Massive eruptions with static discharge lightning Sakurajima Volcano in Japan on Aug 28 and Sep 1, 2011

Sakurajima volcano in Japan usually shows activity, however large explosions from the caldera like this are more rare.

You can clearly see the lava missiles/projectiles/meteors erupt thousands of feet in the air.

The cars below on the highway are safely out of the way, nonetheless this eruption is a large one.

The first massive eruption happened on Augsut 28, 2011

The second massive eruption happened on Sept 1, 2011 sometimes with very impressive lava flows, or explosions… on the rare occasion you get to see the lightning associated with static discharge and friction in the atmosphere.

Source and author: dutchsinse (youtube)

6 responses to “Massive eruptions with static discharge lightning Sakurajima Volcano in Japan on Aug 28 and Sep 1, 2011

  1. A 7.1 magnitude quake in the ocean triggers a tsunami warning for the sparselypopulated Aleutian Islands of Alaska.


  2. Please watch this as the Russians know what is out there and its the reason why NASA shut down the WISE & SETI because they do not want you to see whats coming.
    This is the reason for the Earthquakes & Volcanoes erupting!


  3. @ Asansaw. . . . Knowledge about the tenth planet(nibiru) coming in to our solar system was given to me way back in 1998 & i have written about it in Nibiru(tyche)admitted by sceintist’s – thread. Even i have the months, ie: major effects/problems on earth will begin on 13/14 october of a particular year and continue till end of march in the following year. Only question is the year , is it 2011 or 2012 ? Or beyond? Can we conclude & draw a bottom line?


    • two months one month a few weeks a couple days or today what is the difference if you really need to know keep your eye on the ball and elenin is the ball


  4. The famous Russian Zecharia Sitchin who interpreted on the sumerian tablets found in ancient city of Nineveh, mentioned about this planet in his book The 12th Planet way back in the 70s. The name of the planet was TIAMAT, which was bunked off / spit/shattered by Nibiru. The shattered portion became the famous asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter while the remaining carved half of Tiamat became know as EARTH in a new orbital path around the sun /,,,the waters of the Tiamat gathered into the torn half basin later to be known as the Pacific Basin.


  5. Elenin the ball…and is NIBIRU THE PENALTY for fouling the ball !!