FLV. Ok. If not we will send you a zip on it so you can install. Now once you get the FlV converted video save that to your computer and then start Flv, then point where the video is at and presto. Apparently Germany is censoring content.

    Another way is to go via Proxy way. Yep you can still see everything but its done by proxy which bypasses all censored material because your IP is hidden.. This is available on the web.

    Daveyo – Moderator


  27. 3 DAYS NOTICE !!!! Is that all that all the stargazers would give us..???? I’m not talking about “government controlled” bullshit. There are 1000’s of stargazers that would and should blow the whistle on ANYTHING approaching Earth. ( long before 3 days)


  28. Hi Jay

    Most aliens in my opinion will want to use the latest technology they have for a face to face confrontation. One has to see and also know this as well.

    So I asked myself how to even the odds a bit. Of course they too know what weapons we have today and would expect us to choose the weapon of our choice. Its almost a given on this part.

    Still its no match right??? So before such confrontation takes place one has to think on how to get the conditions down to your level. What I have in mind they would never expect it.

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I must keep my secret lest there might some alien listening in on us ehhhh.


    To Henryy

    Well its either that or like what they did in Egypt and shut it all down. They can do it in USA and any place. Even China has done it. Hmmmmm, not much choice on that part. I would take the 3 days than be blacked out for weeks.



    • @ Daveyo lol Your secret is safe. Humor is good for the soul. So are a lot of other things but we won’t speak of that!

      Just what we need more gun ho people in this world. Shit see an alien shoot first then ask questions. This mistake has been made through out history.
      Most everything on this subject has been hidden from the public.

      Nuclear power stations, military bases and even the church have had visits.
      No body has died from these.

      I am more afraid of our own kind than I am aliens. Maybe I am the only one on this planet that feels this way.
      Just look at what the human race does to each other. Even between different religions wars have erupted and terrible violence is inflicted on each other. All over a difference of opinion and belief.
      I don’t want to start any arguments or heated debates.

      I will say that nuclear reactors ect are a concern for everybody.

      So where will you go when things start to happen?

      Stay safe



  29. Here’s an interesting read I just came across.

    “UFO sightings increase worldwide with massive exodus to Burgarach underway”

    From the article:

    “For the true believers, signs of the impending apocalypse are everywhere. On doomsday, they believe, people who have sought shelter in Bugarach will be spirited away by extraterrestrials that live beneath the mountain. For local residents, the esoteric arrivals are an annoyance. They are buying up properties in the area, and locals complain they are driving up prices. The mayor has said the army might need to be called in next year to cope with the rising influx,” stated the European Journal TV report Aug. 14.

    As for alien life in Bugarach, there are French government UFO records that point to a “possible alien settlement” at Bugarach dating back to the 12th century. Also, in the 17th century the village became known as the “place of strangers” due to the strange people who at settled there from “a distant land.”


    Doesn’t that sound exciting! Why have I never heard of this place? Oh well, at least I have now. If I were to run to anywhere in the face of impending doom, then this place sounds as good as any, no?


  30. One thing we should all know is our will to survive! We as a species have survived many different events. The questions is who is preceptive and strong enough to put forth the effort to ensure our survival!! Without action and planning and knowlege of upcoming events we limit our survival. Be prepared check out http://www.bombshelter2012.com/


  31. To Daveyo (Moderator)

    I have the video working now using a proxy (free proxy website). I only knew Tor so far but with Tor i couldn’t play flash. Proxy is the answer🙂 Thank you very much for the help!


  32. It’s all good to ask for help from our alien friends.
    What you may consider is that our planet has world leaders, they make the decisions not us. Now there has to be leaders of the worlds. A speaker from every species. Worlds leaders. There are rules and regulations to follow.
    Of course there has been contact between us and them. Between our leaders and them. Meetings concur, agreements are made.

    What if our alien friends have warned our world leaders of something in our near future that will wipe out many lives. What if they thought telling our world leaders would help all of humanity but now know that was a mistake but still they have to follow the rules of agreement.
    Our own world leaders haven’t made it easy.

    We all make mistakes even our world leaders do. We need these leaders.

    Some say disclosure on this subject will cause severe panic. A lot of things already cause panic. Terrorist attacks, new viral infections, riots and the list goes on.
    I say let the panic begin. How you react is your choice.

    Stay safe



  33. Mexican government ready to move underground on September – but only for EMERGENCY PERSONNELS ONLY- what I don’t understand is why they need to protect people who works in different emergency agency’s – if we are all gonna be dead” up here”
    here is what they have to say”””””………..

    He enlists GDF ‘bunker’ disaster
    By: The UNIVERSAL / Mexico, DF.
    It will be the Centre of Latin America most important emergency care and one of the largest in the world, where the authorities of the city will concentrate in the event of disasters.
    From the Centre of command, Control, communications, computing, intelligence, integration, information and research C4i4 will decide what to do in case of a big earthquake, one major flood, an eruption of Popocatépetl and the fall of large amounts of ash, or a crisis of violence.
    The property of 34 thousand square meters of construction is almost ready, after three years of planning and work, so it will start operations in the last week of September.
    “It is larger than that there are enWashington and Chicago;” “in addition will be the first of its kind which will come into operation in Latin America, because Brazil is built in a similar, but still lack time so that they end up,” said Fausto Lugo Garcia, director general of the center of attention to emergencies and public protection, the Government of the Federal District.
    For the first time the command C4i4 Centre was opened as a means of communication.
    The computer hardware are already placed, but monitors are still protected by their Valence shell.
    A Center is located in the heart of the C4i4 of monitoring with a large screen which will be observed images captured via cameras placed in different parts of the city; In addition, it will be possible to see the operation from offices with Windows, intended for visitors, the head of Government and other authorities.
    Furniture begin to arrive in the different areas; continue the work of refinement of the walls and the first staff of units as the capital Attorney equipment already make their first tests.
    The Bureau of the crisis room of the C4i4, which measures about three metres was about to be assembled. Thick legs to hold it still are wrapped in plastic. It would take important decisions.
    The C4i4 will coordinate all the time regional actions of the five centers of Control and command (C2) that operate the eight thousand 88 video surveillance cameras placed in the city, even when there is not a condition of major crisis, and where research will be to have access to a wealth of information.
    It will operate 24 hours a day and will host two thousand people from different areas of local government, who will work in three shifts.
    The property counts with areas for federal authorities, the Red Cross and other units involved in an emergency situation, because we work mainly in case of disasters, reiterates Fausto Lugo.
    The building has one helipad with a capacity for a helicopter type Puma, the largest in the world. In addition, it provides that in an emergency situation, capital cabinet officials will have to spend the night in the Center, which is why the head of Government and Secretaries have offices with personal bedroom and bathroom.
    “From this zone of clearance they shall coordinate and will linked all the centres of emergency care in the city, including the C2, and ambulances, firefighters, police and Civil protection services,” explains Garcia Lugo


    • These officials make me sick, I’d rather be gone than to breath the same air as they do. How long people of good Will, will continue to put up with their abuse and their lack of humanity. I wonder out loud?