Smoking / Steaming Hillside Phenomenon – Southern California – Aug 12, 2011

Geologists have said a landslide five years ago may have opened up a crack in the bluff. That may have added oxygen to an underground super heated tar site.

The hot zone is being controlled with sprinklers spraying waters in all directions.

A fence is up in the area to keep inquisitive beach walkers away.

Santa Barbara County Fire officials say there is no immediate threat to the area or risk to the public.

According dutchsinse:  This 100% validates the plume activity we saw 3 weeks ago to the north east of Los Angeles, and all the way up the west coast … exactly what I thought it would look like.. steam venting like a very large fumerole, but on a MASSIVE scale all the way up the west coast.

Taken in conjunction with the announcement this past week of fresh lava flows off the coast of Oregon, I would say we have a full blown seismic event underway on the west coast of the USA.

Source and author: Sheilaaliens * Dutchsinse (youtube)

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